50 Best Anime Vampire Girls That Are Hot as Hell

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

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Around a hundred years ago, the supernatural became the most popular form of romantic literature, enthralling people from all walks of life, even in anime. There is a sense that people are drawn to Gothic and dark themes, and that’s why anime started including the characters of vampire girls. And in this article, we are going to take a look at the best anime vampire girls.

It is a common theme in many things, like anime, that have dark stories and vampire characters. In reality, the dark elements have become sexually attractive, with a lot of them being deconstructed in anime. So, anime is full of sweethearts with demons and vampire girls who only look for true love.

Best Anime Vampire Girls

Here is the list of the 50 best anime vampire girls that will make you fall in love with those unique anime storylines. 

50. Nezuko Kamado

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Like a Demon, Nezuko seems to have lost a significant portion of her experiences as a human being. Apart from those related to her family, she doesn’t carry the same personality as before her transformation. Nezuko is still extremely compassionate and protective of humans that she considers part of her family, primarily due to Sakonji Urokodaki upon her sleeping for two years.

Nezuko retains some of her human emotions because she’s been observed to cry during sad times and smile when she is happy. However, in general, she seems more detached than her human companions. However, she is calmer and less threatening than many Demons.

49. Karin Maaka

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Karin is a weird vampire that must donate blood to her victim rather than taking the blood. Due to this peculiar trait, she can quickly move around with humans. She also begins to establish a friendship with a young man named Kenta, who is starting to assist her.

Karin is a lovely vampire, manga, and anime. She is the main character in the sweet love story of a lifetime ideal for romance lovers.

48. Rima Toya

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Rima got a natural light, creamy skin tone and has a gorgeous appearance, sporting curly, sweet orange locks. She also has two pigtails adorned with black hair ribbons. They are layered with gold waves that fall just below her shoulders. Much like the majority of the night class students, she has a beautiful look as the student and the Vampire.

The only thing that remains is a thin girl with a perfectly proportioned body above her eyes. Also, the hair is shorter to her chest. Her chest is broad with blue eyes.

47. Krul Tepes

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Krul is a member of the Progenitor Council as well as the deadliest Vampire. Krul was born as a human but was transformed into a vampire by the very first progenitor. He climbed swiftly through the ranks of vampires.

Krul believes that she and other vampires as supreme creatures and is amazed by human beings. Krul can stand her ground in a battle despite the fact she is often spending her time manipulating the events in the background.

46. Megumi Shimizu

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

In the Shiki Anime Series, Megumi Shimizu was a gorgeous teenager from Sotoba. Also, she was the first to be tragically killed at the hands of The Kirishiki Vampires family.

This is the girl who twisted the show’s storyline since it was her first to be recognized as a vampire just a few days after her death.

45. Redcurrant

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Redcurrant has lived her whole life drinking blood from men. She is a fan of males who are artistic and want only to drink their blood.

The moment I meet Redcurrant, she is greeted by Joel, who tells us about her tragic life. She is very close with Joel and forms a bond between them that’s different from anyone she’s ever encountered. Over the years, Redcurrant remained at his side, knowingly depleting his energy and then eventually dying.

44. Otogiri

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Although Otogiri isn’t as strong as the other vampires of the region, she compensates for this with her intellect. Otogiri, Tsubaki’s stoic woman, Otogiri, uses her abilities to assist him in anything he needs, like spying and even war.

In the event of the war, Otogiri will order puppets and others to take on her role. Otogiri is a fantastic character that uniquely plays the vampire role.

43. Sunako Kirishiki

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Sunako Kirishiki appears to be thirteen, but she’s so old that she doesn’t remember, one hundred years old at the very minimum.

She’s a delicate, soft-spoken woman who must keep her tan away because of her genetic condition.

She loves reading and especially the work of Seishin Muroi and is known to spend most of her time praying for world prosperity and peace.

Sunako is an excellent illustration of how scary looks can disguise a timid heart. Shiki does not hold back until the final episode. It is always terrifying and emotionally devastating.


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42. Slan

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

The only female participant in the exclusive, mysterious Godhand.

