All 11 ‘Children of the Corn’ Movies in Order

All 11 Children of the Corn Movies in Order

There’s hardly a horror fan out there that hasn’t watched ‘Children of the Corn.’ Despite the generally unfavorable reviews, due to its interesting and unique premise, the first movie released back in 1984 eventually spawned an entire franchise of movies and managed to gain quite the cult following. 

Due to this cult following and the surprising popularity the franchise has gained, we’ve decided to put together this ‘Children of the Corn’ watch order. No matter whether you are a veteran horror lover or simply looking to get into the movies, this guide has it all. 

How many ‘Children of the Corn’ movies are there? 

There are 11 ‘Children of the Corn’ movies released so far. The franchise began with the release of ‘Children of the Corn’ in 1984. The first movie gave rise to eight subsequent sequels (and I use the term sequel loosely) and two additional reboots released in 2009 and 2023, respectively. The first movie was based on a short story written by Stephen King, and subsequent installments expanded on the existing universe with original ideas. 

 ‘Children of the Corn’ movies in order (at a glance)

The first installment, released in 1984, and the second installment, released in 1993, are the only two movies in the franchise to be released theatrically. The majority of the franchise went straight to DVDs due to the overall poor reception of the first two movies. The curse was finally broken with the release of a reboot titled ‘Children of the Corn,’ which was released theatrically as well in March 2023. The following is the entirety of the ‘Children of the Corn’ franchise in release date order.

  1. ‘Children of the Corn’ (1984)
  2. ‘Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice’ (1993)
  3. ‘Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest’ (1995)
  4. ‘Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering’ (1996)
  5. ‘Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror’ (1998)
  6. ‘Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return’ (1999)
  7. ‘Children of the Corn: Revelation’ (2001)
  8. ‘Children of the Corn’ (2009)
  9. ‘Children of the Corn: Genesis’ (2011)
  10. ‘Children of the Corn: Runaway’ (2018)
  11. ‘Children of the Corn’ (2023)

Are ‘Children of the Corn’ movies connected? Do you need to watch them in a specific order?

All ‘Children of the Corn’ movies are connected and set in the same universe. Even though they don’t follow the same narrative continuity, it’s probably best if you watch them in release date order.

Only the first three installments can be considered to be directly connected, while other movies in the franchise mostly tell different kinds of stories, following different protagonists, one of the shared overlapping themes being the demonic influence of “He Who Walks Behind the Rows,” and the subsequent installments frequently referencing the original movie and the events that took place, including the original location. All movies and protagonists are, in one way or another, connected to Gatlin. 


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It’s important to note that the movie released in 2009 and 2023 are technically remakes of the original movie, and it really doesn’t matter whether you will watch them first or last. It’s completely up to you.

However, we’ve still prepared for you a watch order that takes those reboots into account. The following is the optimal order to watch ‘Children of the Corn’ movies. 

‘Children of the Corn’ movies in order (by release date) 

1. ‘Children of the Corn’ (1984) 

Children of the Corn 1984

The first movie that started it all. ‘Children of the Corn’ is set in Gatlin, Nebraska, a town that struggles with corn yield this year, and since the surrounding area and the town depend on the corn, they turn to prayer to improve their chances of a decent harvest. a young boy named Isaac indoctrinates the children into a cult centered around a bloodthirsty deity called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.” Isaac and his subordinate Malachai lead the children in a revolt, sacrificing all the adults in town. 

Three years later, a couple named Vicky and Burt accidentally run over a boy who was fleeing from Gatlin, discovering that he was already murdered. As they search for help, they encounter the cult. They eventually find Sarah, a girl who was not involved in the sacrifices, and together they confront the cult and attempt to rescue Vicky.

2. ‘Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice’ (1993)

Children of the Corn II The Final Sacrifice 1993

‘The Final Sacrifice’ takes place in Hemingford, Nebraska, a town neighboring Gaitlin, the setting of the first movie in the franchise. This is one of the rare movies in the franchise to be directly connected to its predecessor and also the last movie on this list to be released theatrically until 2023. 

In the aftermath of the first film, the people of Hemingford decide to adopt the surviving children from Gatlin. Unknown to them, the children return to the cornfield where one of the cult members, Micah, becomes possessed by the demonic entity worshipped by the cult. 

City reporter John Garrett and his son Danny find themselves caught in the middle as John investigates the children for a story. Mysterious deaths occur in the town, orchestrated by Micah and the children, including murders disguised as accidents and a voodoo doll killing. 


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3. ‘Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest’ (1995)

Children of the Corn III Urban Harvest 1995

Also connected to the previous movies ‘Urban Harvest’ follows Eli and Joshua. They were put in foster care following the death of their father. The boys struggle to adapt to modern city life with their outdated clothing and religious views. Eli secretly prays to “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” and plants corn seeds in an empty factory, where the corn grows miraculously fast. 

Eli becomes disillusioned with their new home and decides to bring the deity to Chicago, resulting in the death of a homeless man who stumbles upon the cornfield. Meanwhile, Joshua forms connections with neighbors while the social worker investigates Eli’s past. Despite the tragedy, the Porters see the potential profits in Eli’s unique strain of corn. 

4. Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering’ (1996)

the gathering

Grace Rhodes, a medical student, returns to her hometown to care for her agoraphobic mother and siblings. Strange symptoms are bothering the children in town, mirroring the nightmares that Grace’s mother also has. 

