All 42 Dog-like Pokémon Ranked (Puppies, Canines, Wolves, Legendary)

All 42 Dog-like Pokémon Ranked (Puppies, Canines, Wolves, Legendary)

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In this article, we are going to bring you a list of all the 42 dog-like Pokémon. Since this is a very diverse group with a lot of different Pokémon, we will group our list into several smaller groups of Pokémon, based on their designs.

Dog-like Pokémon can be grouped into several unofficial subgroups based on what they look like and that will make it easier for us to list them. You’re going to find out about each Pokémon on the list.

Puppy- and cub-like Pokémon ranked

1. Growlithe

Growlithe de Hisui

Types: Fire (Kantonian) or Fire / Rock (Hisuian)
Generation: I

Growlithe is based on a Shisa, beings halfway between a dog and a lion, known for protecting sacred places from evil. The Sisha were always represented with their mouths closed. He is very nice, affectionate, loyal and reckless; he has a great sense of honor. To scare away the enemy, he starts barking and throwing fire.

He is also known for his great loyalty to his trainer, whom he recognizes by his voice and scent. If Growlithe lost his sense of smell and hearing, it would be impossible for him to recognize his trainer. He is commonly trained by Officers Jenny/Agents Mara from Kanto and Johto to work alongside their agents as support as he is very loyal.

He is an imitation of the police dogs used in reality. Raising him is relatively easy, if he is cared for and trained properly he can be a very strong Pokémon. This Pokémon can also be a pet, live in a house, and have a life as a household Pokémon; although it is also used to be with children and work in nurseries or as a messenger in small towns. They are very cute Pokémon and they like to play a lot, for that reason it is more common to see one as a pet than as a trainer’s Pokémon.

2. Rockruff

Rockruff 1

Types: Rock
Generation: VII

Rockruff is based on a Finnish Spitz puppy. Rockruff has an excellent sense of smell and once he detects a scent he never forgets it. There are stories about some Pokémon of this species that, after being separated from their trainers, managed to reunite with them after tracking their scent for days. Rockruff is a social Pokémon, but it becomes more unruly as it grows older.

No matter how strong its opponent is, this Pokémon is so tenacious that it will continue to fight until its opponent has no more strength left to continue and gives up. Rockruff rub rocks around their necks against each other in greeting. This is also a show of affection towards the people they appreciate, which makes their coaches discover that sometimes love can be painful.

3. Zorua

570Zorua Hisui 3

Types: Dark (Unovan) or Normal / Ghost (Hisuian)
Generation: V

Zorua is based on a baby fox and a kitsune. It is grayish-black in color, has reddish areas on its extremities and the tuft on its head. It has a ruff of fur on its neck, slightly darker than the rest of its body. His eyes are light blue with a mischievous expression. Zorua transforms into humans or other Pokémon to create confusion.

Apparently, it was his fearful nature that led him to develop the ability to transform. Often, he takes the form of children and goes into towns looking for food. It will appear that said child cannot speak, since it is actually Zorua in disguise. In combat, Zorua adopts the appearance of his enemy to deceive him, and takes advantage of his confusion to run away.

4. Fennekin


Types: Fire
Generation: VI

Fennekin is based on a fennec, a carnivorous mammal of the fox family that lives in the Sahara desert. It has a yellow body with white details. His eyes are elongated and orange, as is the fur that comes out of his ears, reminiscent of a pair of llamas, and at the end of his tail.

This Pokémon loves to nibble on twigs that make it feel elated, and it intimidates its enemies by blasting scorching air from its ears that reach temperatures of over 200°C. Instead, the anime mentions that they reach temperatures of over 400°C.

5. Riolu


Types: Fighting
Generation: IV

Riolu is a Pokémon known for its charisma and bravery. As his evolution Lucario, he can see the aura of Pokémon and people. His aura intensifies to alert others when he is sad or afraid. His body is agile and strong: he can climb three mountains and cross two canyons in a single night. In addition, thanks to the shapes of his feet and heels, he can propel himself and make great jumps.

