Anos vs. Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight (Including Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku)?

Anos vs Goku: Who Would Win in a Fight (including Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku)?

Son Goku of Dragon Ball is such a powerful character that he has, over the years, become a reference point for comparison with other characters. We all know the “But can he beat Goku?” line, which shows that a character’s strength is measured by whether he can defeat Son Goku or not. This is why Goku is so often the subject of our comparisons and why he is going to be featured in this comparison as well. His rival? Anos Voldigoad from The Misfit of Demon King Academy, said to be one of the strongest characters ever. In order to demystify Anos and his powers, we are going to analyze whether he could defeat Goku in a fight.

Anos Voldigoad is undoubtedly a powerful character, but Goku has faced characters on his level. Goku survived a fight with Beerus, whose powers are comparable to Anos’, and the former even confirmed that Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku could defeat him. Goku is a better fighter, he is a god himself and he has enormous power, including some extremely powerful techniques (including the Hakai), and he would defeat Anos in a fight.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why Son Goku would win against Anos Voldigoad.

Anos Voldigoad and his powers

Anos Voldigoad was the first and strongest Demon Lord; in the Mythic Age was also known as the Demon King of Tyranny. Possessing colossal strength, he was able to reincarnate after his death after 2,000 years. He is the main protagonist of the light novel, anime, and manga adaptations of Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha.

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Anos has a unique source that specializes in destruction. As Voldigoad, the blood of Anos is the king of destruction. The Voldigoad line finds it difficult to have children as their destructive sources are against childbirth. The fetus used death and destruction for his food. The closer his mother was to destruction, the better the environment was for the child’s birth.

The death of Anos’ mother while giving birth to Anos certainly contributed to Anos’ immense destructive power. Additionally, Anos is a Lion of Destruction capable of destroying the Silver Sea. As stated by Ronculus Zaybat, the source of Anos is a hellish environment plagued by incredible destruction.

Anos possesses extraordinary magical power, surpassing every other character he has encountered. His power is so epic that it cannot be measured via normal means. In his fight with Graham, Anos revealed that he was withholding his power. Unlike Graham, who will do whatever it takes to release all the magic from its source, Anos suppresses and calculates his own power against himself, controlling what little magic remains to prevent the destruction of the world.

Although Anos has been shown to have enough magical power that his own world could be destroyed by his mere presence, even deeper worlds would not be spared if he unleashed more power. As Anos nears destruction, his source becomes more powerful as it nears his true nature. While this truth applies to all sources, Anos specializes in Destruction magic, so his power is even stronger.

The Source of Anos can transcend its own destruction, though exactly what that means is still unclear. One possibility is that Anos is simply using the power he gains as the destruction approaches to prevent his own destruction and thus overcome it. Another less likely possibility is that if the source is destroyed by Anos and therefore attains infinite power and returns to destruction, as Anos theorizes, it will transcend its own destruction and reform again, as Graham noted that its two sources have a similar nature, i.e., it can reform after destruction.

The Demon King’s blood spurts from the source of Anos, which uncontrollably corrodes whatever damaged its source, including conceptual attacks such as the authorities of the gods and the environment. Anos has shown insane levels of physical strength whenever magic fails, as shown during the cross-team battle trial where he picked up Sasha’s entire castle with one hand and twisted it around his index finger.

He also showed off his physical strength when he opened the massive gates keeping his scepter hidden beneath the castle. Anos also moved the moon using physical force to create an eclipse, although he needed magic to reach the moon to capture it. Anos could physically stop the collapse of the underworld canopy with his own brute force.

It has also been claimed that Anos could destroy a universe using only his fists. Anos displays insane physical speed whenever needed to defeat his opponents. Anos was faster than Gazel Apt Ageila, who literally turned into light and reached light speed to intercept Anos. Anos also displayed his immense physical speed when reacting, blocking, and trapping Ege’s Code’s Crimson Blood Magic Spear Dihiddobreath, which transcends space-time and has no concept of “time” or “distance”.

Essentially, Anos can move when zero time is up. Anos possesses great intelligence, as evidenced by his many victories over his enemies while outmaneuvering and overpowering them in battle. He has also mastered almost every type of magic but admits he loses to the canon in source magic. He also mentions that Destruction Magic is the only category he is completely unmatched in and that Misha could surpass him in Creation Magic. Additionally, Anos creates many powerful spells on the fly and during battle.

Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku and his powers

The Ultra Instinct is a divine state acquired by Son Goku. This is Son Goku’s most powerful state known to date. It’s possible that the white hair is due to Akira Toriyama planning white hair instead of Super Saiyan Blue’s blue hair. Toriyama was eventually forced to change the color to blue so as not to clash with a future enemy. It’s obvious that this enemy Toriyama was talking about was fused Zamasu, which hadn’t been revealed yet at the time of the interview. The Ultra Instinct was created between 2015 and 2017, by Akira Toriyama.

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As the highest known power of the Autonomous Ultra Instinct, this is Son Goku’s most powerful transformation in history, surpassing any power he had before, including his previous Ultra Instinct Sign state.

Upon entering this state, all of Goku’s abilities and skills (physical strength, speed, senses, reflexes, defense, resistance, dexterity, among others) suddenly explode and the mortal reaches a level that even the gods cannot reach, surpassing the Gods of Destruction, and according to the Japanese magazine Animedia, the God of Destruction of Universe 7 Beerus, in the anime, acknowledges that he believes that Goku in this state might be superior to him in power.

