All Platinum End Anime Main Characters Explained

All Platinum End Anime Main Characters Explained

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Platinum End is a shōnen manga written by Tsugumi Ōba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. It was published from November 4, 2015 to January 4, 2021 in Shūeisha’s Jump Square magazine and compiled into 14 volumes. An anime adaptation has been airing since October 8, 2021. Platinum End is one of the hottest anime series at the moment and we are going to introduce you to its main characters.

We’re going to give you some basic information on each of the character, as well as their main biographical information. The characters are going to be introduced so you know everything you need to know about them. Since the manga is a bit ahead of the anime, there could be some mild spoilers ahead.

Mirai Kakehashi

Ch02 Mirai

Mirai Kakehashi was the protagonist of the manga series Platinum End. He was the chosen god candidate of the angel Nasse in the competition to become the next god. Hurt by his harsh upbringing, Mirai wanted to end his life by jumping off a building. However, he was suddenly caught in mid-air by Nasse, who told him of his special mission as a hand-picked candidate for the God Election, an outstanding event that would determine the fate of humanity by replacing the current God.

Using the special abilities of the wings and the red and white arrows, Mirai gained various allies to defeat Metropoliman and later Gaku Yoneda in the selection process. In the course of the event, Mirai will realize the ultimate meaning of happiness and the sublime reasons for life. Before meeting the angel Nasse, Mirai was incredibly depressed and was about to kill himself. After recovering from the shock and talking with Nasse, Mirai decided to try to live happily, just as his mother had taught him.

Although he was constantly mistreated as a child, Mirai did not hate anyone or hold a grudge because his father had once told him that this would prevent not only himself but also the people around him from being happy. Unlike most candidates for God, Mirari has no interest in becoming God. He merely wants to put a stop to Metropoliman in order to protect himself and Saki.

He also has a strong moral compass and believes that not everyone should become a god, especially if that person feels no remorse or has problems killing others for their goals. Mirai is very reluctant to use the Red Arrow against people to fulfill his own desires and refuses to use the White Arrow. However, he likes to fly and has no problem using the Wings.

He claims that he will do nothing when he ascends to become a god.

Saki Hanakago

Saki Hanakago character image

Saki Hanakago was the main character of the manga series Platinum End. She was the chosen god candidate of the angel Revel.

Saki is a rather shy individual and friendly through and through. She felt so bad about being pressured to bully Mirai Kakehashi in elementary school that the guilt drove her to suicide in high school. After becoming a god aspirant and reconciling with Mirai, she is compassionate towards his struggles and those of other characters. Although she does not want to kill anyone, she is more willing to manipulate people with the red arrow than Mirai.

When asked what she would do if she became God, Saki said, “The world I want is a world of smiles, where everyone is full of warmth and gentleness.” Saki had been friends with Mirai Kakehashi since they were children. One day, while they were in a park with Mirai Kakehashi and his family, Mirai found a four-leaf clover and urged Saki to find one too.

After not finding one, Mirai gave her his shamrock, whereupon a yellow ladybug landed on it, a sign that their future together would be happy. After Mirai’s parents died and he was adopted by his abusive uncle and aunt, the kids at school started teasing him about his lack of hygiene (because his guardians had spilled alcohol on him), all the kids at school started making fun of him and picking their noses. The reluctant Saki started doing the same because she thought she was bullying him.

Nanato Mukaido

Nanato Mukaido character image

Nanato Mukaido was a man chosen by the angel Baret as a candidate for the gods. Nanato was married. He had a daughter and another child was on the way. Before he was diagnosed with cancer, he worked for a clothing company where he was responsible for planning new products and designed many outfits. Four months before the meeting at Jinbo Stadium, he was given three months to live.

About three months after that prediction, Baret showed up and offered him the chance to become the next god. In order to be with his family, he agreed to become a god candidate. After Metropoliman appeared, he decided that he had to secure the future of his family. He shot red arrows at some of the richest people in Japan and received 200 million yen in cash.

When Metropoliman staged the meeting at Jinbo Stadium, Nanato used fourteen detectives and psychologists and sent them to the stadium to look for other candidates in the crowd. They succeeded in finding three: Mirai Kakehashi, Saki Hanakago, and a boy who flew away.

Kanade Uryu

Kanade Uryu character image

Kanade Uryu, also known as Metropoliman, was the first major antagonist of Platinum End. He was a human who was selected to be a god candidate by the angel Meyza.

Kanade is shown to be callous towards other humans and he is able to easily take the lives of others without a second thought. It has also been shown that he has no problem with using his red arrow to take advantage of others. He is very smart and calculative. He pretended to become a Hero of Justice, make up a fake story just to fool the media and other candidates into his story so he can set up a trap for the candidates to take them out.

His wealthy upbringing nurture his arrogant and sadistic personality. He has a particular disliking of ugly things and only loves himself and his sister. He looks down on people and comes up with derogatory name for other god candidates such as labeling Hajime Sokotani as a cockroach because of his poor social standing and ugly visage and admits that he enjoys seeing Hajime die. He also has no problem threatening a young god candidate in a public execution he created and urges her to beg for her life louder to tempt more candidates to fall into his trap.

Kanade has also displayed a somewhat childish personality, demonstrated by his decision to model himself after a TV superhero, and even going so far as to comment on how “cool” it was that he, a normal high school student, was leading a double- life as a superhero.

