20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

And while anime does encompass a lot of different genres, astrology is rarely – if ever – the focus of anime series, which makes sense. Astrology is a Western concept and the Japanese have their own concepts which aren’t necessarily related to what Westerners group under astrology. Japanese anime characters have their birthdays but they aren’t generally associated with astrological signs, which is why we are going to do exactly that for you.

In this article, we are going to focus on characters born under the sign of Aquarius. This list is going to contain a total of 20 Aquarius characters, ordered by their general likeability. The list is going to contain characters from various different series, characters of different affiliations, genders, occupations and whatnot, but with one common trait – their astrological sign.

When are Aquarius Born?

People born under the sign of Aquarius are born between January 21 and February 20 according to the traditional Western calendar. Individuals born under the sign of Aquarius are often quirky and unconventional. Sometimes their eccentricities are obvious — they may have an unusual sense of humor, or have interests that others do not. Other times, Aquarians will have very small, quirky, and sometimes amusing eccentricities which only become apparent as one gets to know them.

Best Anime Aquarius Characters

The list is going to contain a total of 20 characters from different anime series, ranked from 20th to 1st place based on their general popularity and likeability. We’re going to tell you a bit about each of the characters as we list them.

20. Nobuo Terashima – NANA

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

The only son and heir to a huge Ryôkan, he is very close to all the members of Blast and Hachi. He has known Nana and Ren since middle school; it was when he saw him on stage playing the guitar that he started playing it. Besides, it was he who presented them. He had a romantic history with Nana Komatsu.

Then he meets Yuri/Asami who becomes his girlfriend. However, he is still in love with Hachi, who may be carrying his child. Long after Nana Osaki has left, he waits for her with the others at apartment 707, every year for the fireworks. He works at his parents’ inn but also runs a concert hall where he receives young musicians from the city. Hachi will tell him that these are the young people that Blast and Trapnest dreamed of.

19. Kou Mukami – Daibolik Lovers

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Kou is the second son of the Mukami family. When he was still a human, Kou was an orphan who was abandoned in a manhole. He does not know his biological parents. His only desire as a child then was to see the vast blue sky. He eventually ended up in an orphanage and became a toy for aristocrats due to his good looks.

He was abused every day, but forced himself to remain silent about his suffering. Kou thus lost his right eye and since his injuries have never fully healed: he ended up having scars all over his body. As a result, Kou grew up believing the world was all about “either you take or you give”.

18. Haruka Tenou – Sailor Moon

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Sailor Uranus is a stubborn, individualistic, and impulsive character, but also protective, charming, and endowed with a strong will. She has short blond hair, gray eyes and always loves to dress in men’s clothes, thus resembling a boy.

In fact, Sailor Uranus is a girl with beautiful androgynous features, which often leads the girls of the series to mistake her for a particularly handsome boy, giving life to numerous comic gags in which characters like Makoto Kino, Rei Hino, and Minako Aino try to flirt with Sailor Uranus, only to realize her true gender identity and be amazed by the evidence.

In the third series, she is in a relationship with Sailor Neptune, to whom she is engaged.

17. Soi-Fon – Bleach

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Soi Fon is the Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13 and the Commander of the 1st Division of the Omnitsukido. She succeeded Shihōin Yoruichi in the same positions. Her real name is Shaorin Fon, she is part of a family of lesser nobles serving the Shihōin family, one of the four great families of Soul Society. She is the sixth in a family of six, her five brothers all died during their first missions.

It was when she entered the Keigun that she took her great-grandmother’s first name, Soi. She was very resentful of Yoruichi for abandoning her (and especially for not taking her with her on her escape) and trained to surpass her. They will also face each other during the attack on Sōkyoku, and at the end of the fight, she will express her resentment to Yoruichi, ending the hatred she has for her.

16. Rem – Re: Zero – Starting Life Over in Another World

Rem Rezero

A demon with blue hair and eyes (an allusion to the famous Japanese tale), and the younger twin sister of Ram, she works with her as a servant at the Roswaal manor: she does her chores and cooks much better than her sister, who proves less competent and willing to work. She also has a more warm and friendly personality than the latter. Unlike her elder, she still has her horn, which allows her to retain all of her powers.

She has an inferiority complex towards Ram who was the child prodigy of their sorority before the loss of his horn, which now pushes her to do twice as much to compensate for the weaknesses of her eldest. She initially smelled the Witch’s scent on Subaru, leading to her killing him in time loops.

15. Ban – Nanatsu no Taizai

ban seven deadly sins

Once known as Ban the Bandit, and considered to be Meliodas’ best friend, he is an albino man who among the Seven Deadly Sins represents the sin of avarice with the symbol of the fox, tattooed on his abdomen. He is very energetic, often overreacts, and acts instinctively doing what he wants; he tends to use a musical tone while he speaks, a habit acquired after meeting Zhivago.

