All Planets in the Halo TV Show


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The newest sci-fi action series that you can stream right now is Halo, which is a live-action series adaptation of the popular video game franchise of the same name. Of course, like any good sci-fi series that is set in space, there are different planets that are featured in Halo. So, in that regard, let’s look at all the planets that have been featured in the Halo TV show so far in the first season of the series.


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The series opens up on a seemingly reddish planet called Madrigal, which is one of the planets that humanity has colonized during the 26th century. Of course, the reason why this planet was colonized is the fact that it is a heavy water extraction planet and is actually tier 4 in that regard. This means that the UNSC must be using Madrigal as one of the planets that they mine for resources.

What makes Madrigal an important planet in the series is that it became home to a thriving rebellion movement. The people living on the planet are not really in line with the beliefs of the UNSC and are looking to become independent from humanity’s governing body. In fact, a good number of different planets in the outer colonies are looking to live life away from Earth’s central ruling system. Madrigal is one of the planets that resent the UNSC because of how harsh their governance can be.

In episode 1, a small settlement in Madrigal came under attack from 20 Covenant Elite warriors, who slaughtered all but one person there. However, the Spartan Silver Team led by Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 destroyed the Elite warriors that attacked the Madrigal settlement and went on to discover that they were mining on the planet. That was when they discovered the artifact that was probably left by the Forerunner civilization. The only surviving member of the Elite warriors (probably the future Arbiter) reported this back to the prophets of the Covenant.

In Episode 2, we got to see that there were more settlements in Madrigal and that there was a new governor that the UNSC put in place to make sure that the insurrection amongst the populace would be quelled.


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Reach has always been one of the most prominent planets in the Halo universe because this was one of the central bases of the UNSC outside of Earth. It didn’t even take long for the Halo series to introduce Reach, which was the base of operations of the UNSC during the earlier part of the series. This planet was colonized during the middle portion of the 24th century and was important to the UNSC because of the fact that it is rich in titanium, which the UNSC uses for a lot of its weapons, particularly the very same exoskeleton that the Spartans use.

In time, Reach became the largest naval base of the UNSC and became one of the most strategic locations for their operations because it allowed them to operate in different places across the galaxy without having to use Earth as the central base. Reach is also second only to Earth when it comes to its human population, and you could see in episode 2 that it is more than just a military base because it does have a thriving city.

It can be presumed that Reach is also the place where the Spartan-II Project was put into motion, and that means that Master Chief and the rest of the Spartan-II super soldiers were basically created and trained on this planet. As such, Reach is also a very important location for the UNSC’s science and research department.

In the Halo timeline, the Covenant found the location of Reach in 2552 and decided to attack in full force. Reach fell in 2552, and that’s why the planet was hardly ever featured in the main Halo games. Nevertheless, it still played a huge part in the entire Halo mythology because it was often used as a point of reference.


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At this point in the Halo live-action series, we are yet to know whether or not Reach will fall just like how it did in the video games. It should be interesting to see which direction the showrunners will take regarding the fate of Reach, as its destruction at the hands of the Covenant was an important turning point in the history of the Halo video games.

High Charity

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One of the things that the Halo franchise has been known for is the Covenant. This is a group of aliens composed of eight different races that have joined up together for religious purposes. The Covenant is led by the Prophets, who are the ones who know about the doctrines of their religion, which essentially worships the Forerunners, an advanced and superior ancient race of aliens that had gone extinct a long time ago but still left their technology in certain parts of the galaxy.

The capital planet of the Covenant is High Charity, which was the third planet to be introduced to the Halo TV series. This planet was shown during a scene wherein one of the Prophets conversed with the Blessed One regarding what had happened in Madrigal and how Master Chief was able to activate the artifact that they found on that planet.

It is important to note that High Charity is not the homeworld of the Prophets because their planet had been destroyed long ago. That’s why they moved to High Charity, which is actually a fortress-like planet that can move through slipspace (hyperspace). This is why High Charity is so important to the Covenant because it is their “mother ship,” so to speak.


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Of course, the reason why High Charity is such as special planet is the fact that this planetoid is powered by Forerunner technology that is capable of producing an artificial star that provides the energy that the planet needs to sustain life. High Charity is also constantly protected by a large Covenant fleet to make sure that the UNSC or any kind of threat won’t be able to touch the Prophets.


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The newest planet to be introduced to the Halo TV series isn’t necessarily a planet but is actually a collection of asteroids that are floating in space but were used as a home and a base of operations for space pirates. This area was revealed early in episode 2 when Master Chief visited his old friend Soren, who used to be a Spartan-II candidate during their younger years.


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Rubble is actually different asteroids that are connected to one another using tubes and elevator-like constructs that allow people to travel from one asteroid to another. It’s basically a creative way of making something out of nothing, as the people of Rubble in the Halo TV series live here because they felt like they didn’t have a place in the galaxy.

In the main Halo timeline, Rubble is actually a collection of asteroids that were hollowed out so that they could provide shelter for the Jackals that betrayed the Covenant and went rogue. One of the characters in the Halo TV series, Reth, was actually named after one of the Jackal leaders that live in Rubble in the main Halo timeline. 

Nevertheless, the reason why Rubble is able to sustain life is due to the fact that there is a powerful AI that is maintaining the entire asteroid field so that the other asteroids in the area won’t be able to cause any harm to the asteroids that form Rubble. Still, the UNSC fears Rubble not because of the power of the insurrectionists that live in this area but because of the fact that many of the ships that are docked here contain navigational data regarding the UNSC. That’s why the UNSC sent Spartans to destroy any navigational data in Rubble in the events of the main Halo timeline.

In the series, Rubble became an important part of the plot because of how Master Chief needed to go there to meet up with Soren. This was also the location where he met Reth, who told him a good deal about the artifact that he recovered in Madrigal.

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