He has an unhealthy interest in his sister. He accidentally made her fall over from a high ground and she landed on the ground of the garden they were in, causing her death. In order to find ways to bring her back to life, Kanade decided to place her in cryo-freeze. Finding out that he can revive her if he become God, he decided to become a candidate and try to speed up the god candidates selection process by killing other candidates.

In contrast to his cool and tough demeanor, he is a coward. He will not engage in a fight that he assesses he does not hold a clear advantage and will always have someone else do the job for him while he stands on the sideline watching them die for his gain or amusement.

His cowardice character is in full display before he was killed by Nanato Mukaido; as Kanade begged for his life he tried to justify his actions was “for the sake of his sister” and offered to pay Mirai Kakehashi money and making Saki Hanakago his wife or willing to do and give anything in his possession to them so they can let him go.

By the end of his story, Kanade has been portrayed as uncaring and inconsiderate for what people can’t control due to it being pre-determined from birth, such as facial structure. Some say this is because the writer wanted to make him more dislike-able before his defeat.

Hajime Sokotani

Ch14 Hajime Sokotani

Hajime Sokotani was a man chosen by the angel Balta as a candidate for God.

Hajime was a teenager with green hair and pink bangs that fell to his shoulders. He had narrow almond eyes painted with pink eye shadow, a narrow and long nose, and large lips. Hajime often wore scarves wrapping his arms and head, as well as a purple tank top and white tights. He also wore knee pads on both knees and a pair of grey sandals.

Before his surgery, Hajime was known to be unattractive. He had numerous blemishes on his face, cracked and dry lips, and noticeably crooked teeth. According to him, his unattractiveness was the main reason he was considered an outsider in society.



Nasse, or the Angel of Purity, was a special- rank angel. She was one of the thirteen angels who selected Mirai Kakehashi as her God candidate. Her primary reason for choosing him was to help him achieve happiness.

Nasse was an angel with short white hair, long wings, and big red eyes. She had a halo above her head, a golden headband at around eyelash level, and wore invisible-like clothes with gold edges on them.

Although Nasse had a carefree personality, she was extremely single-minded when it came to achieving her goals. That said, Nasse was determined to go to any length to help Mirai attain true happiness so he could eventually become the next God. However, she could also be callous when it came to others. She had suggested numerous times that Mirai used his powers to steal and even kill those he disliked. When asked how she could speak so easily of killing people, Nasse’s justification was that “it is easy.”

She had a good eye for detecting lies. According to Revel, if Nasse claimed that someone was telling the truth, then “it is bound to be true.”


platinum end 16 38

Revel, or the Angel of Emotions, was an angel of the first rank. He was one of the thirteen angels who chose Saki Hanakago as his god candidate. Before ascending to the first rank, Revel was a second rank angel, known as the Angel of Treachery.

At first, Revel showed himself to be a manipulative personality, a trait that he himself admitted could be responsible for his low rank, but when he joined Mirai Kakehashi and Nasse, he later showed a more lively, soulful, and somehow kinder personality. He cared about Saki and felt bad for being a second rank angel, which kept him from giving her wings. She was also the reason why he rushed to become a first-rank angel.

Because of his compassion for Saki, he shed tears for her when she was determined to help Mirai and Nanato Mukaido, even though she could neither fly nor actively participate in battle – an unprecedented act by an angel. As a result of his tears and compassion for the people, God granted him a promotion to the first rank and the ability to give Saki a pair of wings.


platinum end 13 17

Baret is an angel of the first rank and is the Angel of Knowledge. She is one of the thirteen angels and has chosen Nanato Mukaido as her god candidate. Baret is a kind, gentle and all-knowing person. She is known as the Angel of Knowledge.

According to Revel, she knows “all kinds of celestial knowledge from history,” she is “very learned, but not without flaws.” She is willing to share her knowledge and information about celestial beings and rules with other god candidates if her own candidate wishes to do so.



Meyza, or the Angel of Greed, was an angel of special rank. She was one of the thirteen angels who chose Kanade Uryu as their candidate god. Meyza had short hair, with a small area in the middle of her head completely shaved off. Like all the other angels, she had long white wings and a large glowing halo above her head.

Not much is known about Meyza’s personality, but she was shown to be ruthless towards other candidates. She encouraged Kanade, her aspirant, to kill her, as this was the fastest way to become God.

She used to be an angel without rank who was promoted directly to special rank by unknown means. She found Kanade when he was grieving from the death of his sister and decided to commit suicide. She explained to him that he could revive his sister if he became a god, and thus got him to accept the offer to become a god aspirant.


Vol6 Balta

Balta, or the Angel of Intuition, was an angel of the first rank. He was one of the thirteen angels who had chosen Hajime Sokotani as his God candidate.
Balta was an angel with messy, neck-length white hair, a large pair of wings growing from his shoulders, and a bright blue halo above his head.

Balta seems to be an angel who has a great sense of intuition and can figure out what kind of person he is with a single glance at Metropoliman. He is also very helpful to his master, advising him on unknown occasions and never speaking ill of him. Even after the death of his candidate, he remained respectful to him and spoke lovingly of him. He is usually smiling and cheerful.

When God gradually ran out of energy and began to select the thirteen angels who would choose the next god candidates, Balta was one of the selected angels.

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