He hates the Demons for what happened to Elaine, with whom he is in love. He cares a lot about his friends. After drinking from the Fountain of Youth, he became immortal and achieved exceptional regenerative abilities. Ban’s immortality allows him to heal from any wound, no matter how massive or fatal it is.

Additionally, Ban’s immortality also appears to make him immune to the effects of poisons and fatigue; all these traits have earned him the nickname “Ban the Undead”.

14. Nico Robin – One Piece

Nico Robin

Due to her past, Robin initially showed a shy personality and was reluctant to trust in others, having been forced since she was a child to flee the government and seek refuge from people who ended up betraying her to pocket her size, even coming to despise her. same life. Although she also saw Luffy’s crew only as a temporary refuge, she gradually began to become attached to them so much that she decided to sacrifice herself to protect them from CP9.

After the events of Enies Lobby, however, she begins to show herself much more open with her companions: this is underlined by the fact that, if before she addressed the members of the crew with the role they held (“captain” for Luffy, “doctor” for Chopper, “navigator” for Nami and so on), here she started calling them by name.

13. Mikasa Ackerman – Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa was the ward of Eren’s parents, Grisha and Carla, and is one of the main protagonists of the series, alongside Armin. After her biological parents were murdered by human traffickers, Mikasa was rescued by Eren and lived with the Yeager family until Wall Maria fell. She is the last descendant of the Shogun clan who remained on Paradis Island, therefore related to the Azumabito family, and is, therefore, a high personality of Heazul.

Although she only wants to lead a peaceful life alongside those she loves, most notably Eren, Mikasa has entered the Survey Corps. Later, she enlists in the exploration battalion to track and protect Eren. A combat genius, “worth more than 100 officers”, she becomes one of the Corps’ greatest assets after Levi.

12. Edward Elric – FullMetal Alchemist


Edward (Ed) and his one year younger brother Alphonse Elric (Al) were drawn to alchemy at an early age. Edward hates his father, Hohenheim, who abandoned his family. Very young, Al and Ed will delve into their father’s books and gradually learn the basics of alchemy. Their mother will fall victim to an illness and later die.

At age eleven, after taking lessons with their master (Izumi Curtis), Ed and Al attempt to revive their mother through human transmutation, a completely forbidden practice that is the ultimate taboo in the field of alchemy. This fails.

Ed will lose his left leg, Al his whole body. To save Al, Ed sealed Al’s soul in armor with a seal made with his own blood, but still had to sacrifice his right arm to make it possible. Since then, the two brothers have been looking for the philosopher’s stone, which would allow them to find their lost limbs without worrying about the rule of equivalent exchange.

Ed’s limbs were then replaced with mechanical prostheses made by their childhood friend, Winry Rockbell. To be able to carry out his research properly, Edward is forced to pass the State Alchemist test, to become one and to be one of “those dogs in the pay of the military” so hated by his master Izumi Curtis.

11. Taiga Kamiya – Eyeshield 21

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Taiga Kamiya Kamiya is the captain and running back ace of the Misaki Wolves, the team representing Hokkaido in the Kanto Tournament. Kamiya has a high opinion of himself and he often brags about his long legs that help him run faster. He has short, light hair, a horizontal scar across his nose, and fangs that protrude from his mouth.

Despite his swagger, the Gunmen make short work of him. When his team loses to the Seibu Wild Gunmen 14-82, he is easily outclassed by Kaitani Riku’s speed. In the anime, however, Kamiya is portrayed as a player with outstanding skills who poses a great challenge to Riku and the Gunmen, leading his team to a 21-0 lead before the Gunmen mount a comeback and the Wolves lose 21-48.

10. Shizuku – Omamori Himari

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

A Mizuchi (Water Dragon) demon with the appearance of a little girl with short green hair and a snake tongue that stretches well. She can also breathe underwater. Shizuku usually has a stoic expression and is almost always soaked in water. However, her stoicism evaporates instantly when it becomes necessary to kill. Shizuku’s family was killed by the Jibashiri clan and now she has a grudge against them.

She first meets Yuuto at the river, where she warns that she will kill him if he becomes a demon slayer. To be more sure of this, she starts living with Yuuto and falls in love with him. In many cases, she has the ability to flirt with him in front of others. After meeting a descendant of the now-extinct demon slayer clan, the Jibashiri, her anger finally disappears. She often ends her sentences with “nano”.

9. Tetsuya Kuroko – Kuroko no Basket

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

He was the sixth player in the Generation of Miracles when he played at Teiko Middle School. He is in his first year. Not very good at dribbling and shooting, he made up for his shortcomings by perfecting his passes and managing to draw attention to people other than himself during matches. Thanks to this ability, he manages to be forgotten to better reappear at crucial moments of the game.

According to Akashi, the captain of Teiko’s team, Kuroko is a “shadow” who is there to shine his “light”. What he means by that is that he does not play for himself but for another player by putting him in more value; the stronger its “light”, the denser the “shadow” becomes. In the past, Aomine was his “light”. Arriving in high school, he found himself a second “light”: Kagami.