Riolu has a necklace of yellow fur that surrounds his neck, and as it evolves it becomes the fur on his chest and waist. It also has oval-shaped hand protectors that when it evolves take the form of spikes. His appearance is that of a blue jackal with a black spot in the form of a mask from which extensions come out with which he feels the aura of people. On the top of his head, he has his ears. Riolu is also considered a fox.

6. Vulpix

037Vulpix 5
Vulpix de Alola

Types: Fire (Kantonian) or Ice (Alolan)
Generation: I

Vulpix is ​​based on a red fox, and a kitsune. It is a small-sized Pokémon with short legs. His soft fur is short except for his bangs and his six tails. Their hair color is white on the belly, orange on the tails and bangs, dark on the legs, and brown on the rest of the body. Their eyes are gray and slanted, and they have good, sharp eyesight.

At birth, Vulpix has a white tail, but as it grows, it gains color and splits from the tip into six if it receives affection from its trainer. His six tails curl majestically and his fur becomes softer, shinier and more beautiful as his six tails grow. You have to brush them often or else they get tangled all the time.

When you hug him you can feel a slight warmth. It lives in the prairies, if it is attacked by an enemy stronger than it, it pretends to be injured to confuse it and flee. In Alola, Vulpix presents an alternative way to acclimatize to the snowy mountains where he lives. His fur is white and his eyes are blue. The tail of this Vulpix is ​​smaller than its usual form and its bangs are wavier. The Alolan Vulpix is ​​an ice type.

7. Poochyena


Types: Dark
Generation: III

Poochyena is a small Pokémon based on a brown hyena or striped hyena cub, since the color patterns are similar, although it could also be based on or have influences from a canid. Its lower canine teeth protrude from its snout, it has a red nose, black face, legs, and belly, and the rest of its fur is grayish in color.

It is omnivorous, so it does not have food problems, if it is attacked it will not hesitate to fight, it is aggressive, it will use its fangs and make its tail stand up to intimidate the aggressor. Although it is smaller in size, its bite can be very painful. It threatens the enemy by violently showing its fangs. It chases its prey when it flees, but if it is attacked it runs away at full speed.

8. Electrike


Types: Electric
Generation: III

Electrike is a green Pokémon with yellow markings. It has a large crest on its head. Its snout is yellow, from which a line extends to the forehead, surrounding the eyes and reaching the end of the crest. It has four fangs that are visible when its mouth is open. It has a yellow stripe on its back. Each of its four legs has a beak, which on its hind legs are longer, its feet have three toes. It has a small tail, which has a yellow tip.

Electrike generates electricity using the friction of the atmosphere. In seasons of arid winds, its body swells and sparks violently. It usually lives near power plants. But if there is a human nearby to feed him, then he will win his friendship. He is also a great runner, he escapes the human eye. Electrike is a Pokémon that can live in human houses, because it is very friendly with the trainers who own it and with the people who take care of it.

9. Yamper

Yamper 1

Types: Electric
Generation: VIII

Yamper is based on a Welsh corgi. His body fur is beige except for the part of his face, belly, and legs, which is white. The fur around his eyes is yellow, as is his small nose, the abundant fur on his neck, the inside of his ears, and his lightning-shaped tail. On the other hand, his eyes are green, as well as the rim inside his ears and the heart-shaped mark around his butt.

He has a certain attraction to movement, coming to chase and attack anything that moves quickly such as people running or vehicles. As is common in Electric-type Pokémon, there is an organ inside it that generates electricity, and this is activated when it runs around. Not being able to store the electricity it generates, it is common to see it run while releasing electrical sparks around it. Yamper are very gluttonous and often help people in exchange for food.

10. Lillipup

506Lillipup 8

Types: Normal
Generation: V

Lillipup is based on a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. He is brown in color, has large eyes and a red nose, as well as having his entire face covered in a large amount of cream-colored hair. His large ears have extensions at the bottom tips. He has 3 toes on each paw. Its tail is pointed and on its back, it has a small area of ​​black fur. They are very friendly with their trainers as well as very intelligent.

He doesn’t usually bark much, which is why he is very popular with trainers who live in apartments. It is a Pokémon that bravely faces even opponents stronger than it, although it tends to avoid fights at a great disadvantage. The locks that cover his face act as a powerful radar to detect what is around him, specifically he uses it to find out the size of his opponents.

