All 21 Tom Holland Movies Ranked From the Worst to the Best


There is no doubt that Tom Holland is one of the rising stars of today’s movie industry. Ever since his breakout role as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, he has been one of the most talked-about young stars and has become an instant box office hit. However, even the brightest stars have their own fair share of hits and misses, and that’s why we are here to look at all 20 of Tom Holland’s movies ranked from the worst to the best.

21. Dolittle (2020)

dolittle 2020

Dolittle is the movie that reunites Tony Stark with Peter Parker as actors Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland, who voices Jip. The movie stars RDJ as Dr. Dolittle, who is a rich doctor capable of speaking to animals. He lives in a secluded mansion with his animal friends but needs to embark on an adventure to find the cure after the Queen of England falls ill.

Truth be told, the movie is supposed to be entertaining enough for most viewers, especially the younger members of the audience. But the problem with this movie and why it is ranked as Tom Holland’s worst film isn’t because he plays a smaller role but because the story is jumbled and all over the place. On top of that, the humor that the movie is trying to deliver seems a bit too stale for our taste.

20. In The Heart Of The Sea (2015)

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In The Heart of the Sea stars Thor’s Chris Hemsworth as the leading actor of the film while Tom Holland plays a supporting role here. This is actually a movie adaptation of the classic Moby-Dick story about a giant whale sinking a ship. Of course, Hemsworth’s character is on a quest to survive through storms, hunger, and despair in this emotional movie.

This movie is a powerful rendition of the timeless tale, but it isn’t necessarily the best. It was able to deliver a good performance from Chris Hemsworth, but the storytelling was not able to match the film’s visuals, as we get to see a film that focuses more on its visual appeal rather than its plot.

19. Chaos Walking (2021)

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Chaos Walking is a movie that takes place in the distant future, as Tom Holland’s character, named Todd, discovers a woman named Viola, who crash-lands on his planet, where all of the women have mysteriously disappeared. Meanwhile, all of the men are afflicted with something called “the Noise,” which allows all of their thoughts to be put on display, as Viola is now in the middle of a dangerous situation. This forces Todd to protect her at all costs while also unlocking the secrets that the planet is hiding.

The movie should have been a promising film that stars two of the most promising actors in the industry. However, the problem is that the premise wasn’t set properly and that it didn’t finish the right way. As such, while it could have been promising had it been delivered well, Chaos Walking is Tom Holland’s second-worst film.

18. Cherry (2021)


Cherry is a movie that allows us to see Tom Holland in a different role as a young man from Ohio who ends up losing the love of his life due to a series of bad decisions. This is actually a movie that was adapted from a novel of the same name, as the movie features Holland in an unhinged role that we have never seen from him before. He ends up drifting from college and serving in the Iraq war as a medic while living a life anchored on his love, Emily. He ends up coming home from the war as a hero, but he gets diagnosed with PTSD, which forces him to make bad decisions that drain all of his finances and shatter his relationship with the love of his life.

If you look at the movie, it should be quite promising because of how it tells the story of a man’s coming of age, as he ends up finding purpose in his life after a series of mistakes that cost him almost everything he held dear. It is also a film that allows us to see Holland playing an entirely different role compared to what we are used to. However, the story is a bit too formulaic and isn’t the most memorable film for anyone.

17. Uncharted (2022)

uncharted movie poster new cropped hed

Uncharted is based on the best-selling video game series that has millions of fans around the world. The story of the movie follows a young Nathan Drake before the events of the first game, as Tom Holland’s character is recruited by a veteran treasure hunter to recover Ferdinand Magellan’s lost treasure. He saw promise in the young Nathan because of his amazing abilities as a thief. Getting recruited as a treasure hunter allows Nathan Drake to live a life larger than he has ever lived before.


Uncharted: All Five Games Ranked

While this may be the latest movie under Tom Holland’s belt as of this writing, it also is one of the worst. It doesn’t stand up to the grandeur and beauty of the video games it was adapted from, and that leads to a poor echo that is seemingly just a way for Sony to mine the source materials for more profits. And the movie also doesn’t stand up well enough to the other adventure films we have seen in the past.

16. Edge Of Winter (2016)

12EDGEWINTER superJumbo

Edge of Winter stars a young Tom Holland still in his teenage years, as he portrays a teenage boy in this drama movie about survival and resilience. The movie revolves around two siblings and their father as they live in a remote cabin in the middle of winter. However, due to the effects of the cold, their father loses his group on reality and becomes increasingly unhinged. As such, the two siblings struggle to survive under such harsh conditions.

This movie isn’t bad, but it also isn’t quite good as well. In a way, it is quite mediocre but is entertaining enough for some people to want to watch without getting bored. Of course, we also got to see Tom Holland’s acting prowess in this film, as he portrays a character that doesn’t resemble his Peter Parker persona in the 2016 Civil War movie he appeared in.