8. Mayuri Shiina – Steins;Gate

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Best friend of Rintaro, she is a fan of cosplay and works with Faris in a cafe, called MayQueen + Nyan². She makes cosplay costumes and has them worn to Luka or Kurisu. She often hums the interjection “tutturu” to say hello and often speaks of herself in the third person.

A bit odd, moody, and naturally peaceful, Okabe has vowed to protect her since her grandmother’s death. In many timelines, she either dies accidentally or is assassinated by the SERN, something Okabe will try to modify even if it means locking himself in a time loop.

7. Ren Tsuruga – Skip Beat!

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

At just 20 years old, Ren Tsuruga is one of Japan’s most popular stars. He works for the agency that Kyōko tries to join. He is a polite and mature man, who knows how to keep his cool. He knows how to show a lot of professionalism and is never late. He can’t accept being doubled during the action scenes.

His great acting skills have only one limit: the love scenes for which he has difficulty, having never really fallen in love. It cannot, therefore, transmit a real emotion in this area. Two of his hallmarks are his lack of appetite and his tendency to hide his negative feelings with a smile. The brighter it is, the angrier it is (Kyōko has often paid the price…) Ren is also a very square man, he does not appreciate that we take acting lightly.

This is why he begins by emitting a repulsive aura when Kyōko confesses to him the reason she entered the profession: revenge. Knowing that this desire for revenge is Shō Fuwa’s fault, he does not accept that she wastes a minute of her life wanting revenge instead of genuinely enjoying acting.

6. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Lucy Heartfilia dreams of being part of the most famous guild in the kingdom of Fiore: Fairy Tail, which she will be able to join thanks to Natsu. She is a constellationist who can summon spirits using magic keys, each corresponding to a constellation. Although she is a bit shy, she can be scary around Natsu.

Coming from a particularly wealthy family, she never benefited from it when she was part of the guild, except for trouble. Her mother died when Lucy was very young. She then inherited the zodiac keys Aquarius and Cancer. As a child, she had no friends and lived without her parents. She suffered a lot from it and decided to run away to fulfill her dream of becoming a Fairy Tail mage.

She often recounts the adventures she lived alongside Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Gray in letters addressed to her deceased mother, once returned from a mission. The Fairy Tail emblem is located on his right hand and is pink in color.

5. Rin Tohsaka – Fate/stay night

Rin Tohsaka

A model student and idol of Shiro’s school, Rin Tōsaka keeps her magic skills secret. Descendant of a long line of mage, she could not benefit from the usual training of her family, her father having been killed during the previous Grail War. Although very talented, she attempted to summon a Saber-type Servant but eventually found herself allied with Arch

4. Haruhi Fujioka – Ouran Kokou Host Club

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Haruhi is quite an unusual person. She doesn’t care about her boyish hair, doesn’t care about fashion, cares little about her appearance. She doesn’t care what other people think, has little interest in money, and the fact that her father works as a transvestite doesn’t really matter to her. And she doesn’t even care about the Host Club.

But after breaking a vase worth 8 million yen, she is forced to join the club first as a handyman and then as a host; and over the episodes, she befriends the members, even though their wealthy behavior sometimes bothers her. Indeed, she is of modest means, and she joined the Ōran academy exceptionally thanks to a scholarship, awarded for her excellent academic results (except in visual arts and sports).

3. Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

Kiki is a young witch who has just turned thirteen at the start of the film. Traditionally at this age, witches must leave their parents and settle for a year in a new city in order to perfect their learning. However, Kiki does not control any magic power, except for her ability to fly on a magic broom. She, therefore, decides to set up an air delivery service, with the help of the baker Osono, in order to meet her needs.

Kiki is presented in a virtuous way by the director: she is polite, attentive, and her kindness allows her to make many friends3. As the story progresses, Kiki, faced with the problems of integration, gains independence, self-confidence, and emancipation.

2. Alice Nakiri – Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

20 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

She’s Erina’s cousin. An expert in molecular cuisine, she began studying it to defeat Erina. She often wrote to Erina but never got an answer because her uncle destroyed all the letters. Her mother is Scandinavian. After the victory over the Azami administration, she becomes the new No. 6 of the Council of 10.

1. Byakuya Kuchiki – Bleach

Kuchiki.Byakuya.full .65455

Byakuya Kuchiki is Rukia’s adoptive older brother, and captain of the 6th division of the Gotei 13. He was the husband of Hisana, Rukia’s sister, and he granted his last wish by adopting her into his noble family. However, he never showed her any real sign of affection. He is always calm, haughty and sure of himself.

Although he shows no emotion upon learning that Rukia is going to be executed, he is deeply upset and doesn’t know what to do. As he is also the head of the Kuchiki family, one of the largest in Soul Society, he is the best-known captain of the Gotei 13. His mastery of bakudo and hado is such that he does not need to mention the formulas. He has a problem with several people, among others Yachiru, lieutenant of the 11th division, and Ichigo.

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