Just as Universe 11’s Pride Soldier, Jiren, and himself can do while using the Ultra Instinct Sign, Son Goku transformed into this divine state is capable of shaking, in his physical sense, the Kingdom of Nothingness, a great dimension consisting of an endless void where there is nothing and the concept of space-time does not exist and therefore does not apply, in its entirety.

In turn, the Saiyan in this transformation not only exceeds the speed of sound and light, but also transcends the laws and the very concept of space and time as a whole, as well as their control.

Son Goku, by using this transformation, fights much better and is superior to Jiren the Gray, with whom he perfectly managed to have a fight after he managed to increase his power to the maximum level, not only totally surpassing his strength, but also being able to completely counter Jiren’s Superheated Magnetron ki, to the point where he not only held it in his hand, but disintegrated it with nothing more than a flick of his fingers.


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However, Jiren was certainly able to catch up, albeit without completely surpassing him, and apparently have some advantage over Goku during certain moments, after remembering the traumas and bad memories of his dark past, which caused him to awaken a hidden potential beyond his abilities. limits and activate the Heat of the ultimate warrior, with which he was able to give Goku some fight for almost a full minute.

After deflecting Jiren’s Power Slam when he attacked his friends, Goku’s fury and courage further increased his power and speed in this form. From then on, he was able to defeat Jiren decisively, landing solid blows, effectively evading and countering all of Jiren’s attacks, such as his multiple physical, ranged, and quick-hit offensive techniques and abilities, leaving him totally weakened with a Kamehameha Selfish God who brought the Pride Soldier to the brink of defeat, were it not for the intense wear and tear caused by the Selfish Doctrine to Goku’s body, leaving him at the mercy of Jiren.

Anos Voldigoad vs Son Goku: Who Would Win?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.


Okay, before we continue, let us quickly clear something up – Anos’ powers are overestimated by the fans of the series and he cannot defeat Son Goku. Allow us to elaborate on this one. Namely, we won’t overstate ourselves by stating that Anos is simply not that powerful – he is, he is undoubtedly an amazingly powerful character, but Goku is simply – in his current iteration – more powerful.

Had this article been written several years ago, when Goku was not even near the point of unlocking Perfect Ultra Instinct, Anos would have won, as he is – indeed – more powerful than most of Goku’s earlier iterations. But now? There’s no way Anos could win. In comparison, we could state – although these two worlds are too different to compare directly – that Anos is around the power level of Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction. Apart from the magic, they also have very similar powers. In terms of magic, Anos could be compared to the guys from Blue Exorcist.

When Goku first faced Beerus, he had no chance against the God of Destruction, as Beerus never even came close to using his full powers. Yet, as he witnessed Goku unlocking Perfect Ultra Instinct, even he admitted that Goku might be able to defeat him in this form. Perfect Ultra Instinct is the transformation that, basically, makes Goku a god. He is not Zeno, the little guy is still millennia ahead of him, but he is on the level of a God of Destruction.

On top of that, Goku has fought a magician before, and although he did lose the first time, he came back and defeated Moro the second time around. But he did not have Perfect Ultra Instinct at the time; had he used Perfect Ultra Instinct on Moro, the fight would’ve been over the first time. But, let us not talk about Goku that much, let us see what Anos has to offer.

Okay, the guy’s the most powerful demon lord ever, that much is true. He is fast and he is strong, we can also give him that. He is also a brilliant magic user and has access to the Source of Destruction, which is similar to the powers Beerus has. On top of that, he has resurrected himself after 2,000 years and is back to reclaim his throne. And that’s pretty much it.

However you look at it, there are some undeniable facts here – Anos has died (okay, he sacrificed himself, but nevertheless), Anos took 2,000 years to come back and he returned in a hybrid form, and Anos has to go to school, where he is being bullied, to reach his full potential. Does that seem omnipotent to you? Regardless of what the guys on Reddit and Quora state, this is a type of character we’ve seen in numerous isekai and shonen series over the years (e.g. Blue Exorcist, Assassination Classroom) and Anos doesn’t really stand out.

People usually state that Goku could not kill him, i.e., that Anos would just come back to life… yes, after 2,000 years. That’s not a big feat per se, no? Plus, a lot of Anos’ powers are either interpreted or exaggerated, as we don’t really know his true potential. Sure, we might be wrong on this one, but from what the light novel has given us so far, Anos doesn’t really stand out here. People think that he is capable of something, but his world is less tougher than the world of Dragon Ball, especially Z and Super.

Even if Anos could ultimately withstand Goku’s fighting techniques and skills, Perfect Ultra Instinct Goku’s Hakai (a technique inherent to the Gods of Destruction which, as was stated, can destroy absolutely everything, except Zeno, of course) would definitely erase Anos from existence, similarly to what Zeno’s Erase would do him.

The theory that a character who’s been dead for 2,000 years only to come back to reclaim his throne, but before he does that, he has to pass his Geography and Chemistry classes, would be immune to Hakai and Erasure is just silly and unfounded; there is absolutely nothing in the light novel series to indicate that Anos would be immune to Hakai and let alone Erasure, which wipes out absolutely everything, including the soul (Hakai does the same, but Erasure is even more powerful).

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Goku would ultimately defeat Anos in a fight. Beerus would probably defeat him too. Zeno would play with him for a while, until he gets bored and simply erases him, but even Goku would defeat him for sure.

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