Slan The “Whore Princess” in the Uterine Sea is beautiful. However, it is remarkably repulsive.

She has many forms, including a creature crafted from intestines and guts, a giantess, with enormous onyx wings with feathers – and, for sure, she’s a sadist with a capital “S’.

41. Hazuki

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Hazuki is a part of an earlier series called Moonphase, in which she relocates to Japan. Hazuki is a daywalker in her early teens who lives with photographer Kohei after declaring that she has made him her servant. As the series develops, viewers learn that she is a princess, and numerous other vampires strive to return her home.

Hazuki is at first selfish but develops compassion for other people when she lives alongside Kohei’s parents.

40. Sophie Twilight

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Sophie is a character from the slice-of-life comedic series Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighborhood. Sophie is a kind vampire who hates the idea of drinking blood from humans. After saving a little girl known as Akari in the night, the human comes into her home, declaring they’re best buddies.

39. Mireille Manson

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

An Armageddon is predicted to destroy the entire world. The task of regaining life is more challenging because vampires and humans have not stopped hunting each other.

Humanity appears to reach towards their history to restore the time of religion Catholicism brought to us.

Mireille is an important part of Fleurs Du Mal terrorist group. Mireille is willing to do what is needed to end the rule of the human race.

If you love robust and sly vampire female cartoon characters, you want to watch this new one.

38. Cordelia

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

She’s not the talkative but rather the convincing person within the group. She is a manipulative person who uses everyone to her advantage and gain. As time passes, those who are around her must learn to be cautious when speaking to her.

Even her children have formed a team against her, causing her body to be burned.

37. Jiro Mochizuki

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

A few Kowloon youngsters are trying to gain access to secure zones. Meet Jiro Mochizuki, who comes from one of the most ancient vampire bloodlines.

His legendary fighting abilities are unrivaled. With his younger brother, they’re trying to get into his Safe Zone.

However, there’s much more to their story, and it’s all due to Alice Eve, the oldest black blood.

The rare beauty has given up nearly everything to love but is she capable of fulfilling her dreams?

36. Liz T. Blood

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Liz T. Blood is one of the most shocking anime vampire women one could imagine.

She may appear highly young, but she is positively determined. It’s not always the case. Liz T. Blood is very shy, and her main problem comes from her older brother Braz who is much more focused on their younger brother Staz.

Being neglected can make life difficult for her, but who doesn’t require attention?

35. Evangeline A.K. McDowell

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Evangeline is also known as Yukihime, is frequently referred to among the top anime vampires. The head of the immortals’ family and is more than 700 years of age.

Yukihime was turned around at the age of ten, and it caused a lot of problems for her. With luck, she was able to create a way for her to look younger.

Magic lets her appear as an adult, which means everyone is taken seriously and doesn’t stand out in crowds of adults.

She’s pretty elegant and intelligent, often making use of her youthful appearance to fool other people.

34. Kuromitsu

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Kurou is believed to have committed suicide. However, he’s still very much alive. He must realize that he can’t be killed.

After meeting a beautiful woman with numerous secrets, his life is centered around her for the next ten millennium.

The beautiful woman is Kuromitsu, and she appears to possess a unique ability to influence males.

33. Rachel Alucard

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Rachel, The head of the family Alucard, is probably the most beautiful anime vampire you will see. She’s a typical aristocrat who has control of all rooms. Rachel can be a bit difficult to get around and doesn’t expect to get along with anyone.

Her cat-themed umbrella a black dress will be great presents to anime fans, no doubt.

32. Reina Akatsuki

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Kojou Akatsuki realizes that he’s more than a vampire but is the strongest of all. Most people wouldn’t have believed in the power of this mythical creature.

Believing in his abilities, his powers, the Lion King Organization sends Yukina Himeragi to monitor the teenager.

They become so close that their bond results in Reina Akatsuki’s mother, who later is returned to the past. The feisty vampire anime character is unwilling to give up in her quest to hunt and kill a dangerous creature.

31. Shiro

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

A unique, childlike albino girl is sporting the skinsuit with oversized gloves. Shiro is pretty.

