‘Attack on Titan’ Author Hajime Isayama To Write New Manga One-Shot

'Attack on Titan' Author Hajime Isayama to Write New Manga One-Shot

Hajime Isayama is undoubtedly a brand name in the world of animanga. The Attack on Titan author has made, according to many, one of the best and most popular series in history, and we can actually confirm that Attack on Titan is, indeed, a major title. While some fans are dissatisfied with how Isayama ended his story, the overall impression is that Isayama managed to earn his place in the history of manga and anime with this title.

While Attack on Titan is Isayama’s most famous work, it is certainly not his only work, but for a decade, Isayama has not been writing anything other than the series that made him famous. Until now. Although the news was released on April 1, 2024, it turned out that it was not a joke, as Isayama really is working on a new one-shot manga.

So, what is this new project we are talking about? Well, it’s not anything related to Attack on Titan or another major anime project, but rather a very special type of collaboration with voice actor Yuki Kaji, who voiced Eren in the anime adaptation of Isayama’s beloved manga. Kaji has a special software project called Soyogi Fractal, and as things stand now, Isayama will be coming up with a draft of a future one-shot manga related to the project.

The one-shot is set to be released this summer, but the sad news is that Isayama won’t be the one finalizing the work. He will only come up with a basic draft, after which a contest will be held to find, and an artist who will finish the work. This final version will be published in the summer, i.e., later this year.

And while Isayama’s contribution will only be partial, we are sure that the mangaka will reveal his drafts to the public at a later date. He will also be involved in drawing up the merchandise associated with the project, so this really is a collaboration we are looking for. Until then, keep following us for more updates.

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