Berserk Manga Reading Order: Here Is How to Read It!

Berserk Manga Reading Order: Here Is How to Read It!

If you know anything about the world of manga, Berserk is quite probably a title that has come up at one point or another. Now, Berserk is definitely a classic, but with all the hiatuses and Miura’s untimely death, the future of the series had been in jeopardy for years. Still, in 2022, it was confirmed that Berserk would continue under the supervision of Koji Mori, Miura’s friend, and colleague, and would reach the ending that Miura intended. While we’re waiting for the manga to further develop the story, we have decided to tell you how to read the chapters that have already come out by giving you a detailed reading order for the Berserk manga.

How many Berserk chapters and volumes are there?

The structure of the Berserk manga is not overly complex, but it is a big work. As of the time of writing, there are – in total – 371 published chapters, 364 of which have so far been collected in a total of 41 volumes. But, seeing how Mori is going to continue the manga after Miura’s death, we know that the number of chapters and volumes is going to increase, so we don’t actually know how many we’ll have when it all ends.


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In what order should you read Berserk?

Although there are suggestions that you should start with Volume 3 up to Volume 14, then go back to Volumes 1 and 2 before continuing after Volume 14, we think that this is not a great decision and that you should definitely respect Miura’s original publication order, meaning that you should start with Chapter 1, Volume 1 of the Berserk manga and continue from that point onwards.

Berserk reading order:

The volumes published so far include the following:

#ArcsOriginal Publication DatePagesChapters
1Black Swordsman ArcNovember 26, 19902323
2Black Swordsman ArcFebruary 26, 19912402
3Black Swordsman Arc, Golden Age ArcOctober 25, 19912404
4Golden Age ArcFebruary 26, 19922405
5Golden Age ArcMarch 29, 19932408
6Golden Age ArcSeptember 29, 199323210
7Golden Age ArcMarch 29, 199424010
8Golden Age ArcSeptember 29, 199424010
9Golden Age ArcMarch 29, 199524011
10Golden Age ArcSeptember 29, 199524011
11Golden Age ArcMarch 29, 199624011
12Golden Age ArcSeptember 27, 199623210
13Golden Age ArcMarch 27, 199724011
14Golden Age Arc, Conviction ArcSeptember 29, 19972409
15Conviction ArcJanuary 29, 199824011
16Conviction ArcAugust 26, 199824011
17Conviction ArcMarch 29, 199924011
18Conviction ArcOctober 1, 199924011
19Conviction ArcMarch 29, 200024011
20Conviction ArcOctober 27, 200024011
21Conviction ArcMay 29, 200124811
22Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcDecember 19, 200122410
23Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcJune 28, 200221610
24Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcDecember 19, 200221610
25Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcJune 27, 200323210
26Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcDecember 19, 200323210
27Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcJuly 29, 200423210
28Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcFebruary 28, 200523210
29Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcSeptember 29, 200522410
30Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcMarch 29, 200622410
31Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcSeptember 29, 200622410
32Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcNovember 29, 200724010
33Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcOctober 24, 200824410
34Falcon of the Millennium Empire ArcSeptember 25, 200925210
35Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc, Fantasia ArcSeptember 29, 20102369
36Fantasia ArcSeptember 23, 20112289
37Fantasia ArcMarch 29, 20132449
38Fantasia ArcJune 24, 20162129
39Fantasia ArcJune 23, 20171968
40Fantasia ArcSeptember 28, 20181807
41Fantasia ArcDecember 24, 20211807