She’s also known as the Genocidal Wretched Egg, A multi-personality with no remorse determined to destroy and extinction.

She’s been in an institution, primarily by herself; however, she has reasonable leave-and-go privileges.

In the end, she’s an enigma in a good way. The process of decoding her can be a fascinating and horrifying rollercoaster that is filled with bloody marrow.

30. Rena Ryuuguu

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Caring, loving Rena enjoys cute things.

Her catchy phrase is reserved for when she is surrounded by something so beautiful and loses her own. Are demons capable of doing that?

She’s vulnerable to teasing and ridicule and is always ready to doubt herself. That’s not unusual for any type of criminal.

She also loves playing board games and hanging out with her friends in the summer. She also enjoys meat cleavers and especially killing.

29. Nelliel Tu Oderschvank

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

When we first meet Nel, she’s a young Arrancar sporting a chibi hollow headpiece with red paint on her face.

But her natural form is one of a tall, mature woman with dark eyes and a darker hollow headgear.

She was a fan-favorite shortly after her return as Tres Espada.

Nel retains the childlike persona that made her so charming and adds an intelligent and sophisticated aspect to her despite all the changes.

28. Scanty Demon

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

The older sister of the equally attractive Kneesocks Demon, Scanty, is an absolute defender of rules and proper manners.

Nothing can make her happier more than a polite and masochist to make her suffer.

Her unusually sensual look and overt demonic appearance make Scanty shine.

27. Q

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Q is an absolute favorite Asset because of her style and Kuudere’s personality. Q can eat up space and time within an area of cost.

26. Rias Gremory

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Her lineage is an extensive line of magnificent purebred devils.

And the heir to The Power of Destruction, a powerful energy release that can destroy matter from both incorporeal or corporeal material. This is a good thing.

Rias was a popular choice for fans within the anime community for more than a decade in one of the most well-known harem series available.

25. Clare

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

In pursuit of justice, Clare has become a Claymore and hunter of Yoma monsters using namesake swords.

In contrast to the way that most Claymore Organization members go half-Yoma to withstand the power of their adversaries. Clare goes quarter-Yoma to keep her humanity intact and build her strength with determination.

Pale blonde hair color with a beautiful body and a sharp demonic look watches as Clare fights Yomi, Awakened Ones, and other enemies to take down Priscilla.

24. Lucy

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

The first five famous minutes of Elfen Lied begin with Lucy returning from her prison to disassemble telekinetically, brutalize, and torture the person who held her in jail… just before jumping into the sea.

She is acutely afflicted with amnesia and a personality similar to that of a child here, and she seeks refuge in the company of two college students who are altruists.

Lucy is a God-tier racer of bloodbaths. Elfen Lied grew its reputation for Lucy’s gruesome, savage behavior and the people who hunted her.

And, at the same time, she appears more adorable!

23. Ebisu

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

In the first instance, we meet the mysterious, sexually attractive mage occurs when she’s got her fingers and face bit off.

It’s not a very attractive style.

Since then, Ebisu has frequently provided macabre comedy relief because of the insanity and amnesia that the scarring incident affected her.

But that isn’t stopping her from being an absolute sexy hottie. However, I won’t reveal the details of her booze but believe me in saying that it’s pretty awe-inspiring.

Dorohedoro is a hilarious and disturbing journey through fantastical and squalor. The characters are well-written and loved, including the villains. But Ebisu is the most memorable character, by default.

22. Shiki Ryougi

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

She can determine the cause of an object’s death and redirect the cause of death. In her head, there are two distinct personalities: a gentle female and a frigid male.

She’s a fascinating character who is always on the edge of a deadly streak yet ensconced by her personal beliefs.

Her style is simple yet stunningly captured through Studio Ufotable.

I find myself falling closer to the dazzling collection of images before me each time she overcame an obstacle, and a new version of her theme tune kicks into.

21. Touka Kirishima

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Touka is a ghoul-like vampire who is dependent on humans to sustain his existence.

She was sometimes referred to as ‘Rabbit’ due to her elaborate mask and her habit of bouncing around searching for food in the dark. She is known to spend her time at school or working as a waitress. It’s not too sinister, but she’s got a way of life.