Canine-like Pokémon ranked

1. Houndoom

229Houndoom Mega

Types: Dark / Fire
Generation: II

Houndoom seems to be based on a Doberman dog, although due to its dark appearance (similar to the demon stereotype) together with the fact that it is a feared and somewhat misunderstood Pokémon as well as intelligent and considered evil or cursed, it could also be based on a wolf. He also takes inspiration from many demon dogs, including the Cerberus from Greek mythology.

Houndoom has a tail that ends in the shape of an arrow and a kind of necklace on his neck with a skull hanging from it. Two long, slightly curved gray horns protrude from its head. Precisely for having this appearance, many people came to fear him, considering him almost as the emissary of death, in addition to the fact that his howl has the power to scare any Pokémon and in humans it will make them shiver.

In the sixth and seventh generations and only during battles, Houndoom can Mega Evolve to Mega Houndoom. Mega Evolving causes Houndoom to produce so much energy that its steel-made claws melt from the heat it gives off.

2. Arcanine

059Arcanine Hisui

Types: Fire (Kantonian) or Fire / Rock (Hisuian)
Generation: I

Arcanine is based on the Shisa, mythical creatures mixed between a lion and a dog whose statues are used as guardians against evil spirits. The flame from it can reach 3000 degrees celsius. His fur is soft, orange with black stripes and an orange tail, close to white. It is brave and loyal in nature as well as majestic. He has a great sense of honor.

Among his main abilities is reaching great speeds, making great jumps, and an excellent sense of smell that is used to track people and lost objects, for which he is often trained as a police dog. Known for his great speed, he is capable of running more than 10,000 kilometers per day. The internal fire is his source of energy that allows him to be active during the day.

It is a very majestic Pokémon, so people often want it to appear important or powerful. They can also store various things in their fur such as Berries as seen when May tries to catch one in Kanto. It inhabits mountainous and warm places. In some parts of the world, Arcanine is considered a legendary Pokémon.

3. Absol

Absol 2
Mega Absol 3

Types: Dark
Generation: III

Absol is inspired by Baí Zé, a creature from Chinese mythology who presented himself to emperors with good intentions and anticipated that his reign would be turbulent. He also has an influence on hakutaku, a creature from Japanese mythology who warned a town about a catastrophe. He has a crescent-shaped horn on the side of his head, three claws on each leg and one hind leg, a strange scimitar-shaped tail, and is covered in abundant white fur. Every time Absol appears before people, a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake or tidal wave occurs.

For this reason, it is known as the Pokémon of misfortunes. Due to this and his sinister appearance, Absol was once thought to be the cause of these catastrophes, so he was so hated that he had to take refuge in the mountains. In the sixth and seventh generations and only during battles, Absol can Mega Evolve to Mega Absol. In this state, his attack, special attack, and speed characteristics increase.

4. Furfrou

676Furfrou 2

Types: Normal
Generation: VI

Furfrou is based on a poodle, a breed of canine whose hair is usually cut to look more stylish. Furfrou has white fur and black skin. His hairstyle lasts for five days, after which, if he does not touch it up again, his fur will grow back and regain its original appearance. They are usually intelligent, serious, and proud Pokémon, although very faithful to their trainer.

In addition, poodles were considered dogs that only the high lineage possessed in the Middle Ages, just like Furfrou, who served as a guardian to the king of Kalos. When his fluffy fur is sheared, it not only improves his appearance, but also increases his agility, however, he only lets those he trusts have it clipped. If his fur is not trimmed regularly, Furfrou will have trouble moving around, as his hair grows constantly.

In the past, these Pokémon served as the king’s guardian in the Kalos region, and aristocrats used to compete with each other to try to make their Furfrou’s haircut the best of all. These Pokémon have a highly developed sense of smell.

5. Stoutland

Stoutland 8

Types: Normal
Generation: V

Stoutland is based on the Yorkshire terrier breed of dog. His mustache is large, voluminous, darker cream on top but lighter on the bottom. Now the dark fur covers his entire torso and legs in contrast to Lillipup and Herdier, protecting him from the cold and from the attacks of the opponents. On his paws he has three fingers with sharp claws. His specialty is rescue missions in mountains hit by blizzards, although he is also frequently used at sea due to his great tracking capacity.

