10 Best Anime Characters That Start with a Q [with Images]

10 Best Anime Characters That Start with a Q [with Images]

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Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter Q. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nicknames.

Q / Kyūsaku Yumeno (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Q27s first appearance

Kyūsaku, also known as “Q”, is a 13-year-old member of the Port Mafia. His ability is called Dogra Magra, which allows him to exert mind control over people. This “curse” is activated when the head of a doll that he always carries with him breaks or if someone hurts him. Q was considered too dangerous by the mob and was locked up for that.

Quatre Raberba Winner (Gundam)

Quatre violin

Quatre Raberba Winner appears in the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing series. Out of all of the Gundam Pilots, Quatre seems the most well-adjusted of the group, generally displaying a kind, humble personality, as shown in the Japanese version, he uses the personal pronoun “Boku”, a humble but weaker pronoun, compared to the pronoun “ore” that the other pilots use. As a firm believer in the ideals of pacifism, he is a reluctant soldier who often expresses sorrow whenever he is forced to kill his enemies.


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Queen (One Piece)

Queen27s Gatling Gun

Like King, Queen is extremely rude and critical of her teammates and taunts her comrades by calling them names. He and King seem to have a shared sense of disdain for Jack, as they gang up on him (Jack even goes so far as to call them “big brothers”, suggesting that he is considered the least impressive of the trio). King implies that Queen is in charge of “breaking the will” of the individuals Kaido wishes to recruit.

Queen is a very gifted, extremely intelligent Scientist, able to modify his body in many different ways, giving him a highly developed Cyborg body. He does not hesitate to experiment on his body. He seems, from what we have seen, rather lazy, being transported on a cart. He is, like Jack, adored by his subordinates. Queen seems to be rather comedian and funny in nature because he does not seem to take care of certain serious matters like the escape of Eusstas Kid. He finds the long-term fight more interesting.

Unlike the others, he wasn’t surprised at Luffy’s use of Kings Haki and even took it as a joke. He can turn out to be quite clumsy, getting shot by his own voice-recognition weapons, twice. He loves Udon soups and swears not to share them with anyone, he takes this soup for his cute sin. Two soldiers afraid of him reveal that last night someone ate all his soup. Which proves he has a taste for soup.

He can be very surprised especially when Babanuki told him the bad news from the prison. He loves oiran Komurasaki and used to say when he would come home to see her, and like most people, he mourned her death. Queen states that he chose to be fat, in order to avoid being too popular. He loves to dance. He seems to take insults lightly like when Luffy the traitor in “Balloon”.


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He does not hesitate to resort to the most cruel methods to be able to execute the prisoners. Queen knows Big Mom and is very afraid of her, but he does not hesitate to throw himself on her to prevent her from stealing her red beans. Queen’s favorite pastime is creating Virus mechanism weapons.

Quent Yaiden (Wolf’s Rain)


His hatred of Wolves is the only thing keeping Quent Yaiden alive. He lived in Cryos, a quiet little village, with his wife, young son (Ruth) and his adopted dog, Blue, and practiced his profession as a sheriff. All four were happy, until the day when Quent returned to the village with Blue, to see the flames devour them. Near his house, Wolves were assembled, including one with an evil eye. He opens fire on them with his service weapon. Then, unable to exact his revenge on the animals, he leaves the devastated village, having with him only his gun, his dog and a photo of his family. It was also at this time that he fell into alcoholism.

Quest, Orion (Grendizer)


Crown Prince of the planet Euphor who fled his home planet aboard Goldorak after the destruction of his civilization by the forces of Vega, thus removing the machine from the enemy who wanted to use it. He is tormented, introverted and melancholy, dreaming only of peace. A guitarist in his spare time, in moments of contemplation, he performs flamenco-style works. It is in spite of himself that he takes control of his device to defend the Earth. He proves to be thoughtful and relentless in battle and reveals a particularly high sense of responsibility.


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His past is revealed in touches throughout the series, including the nature of her relationships with several other extraterrestrial characters appearing as heroes or heroines in an episode. His extraterrestrial nature also gives him, on Earth, exceptional physical abilities6. He also frequently suffers the consequences of a wound of radioactive origin which threatens his life from episode 30.