Chaos erupts as a child preacher named Josiah leads the children in violent acts, including murder. As the town goes completely insane, Grace unravels the truth behind Josiah’s sinister origins and the town’s haunting past. The horrifying events eventually lead to the capture and murder of Grace’s mother and the revelation of Josiah’s dark fate.

5. ‘Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror’ (1998)

Children of the Corn V Fields of Terror 1998

A group of teens finds themselves stranded in Divinity Falls, a town where forgotten children serve “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.” They learn that the children are under the control of Luke Enright, who considers himself the savior of the cult. 

Determined to find her brother, Allison leads the group to Enright’s farm, where they encounter quite a resistance. Allison discovers her brother’s involvement and his plans to marry a girl named Lily, who is pregnant. As the town prepares for a sacrificial ceremony, tensions rise, and Allison seeks help from the sheriff to save her brother and escape the town.

6. ‘Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return’ (1999)

Children of the Corn 666 Isaacs Return 1999

Hannah, a survivor of the original Gatlin cult, returns to the town in search of her birth mother. She encounters a street preacher named Zachariah and gets into a car accident in a cornfield. While in the hospital, she discovers that the cult leader Isaac is actually alive but in a coma. As Hannah continues her journey, she faces threats from a mysterious truck and gets help from Gabriel, a stranger.

Hannah learns that her birth mother, Rachel Colby, tried to harm her and encounters visions revealing her true identity. At the church, Rachel confronts Isaac, who accuses her of betrayal. Rachel finally confronts Hannah and reminds her of a prophesied return to Gatlin on her nineteenth birthday.

7. ‘Children of the Corn: Revelation’ (2001)

Children of the Corn Revelation 2001

Jamie Lowell travels to Omaha, Nebraska, to find her missing grandmother. She discovers that her grandmother’s apartment building, located next to a cornfield, seems deserted except for two mysterious children. Jamie learns that her grandmother is facing eviction and seeks help from Detective Armbrister, who offers little assistance. 


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While investigating, Jamie encounters the children, a priest, and a man with a gun. She uncovers a dark history involving a religious corn cult and a tragic fire, connecting it to her own family’s past.

8. ‘Children of the Corn’ (2009)

Children of the Corn 2009

The first remake of the original movie, it sees the return of Gaitlin as the primary setting and offers a retelling of the original story. 

In 1963, a boy preacher claims to have been spoken to by a Canaanite god called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.” He convinces the children to kill all the adults over the age of nineteen and establish a death cult. Twelve years later, Burt and Vicky, a couple on their way to a second honeymoon, accidentally run over a boy named Joseph, who was fleeing the cult. 

They discover the town’s dark secret and become the target of the cult’s leaders, Isaac and Malachai. As they explore the deserted town, they find occult symbols and a book revealing the fates of its residents.

9. ‘Children of the Corn: Genesis’ (2011)

Children of the Corn Genesis 2011jpg

Tim and Allie seek shelter in a remote and deserted farmhouse owned by a strange Preacher and his wife, Oksana. Allie discovers a corn cult church and hears the cries of a child in an outbuilding. When Tim falls into a trance, Allie realizes that the supernatural force in the house has planted a seed inside her. 

They are unable to escape the house and witness the arrival of a delivery driver who takes Allie back to the farmhouse after Tim’s death where her nightmare begins. 

10. ‘Children of the Corn: Runaway’ (2018) 

Children of the Corn Runaway 2018

The movie follows Ruth, a young woman who escaped the deadly corn cult of Gatlin years ago and is now living under a new identity. Haunted by her past, she constantly moves from place to place, fearing that her son will be discovered by the malicious followers of “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.” When Ruth settles in a small town, she struggles to fit in but a relatively supportive community. 

However, as her son begins to act strange, Ruth realizes that the corn cult’s influence may have followed them, forcing her to confront her darkest fears and protect her child from everything that comes their way. 

11. ‘Children of the Corn’ (2023) 

Children of the Corn 2023

The most recent entry in the franchise offers yet another retelling of the original story. The movie follows a young girl living in Gatlin, Nebraska, with psychopathic tendencies. Fueled by her murderous urges, the girl recruits the other local kids and starts a rampage that leaves numerous adults around town either dead or injured. 

Where to watch ‘Children of the Corn’ movies? 

Since the franchise is quite big and most of the movies were released straight to DVD, watching them in one place is difficult, so here’s a little guide. 

The first and the fifth installment in the ‘Children of the Corn’ franchise can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video with an active subscription. 

‘Children of the Corn: II, III, VI, VII’ and the 2009 reboot can be streamed on Hulu. ‘Children of the Corn: Genesis’ (2011) and ‘Children of the Corn: Runaway’ (2018) are where it gets interesting as the movies are only available on Roku when it comes to streaming but can be purchased on Apple Store. ‘Children of the Corn’ (2023) was released on a horror-oriented platform called ‘Shudder,’ and it’s available exclusively there. 


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Will there be more ‘Children of the Corn’ movies?

So far, the future of the ‘Children of the Corn’ franchise is uncertain. The series has proven time and time again that there’s always a place to grow a franchise, even when you’re bombed with negative reviews. However, after the recent release of the second reboot, there haven’t been any official plans made regarding the continuation of the franchise. 

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