20 Best Black Christian Movies of All Time

best black christian movies of all time

Many people draw their inspiration from religion and spirituality. It’s the driving force behind many works of art, and movies are no exception. In today’s post, we’re going to be dealing with Christian movies oriented toward the black community. From historical movies to movies that deal with everyday struggles and the role of faith in overcoming, our list has it all. Without further ado, let’s check out the greatest black Christian movies of all time.

1. He Who Finds A Wife (2009)

He Who Finds A Wife 2009

We start our list with He Who Finds A Wife. The movie follows Ansel and Lauren, a couple soon-to-be-married. On the surface everything is perfect, but underneath doubt is bubbling and threatening to ruin everything they’ve built together. Matters are only made worse when Ansel starts working with a new and attractive woman. Will Lauren and Ansel manage to patch up their relationship before the wedding day? Will they manage to overcome temptation and doubts with the help of god?

2. Not Easily Broken (2009)

Not Easily Broken 2009

Not Easily Broken deals with marriage wows. Dave and Clarice struggle in their marriage and issues have been piling up for a while now. Clarice gets injured and due to that pulls further away into her shell. After the accident, Julie enters their life as Clarice’s physical therapist. Dave finds the closeness and comfort he was looking for in Julie, especially after her son dies in a horrific accident. Will Dave break his wedding wows or will the two manage to find strength in faith and in each other?

3. Woodlawn (2015)

Woodlawn 2015

Woodlawn is a movie based on a true story. It follows Tony Nathan a gifted football player. Tony Nathan managed to defeat racial stereotypes and defuse racial tensions with his strength of belief. This movie tells the story of his path and his unwavering faith.

4. The Gospel (2005)

The Gospel 2005

David is living a fast trendsetter life, he has everything success, money, and a large social circle. He is quite the opposite of his father, a god-fearing and honest man who serves as a pastor to his community. David’s father suddenly gets sick and David returns to his old home to abandon his prodigal ways. He will soon discover the role he has in the church and the joy of simple but spiritual life.

5. Grace & Mercy (2006)

Grace Mercy 2006

Up next on our list of black Christian movies we have Grace & Mercy. The movie follows two sisters who decide to rob Grace’s former employer due to being down on their luck and desperate for a way out. In a twist of fate, the alarms goes off and the two sisters get stuck in a church. They decide to take everyone in the church as their hostage. However, the members of the church offer nothing but understanding and guidance for the two sisters. The movies deal with the themes of faith and how to keep your spiritual resolve in the hardest of moments.


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6. He Who Finds a Wife 2: Thou Shall Not Covet (2011)

He Who Finds a Wife 2 Thou Shall Not Covet 2011

A sequel to the original He Who Finds a Wife. This movie also deals with themes of marital infidelity as it follows two couples who set themselves up for failure by taking part in dangerous love triangles. With the help of their faith and the strength of their love, will they manage to return to the light?

7. Hav Faith (2016)

Hav Faith 2016

Hav Faith follows Hamilton A. Vaughn a man in showbusiness who finds himself in quite an unusual role. After a life-changing incident, he takes on the role of the church leader. His life gradually starts taking on a new purpose, he meets Faith, his old friend. But nothing is perfect as it seems. Some people that are part of the church do not agree with his appointment, primarily the son of the former bishop. Hamilton A. Vaughn will have to find faith and strength within him in order to overcome obstacles and thrive.

8. War Room (2015)

War Room 2015

Tony and Elizabeth seemingly have a perfect life. With money, a beautiful daughter, large house the only thing they lack is happiness. Tony has abusive tendencies and Elizbeth is not quite sure how to handle them. One day Elizabeth meets Miss Clara, an elderly client who gives her a piece of advice on how to approach her marital troubles.

Miss Clara explains to Elizabeth about her praying closet or a “War Room” dedicated to standing up to evil and troubles. Elizabeth starts praying for Tony and it leads to him hitting rock bottom. But most things in life are bound to get worse before they get better. Tony needs to hit rock bottom before he can re-discover god, his wife, love, and marriage.

9. Black Nativity (2013)

Black Nativity 2013

This musical drama introduces us to Langston, he is a troubled teen sent to spend the holidays with his grandparents after his mother is evicted from their Baltimore apartment. On his way to his grandparent’s place, Langston gets into a lot of trouble with the love, due to incidents he wasn’t guilty of. This is only the start of his troubles, and he will need to dedicate himself to self-reflection and faith in order to find answers to his troubles.

