10 Best Black Hallmark Christmas Movies, Ranked by IMDB Score

best hallmark black christmas movies

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Over the past decade or so, Hallmark has been amazing when it comes to making lovely, lighthearted Christmas movies that allow you to cozy up under a blanket and enjoy. They’ve also done an amazing job at diversifying their cast and stories, especially when it comes to African-American representation.

There are dozens of Black Hallmark Christmas movies out there. From the first-ever Black female leads in a Hallmark movie to the representation of a traditional Kwanzaa celebration mixed with Christmas, I’m bringing you the ultimate list of the ten best Black Hallmark Christmas movies, ranked solely by their respective IMDb scores.

10. ‘Holiday Heritage’ (2022)

black christmas holiday heritage

IMDb score: 5.9/10

What it’s about: Ella comes home around Christmas time to encourage her family to partake in Christmas and Kwanzaa traditions to celebrate and heal old family wounds. Her ex-boyfriend, Griffin, comes in to help, but their collaboration on the celebration rekindles their former romance…

Why you should watch it: In 2022, Hallmark made the first movie representing not only Christmas but Kwanzaa as well. Kwanzaa is celebrated in the African-American culture but is hardly ever represented in films due to Christmas being more marketable. The film does a lovely job of representing both while maintaining an interesting yet lighthearted storyline.

9. ‘A Majestic Christmas’ (2018)

black christmas a majestic christmas

IMDb score: 5.9/10

What it’s about: Nell, a young architect, comes back to her hometown of Briar Falls to modernize a historic Majestic Playhouse into a multiplex theater. It’s bittersweet for Nell, though – it is her first major gig, but it also means destroying a complex that has deep tradition and history in their town – it is where their Twelve Day Christmas festival was held for years.

Connor, the new owner of the theater, never really celebrated Christmas, so Nell hopes that if she shows him the ropes and gets him into the Christmas spirit during the Festival, he might just come around on the modernization of the Playhouse.

Why you should watch it: It’s so interesting that a movie talking about a town’s history is historic in its own right. ‘A Majestic Christmas’ (along with the next movie on this list) was the first Hallmark movie ever with a female African American lead. The film is quite emotional and somewhat nostalgic and really hits right on the money with the Christmas spirit.


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8. ‘Memories of Christmas’ (2018)

black christmas memories of christmas

IMDb score: 6.0/10

What it’s about: Noelle – a successful businesswoman – kind of lost her passion for Christmas. When her mother dies – who was known as the queen of Christmas in their hometown – Noelle returns to her childhood home with the intention of selling it. There, she meets Dave – a guy who was hired by Noelle’s mother to decorate their house with an amazing Christmas display.

He asks Noelle to allow him to finish the job. At first, she’s reluctant, but slowly, her walls come down, and the Christmas spirit takes over her. She finds love for the holidays and for herself…

Why you should watch it: Along with ‘A Majestic Christmas,’ this was the first female African American lead in Hallmark films. The story is kind of a classic – a homecoming resulting in a change of heart – but interesting and warm nevertheless.

7. ‘Christmas Comes Twice’ (2020)

black christmas christmas comes twice

IMDb score: 6.1/10

What it’s about: Cheryl is dissatisfied with how her life turned out over the past five years. She chose her career over love and is now stuck as an administrator. As she comes home for Christmas, she wishes she could go back five years and get a fresh start. And lo and behold, her wish is magically granted…

Why you should watch it: To me, Tamera Mowry-Housley is the bonafide queen of Hallmark’s Christmas movies. This storyline is quite different but so cool, allowing us to see that no mistake in life is unfixable.

6. ‘Christmas Everlasting’ (2018)

black christmas christmas evelasting

IMDb score: 6.3/10

What it’s about: Lucy – a successful New York lawyer – will be made partner after the New Year. However, she has to return home around Christmas time due to the unexpected death of her special-needs older sister, Alice. It breaks Lucy’s heart because she failed to answer the final call Alice had ever made for her.

Alice had a lawyer, Peter, who was Lucy’s high-school sweetheart, and he presented Lucy with Alice’s will – inherit the family home only if you could live there for 30 days during the holidays. Of course, those 30 days are a life-changer for Lucy…

Why you should watch it: I loved ‘Christmas Everlasting’ because it was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Again, the storyline feels unoriginal – a classic holiday homecoming – but it’s actually quite a layered and interesting story with a dash of Christmas and a hint of romance. It’s a must-watch during Christmas time.


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5. ‘A Christmas Miracle’ (2019)

black christmas a christmas miracle

IMDb score: 6.4/10

What it’s about: Emma is an amazing journalist whose boss steals her idea for a cover story of their magazine. Now, Emma and her son search for a Christmas miracle to write about, followed closely by a staff photographer she may or may not have a thing for…

Why you should watch it: Tamera Mowry-Housley returns with an epic Christmas flick that particularly resonated with me as a content writer. The cast is awesome, and the storyline is a bit different from what we’re used to in Hallmark Christmas films.

4. ‘Inventing the Christmas Prince’ (2022)

black christmas inventing the christmas prince

IMDb score: 6.6/10

What it’s about: Years ago, Shelby invented this story about a Christmas prince who will become her man. She is just about to quit a job she doesn’t enjoy, but her daughter is convinced that Shelby’s boss, Evan, is, in fact, the Christmas prince that her mother made up all those years ago.

Why you should watch it: This is my favorite Tamera Mowry-Housley film on this list, as the story is quite quirky and offbeat but still lighthearted and humorous. It also has a strong underlying message within – your situation in life is often only a matter of perspective.

3. ‘Our Christmas Journey’ (2021)

black christmas our christmas journey

IMDb score: 6.6/10

What it’s about: Lena is a single mother whose teenage son has autism. They are at a crossroads during Christmas, as Lena meets an interesting gentleman…

Why you should watch it: ‘Our Christmas Journey’ is another great example of the inclusivity that Hallmark strives for in their movies. I personally have a family member with autism, and I can only imagine how difficult it can be for single parents in that situation. It’s a beautiful film and deserving of such a high ranking, even without the IMDb score.


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2. ‘The Holiday Stocking’ (2022)

black christmas the holiday stocking

IMDb score: 6.7/10

What it’s about: R.J. recently became an angel who got to go back to Earth as a complete stranger to try and reconcile his two sisters, who have been in a fight for years. He gets his sisters to revive an old family tradition – The Holiday Stocking – in an attempt to encourage charity for Christmas and have his sisters make up after all this time…

Why you should watch it: Family matters above everything else, which is why this movie is so emotional and warm. There are comedic elements here as well, which makes it a perfect family movie for Christmas.

1. ‘The Christmas Doctor’ (2020)

black christmas the christmas doctor

IMDb score: 6.9/10

What it’s about: Dr. Zoey is a traveling doctor, going from home to home in various towns. At her latest assignment in a town called Willowbrook, not only does she find a patient – but she finds love…

Why you should watch it: Lastly, ‘The Christmas Doctor’ is the best-rated Black Hallmark Christmas movie, and for a good reason. The story is very heartwarming, romantic, and light, and has all the Christmas spirit you may want.

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