All 6 Tom Selleck Western Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Tom Selleck Western Movies

Tom Selleck is a versatile actor who has starred in various interesting movies, including dramas, comedies and thrillers. Mostly famous for the TV series Magnum P.I. where he played Magnum, a Hawaii-based private investigator, Selleck is also known for his role in 3 Men and a Baby and In and Out, as well as his guest performance in Friends. But he was the main protagonist in several western movies which are well worth mentioning. This is the list of all 6 Tom Selleck western movies ranked from worst to best.

6. The Shadow Riders (1982)

The Shadow Riders 1982

This TV movie starring Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot tells the story of two brothers who come back home demobilised from the army after the Civil War. They are faced with a situation they couldn’t have even imagined. 

Mac and Dal who have fought on the opposite sides now have to work together and try and save their younger brother and one of their fiancees who have been kidnapped by a gang of rebel guerillas who refuse to accept the defeat of the Confederacy. With help from their uncle, they set out to rescue their family.

5.  Last Stand at Saber River (1997)

Last Stand at Saber River 1997

Another TV movie connected with the Civil War is this action drama about Paul Cable,  a returning Confederate veteran who must reclaim his Arizona land that has been illegally occupied by the Yankee carpetbaggers.

Instead of being left alone to rebuild his old life, the embittered soldier will have to join forces with Vern Kidston who has always been his adversary, in this case, a Union sympathiser. The two men will have to work together to save the one thing worth fighting for and that’s Cable’s family. 


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4. Ruby Jean and Joe (1996)

Ruby Jean and Joe 1996

Joe Wade is an elderly rodeo driver who picks up a young hitchhiker Ruby Jean and continues his road trip together with her. Even though Ruby is constantly correcting Joe and he gets sometimes irritated by her behaviour, their friendship is slowly growing.

Alone on the road, with nothing to do but talk, Ruby Jean and Joe’s conversations are becoming more and more significant and both of them are put in a position to deal with their decisions, wishes, plans and lives in general.

3. Quigley Down Under (1990)

Quigley Down Under 1990

Tom Selleck plays an American cowboy and a sharpshooter Matt Quigley who is hired by an Australian rancher to shoot aborigines at a distance. Upon arriving in Australia, he gets into a fight with employees of the man who hired him as they tried to force “Crazy Cora” onto the wagon. He refuses to do what he was hired for.

Due to certain circumstances, Quigley and Cora are left alone in the Outback and saved by the Aborigines. Quigley soon learns that Cora comes from Texas but was shipped to Australia as a punishment for what she did back home. The two of them form a strong relationship while trying to fight the Australians who don’t want them to become friends with the indigenous people.

2. Crossfire Trail (2001)

Crossfire Trail 2001

Tom Selleck is Rafe Covington, a rancher who promises his dying friend to watch over his wife and ranch while he’s gone. But Rafe has to deal with so much more than what he promised. When he gets to his friend’s ranch he finds out that there is a man called Barkow, the most powerful man in town who isn’t only interested in Rafe’s friend’s ranch, but his wife as well. 

Barkow is a sinister mind who wants to be certain that he will get what he wants so he hires a gang of gunfighters to make sure to get the ranch and his friend’s wife. 


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1. Monte Walsh (2003)

Monte Walsh 2003

Monte Walsh and his friend Chet Rollins are skilled ranchers and longtime cowboys who are ready for any ranch work they are given. They spend their days on the ranch, with occasional trips to the town. Monte is in a long-term relationship with a local prostitute Martine Bernard and Chet is seeing the widow who owns the hardware shop.

They are mostly in good relationships with other cowboys, with a few competitions between each other, but when one day one of those cowboys, Shorty Austin, loses his job and gets involved in robbing and killing, the two friends will find themselves in a completely different situation they have been used until now. 

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