Touka will be the person who will aid Kaneki, the main character. Kaneki adjusts to his lifestyle as an esoteric Ghoul even if this job requires some reluctance.

She isn’t a fan of being close to other people and has very few exceptions. But she does open her up throughout the show to become one of the most popular female Tokyo Ghoul characters.

20. Seraphim

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Seraphim is a hot Ninja and a vampire. She’s one of the Harem Girls that reside alongside Ayumu and one of the notable characters in the show, which is already amazing on its own.

A Ninja is adamant and distinct among other vampires. Occasionally needs blood to remain alive. As a vampire, she has… mysterious abilities. She can make an anesthetic only for girls who kiss to reduce the pain of neck bites because kissing a boy according to the rules of their cult is marriage.

19. Yue 

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Yue was unable to climb out of the Labyrinth referred to as The Great Orcus Labyrinth for 300 years. This appears to be inhumane when she is rescued from her relatives because of her incredible supernatural powers.

Yue is a woman of extraordinary power in comparison to other vampires. This could eventually lead to her being imprisoned. She is later released by Hajime, who then decides to go with Hajime on his journey.

She may be a bit immature; however, she’s committed and focused when it comes down to combat and defense. Yue is a nebulous but awe-inspiring power of being able to replenish her body, and that is an ability that isn’t available to everyone.

18. Yuuki Cross

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

She’s generally a good, compassionate, happy, and funny character. But she’s uncaring, reckless, and does poorly in school due to working most nights as Guardian. She is often secluded by characters who are more about the current events and causes her to feel a sense of guilt for not knowing the pain of others.

She starts as a human. She carries an Artemis rod to defend herself and her students in the daytime class from vampires. Yuki is very connected to Zero Kiryu, who she vows to assist once she discovers that he is now an ethereal vampire.

17. Mina Tepes

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

While she might appear cruel and cold in her interactions with other people, Mina cares a lot about the Bund. Mina is also very tough-willed, refusing the moment when her very life is in danger. She is not afraid to employ blackmail, violence, extortion, and other illegal tactics to protect the Bund and the survival of the vampire species.

Mina is highly adept at refraining from expressing any thoughts or feelings through her eyes. Mina is adamant about the advice of just some trusted individuals and usually has the sole responsibility for any situation. There is a soft side. However, that is frequently displayed around her personal Guardian and love interest Akira Kaburagi. When they are together, she appears more youthful and playful, much like a real 12-year-old girl. However, she’s more likely to be jealous and even petty regarding Akira.

In the beginning, she was hostile toward Yuki, a girl in love with Akira who was unhappy about the bond she shared with him until she got a diamond. Yuki gave it to Akira and then told Yuki that Akira had given a ring to her. She tends to test his love and loyalty. Numerous times she’s intentionally put herself in a compromising situation and told him that she has the option to keep her or leave.

16. Toya Rima

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Like most Night Class students and Noble Vampires, Rima has a natural, pale, and creamy complexion and an enthrallingly beautiful look. With her straight blonde hair, she braids in two pigtails adorned with black hair ribbons. The coat is hung just beneath her shoulders in braids of gold that are layered when she takes it off.

The only part not shown is the hair that is placed between her eyes. She has large blue eyes, and she appears as a slim woman with a perfectly proportioned body.

Rima has a confident personality, like Senri Shiki. She tends only to use energy when necessary and is an individual with only a few words. In general, she appears as an intelligent thinker at ease and unassuming but is frequently seen concerned over Senri or Takuma Uchijo.

Despite her lack of interest, she’s not afraid to speak her thoughts and is a bit irritable her too. Her typical expression is one of indifference or disinterested appearance in her eyes. Being a vampire, she is sunburned easily and is often seen walking along a beach with Senri at times of the day. Professional, relaxed, and occasionally humorous, Rima is also very committed and protective of her companions.

15. Maaka Karin

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Maaka, the main character for Chibi Vampire. In the Chibi Vampire series, Maaka is a vampire who makes blood instead of drinking it.

