Andrew Garfield Keeps Insisting That He’s NOT In Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is probably the world champion in the number of theories, rumors, leaks, and other stuff that mostly did nothing good except spoiling big potential surprises that might occur in the movie.

Ever since the movie started production, we don’t even remember when and where did that theory first appear, definitely the most popular theory was, and still is, is that the movie is actually a live-action Spider-Verse movie featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising respective Spider-Man roles from Sam Raimi’s trilogy and Marc Webb’s duology, respectively.

Although Marvel officially stayed silent about it, the current Spider-Man star Tom Holland denied those rumors, as did Andrew Garfield several times before. And now he did it again.

“Listen, I’m not in the film. I love Spider-Man, I always have, I was so happy to have played the part. I’m so excited to see what they do with the third one. Just like you are, to be honest. That’s not the diplomatic answer, I really, really mean it. I love Tom Holland, I love Jon Watts, I love Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige, and what they’ve done with those movies and that character. It’s an important character to me. So I’m just really excited to see what happens in the third one, as you guys are.” 

Andrew Garfield for TODAY

Jamie Foxx, who played Electro in Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, will reprise the role in No Way Home. That was officially confirmed before the movie started production. Alfred Molina will also return Doctor Octopus from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 2, and Green Goblin from Spider-Man will also appear.

Kevin Feige previously warned fans not to get too attached to rumors “because many of them are true, and many of them are not true. The danger is when you get into the expectations game of wanting people to be excited about the movie they get, and not disappointed about a movie they don’t get.”

The official Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer will debut today. Directed by Jon Watts, the movie is set to hit theaters on December 17.

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