20 Best Black Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

20 Best Black Sci fi Movies

Even though the majority of people don’t know it, the first Black Sci-fi movie was filmed in 1940. Son of Ingagi has made a path for the ones that would come in the future and there have been more and more of them in the last decade. From The Brother From Another Mother in 1984, through Men in Black in 1997 to the Black Panther in 2018 which is one of the most important and the best in its genre. This is the list of 20 best Black Sci-fi movies of all time.

1. Men in Black (1997)

Men In Back 1997

This Barry Sonnenfeld classic Men in Black was based on a comic book and it is one of the most famous and beloved Black Sci-fi movies ever. It tells the story of a private agency that goes under the code name of MiB. They are dealing with extraterrestrial surveillance and are in search of a new detective.

“K” (played by the excellent Tommy Lee Jones) is one of the agency’s finest and he has chosen his new partner that goes by the name “J” (hilarious Will Smith) and he turns out to be K’s total opposite. They immediately stumble upon an important task when an alien crashes into Earth in his flying saucer and taking the body of a farmer, travels to New York in search of an energy source called “The Galaxy”. It is J and K’s task to find him and stop him which will turn out to be an adventure greater than expected.

2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Spiderman Into The Spider Verse 2018

One of the best-animated movies in the last few years is without any doubt this intriguing story of parallel universes connected to one of the most famous superheroes ever, Spider-Man. Edgy, complex, and extremely fun and interesting, this is the Spider-Man we have never seen before.

It is the story of a Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales, son of a Hispanic nurse and an Afro-American policeman who gets bitten by a radioactive spider while drawing graffiti in an abandoned underground shelter. When he finds out who he might be, his life gets turned upside down. Facing the challenges of the new, private elite school and the abilities he has gained, Miles will realize that he is not alone and that there are numerous different Spider-Man versions in alternative universes who are coming to help him save the world.

3. Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther 2018

One of the most important and groundbreaking MCU movies ever is this adventure that takes place after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Prince T’Challa’s new role is to serve as his country’s new king. He comes back to his technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda where he will very soon learn that there are people who don’t find him eligible for his position.

He will have to face the fact that he is inappropriate to some of the factions in his own country and when two of them conspire to destroy Wakanda, T’Challa will have to team up with the CIA and their agent Everett K. Ross, together with the members of Wakanda special forces. 

4. Spawn (1997)

Spawn 1997

Spawn is the story of Al Simmons, an assassin who gets killed by his boss Jason Wynn but manages to return to Earth after making a deal with the devil. Even though he only wanted to see his wife, he returns as Spawn, a monster-like creature with the task to kill Wynn. 

He is ordered by The Clown, the devil’s minion and he makes another deal with him where he is supposed to destroy the world with a deadly virus that will help Hell attack Heaven. But Spawn is not a bad man, he is just someone who has been in the wrong place at the wrong time and his biggest concern now is to choose between Good and Evil.  


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5. Blade (1998)

Blade 1998

This is another Black Sci-fi classic, beloved not only by the genre fans. It is an interesting story of Blade, a vampire hunter whose goal is to rid the world of all vampires. After witnessing a vampire attack, Blade fights it off, saves Dr. Karen Jenson, and takes her to his hideout.

While Blade is trying to heal Karen, with help from his friend Abraham Whistler, there is great danger lurking from the outside. The vampire Quinn who was attacked by Blade, reports back to his master Deacon Frost who has something sinister on his mind and is planning a huge, dangerous surprise for the entire human population.

6. Blade II (2002)

Blade II 2002

There is a rare mutation in the vampire community, coming in the form of a Reaper, a vampire so thirsty for any kind of blood. They are preying on both humans and vampires, transforming victims who are unlucky to become Reapers themselves.

They are now threatening other vampires and soon there won’t be enough humans to satisfy their bloodlust. The Shadow Council, concerned about everyone’s safety, decides to summon Blade, Whistler, and an armory expert Scud, reluctantly confessing they are in desperate need of their help. Together with an elite team of vampires, The Bloodpack, Blade is the only one who can stop the Reapers from wiping out the human and vampire population.

7. Son of Ingagi (1940)

Son Of Ingagi 1940

It all started with this interesting horror movie, considered the first Black sci-fi movie of all time. It was based on Spencer Williams’ short story and it introduces us to the newlyweds Eleanor and Bob Lindsay who inherit the house of Doctor Helen Jackson who has just returned from her African trip but died under unusual circumstances.

She brought a lot of African gold and a monster named N’Gina who, after drinking a potion Jackson gave her, became rabid and killed her in all her fury. After settling in, the Lindsays will have to deal with a lot more than adjusting to their new environment, since they will soon be greeted by the presence of a monster.

8. Hancock (2008)

Hancock 2008

John Hancock used to be a powerful superhero but now he has become a joke because of his various problems. After all the damage he caused to Los Angeles, he is now one of the town’s most hated men, nevertheless all the good things he did for it and its citizens.

But when he saves Ray Embrey, a successful PR expert from an ongoing train, Embrey is convinced he can make him a superhero again. He soon introduces him to his family but his wife Mary immediately shows great animosity towards Hancock and no one knows why.

9. Independence Day (1997)

Independence Day 1997

This Roland Emmerich classic Independence Day scared everyone 25 years ago when it introduces the audience to the possibility of getting attacked by unknown extraterrestrial forces. After failed communication with the aliens approaching the Earth, an ex-scientist named David Levinson discovers that they are going to hit major points everywhere around the world in less than a day.

