Batwoman: First Look On Bridget Regan’s Original Poison Ivy Revealed

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The third season of the Batwoman TV series has been setting up the debut of Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy since the beginning. Bridget Regan was hired to play the role last summer, and she will finally show up in the next episode, which is set to air on January 12.

Batwoman Season 3 aired seven episodes so far, and it was announced that this season will consist of 13 episodes. Previous episodes were setting up new villains – Nick Creegan plays Marquis Jet, the estranged half-brother of Ryan Wilder/Batwoman. When he was a kid, Marquis had an accident with the original Joker who placed the electric buzzer on his head and sent an electrical charge through his brain, which caused Marquis to develop anger issues and sociopathic tendencies. In the latest episode, Marquis even gained control over Wayne Enterprises, which kicked the Bat-team out of the Batcave.


Batwoman: Nicole Kang’s Mary Hamilton Transforms Into The New Poison Ivy In First Look Image

The previous episodes also explained that Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy was defeated by Batman years ago. She was Renee Montoya‘s ex-girlfriend, but when Pamela turned herself into a villain known as Poison Ivy, Renee asked Batman for help. Although he didn’t kill her, Batman still buried Pamela in the ground to prevent her power from growing. Years later, Poison Ivy’s veins caught and possessed Mary Hamilton, a member of the Bat-team, and turned her into a supervillain.

As we can see in the new promo video, villains are emerging, and Batwoman isn’t really in a good place to stop them. With the original Poison Ivy coming back, the situation just got a lot more complicated because the rest of the Bat-team isn’t sure if they can save Mary from Ivy’s control.

Batwoman Season 3 recently wrapped production. The season will continue with an all-new episode on January 12, 2022. Check the promo video down below:

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