It is a very loyal and intelligent Pokémon and protects its trainer at the slightest sign of danger. It uses its fur to give warmth to those who need it. This is so thick that a human could spend a freezing night in the mountains without getting cold if he covered himself with it. Due to his intelligence and meekness when dealing with people, some parents trust him even to protect their children.

6. Snubbull

209Snubbull 4

Types: Fairy
Generation: II

This Pokémon is usually in cities, towns, villages or places where people frequent. Even so it is difficult to see this Pokémon. Because of their pink color, docility, and physical characteristics, most people prefer them as pets, and wealthy women find them beautiful. Although it may seem grumpy and grumpy, it is a tender and sweet Pokémon as well as affectionate.

It is usually somewhat proud when it comes to combat, but it is actually a very cowardly Pokémon that prefers to run away. They have a very strong jaw which they use frequently since they love to bite various objects, they will try to bite anything that moves and they do not know what it is. The attitude of this Pokémon as its appearance is entirely based on the bulldog because although they look fierce they are not.

7. Zygarde 10% Forme

718Zygarde 10Percent

Types: Dragon / Ground
Generation: VI

During an emergency, a lone core can either combine with cells in the area or detach from the 50% form to take on this Zygarde 10% Forme, in which it is able to slash enemies with its sharp fangs and incredible top speed. exceeds 100 kilometers per hour. Being made up of a single nucleus, it is very volatile and is only good for short periods of time or combat. As long as his ability is grouping, he can freely switch to his full form when his health is reduced to half or less.

8. Granbull


Types: Fairy
Generation: II

Unlike many Fairy-type Pokémon, this Pokémon has a more rough appearance. It is a Pokémon that is mainly characterized by its muscular jaw which has impressive strength and by its lower fangs that protrude from its mouth, with this aspect it will scare away any person or unsuspecting Pokémon that approaches it, due to the weight of its fangs, these make your head bow.

They are usually very loyal to their owner and unlike their Snubbull pre-evolution, they have great courage and will face anything that is a threat to their trainer, this makes them ideal to be guardians of houses, farms, or estates, so there are many few in the wild. They feed mainly on berries.

9. Boltund


Types: Electric
Generation: VIII

Boltund is based on two English dog breeds: an English Foxhound and an English Greyhound. In a large part of its body, the yellow color stands out, such as in the lower part of its back, the area of ​​the head near its ears, and its hind legs, although it can also be seen that the lower area of ​​its back and the upper part of its legs take on a dull shade of green.

Boltund’s head is white, as are the front legs, which resemble socks. His fur is smooth and his tail has an electric look. Boltund is a very agile quadrupedal Pokémon. Boltund’s body acquires electricity and channels it into his legs with which he can reach a speed of over 90 km/h. He also has enormous strength in his legs, he can even run continuously for 3 full days. His natural enemy is Thievul.

10. Houndour


Types: Dark / Fire
Generation: II

It has the appearance of a dog and is considered the first Dark Pokémon. It is used as a guard dog in the Johto region. It is said that this Pokémon uses particular cries to communicate with those of its pack. It is a very social Pokémon that attacks in groups. They live in forests, although in case of food shortages they go to the cities at night, where they inspect the containers in search of food.

When they go in a group they are capable of taking down prey of considerable sizes, such as Raticate or Pidgeotto. They sometimes organize in small groups of two or three and scour their territory looking for nests of Ekans to plunder. However, a lone Houndour is usually very elusive and avoids humans. If a Houndour is kicked out of a pack, it becomes a very weak Pokémon and easy prey for predators.

11. Herdier

507Herdier 8

Types: Normal
Generation: V

Herdier is based on a Yorkshire Terrier dog with Scottish Terrier traits. He has dark fur on his back, bushy whiskers, and thick eyebrows. His legs are short. The black fur on its cloak-like body is very durable and reduces the damage it takes. This special coat grows so fast that keeping it short is very expensive for trainers. These Pokémon are very friendly and loyal. It obeys without question the orders of its owner.

