Armin’s Love Interest: Who Is He in Love with and Who Does He End up With?

Armin's Love Interest: Who Is He in Love with and Who Does He End up with?

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The romances in Attack on Titan are a secondary issue when compared to the events that ultimately determine the fate of the world, but they are an important segment of the plot and they are certainly worth an analysis. We have spoken about some of these romances in our earlier texts, and here, in this article, we are going to talk about the romantic life of Armin. We are going to reveal who he was in love with and who he ended up with when the Attack on Titan manga ended.

Armin never had an outright romance and there were never any feelings involved in his relations, at least not explicitly. There are theories that Armin was actually in love with Annie Leonhart, and that she shared those feelings, but Isayama never really explored this romance and the two of them did not end up together during the epilogue of Attack on Titan.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the nature of the relationship between Armin and Annie. The two of them are important characters for the manga series, especially Armin, and we think that it is both important and relevant to talk about their relationship, regardless of its nature. We have gathered all the information you need to know about this issue in one place.

Who is Armin in love with?

Now, as we have said, romance was never a fully important element in Attack on Titan, and Armin’s character is one of the best examples of that. Now, while he never did express his feelings towards anyone, nor did he end up with anyone, there is someone that was, quite possibly, his principal romantic interest – Annie Leonhart.

The two share a mutual respect for each other, expressing admiration for each other’s hidden qualities. This causes her to hesitate as she attacks in her titanic form, a mistake that allowed Armin to discover her true identity. He then uses emotional blackmail to trap her and facilitate her final capture. After Armin acquires the Colossus Titan, and therefore Berthold’s memories, he often visits Annie in her crystal to confide in her.

Armin speaks to a crystalized Annie

When Annie and Armin were alone on deck, Annie thanked Armin for talking to her for four years in her crystal, and when she asked him why he kept coming to talk to her knowing she wouldn’t answer, Armin blushed, saying that he did it because he wanted to see her, which made Annie flustered. Then Annie calls Armin a good person who will not give up trying to avoid conflict with the enemy.

Now, we don’t actually know whether the two really were in love or was it just a fan theory, and Berthold’s hunch, but the two did share a deep bond, which was especially evident when Armin talked to Annie while she was crystallized. Annie, on her side, was very difficult to love and her emotions weren’t really all that open during the series.

Annie is an introverted person and making friends with her is not easy. She is indifferent to any activity and does not feel like putting effort into training, which she considers pointless. She claims that she wants to join the Military Police in order to make her life much easier and stay away from the Titans. However, she sincerely respects people who have a sense of duty and justice.

With those who are not indifferent to the fate of the world, and who are ready to devote their lives or even die for it, like Marlo or Eren. She probably sees a kindred spirit in them, because in fact, both the police service and Annie’s stay inside the Walls, in general, is dictated by a sense of duty to her compatriots. Despite her usually cold and calm demeanor, Annie was still shown with different emotions. She was visibly annoyed when Reiner and Eren teased her for shirking her hand-to-hand combat skills.


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At first it seems that she is completely indifferent to her abilities in hand-to-hand combat, but in fact, she is very proud of them, Eren even seemed that her view of hand-to-hand combat was very different from that of an ordinary person. Despite her apparent callousness, she felt genuine guilt and shock when she apologized to one of the corpses after the Battle of Trost.

It is also known that she puts her mission above all else, which is why tears flow from her eyes when Mikasa and Levi win Eren back from her. The only time she genuinely smiles in a caring way is when she expressed a curious interest in teaching Eren his style.

As you can see, a combination of Armin’s withdrawn personality and Annie’s introverted character wasn’t the best basis for a romance of any kind. In that aspect, we cannot really be sure that the two of them had actual romantic feelings for each other, but whether they did or not, they did not express them to each other.

Who does Armin end up with?

As the battle against Eren ends, Armin wakes up on the floor in front of his disintegrating titan, his memories of the last conversation between him and Eren are back. When he regains consciousness, Mikasa approaches him and Armin is heartbroken to see her carrying Eren’s decapitated head. As Armin weeps for his friend, Mikasa asks him if he remembers Eren visiting him now, and Armin confirms that he does remember: Mikasa’s decision to kill Eren destroyed the Titans’ power.

After Armin mourns his friend, Mikasa informs him that she is leaving to give Eren a proper burial. The two agree that the best place would be under the tree where he used to nap as a child, and Mikasa leaves. Armin returns to the rest of the Eldians to find that they are being held at gunpoint by Secretary Muller and his troops. Muller demands that the Eldians prove that they can no longer turn into Titans or they will face immediate execution, and Armin steps forward to defend his people.


He points out to the Marleyans that if they still had the ability to turn into Titans, they would use that very ability to defend themselves. The fact that they are at the mercy of the Marleyans must logically mean that they no longer possess the power of the Titans. Muller orders his men to lower their weapons and asks for Armin’s name. Armin introduces himself as the man who killed Eren Yeager.

In the three years following the “Battle of Heaven and Earth” at Fort Salta, Armin and the other survivors are used as diplomats to facilitate peace talks between the outside world and Paradis. As they sail to Paradis to begin the talks, the group reads a letter from Historia explaining the current state of Paradis’ government.

The ambassadors are skeptical of their mission, but Armin is convinced that the people of Paradis will be willing to listen to reason when they see the Warriors and the Survey Corps, former enemies, working together for a common cause. As you can see, Armin doesn’t end up with anyone in the epilogue and that is completely in accordance with what we have written in our article.

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