She makes blood, and it’s incredibly different from women on the list. In addition to her unique abilities, when she senses the danger or she’s being humiliated or criticized, the blood flow increases rapidly and causes nasal bleeding.

14. Saya Otonashi

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Saya Otonashi is quite powerful compared to the other girls, particularly when compared to others on the list. Otonashi is a Purebred Chiropteran, a species like a bat that requires blood from humans to live.

Although she’s a Chiropteran, she appears identical to an ordinary high school girl when she turns against herself using a katana to fight and chase other Chiropterans.

13. Carmilla

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Carmilla is a mighty part of The Blackbeard’s armies. She primarily relies on her knowledge and vampiric power to combat.

Compared to many of the other girls in this group, Carmilla looks more like a regular vampire with dark hair, pale skin, and always seeking their next target. In addition to being a vampire, Carmilla also has sexually ferocious abilities that include the ability to transform into a bat. Carmilla is a generally excellent character.

12. Arcueid Brunestud

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Arcueid Brunestud is also known as the White Princess. The title Brunestud was awarded to those True Ancestors who could manifest The Millennium Castle Brunestud. And as compared to blood-sucking vampire royalty, however, this isn’t necessarily accurate. The actual Ancestors were an ancient race of beings copied from Type-Moon, the most powerful moon-based being, Also called Crimson Moon.

In the past, the planet did not have a defense mechanism against humankind, no means to stop them from gaining control. Therefore, the Crimson Moon was spotted and offered to aid the planet in creating an ultimate race to rule over humankind, which led them to become the “consciousness of the planet.”

11. Moka Akashiya

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Moka is known to be one of the gorgeous students in the yokai Academy, and her beautiful looks attract the attention of every male at the Academy. Also, a joke illustrates how many characters attempt to impress her and get her to become their girlfriends. She says she is only interested in Tsukune Aono because of his kindness and courage to her.

Moka has a caring and sweet, soft-spoken, and affectionate girl to other people. Although she’s a good-natured girl, she has a touch of naivety, which can draw her into troublesome situations. Though initially distrustful and hateful toward humans, she gradually develops a love for the one human in the school, Tsukune Aono.

Her relationship with him becomes in strength over time, until the point at which he is permitting her to drink his blood without a word to keep her healthy. If it is revealed in the narrative that Tsukune will be kicked out, Moka states she’d rather quit and go with her, as she can’t endure the thought of being apart.

10. Agatha

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

It was 1930, and Jaegers were a group that hunted vampires traveled to Japan to assist in the fight against vampires. While their primary goal was to track down the vampires, they also searched for a mysterious object known as the Ark of Sirius.

Yuliy, a member of the Jaegers, has made it his purpose to kill all vampires that destroyed and killed the residents of his village. The tale is about Yuily, along with the Jaegers fighting with vampires. Vampires are the main plot of Sirius the Yeager.

Agatha comes from a royals clan yet, being different from other vampires of the royal bloodline. She is determined to be different; she is heavily involved and keen on finding the holy artifact called known as the Ark that is the symbol of Sirius.

9. Hikari Takanashi

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

The Vampire in her nature, Hikari, requires blood to maintain her health. But, in contrast to the typical portrayal of vampires, Hikari is a highly active, joyful, and lively girl capable of eating garlic.

She also avoids bites at others’ necks. Instead, she gets her sustenance from blood packs issued by the government.

Because hunger is linked to the sexual attraction for vampires, she cannot consume the blood and sweat of men because it would embarrass her. This is why Hikari can transform the absence of romantic experiences with men into an increasing need to consume the blood of buddies, especially Yuki. This also contributes to being aware that the powers of Satou aren’t exciting for her as a woman but can cause extreme alcoholism and excessive eating.

As a demi-human who lives with her human counterpart and dominant human society, she has an optimistic view of the future and an uninvolved image, frequently helping fellow demi-humans find a more positive idea of their own in difficult times.

8. Yuuko Tamaru

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Yuuko is a petite lady with a slim frame and is considered beautiful. Her eyes are medium-colored, adorned with oval-shaped glasses, and have dark circles around her eyes because she is an evil person. The shoulder-length of her hair is straight, and the middle of her bangs is split, with two hair strands that frame her face.