Now, he ignores anyone he considers inferior. He not only helps his trainers, but also cares about other Pokémon. This species has long helped trainers who breed Pokémon. His sense of smell is very sensitive and in combat he knows in advance when his opponent moves. He always watches his enemy carefully, which allows him to concentrate better.

Wolf- and fox-like Pokémon ranked

1. Lucario

Lucario 1
Mega Lucario 1

Types: Fighting / Steel
Generation: IV

His appearance is that of a bipedal blue wolf or jackal. The ears are bigger and straighter than Riolu, the “sensors” (which are located on the back of the head) with which he senses the aura, he now has a spike on his chest, and his head is slightly shaped. more humanoid. On the top of his hands, Lucario has spikes that can transform into large claws that he uses to attack.

These Pokémon normally live near mountains or caves, being the perfect habitat to train, likewise, Lucario lives on berries and some plants. Lucario is recognized as the aura Pokémon, as it is one of the expert Pokémon in this regard, managing to track its prey, understand the feelings of living beings, and predict some movements of its opponents.

In the sixth and seventh generations and only during battles, Lucario can mega evolve to Mega Lucario thanks to the Lucarionite. In this state, Mega Lucario increases his Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Speed ​​characteristics.

2. Lycanroc

Lycanroc diurno
Lycanroc nocturno
Lycanroc crepuscular

Types: Rock
Generation: VII

Lycanroc has three different forms. Once Lycanroc evolves into one of these forms, it cannot change into either of the other two. They are:

  • Midday Form: Lycanroc adopts this form when Rockruff evolves by day by receiving large doses of sunlight due to the great influence of Solgaleo. A Lycanroc with this form does not live in packs, but dwells alone in mountains or deserts. Each Lycanroc marks its territory and tries not to break into the others to avoid unnecessary brawls. Lycanroc submissively obeys its trainer, especially if the trainer put up with it during its most rebellious stage, before evolving. He is the most faithful companion a coach can have, and he will never betray him.
  • Midnight Form: Lycanroc adopts this form when Rockruff evolves at night, due to the great influence of Lunala. A Lycanroc in this form taunts its enemies, goading them into attacking first. Enemies that take the bait and lunge at Lycanroc are countered by one of its strongest assets: a devastating move that can take down opponents in one hit. The stronger his opponent, the more Lycanroc wants to fight, and he doesn’t mind taking damage as long as he manages to emerge victorious.
  • Dusk Form: Lycanroc takes this form when a special Rockruff with the self-rhythm ability evolves in the afternoon. This Lycanroc form combines several traits of both the day form and the night form: the four rocks around its neck are similar to those of its Midday form, while the mane resembles that of its Midnight form.

3. Delphox

Types: Fire / Psychic
Generation: VI

Delphox is based on an adult fennec and a wizard. Long strands of flame-shaped hair protrude from its large ears. His face is yellow and his chin is white. It has an elongated snout with a small nose. Yellow fur spreads out from under its head, which splits on its chest, from which comes white fur in the form of a beard.

Delphox keeps inside the fur on her arms a branch that she uses to attack. Delphox fixes her eyes on the flame burning on the tip of her staff to concentrate and foresee events that take place in the future. His psychic powers allow him to control vortices of fire at 3000 ºC that engulf and incinerate his enemies.

4. Thievul


Types: Dark
Generation: VIII

Thievul is based on a red fox and the stereotype of a masked thief. He is also inspired by the historical character Guy Fawkes, a 17th-century English terrorist who gives his name to Guy Fawkes Night, a famous British holiday that is celebrated every November 5.

His inspiration, apart from the play on words between Fox and the last name Fawkes, is due to the mustache and facial markings, which resemble both Guy Fawkes and his famous mask made popular by V for Vendetta, as well as other details that resemble his clothing.

Thievul’s body is mostly reddish-brown, but he has highly visible black parts around his eyes, the end of his tail, on the top of his back, and on his legs, which resemble boots. For his part, his chest and the section between his nose and eyes have a definite shade of white.