By July 3rd the majority of the world’s biggest cities have already been attacked and the surviving citizens are hiding in a strange government facility, waiting for the 4th of July and which will happen to be the day they are going to start fighting for their lives.

10. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Sorry To Bother You 2018

In this interesting fantasy comedy-drama, we are following the life of Cassius Green in an alternate version of Oakland. He works in telemarketing and has problems communicating over the phone with mostly white people.

He is advised to use his “white voice” and soon becomes the most fruitful seller and gets promoted to a “Power Caller” who sells the most lucrative products. But as his business world is getting better, his personal side is suffering and soon he realizes that there is much more behind his boss’ plans.

11. Sleight (2017)

Sleight 2017

Jacob Latimore plays a young street magician who stays alone with his little sister after the death of their parents and becomes responsible for her upbringing. He is managing in any way he can and soon turns to illegal activities to provide for their food and a roof over their heads.

But when he gets into deep and his sister gets kidnapped, he will have to start using his magic, wits, and brilliant mind to save her.

12. Pitch Black (2000)

Pitch Black 2000

The story of this interesting movie begins when the space transport vessel “Hunter-Gratzner” crashes on a desert planet after a meteor storm and only 11 out of 40 passengers survive. Among the survivors, there are pilot Carolyn Fry, bounty hunter William J.Johns, runaway teenager Jack and a dangerous escaped convict, Richard B. Riddick.

They are faced with many challenges before the biggest one when the planet gets completely dark and they have to fight the planet’s flesh-eating inhabitants. What they didn’t expect is that Riddick, who they feared most, will become their best chance of survival


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13. Space Is the Place (1972)

Space Is The Place 1972

This musical sci-fi tells the story of Sun-Ra, a space-age prophet and jazz musician who lands his spaceship in Oakland after being presumed to be lost in space for several years. The Black Power is on the rise and Sun-Ra proclaims himself “the alter destiny.”

He begins to develop his plan to go to outer space and has to escape sooner than expected since there is a bounty on his head. He vanishes, rescues his people, and embarks on a journey leaving planet Earth that is facing a big explosion.

14. The Brother from Another Planet (1984)

The Brother From Another Planet 1984

The Brother is a mute and very emphatic alien who crashes on Earth, in New York City and takes the form of an Afro-American man with strange feet. In this movie, we follow his attempt to find a place for himself in the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem.

While he is trying to adapt to the human world, there are two bounty hunters from his planet who arrive in New York in search of him so he will have to deal with more than he expected. This movie is an allegory for the immigrants who come to the USA and have to adjust to everyday life.

15. Event Horizon (1997)

Event Horizon 1997

 This chilling sci-fi horror is set in 2047 where a group of astronauts is sent to investigate and save the long-lost starship “Event Horizon”. It sailed on its maiden voyage seven years ago and disappeared. There have always been rumors about its destiny and with its return now, its disappearance is even more ambiguous than ever.

The astronauts of the “Lewis & Clark” are terrified of their discovery when they learn the dreadful truth behind Event Horizon’s disappearance and something even more shocking than the truth itself.

16. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix 1999

Thomas A. Anderson is a man with two lives. By day he is a computer programmer and by night a hacker known as Neo. Neo has always been extremely curious and has questioned his reality. The truth he finds out is beyond his imagination and the world he knew begins to change.

When he is contacted by Morpheus, a famous computer hacker on the run, Neo also becomes targeted by the police and he finds himself on a dangerous path of confronting and defeating computer programmers known as The Matrix who want to stop him and the entire human population.

17. The Meteor Man (1993)

The Meteor Man 1993

This is a witty comedy about a common man who gets hit by a meteor and has to face all the changes that start happening to him. Jefferson Reed gets hit in the chest by a chunk of a meteor one night and soon his life takes a completely different turn.

He is able to fly but is scared of heights and can learn any information from a book but it all lasts only 30 seconds. In all this commotion, he will have to face the dreaded Golden Lords who are threatening to harm his community. Together with his family and friends, Jefferson is about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

18. An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (2012)

An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty 2012

This is a semi-animated romantic comedy-drama about a man who begins to contemplate the meaning and purpose of many things after he gets stood up by a girl he had to go out with. He gets involved in his own inner state and begins to ponder on his and others’ feelings and the content of it all.

He is an artist who doesn’t understand why he feels bad about the fact she stood him up and the audience is presented with an artistic view of a failed relationship.


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19. The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

The Chronicles of Riddick 2004

After meeting and getting to know him well in Pitch Black, this time we are following Riddick’s adventures in a new sci-fi movie. He is now a hunted man who finds himself between two forces on different sides, a warrior priest who is the leader of a sect and an ambassador from the Elemental race.

Lord Marshal is a priest who is waging probably the final crusade five hundred years in the future and Aaron, as the ambassador helps Riddick unearth his origins.

20. Get Out (2017)

Get Out 2017

This inventive and imaginative horror is something many viewers might find confusing and difficult, but it is a story that opens numerous questions and topics to discuss, dealing with some of the most important issues of today’s society, such as racism and prejudice.

Chris is visiting his white girl’s parents on the weekend, ready to meet them and get to know them. What he didn’t expect is the way they welcomed him. From being overly accommodating to completely weird, Rose’s parents and the group of people Chris had the opportunity to meet hide a secret so scary and dreadful and Chris will soon realize his life is in great danger.

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