Amber Heard and James Franco Movies: The Complete List

Amber Heard and James Franco Movies: The Complete List

Amber Heard and James Franco have appeared in films together, and the media coverage from the 2022 Johnny Depp defamation trial has seen many talking about the relationship between the two. So let’s look at the complete list of films they’ve appeared in together. 

1. Pineapple Express

Amber Heard and James Franco Movies: The Complete List

This 2008 comedy saw Franco and Heard feature, with Franco starring as one of the main characters Saul, and Heard a minor role as Seth Rogen’s girlfriend Angie.

Franco and his co-star Seth Rogen are cannabis enthusiasts, with Rogen witnessing a murder during his time as a process server. As Franco has also unwittingly become involved, the two must battle against deadly forces to keep them silent.


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As Heard is Rogen’s girlfriend in the film, she does not meet up with Franco until much further along in the story, as Rogen’s character hadn’t exactly wanted everyone he knew in his family to know about his drug dealer.

The first meeting is a memorable one though, as Heard’s character mistakes Franco as the drug dealer that is trying to kill her boyfriend, rather than the drug dealer of her boyfriend. This leads to the infamous stabbing scene.

Heard plunges a fork into the back of Franco within about 10 seconds of meeting him, and the ensuing melee even sees Heard’s father in the movie fire off a few shots at Franco, barely missing him and Rogen.

Overall it was a financial success, even prompting a follow up. However, disagreements over the budget saw the project not come to fruition but a sneak preview can be seen in the footage shown via the other Franco-featured film, This Is the End.

Critically the film was well-received, and Franco’s performances were praised. Heard’s role was much too small to really contribute to the film, but was not the worst performance of the cast.

This is one of many collaborations between Franco, Rogen and Judd Apatow, with the duo of Franco and Rogen having so far worked on eight films together.

2. The Adderall Diaries

Amber Heard and James Franco Movies: The Complete List

Franco and Heard once again joined forces in this 2015 crime drama, starring alongside Ed Harris and Christian Slater.

Franco plays Stephen Elliot, the lead in the film that has him battling against memory and allegations of abuse, and the struggle that ensues. Franco once again turns in a great performance, showing his serious side and acting chops.

Heard is Franco’s love interest, but ends up dumping him halfway through the movie. The exact reasons are perhaps unclear, but it does occur immediately after Franco’s character cheats on her after taking recreational drugs.

They have a few romantic scenes together, particularly with Franco and Heard riding on a motorcycle before the onscreen relationship goes into rockier territory. The event in the film is revealed through a message left on Franco’s voicemail, which is pretty cold.


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Unfortunately, this is just one of the various events that happens as Franco’s life starts to unravel in the film. Whether what he experiences in the movie is part of the whole experience of the film, and it may not even be true that Heard dumps him. 

As a writer, Franco’s character finds out at his book launch that the book he wrote about his troubled relationship with his father was possibly a figment of his imagination.

He reveals throughout the film that he is suffering from terrible writer’s block, substance abuse, and the soon to be revealed relationship deterioration with Heard.

His one chance to solve at least the writing issue is stymied by his use of drugs, causing him to miss vital parts of the trial. 

This is further compounded by the mistake causing his publisher to drop him, and an ability to capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime to write the compelling story of the man facing murder charges, Hans Reiser. 

Not to mention that Reiser’s friend has likely committed multiple other murders.