5. Ninetails

038Ninetales 1
038Ninetales Alola

Types: Fire (Kantonian) or Ice / Fairy (Alolan)
Generation: I

Ninetales is a Pokémon very similar to a kitsune, a nine-tailed fox from Japanese mythology. Its fur is golden in color, which becomes more intense as it ages, and the tips of its tails are a mustard yellow or orange, which changes color over the years. It is a Pokémon endowed with great intelligence, capable of perfectly understanding human language, as well as being very faithful to its trainer.

This Pokémon is very long-lived, it is said that it can live for a thousand years. It can emit a sinister light from its eyes to control the mind of its rival. Control the flames it expels from its mouth to hypnotize and capture its prey. This Pokémon generally lives in the grasslands like its pre-evolution, although it can be seen in hot and dry areas. Ninetales has an Ice/Fairy-type regional form in Alola.

6. Manectric

310Manectric Mega

Types: Electric
Generation: III

Manectric accumulates in the manes the static electricity that is in the environment and discharges it through them in large doses. Sometimes, due to the sparks he releases, he is responsible for some fires that break out in the forest. When he reaches large amounts of electricity, he creates electrical clouds. His character depends on the electricity stored in his body.

The more electricity he accumulates, the more aggressive he becomes; therefore, he uses his body as a ground to discharge excess energy, just like Raichu. It is believed that they sometimes coexist with the Luxray due to their type and resemblance, often leading tribes of Electrike, whom he guides throughout the year to high mountains where storms normally occur. In the Kalos region, they are used by Jenny as police dogs, equivalent to the Growlithe and Herdier in the other regions.

In the sixth and seventh generations and only during the fights, Manectric can mega evolve to Mega Manectric, thanks to the Manectite. In this state. his defense, special defense, special attack, and speed increase.

7. Mightyena


Types: Dark
Generation: III

This Pokémon has abundant black and gray fur, red eyes, a long abundant tail, and has a small fang-like triangle under each eye. It could be based on a Brown Hyena or a Striped Hyena, two of the four members of the small Hyaenidae family. It has very sharp teeth: any prey it wants does not escape it. Runs very fast.

If it finds itself in a compromising situation, it only makes use of a fearsome roar that drives away the rival, a description not very different from that of both previously named species. Mightyena lives with her pack in the wild. He always obeys his trainer. She defeats the enemy thanks to perfectly coordinated teamwork.

8. Braixen


Types: Fire
Generation: VI

Braixen is based on a fennec and a wizard or witch. As it evolves, it can stand upright and on two legs. Braixen takes on a more stylized coat, the hair on his ears has been extended considerably and from the waist down he is black. With the branch stuck, Braixen’s tail resembles a broom. When it evolves from Fennekin, its tail becomes more bulky and it retains a stick that catches fire when removed due to friction with its hair.

9. Nickit


Types: Dark
Generation: VIII

Nickit is based on a red fox with very marked features. He has patterns on his face that are reminiscent of Japanese kabuki masks, specifically the one depicting the fox, although the patterns around his eyes are similar to a tanuki. Its ears are somewhat long and black on the outside and brown on the inside, its head is round and the brown color prevails, although it is possible to appreciate the black color around the eyes, also most of its body is brown and has black touches at the end of its tail, which also resembles a kind of broom, and on its legs.

He sustains himself with the food he steals from other Pokémon. The pads on its paws are so soft that it doesn’t make any noise when walking, and it also erases the tracks it leaves behind as it flees with its tail, which makes it very stealthy and cunning Pokémon.

Legendary and Mythical dog-like Pokémon ranked

1. Entei


Types: Fire
Generation: II

Entei is a very enigmatic Fire-type Pokémon, it is rumored that every time a new volcano appears on Earth, a new Entei is born. When he roars, volcanoes erupt, and since he is unable to contain his tremendous powers, he is always on the move. In appearance, it is similar to a lion with brown fur.

The structures on its back would simulate the presence of a smoking volcano on its back. It has white legs and each one of them has a structure that resembles black shackles.

On the face, it has colored plates that would resemble mustaches (white), a kind of mask (red), and a slight crest that helps to mark the frown (yellow). According to Iris City’s history, Entei was one of the Pokémon that died when the Brass Tower burned down and was later revived by Ho-Oh along with Raikou and Suicune. Being a legendary Pokémon it is difficult to predict. It usually lives in volcanoes or in warm places.