15. The Current War: Director’s Cut (2019)

current2 mobileMasterAt3x

The Current War: Director’s Cut stars Benedict Cumberbatch together with Tom Holland in what is a reunion between the actors of Doctor Strange and Peter Parker just a few months after the release of Avengers: Endgame. 

In this movie, we explore the war between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse as they dueled in a battle between different ideas regarding the electrical system so that they could light the entire world. However, Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla see the mistakes in Edison’s designs, and that was when they bet on a different technology that is both dangerous and game-changing.

While the cast may be impressive because it has amazing actors that have seen their fair share of success, the problem is that the movie wasn’t all that impressive, even if it wasn’t quite poor. But the good thing is that the Director’s Cut version was able to improve the movie from an overall standpoint.

14. The Devil All The Time (2020)

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The Devil All The Time: Tom Holland as Arvin Russell. Photo Cr. Glen Wilson/Netflix © 2020

The Devil All The Time is another reunion between Avengers actors. This time, Tom Holland works together with Sebastian Stan, who we know as the Winter Soldier, in a movie that also stars upcoming Batman actor Robert Pattinson. The movie is about a young man who dedicates his life to protecting the people he loves from different sinister characters in a town full of corrupt individuals.

What you are going to love about this film is that the movie allows us to see the characters’ descent into darkness, even if such a descent may be punishing at times. However, despite the fact that the film’s delivery wasn’t entirely on point, the stellar cast of actors was able to make up for the movie’s weaknesses.

13. How I Live Now (2013)

How I Live Now is one of Tom Holland’s earliest acting jobs, as we can see him in this movie as a very young teenager working alongside the brilliant Saoirse Ronan as a secondary star. The film explores the life of Daisy, an anorexic New York teenager on vacation in England during the summer, as she learns what it means to be free. However, all-out war breaks out in London, and that affects not only the entire country but the whole world.

The first thing that would pop out of this movie is Ronan’s amazing acting, as Holland is only one of the secondary actors who were able to contribute well enough to the story. And you will love how the movie was able to blend romance with post-apocalyptic drama.

12. Pilgrimage (2017)

pilgrimage still 3 h 2017.jpg

Pilgrimage is a movie that stars amazing actors in a story that revolves around Irish monks who are on a reluctant pilgrimage to Rome so that they could bring their monastery’s holiest relic there. However, when they are forced to pass through dangerous territories in rugged areas that are ravaged by different wars, things get rough for the group of monks.

While Holland shares the spotlight with the other actors in this movie, you are going to love the drama and emotion in this amazing historical movie. Of course, the movie is also geared towards those who are deeply devout and religious because the acting is able to show how devoted the monks are to their cause.

11. Spies In Disguise (2019)

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Spies in Disguise is one of the few animated movies that Tom Holland has acted in his young career. The movie stars super-spy Lance Sterling, played by Will Smith, as he works together with Tom Holland’s Walter Becket in a movie that allows us to see how a debonair and smooth spy is able to work with an awkward yet brilliant scientist and inventor. As such, we see two different worlds clashing in this fun family movie about a spy and an awkward inventor.

This is a very cheerful movie that is simple in its premise, and that makes it a good thing because it’s supposed to be an inviting film for the entire family to love. And both Smith and Holland were able to perform well in a movie that showcased their chemistry and versatility as amazing actors in their own right.

10. The Impossible (2012)


Not counting Holland’s uncredited voice acting performance in the UK version of The Secret World of Arriety, The Impossible is actually his first-ever acting performance, as he works alongside veteran actors Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. Considering that this was his first real acting job in a movie, Holland didn’t get a lot of screen time, but he still did well enough with what he was given in this movie.

The movie is all about a family on their vacation in Thailand in 2004 during the time of the destructive Tsunami. As such, the family faces the darkest time in its life, as they experience kindness and courage in this inspiring drama.

This film actually isn’t very powerful in a lot of ways. But the way the actors played their roles was what ultimately allowed this movie to stand out. The Impossible is a compelling movie that most of you should watch.

9. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Tom Holland in Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest Marvel movie at that point in history, as we see different superhero movies converging in one great film that allows all of the superheroes to unite together against a common enemy that’s threatening to wipe out half of the universe. This is where we are introduced to Thanos and his hopes of allowing the universe to survive by wiping out half of its population. Of course, the Avengers are there to stop him from acquiring all of the Infinity Stones, as we get to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man joining the band of superheroes.


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Despite the clear cliffhanger that everyone expected at the end of the film, Infinity War blew the box office wide open and was the biggest film the world has seen in a while until its sequel shattered all the box office numbers. And while this may seem like a dizzying movie that compiles plenty of different characters, it did well enough to make sure that everyone gets their screen time.

8. The Lost City of Z (2016)

lost city of z 1.jpg

Uncharted wasn’t Tom Holland’s first run at the adventure genre in films, as he actually acted a good role in The Lost City of Z as Jack Fawcett, the son of British explorer and adventurer Percy Fawcett. Percy was ridiculed by the scientific community because he claimed to have seen an advanced civilization in the Amazon. And the story revolves around him returning to that lost city so that he can prove to the world his discovery.