10. Just a Measure of Faith (2014)

Just a Measure of Faith 2014

Just a Measure of Faith is a black Christian drama movie that follows Jacob and Kayla. Jacob and Kayla are seemingly two opposites, Kayla puts all her faith and resolve in god, and Jacob refuses to. He prefers to handle his worries and problems alone. In the end, it turns out that Jacob alone is not enough to solve all his problems, his wife tries to steer him toward faith and community. Will Jacob find his way toward god and manage to save his marriage?


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11. Nothing Without GOD (2016)

Nothing Without GOD

Nothing Without GOD follows Keenan Robinson. He never had a family of his own as he was transferred from foster family to foster family often facing abuse and critique. Against all odds, he manages to secure a place at college, but he does not excel at it, and the support he should be receiving at home is non-existent. One day he meets a teacher who manages to change his outlook on life and overcome the toxic worldview he was raised in. He soon learns that to do anything meaningful in life, you need the support of god.

12. Nothing Without GOD 2 (2020)

Nothing Without GOD 1

A sequel to the first movie released in 2016. Keenan Robinson recently graduated college but he has trouble finding his purpose in life. He decides to foster a younger boy and teach him some of the principles that helped him while he was in college. This will be a perfect opportunity for Keenan to rediscover both god and the divine plan he has for him.

13. I’m in Love with a Church Girl (2013)

Im in Love with a Church Girl 2013

I’m in Love with a Church Girl is a Christian drama that revolves around two young people that couldn’t be more different than they are. Miles Montego is “king of the streets” he dabbles in various crimes and has quite a long rap sheet. Vanessa is a quiet and spiritual person dedicated to god. Against all odds, the two are attracted to each other, but if they want their relationship to succeed, Miles will need to rediscover god and Vaness will have to rediscover her faith in Miles.

14. Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. (2022)

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. 2022

Our next movie is a comedy but has quite a pronounced spiritual theme. Trinite and her pastor-husband got caught up in a huge scandal that ruined their church. In the aftermath of the events, the two will need to rediscover faith and god. This is the only way for them to rebuild their congregation and keep it.

15. My Brother’s Keeper (2021)

My Brothers Keeper 2021

My Brother’s Keeper follows Travis Fox, a veteran struggling with PTSD.
Travis needs to return to his hometown in order to settle the affairs of his parents. Instead of comfort and nostalgia, he encounters nothing but trouble in the small town. In order to deal with his PTSD, he turns to members of the church who offer guidance and comforting words.


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Travis will realize that the only way to deal with his personal issues is through god, however, not everything ends on a good note, his faith will get tested by an old secret that threatens to ruin his newfound resolve and the progress he’s made.

16. The Preacher’s Wife (1996)

The Preachers Wife 1996

The Preacher’s Wife is a comedy with elements of drama and tells us the story of Reverend Henry Biggs. Henry Biggs is on the verge of losing everything, his church is failing, his wife considers their marriage over and under the circumstances, and his faith starts to fail as well. He prays to god for any kind of sign and help, and the help arrives, in the form of a real angel called Dudley. Dudley is here to help Henry through his darkest hour and restore his faith in god. The only problem is, is Henry’s faith strong enough to endure the test of faith?

17. Church Girl (2011)

Church Girl 2011

Church Girl follows a story of a young talented girl who sings in her father’s church choir. Even though her faith is strong, it will get tested as soon as she meets a producer, interested in her talented voice and, it would seem other things. Her father noticed that his daughter strayed from the path of church and tries to make things right again. The only thing he needs to realize is that this test of fate belongs to his daughter and alone and only through the rediscovery of god will she manage to walk the right path again.

18. God Calling (2018)

God Calling 2018

In God Calling we meet Sade, she recently lost a child and with it, her faith in god. The movie follows her unconventional rediscovery of faith, hope, and god. As she and her family struggle to face the reality and discover ways how to move on.

19. Let the Church Say Amen

Let the Church Say Amen

Let the Church Say Amen follows the life of a single mother. She has a somewhat rocky relationship with her father due to having a child without a husband. The fact that her father is a preacher doesn’t help at all. She tries to mend relationships with men in her life, starting with her father. To do that, she will have to accept god and start making the right choice in life. Only by walking the path of light will she again manage to earn the respect and trust of her father.

20. A Question of Faith (2017)

A Question of Faith 2017

Three unconnected families are brought together through a chain of events caused by tragedies in their life. Maria is a teen that ran over Eric. She ended up in a juvenile detention center and Eric ended up in the E.R. The first two families are connected through those two events. The third family joins the mix as Michelle a talented youth ends up in the hospital as she passes out during an important audition. She ends up in the same hospital as Eric.
Uwilinigly three families will be forced to rediscover god, and make peace with their future.

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