2. Suicune


Types: Water
Generation: II

Suicune may be based on a black panther, or perhaps an ounce, better known as a snow leopard, although its slim body and speed suggest that it may be based on a cheetah. Or maybe an arctic wolf. This Pokémon can breathe underwater and purify it when it touches it. He usually goes in the direction of the north winds, has a great sense of honor and responsibility, although he is a bit of a loner.

It also has the peculiarity of controlling the wind around it, which is why its tails always wave forward regardless of whether it is running at incredible speeds. Although its type is water, it shoots out water so cold that many times in ancient times it was thought to dominate ice.

Physically he shows an icy appearance, as his antlers seem to be made of ice and his mane represents an aurora. Therefore, it is believed that the company of Pokémon such as Vaporeon or Glaceon does not bother him.

3. Zacian

888Zacian 3

Types: Fairy (/ Steel)
Generation: VIII

Zacian is based on a wolf and the color cyan. He has references to medieval heraldry, where rampant animals with weapons or within shields were common. His body is covered in extensive light blue fur. However, pink braided hair extends near his ears. Its legs and snout are white, except for its claws, which are black.

Like Zamazenta, he has bright yellow eyes. Another quite noticeable feature in his form as a seasoned warrior are the numerous scars on his body and the missing part of his left ear, the product of the numerous battles in which he has participated, which demonstrates the courage of this mythical being since archaic times.

According to some people from Galar, and the description of the Pokémon Shield Pokédex, Zacian is seen as the older brother of Zamazenta, or simply a brotherly figure for him.

4. Zamazenta

889Zamazenta Hero
889Zamazenta 4

Types: Fighting (/ Steel)
Generation: VIII

Zamazenta is based on a wolf and the color magenta. It has references to medieval heraldry, where rampant animals with weapons or within shields were common. His body is covered in reddish fur on top of which are two long strands of bluish hair that reach his tail similar to a cape. Its legs are white, although it has some blue fur on its front legs, as well as bright yellow eyes and a white snout.

A quite remarkable aspect in its seasoned warrior form are the numerous scars resulting from battles in which it has participated, which demonstrates the courage of this Pokémon since archaic times. Zamazenta emerged as the savior of Galar, after joining forces with a king of men.

However, this Pokémon sank into such a deep slumber that it eventually fell into oblivion, taking on the appearance of a stone statue. Absorb metal to use in combat. According to some people from Galar, Zamazenta is seen by Zacian as a younger brother or simply as a brotherly figure.

5. Raikou

Raikou 5

Types: Electric
Generation: II

Raikou seems to be based on a tiger, because of his stripes, or a Smilodon, because of his long teeth, matching his appearance and name: Saber-Toothed Tiger. He could also be based on Byakko, one of the divine monsters that represent the cardinal points, because of his relationship with wind and thunder. The roar he emits is very much like the sound of thunder.

Their roars send shock waves shuddering through the air and shaking the ground like lightning. The rain clouds he carries allow him to fire lightning bolts at will. They say he appeared with lightning. Raikou is also considered in many regions as the thunder tiger. It is also said that he is the protector of all Electric Pokémon and those he considers to be his friends.

6. Zeraora


Types: Electric
Generation: VII

Zeraora has a feline appearance, being able to be inspired by a tiger or a serval. His varicolored form is based on a white tiger. It has grayish skin abundantly covered in yellow fur, with black lightning-like markings on its arms and legs. The pads on his limbs are blue, as are his eyes, his whiskers, and the locks on his forehead and chest.

He has a long, lightning-shaped ponytail. Unlike most Electric-type Pokémon, Zeraora lacks an internal electricity-producing organ. However, he is capable of accumulating electricity from external sources and using it at will. When he uses large amounts, his entire fur stands on end. Zeraora creates a powerful magnetic field thanks to the intense electrical currents that it emits with the pads on its extremities.

This allows him to levitate and move through the air at speeds comparable to lightning. When attacking, he takes advantage of this to suddenly approach his enemy and tear him to shreds with his sharp electrified claws. Although he dodges the blows, he ends up electrocuted by the discharges.

