All 8 Moon Knight Filming Locations: Where Was It Filmed?

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Moon Knight is hitting the Disney+ platform in a matter of days, and we, as fans, just can’t wait for it to arrive. Throughout the several teasers, trailers, and set photos, we’ve seen the show was filmed in some really amazing locations, only adding more awesomeness to an already intriguing series.

Here are all eight confirmed, recognized locations on which the Moon Knight TV show had been filmed, with photos. Keep in mind; the top photo will always be the one from trailers/set photos, whereas the bottom photo is the real-life location. Enjoy!

Budapest, Hungary

mk budapest

It has been confirmed that a lot of Moon Knight has been filmed in Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian capital is an absolutely breathtaking city, full of history, monumental architecture, and charm. We’ve seen several shots of Budapest throughout the trailers, but the one where Moon Knight jumps between buildings with the moon in the background is probably the most epic.

We’ll certainly see many more awesome locations from Budapest in the series, such as the Heroes Square, the Buda Castle, the Varhegy, etc. I also hope to see the Anonymous Statue in the series – it could really work well with the plot, and the hooded vigilante, Moon Knight.

Budapest, Museum Of Fine Arts, Hungary

mk museum

We’re still in Budapest, but I wanted to separate the wonderful, monumental, breathtaking Museum of Fine Arts as a particular filming location. The Hungarians know it as Szépművészeti Múzeum, and it’s located on the great Heroes Square, opposed to the Palace of Art. The Museum was built from 1900 to 1906 in a neoclassical style.

Also, the Museum has one of the largest collections in Europe, counting over 100 000 pieces. Szépművészeti Múzeum is a piece of art itself, on the inside, and outside. 


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In the trailer, we see Marc Spector/Steven Grant in front of the museum, walking in to see an exhibition on Ancient Egypt. Exhibitions of all kinds are very often in the Museum in real life too, so if you ever visit Budapest, make sure not to miss this awesome piece of architecture and art.

Szentendre, Hungary

mk szetendre

Szentendre is a small, picturesque Hungarian town near Budapest, in Pest County. It’s famous for its beautiful streets and colorful architecture, reminding me of the beautiful, vibrant streets of Amsterdam.

In the Moon Knight trailer, we see several shots from Szentendre. Most notably, the one where Ethan Hawke’s character, Arthur Harrow, stands in one of the streets while people – his followers, or cult members, bow down to him like a god. In another scene, Marc Spector walks through the streets in a hoodie to hide his identity, probably from Harrow himself.

The small town on the Danube River has numerous art galleries, museums, and architectural monuments to visit, such as the Blagovestenska church, the Fő Tér square, and all the wonderful narrow, cobbled streets.

Atlanta, Georgia

mk atlanta

Many scenes were, of course, filmed in a studio, especially those that required the green screen, set building, etc. Although, the director of the series, Mohamed Diab, expressed that he wanted to minimize the green screen, saying: “I’m all for minimizing the green screen as much as possible, especially with a story that could be in the mind of someone.”


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Nevertheless, some scenes needed to be made in the studio, and most of them happened in Atlanta, Georgia, in the famous Pinewood Studios. The Studios have been rebranded in 2019/2020 from Pinewood to Trilith Studios, and they still host numerous A-list Hollywood projects, Moon Knight included.

Iver Heath, United Kingdom

mk iver pinewood

Pinewood Studios also have their studios and sets in Buckinghamshire, England. Precisely, the studios are located in Iver Heath, a residential neighborhood in Iver, a large civil parish in Buckinghamshire.

While it’s unsure which scenes were filmed there and which are from the studios in Atlanta, the series’ IMDb page states Iver Heath as a filming location, so it’s safe to say the crew visited the studios in England while in Europe.

I’d love to see some scenes filmed somewhere outside, as Buckinghamshire is really a wonderful part of England, but we’ll have to wait to see if it happens.

Los Angeles, California

mk LA

Of course, such a big, awesome project can’t avoid Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, and some of the best productions in the world. Some scenes were shot in LA, as well, adding to the epic visuals this TV series will bring us. There will be scenes from the city itself and the area surrounding it. 

LA is one of the largest cities in the United States and the world, with plenty of sights to see in and out of the city. It’s uncertain how much of the plot will take place in LA and which locations will be depicted, but I can’t wait to see it all!

Osilnica, Slovenia

mk osilnica

There is an awesome car chase scene depicted in the trailer across a long, snake-like mountain road. That road in real life is in Osilnica, Slovenia, a small but beautiful settlement in southern Slovenia, laying at the banks of Kolpa River, right next to the Croatian Border.

The road looks incredible, which is why it is often depicted in films and shot with aerial footage, such as drones, helicopter shots, etc. It’s probably the only scene shot here, but the road is just too awesome, so the producers couldn’t miss a chance to film there. If you ever have a chance to visit Slovenia, make sure to take some pics at the Osilnica road.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

mk wadi rum

Last but not least, the production was set in Jordan for a week around October 2020, in the wonderful, picturesque Wadi Rum desert. The desert is in Jordan but will likely serve for scenes in Egypt in the series itself, where Marc Spector met Khonshu, the God of Moon, and became Moon Knight.

Wadi Rum is a very famous location for filmmakers across the world, located only about 1.5 hours away from the breathtaking ancient city of Petra.

Interestingly, it was Oscar Isaac’s third time in a matter of a few years that he’d filmed a project in Wadi Rum, so it probably already feels like home to him. He participated in the filming of the new Star Wars trilogy and did scenes in the Jordan desert. 


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More recently, Isaacs was in Wadi Rum to film the acclaimed, Oscar-nominated fantasy film from David Villeneuve, Dune. The third time’s the charm, they say, and I hope this expedition to Wadi Rum will be Oscar’s best one yet.

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