All 11 Bruce Willis Netflix Movies Ranked

All 11 Bruce Willis Netflix Movies Ranked

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Bruce Willis is one of the greatest action stars of all time and is easily one of the most recognizable Hollywood actors. Of course, he has plenty of different movies that were all able to display his acumen as an action star. And while he may be known for being the star of the Die Hard movie franchise, it is important to know that he has plenty of other movies that are all just as good.

The fact that Bruce Willis is easily recognizable as an actor and is one of the most popular action stars on the planet makes him an easy attraction for a huge streaming service provider like Netflix. That is why there are a lot of movies that you can watch in Netflix’s library. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the Bruce Willis movies that you can watch on Netflix.

How Many Bruce Willis Movies Are On Netflix? 

As many as Bruce Willis’s films are, not all of his movies are on Netflix. There was a point in time when he had more movies on Netflix, but there were some films that were removed from the library due to the fact that streaming services tend to have streaming rights that are limited in terms of how long they are allowed to stream the movies. That said, there are currently 11 Bruce Willis movies on Netflix, and here they are:

  • Hudson Hawk (1991)
  • Tears of the Sun (2003)
  • Cop Out (2010)
  • Fire with Fire (2012)
  • Looper (2012)
  • Extraction (2015)
  • Marauders (2016)
  • Reprisal (2018)
  • Hard Kill (2020)
  • Cosmic Sin (2021)
  • A Day to Die (2022)

Bruce Willis Netflix Movies Ranked? 

Now that you know that there are currently 11 Bruce Willis movies that are on Netflix, it should be a good idea to rank them based on how good they are so that you can tell which ones are worth your time and which ones you might want to skip or set aside for a later time. So, in that regard, here are the best Bruce Willis Netflix movies ranked.

11. Cosmic Sin (2021)

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Cosmic Sin is not only the worst Bruce Willis movie on Netflix, but it might also be the worst movie he has ever made in his life. The movie looks like a mid-budget film but is actually low-budget. But while it does well with its budget as far as its effects are concerned, it is incredibly lazy in terms of how it was made. Still, you might want to catch it if you’re interested in the sci-fi genre.


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This movie follows a story that’s set in the 26th century, when humanity has already been colonizing other planets. In this film, Bruce Willis is a retired general that was called back into action when a hostile alien fleet began attacking human soldiers on an alien planet. And it is up to him and a group of elite soldiers to prevent a large interstellar war from breaking out before it’s too late.

10. A Day to Die (2022)

bruce willis a day to die

A Day to Die is Bruce Willis’s newest movie on Netflix as it was just released very recently. Unlike Cosmic Sin, this movie goes back to Willis’s more realistic roots as an action star as the movie follows a story that can actually be quite true to life.

In A Day to Die, one of the main characters killed a drug syndicate member to protect a parolee. As such, he only has 24 hours to produce 2 million dollars in reparations for his actions against the drug syndicate. In that regard, he was forced to team up with his old military squadmates to find a way to produce 2 million dollars before he loses everything he holds dear in his life.

9. Extraction (2015)

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If you want a Bruce Willis action movie that doesn’t necessarily revolve around him, Extraction is a good movie as it allows the spotlight to move over to a younger actor who plays the central role in this film. And while it isn’t necessarily the best movie in Bruce Willis’s lineup of films, it can still be an enjoyable watch.

Extraction starts off with Bruce Willis’s character, a CIA field agent who gets kidnapped by terrorists. Now, it is up to his son to find a way to rescue him despite being turned down for field service. And he has to find a way to stay alive while trying to rescue his father as he has to evade and defeat skilled operatives and assassins.

8. Fire With Fire (2012)


Fire With Fire is another movie that includes Bruce Willis but doesn’t exactly revolve around him as it focuses more on Josh Duhamel in a movie that has a powerful cast. But, despite the star-studded cast, it isn’t necessarily the best Bruce Willis as it fails to live up to what was expected of the stars.

The movie follows the story of Duhamel’s character, who is a fireman that got entangled with a huge mob when he witnessed a murder and was forced to go into the witness protection program. However, when the mob leader got out, he had to protect the love of his life by taking matters into his own hands and by fighting fire with fire. He goes on a killing spree so that he can return to his career as a fireman while making sure that the people he loves are protected.