Yuuko was always an extraordinarily kind and generous woman, and even as a young woman, she was reticent and shy. She is also calm and sensitive. Due to her kindness, she was able to marry despite being an alcoholic. It is also stated that this didn’t make her “any less of a devil” despite her gentle disposition. She loves her husband very much, and that’s why she was extremely self-conscious about her status as an evil person and did her best not to let him be hurt. She expressed a lot of sorrow and guilt over hurting her husband.

7. Youko Shiragami

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Shiragami Youko, the principal vampire character in a fantastic anime series ever, Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa. In the role of a vampire-like demi-human, Youko joins a human school. However, she is subject to a condition. The reason for this is to conceal the fact that she’s a vampire.

However, the secret of her life was kept from Kuromine Asahi, who was making plans to reveal his love for her.

Then, a bit after, and to his utmost surprise, he spots her in a classroom that is empty in her wings, which makes her story more interesting.

6. Shalltear Bloodfallen

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Shalltear is a flirtatious personality. She is also open about her sexual preferences, sometimes in the face of her peers’ displeasure and the master Ainz. She has been showing a tendency towards necrophilia, sadomasochism, and bisexuality. Because of this, Shalltear is known to make sexual advances to the undead, as does Yuri Alpha, who tries to stay away from her as much as possible. She is, however, not fond of decaying corpses.

Despite her apparent lack of shame and candor, she could be entirely innocent in particular issues. Shalltear can also be extremely sensitive about her diminutive figure, which she attempts to conceal with breast pads. Additionally, she can often misinterpret the ancient statements from the Supreme Beings of 41 and take them out of context.

Being a real vampire, Shalltear is very proud and holds her job as Floor Guardian seriously. However, at the same, she is not a person with patience for failure and is known to break into rages whenever an unfortunate situation is happening.

Shalltear is not afraid to take her revenge on any employee who does not please her. However, she does not penalize others for failing to complete tasks that are not possible in the first place. If Shalltear is unable to complete a task, she can fall into depression.

She can be aware of the crimes committed by her. She even believes that her sins should be punished and feels ashamed of the awful things to bring Ainz trouble.

5. Seras Victoria

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

With stunning eyes and gorgeous looks, her passion is without any doubt one of her strengths.

This show was her average human police officer initially but was later assigned to investigate the village’s recent issues. The police team is eliminated, and the supernatural vampire priest brutally kills her.

Luckily the main character in this show, Alucard, can save her by transforming her into a vampire. Later on, she is a part of the Hellsing to become one of the Alucard’s subjects.

4. Shinobu Oshino

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

The adorable, sweet donut girl is certainly incredible addition to this great list and is a charming, beautiful character from one of the best animes of all time, Bakemonogatari.

With her hairstyle, personality, and her gorgeous smile, she certainly deserves her place on the list.

She’s also not less appealing in her real version, and that makes her a double threat with her two different versions. While she might not be the hero, that doesn’t make her less unforgettable.

3. Leticia Draculair

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

As a mighty vampire I’ve ever encountered and able to control all the powers of darkness as well as darkness in itself, Leticia seems more than worthy of being called Draculair after the well-known Count Dracula.

With a sad and dark background, she’d been a lonely person for hundreds of years. It was only when she discovered the Noname community and began working as a housekeeper.

2. Almaria

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Ange Vierge is about an entire group of girls, which is the group that Almaria is a part of and who unite to defend the world. As among the most beautiful vampires in the history of the world, Almaria is just one of the vampires you cannot look away from, even if you want to.

Although she’s not been a victim yet and considers it an absurdity, she’s still solid, often using blood as a weapon.

1. Miyu

50 Best Anime Vampire Girls Hot as Hell

Miyu is Dhampir and is the child of a human and a demon. As the female protagonist in the show, she hunts down wandering monsters known by the name of Shinma. It’s her primary task in the role of Vampire Princess Miyu, and she has a friend named Larva and a Shinma.

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