As mentioned, The Lost City of Z is Holland’s first run at a role in an adventure and exploration movie, and this movie is actually superior to Uncharted in a lot of ways. It is a visual masterpiece with equally masterful performances from its actors as you will love watching the film from start to finish.

7. Onward (2020)

onward plus2020 feature

Onward is another one of Tom Holland’s animated movies as he teams up with Star Lord’s Chris Pratt in a movie that is all about brotherhood and family in a fantasy world where mythical and legendary creatures live. 

This movie explores the story of Ian and Barley, two elf brothers, who are on a quest to find a way to spend one more day with their departed father. However, the adventure takes them to a road full of obstacles, as their mother teams up with the Manticore to try to bring them back home in his heartwarming movie.

Onward doesn’t really stand up to the popularity of some of the other Pixar greats. However, it is still quite amazing in its own right as Pixar was able to use a formulaic approach in delivering a movie that the entire family will love. It’s funny, heartwarming, friendly, and very imaginative.

6. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

spider man tom holland

Captain America: Civil War is a non-Avengers movie that looks like it should’ve been an Avengers film because we get to see another Marvel masterpiece that was able to blend the stories of different superheroes together. This time, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark disagree on a matter that divided the Avengers and broke the team apart, as they recruited their own members. Meanwhile, Stark recruited Peter Parker in what is Tom Holland’s first appearance as Spider-Man.

The movie was a great way to introduce new superheroes to the MCU, as we were able to see a younger and fresher actor playing the iconic role of Spider-Man. This was Holland’s breakout role, as he went on to have bigger roles in the future, thanks to his performance as Peter Parker in this film.

5. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

spider man far from home tom holland

Spider-Man: Far From Home is actually the second standalone Spider-Man movie that features Tom Holland as the MCU’s Peter Parker. The events of this movie take place after half of the universe was blipped back into reality in the events of Endgame, as Parker and his friends are now trying to adjust to their new lives after disappearing from the world five years ago. Meanwhile, Spider-Man is also trying to live up to Tony Stark’s legacy after the events of Endgame.


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Far From Home may not be the strongest MCU Spider-Man film but is still marginally better than most of Holland’s other films. He was able to portray a maturing and learning Peter Parker in a movie that shows him finding a new mentor that turned out to be someone entirely different from his old mentor.

4. Locke (2013)


Locke is Tom Holland’s second full-length film as he plays a pretty minor role as the voice of a character named Eddie. Instead, the film focuses more on the story of Ivan Locke, played by Tom Hardy, as he leaves his job at a construction site at an important time so that he can drive to London for the birth of his child.

The movie is actually a one-man show that focuses more on the powerful performance of Hardy. That means that all of the other actors that were given roles in this film are simply playing minor parts around Tom Hardy’s amazing performance in a film that focuses almost entirely on his character.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

spider man homecoming DF 04343 r rgb.0

Spider-Man: Homecoming is Tom Holland’s first solo run as Spider-Man in a film dedicated entirely to the young superhero. Of course, the movie explores how Peter Parker is trying to juggle between his life as a high school teenager and his growing career as a young superhero. And he gets mentoring tips from Iron Man throughout some of the parts of the movie, especially after he was able to unlock the sophisticated suit that Tony Stark gave him.

That said, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a great way for the MCU to introduce us to the newest Spider-Man, while we also got to know more about how different this version of Peter Parker is from the other versions we’ve seen in the past. 

2. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

image 46

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest box office hit in the history of movies, as this is the most ambitious and the largest movie in terms of its scope and effect on the film industry. Of course, like all Avengers films, the movie revolves around an ensemble cast of superheroes who are trying to move on with life after losing to Thanos five years ago. 


Spider-Man Vs. Thanos: Who Would Win and Why?

But when they discovered a way to bring everyone back, they were willing to put everything on the line to correct their wrongs so that those who were erased would have another chance at life.

Tom Holland returns in this movie as Peter Parker, who made an appearance during the climax of the film when the Hulk was able to bring everyone who was snapped out of existence back. And he had a good role in the final fight against Thanos, especially when he got to introduce himself to the other superheroes fighting on their side.

1. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Tom Holland Spider Man No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the newest Spider-Man film starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Of course, he isn’t the only Peter Parker in this movie because all of the other actors who played the iconic character made appearances in a movie that explores different universes clashing with one another due to a mistake that Doctor Strange made in a spell.

As such, Holland’s Parker teams up with the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions of Spider-Man so that they could put a stop to the villains that crossed over to the MCU timeline and to right the mistake that Peter himself caused.

This is the first MCU movie that explores the multiverse, as we were able to see different versions of Peter Parker in this film. As such, it stands as the best Tom Holland movie to date because of its implications on the entire Marvel universe moving forward.

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