7. Reprisal (2018)

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There are plenty of different Bruce Willis on Netflix that puts him and Frank Grillo under the spotlight. Reprisal is only one of those movies, as this is a film that was able to equally divide the spotlight between Willis and Grillo, who both play different roles in the story.

In this movie, Willis plays the role of an ex-comp as he teams up with Grillo’s bank manager character in an attempt to track down a thief. However, when the thief kidnaps the manager’s family, things go out of hand.

6. Hudson Hawk (1991)


The oldest Bruce Willis movie that you can watch on Netflix is Hudson Hawk, which was released during the height of the action star’s career. And while this isn’t the most popular Bruce Willis movie, it still is one of the movies that you can catch on Netflix.

Hudson Hawk follows the story of the titular character that Bruce Willis plays as he is a fantastic thief that had just been released from prison. However, he gets entangled in an ambitious series of heists by an equally ambitious and eccentric millionaire that wants him to steal some of Da Vinci’s works. As such, Hawk is now in the middle of a heist that would test how good he really is and whether or not he could pull off one of the biggest heists known to man.

5. Hard Kill (2020)

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One of the newer movies that Bruce Willis has on Netflix is Hard Kill, which isn’t exactly one of the best movies he has ever done but is still quite entertaining if you are into action movies with nonstop action and a lot of suspense.

Hard Kill follows the story of a group of mercenaries hired to do one job—to stop a terrorist from using a computer program that could potentially cripple the entire world. As such, it becomes a race against the clock in this movie that’s full of nonstop and thrilling action that’s perfect for those who want to keep their hearts racing throughout an entire film.

4. Marauders (2016)

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Of course, we have another Bruce Willis movie that involves a bank heist. This is one of the more thrilling bank heist movies under Bruce Willis’s belt, as it is once again full of nonstop action that can be quite entertaining, especially if you look at the fact that there are some really notable actors in the cast.

Marauders follows a story about a bank heist that pointed to the possibility that it could’ve been the owner and his clients who were behind all of it. However, as the FBI continues to investigate the case, it becomes apparent that there was a bigger conspiracy involved as the brutal heists continued.

3. Cop Out (2010)

cop out movie image 31

While all of the other Bruce Willis movies we have on this list are quite serious in terms of their tone, Cop Out breaks the mold because of how it is quite comedic. This action-comedy movie stars Bruce Willis in a central role alongside comedian Tracy Morgan as we get to see the action legend in a movie genre that tends to be quite different from what we are used to.


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Cop Out follows the story of Willis’s character as he attempts to sell his prized baseball card so that he can pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding. However, it ends up getting stolen as he and his partner, played by Morgan, confront a gangster who could be behind the incident. But, as cops, they also have a job to do as they need to rescue a murder witness who has a key to a huge fortune in an offshore account.

2. Tears of the Sun (2003)


Tears of the Sun is an underrated movie that deserves to get more attention, despite the fact that it wasn’t the best in terms of its critical performance. Nevertheless, it should be a good Bruce Willis to watch if you’re into some good soldier action that involves an entire country that is in the middle of civil war.

The movie focuses on the Nigerian government as it is on the brink of a collapse during a time when the country is about to face civil war. In that regard, Willis’ character is tasked to lead a team of soldiers into the jungle of Nigeria to rescue an American doctor. However, when they located her, she told them that she wasn’t willing to leave her patients behind just so they could be slaughtered by Nigerian rebels. As such, the soldiers sided with the doctor as they attempted to get her and the refugees to safety.

1. Looper (2012)

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Probably the best Bruce Willis in the past decade or so is Looper, which is a sci-fi movie that tends to have a deeper meaning than the usual pew-pew action scenes that we see in most Bruce Willis films. And this is why Looper is the best Bruce Willis film that you can watch on Netflix.

In Looper, time travel exists but is controlled by a mob that’s headed by a mysterious man with psychic powers. Meanwhile, in the past, hitmen were hired by the futuristic mobsters to act as executioners for the people they sent back in time. This time, however, one of the hitmen (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was about to execute the futuristic version of himself, who went back in time so that he could stop the mob from ever forming. To do so, he has to kill the child version of the mob leader, and that is where his past self seeks to stop him from doing so.

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