Non-specific dog-like Pokémon ranked

1. Smeargle

235Smeargle 7

Types: Normal
Generation: II

From the tip of its tail, it secretes fluids that it uses to paint and thus mark its territory. The pigmentation of the fluid changes according to his emotions and feelings, so that the color he uses in his drawings is a reflection of his mood. He continually looks for new adventures to increase the color combinations.

It is very rare, and few have seen it, but it tends to inhabit cities. It is said that when a Smeargle reaches adulthood, he allows other Smeargles to leave imprints on his back with their brushes. Although they mainly live in caves, so as not to disturb people and be able to paint freely, Smeargle are peaceful beings.

They feed on berries. They are generally calm but if disturbed they will schema and copy their attacker’s attack and use it against them. Smeargle appears to be a beagle with a brush-shaped tail and the top of his head resembles a beret, an accessory that artists often wear.

2. Zoroark 

Zoroark 8
571Zoroark Hisui

Types: Dark (Unovan) or Normal / Ghost (Hisuian)
Generation: V

Zoroark is based on kitsune, magical foxes that have, among other abilities, the ability to transform into other creatures. Zoroark is a bipedal Pokémon, with dark gray fur. It has a red mane with gray strands ending in a ponytail held with a light blue bead. His arms end in sharp red claws that he uses to defend himself. He has light blue eyes.

Zoroark is capable of transforming into people and other Pokémon and can also create illusions capable of confusing hundreds of people. Its appearance is frequent in packs of Zoroark and Zorua, in which they are all very close. In fact, Zoroark protects his pack and young from his adversaries by creating terrifying illusions to trick them into fleeing.

It is said that Zoroark traps those who try to capture him in a world of illusions and thus punishes them. Lonely trainers often ask Zoroarks to show them illusions with which to combat the discomfort of loneliness.

3. Eevee

Eevee 3

Types: Normal
Generation: I

Eevee is based on a little fox. It has long pointed ears and a brush-shaped tail. His body, with an agile and flexible physical constitution, is adapted to speed and agility. The predominant color of its hair is dark brown, with a cream tone on the neck and the end of the tail. The neck area has a denser and longer coat. His eyes have a brownish tint.

His fur is soft and short. Eevee are very rare in the wild. Sometimes they live near cities and towns. Eevee can live just about anywhere, and they can evolve to suit their environment. It was first documented in Kanto, but has been seen in other regions as well.

4. Vaporeon


Types: Water
Generation: I

If Eevee is exposed to a Water Stone, it evolves into a Vaporeon. He will be an excellent swimmer, capable of becoming invisible in the water, and will have great aquatic abilities. Vaporeon’s body is mostly blue. He has pointed yellow ears that help propel him when he dives, with which he can hear underwater. He has a shark-like fin on his head, and a white ruff on his neck, as if he were an emperor. He has scaly spikes on his spine that extend along his back.

5. Jolteon


Types: Electric
Generation: I

Jolteon is inspired by a fox. His fur allows him to capture and store a large amount of static electricity from the environment, causing it to bristle and harden into spikes, which he can use to focus and direct his electrical attacks against his rival. His hairs only turn into spikes when he feels threatened, scared, or angry.

His cells generate a low level of electricity, which, amplified by the static electricity of his skin, allows him to fire lightning. His neck is white, the rest of his body is bright yellow, his eyes are black, and he is the only Eevee evolution that lacks a tail, which is confused with his hair. He is often seen in mountains or in cities, and also near power plants.

6. Flareon


Types: Fire
Generation: I

If Eevee is exposed to a Fire Stone, it will evolve into Flareon, becoming a Fire Pokémon, so its nobility and exuberance will grow quickly. He is the most faithful of all, but his laziness will also be noticeable unless he is not pampered so much. He has a somewhat calm and cheerful character, but when he gets angry about something serious, he can become quite a fighter, since he has a patient but explosive temperament.

When Flareon gets nervous or anxious, he tends to release a large amount of heat through his fur. When meeting new people, it has some shyness, but as it gets used to it, it will become a loyal and affectionate Pokémon, good for keeping company.

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