All 5 Barbie Movies on Netflix & 3 TV Shows

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie is and has always been one of the most iconic characters ever created because of how she has inspired a lot of different young girls all over the world. Of course, we are not only talking about the Barbie dolls here because we are also talking about the movies that are all based on Barbie toys. And the good news is that there are Barbie movies that you can watch on Netflix.

Streaming all of the Barbie movies on Netflix is a good way for you to relive your childhood years or even get your children hooked up on Barbie just as much as you were back when you were younger. And because of that, we are here to talk about all of the Barbie movies that you can stream on Netflix.

How Many Barbie Movies Are on Netflix? 

One of the biggest libraries when it comes to different movies that you can stream on-demand is Netflix. There are literally countless films that include titles from the past when you were still younger. And one of the titles that you can find includes the Barbie movies, which you loved back when you were a child or in your early teens.

Barbie is one of the most popular characters of all time not only because of how popular the dolls and the other toys are but also because of how there are plenty of different Barbie movies that have inspired young girls from all over the world. 

But how many of these Barbie movies are on Netflix? As of now, there are only five Barbie movies on Netflix. It used to be 15, but for some reason, the other movies were pulled out. However, if we were to include the three Barbie series on Netflix, then there would be a total of eight Barbie content that you can stream. 

Barbie Movies on Netflix

Even though there are only five Barbie movies and three Barbie series on Netflix, that does not take away the fact that Netflix has a pretty good number of Barbie content that you can stream and binge. It would still be a fun day to go back to your childhood and relive it so that you can watch all of this Barbie content. Now, let us look at all of the different Barbie movies that you can stream on Netflix.

1. Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Dolphin Magic was released in 2017 as a computer-animated show that focuses on friendship and family. In total, it is the 36th film in the entire Barbie film series and is actually the prequel to the Dreamhouse Adventures series that was released in 2018. 

The show focuses on Barbie and her sisters, who work at a coral reef research facility that researches dolphins. Meanwhile, as Barbie and her sisters were diving and exploring, they suddenly discovered a rare species of dolphin that come with rainbow colors. And the coolest part is that these dolphins only visit the area once a year.

2. Barbie Happy Birthday to You (2017)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Happy Birthday to You technically isn’t a movie, and the reason is that this is only a special that lasts for one single minute. The entire one-minute special is actually just a way for little girls to feel special on their birthday by streaming a birthday greeting coming from Barbie herself. Of course, Barbie does it with the help of a special guest. And, as you might have guessed, the special guest is Ken himself.

While it might not be a movie, this special should still be good enough to stream whenever one of your kids is celebrating a birthday. 

3. Barbie Princess Adventure (2020)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Princess Adventure is the 37th overall Barbie movie following the Barbie series (which we will be talking about later). It also follows the same continuity as the Barbie series. This is a movie that is actually a musical and follows the story of Barbie and a princess look-alike named Amelia. So, basically, you can already see where the movie is going with this plot, as there have been plenty of different films that have a similar storyline.

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Basically, Princess Adventure follows Barbie and Amelia, who decide to switch places because of how identical they are. The goal of the duo was to allow each other to experience one another’s lives while living in each other’s shoes.

4. Barbie and Chelsea The Lost Birthday (2021)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday follows the story of both Barbie and her sister Chelsea, who is featured in a starring role for the first time in Barbie movie history. This is the 38th Barbie movie in the entire continuity and was just released during the spring of 2021. 

The Lost Birthday focuses on both Barbie and Chelsea, as the younger sister was set to celebrate her 7th birthday by going with the entire family on an adventure cruise. However, when the ship crosses the International Date Line, Chelsea now believes that she lost her birthday. As such, she is now on a quest to try to save her birthday by looking for it on a jungle island.

5. Barbie Big City Big Dreams (2021)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Big City Dreams is the latest Barbie movie and was just released in September of 2021. This film is the 39th Barbie film in the entire franchise and is just like the previous movies in the sense that this is also a musical movie. At the same time, it follows the same continuity as Dolphin Dreams.

What happens in this film is that Barbie goes on a trip to the Big Apple all the way from Malibu, California, to attend an exclusive summer performing arts program. In New York, Barbie meets another girl named Barbie, and the two quickly become friends.

They also realize that they share the same goal of winning the Spotlight Solo from Times Square, and that means that they have to compete for it. They will soon realize that competition isn’t all about winning, as there are several lessons you can learn along the way when you compete fair and square while doing your best.

6. Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Series (2012)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse series was released in 2012 and is actually a computer-animated series instead of a movie. As such, we only have five Barbie Netflix movies if we do not count the series. Nevertheless, because all of these Barbie series happen in the same continuity, it is necessary for you to watch them as well.

This series is set in Malibu, California, as all of the inhabitants are actually dolls that behave like humans. The thing that separates this series from all of the other Barbie movies and series is that it actually looks at the characters as dolls, as there are some gags that rely on the characters’ doll-like nature. Of course, the series still focuses on Barbie, her friends, and her boyfriend. It features a style that is similar to a reality show that uses slapstick and satirical humor.

7. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Series (2018 – 2019)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is actually the spiritual successor of the 2012 series. It is also the direct sequel of the events that happen in Dolphin Magic. This makes it a worthwhile series to watch, especially if you started with the Dolphin Magic film in your binge-watching. And the thing you need to know is that this is actually an adventure comedy series.

The Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures series follows the different adventures of Barbie, her sisters, and family members, and friends. The episodes follow the different activities that the main characters do, and the entire series spans three seasons from 2018 to 2019.

8. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Go Team Roberts Series (2019 – 2020)

All 6 Barbie Movies On Netflix (2021 Update)

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Go Team Roberts is the follow-up series to Dreamhouse Adventures. It still is part of the entire Dreamhouse Adventures series, but its episodes are separate from the main series on Netflix. In short, Dreamhouse Adventures Go Team Roberts is actually just the 4th and 5th seasons of the original Dreamhouse Adventures series.

Like the main Dreamhouse Adventures series, Go Team Roberts focuses on the many activities that Barbie and her family and friends do on a regular basis. 

Will There Be More Barbie Movies on Netflix?

We can neither confirm nor deny the possibility of more Barbie movies on Netflix, considering that there were plenty of films that were pulled out of its library. However, considering that the newer Barbie movies are on Netflix, it is a possibility that future Barbie movies will become available on the streaming giant’s library sometime in the future.

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