From episode 36, he agrees to have to couple his device (robo alone) to the new ship of Alcor, baptized Alcorak and to fight regularly in assembled mode, including later with the ships of Venusia and Fossoirak.

Quetzalcoatl (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)


Quetzalcoatl, most commonly referred to simply as Lucoa, is a neutral Observer faction dragon and former Aztec goddess who lost her divine status after being under the influence of a cursed spirit and causing a scandal related to her sister, similar to the myth of the essence of Quetzalcoatl, on which the figure is based.

Appearing as a human, she is a very shapely woman with blond hair ending in green-blue tips and distinctive heterochromia. Her most striking feature is her unusually large breasts. She is wise, always acts friendly, always has advice for her friends, and is generally very carefree through life, but does not like being asked about her past.

After interfering with a magician’s summoning spell Shōta to prevent him from actually summoning a demon, she moves in with him as his supposed “summoning”. Lucoa happily flaunts her human body, which completely overwhelms and embarrasses Shōta, who is on the verge of puberty, and also regularly leads to her being taken away by staff at various locations for being too lightly dressed.

Quitela (Dragon Ball Super)

Big Bang Mission Ep 1 10

He is a god with the appearance of a yellow mouse, so he is quite short, but his abdomen is somewhat bulky. He wears the God of Destruction outfit with green colors and a dark green headband. He has the same symbol on his robe as Geene from Universe 12.

He feels some animosity towards Beerus, as well as being very tricky, demonstrating this by sending spies to other universes in order to gather information dishonestly, saying that as long as the King of All doesn’t find out, nothing will happen to him. Quitela makes weird noises when laughing, a reference to the sound mice make.

Qrow Brauwen (RWBY)


Qrow Branwen, Raven’s twin brother and Yang and Ruby’s uncle (indirectly), wields a weapon similar to Ruby’s. His likeness brings him bad luck, he considers himself cursed and spends a lot of time drinking. Like his sister, he can also transform into a crow. He is loyal to the secret organization of Ozpin and is in conflict with the authorities, in particular that of Atlas represented by James Ironwood and Winter Schnee.

From volume 4, he follows Ruby and JNR to Mistral and confronts Tyrian, a fight from which he emerges poisoned. From volume 5, he becomes the mentor of the RWBY and ORJN teams, which he guides somehow through Mistral and Atlas. In volume 7, he becomes close to Clover Ebi, the leader of the Ace Ops, who has a semblance of good fortune. He will be devastated by his death, done with his weapon by Tyrian.


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He takes advantage of Cinder’s attack to escape from prison with Robyn. He wishes to kill Ironwood to avenge Clover but postpones his plans to try to prevent the bomb from being dropped with Robyn and Marrow. He confronts Harriet and as the bomb is about to drop, he touches Clover’s badge which jams the bomb against a wall. Unfortunately, it is still active and he flees, helplessly witnessing Vine’s sacrifice and the destruction of Atlas and Mantle.

Quillish Wammy Watari (Death Note)

ezgif.com gif maker

From his real name Quillsh Wammy, he is a mysterious character who is actually an inventor. He uses his fortune to maintain orphanages (like Wammy’s House) and he started one to find geniuses who could replace Lawliet as L. He is a gifted person in the use of snipers and computers, very wise and kind. He will be killed by Rem in episode 25 (Chapter 58, vol. 7), just before Lawliet.

Quon Kisaragi (RahXephon)

PgBg1nY 1300x975 1

Presented at the beginning of the story as the adoptive sister of Kisaragi Itsuki, this teenager encased in her survival suit expresses herself enigmatically, in obscure and poetic sentences. Systematically calling Ayato “Olin” (or “Orin”), desired by many men of TERRA, she is the subject of strange experiments and has an important place in the conflict between Mu and TERRA. She actually turns out to be Maya’s sister, and Itsuki and Ayato’s mother. She will also become the dark RahXephon to flood the world with music and light.

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