Best Classes & SubClasses in Destiny 2 (Ranked)

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Bungie. A sequel to Destiny, a game that was released in 2014, Destiny 2 was first released as Destiny 2: New Light in 2019. Since then, millions of players joined in a journey of a guardian, who wakes up after an unspecified catastrophe and finds out that humanity is on the verge of extinction. The game has multiple expansions where a player can grind their stats with their guardian, and go through a story-driven campaign attached to the multiplayer. In this article, we rank the best classes & subclasses in Destiny 2.

Classes and subclasses for guardians are pretty important for Destiny 2 since there are game mods that allow a player to battle it out on the maps throughout the whole Destiny Universe. These also provide a variety of different weapons and builds that a player can acquire and build onto with quest solving that Destiny 2 offers. The Tower is the main HQ and social place where the players can connect with other players and plan quest solving together. This destination also provides a player to customize the gear and take quests from multiple different in-game characters.

New Light, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light are Destiny’s 2 expansions with New Light being free to play, while others need to be bought.

There are three main classes – Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Each of these classes has subclasses that we’re going to list out. We feel before we start, there need to be some pointers. We will take into account both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) and try to balance the list out and choose the best subclasses which are good for both game modes. Also, keep in mind there are 30 different subclasses that are available in Destiny 2 and we picked the best of the best.

12. Arcstrider Hunter

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

This is a hunter subclass and has the super ability Arc Staff that summons an Arc empowered staff that can be used for close-quarters combat. This particular skill tree is if you want to run through every single opponent. Hunters have super agility and are usually played if you want to surprise your opponents. This subclass was one of the stronger at the beginning of the game, however, that changed with the last expansions like Shadowkeep and Beyond Light.

Nowadays, in PvE (Player versus Environment), Destiny 2 players use this build and guardian only for Vanguard Strikes (another game mode) that requires special quests and rewards. Still, if your fire team has covered the rest of the crucial options then go for it. Arcstrider has the ability to stun bosses, blocking damage and its clearing ability of additional enemies can be pretty useful. Great starting class for new Destiny 2 players. All in all, later in the game there are just much better subclasses to use, and we will definitely mention them on this list.

11. Sunbreaker Titan

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

This subclass was also really good at the beginning of Destiny 2, and with the right build was sometimes unstoppable. Well, this class fell back into the weak tier since the other Titans subclasses had more utility and cool perks to deal with additional enemies and sometimes against the opponents in PvP. That changed and Sunbreaker Titan, like Arcstrider Hunter, fell into the “only needed sometimes” tier during Vanguard Strikes and Gambit.

Despite all of these cons, Sunbreaker Titan is still playable, especially at the beginning of the game when you are still learning about Destiny 2. This subclass is much better for PvP where you can plow through the enemies in close combat. Great starting guardian with PvP pros, so definitely check it out.

10. Stormcaller Warlock

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

This one is quite interesting. In PvE, this subclass is not that useful. It is quite complicated when it comes to clearing additional enemies with the bosses and there needs to be a specific situation for the Stormcaller super to activate. Even though the Warlock class is probably the best in the game, this subclass is bad in PvE.

On the other hand, Stormcaller is pretty good in PvP since its abilities punish other players who are going aggressively with their supers, and if they are not skilled enough, this subclass exposes them pretty heavily. You can easily go on the big kill spree which makes Stormcaller Warlock almost unstoppable and really hard to hit. Regardless of the tree built you pick for your Stormcaller, PvP is definitely a mode Stormcaller players need to utilize.

8. Striker Titan

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

Okay, so this one is pretty interesting since its potential is largely good for PvP, however, PvE is quite bad. Regardless, even with some bad characteristics, Striker Titan is better overall than the two previous entries. Its insane output of going into the bosses and PvP opponents is really cool and only the “brave” ones can achieve something with this class. Moreover, this subclass is more 1v1 oriented, which is not good for team fights like strikes and raids.

Titans are juggernauts, so when you see a Striker Titan going full throttle at you, you better run. The cons we listed here are salvageable with the right exotics but those need grinding and good luck with that during PvE missions.


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7. Voidwalker Warlock

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

So, this subclass was available in the first game as well and is still a decent pick, both for PvE and PvP. In PvE, this subclass is really good since its abilities can be used for additional enemies around the boss. Specifically, this guardian is able to use the life force of their victims to fuel explosive power, the Voidwalker is versed in an array of abilities that allow players to sow widespread destruction.

Voidwalker Warlock is the most neutral subclass on this list – this guardian is tanky, and can heal itself non-stop. They are a solid solo option but also good in teams during raids and strikes. Great against the opponents with void shields and large exotic options can make this guardian pretty good. However, there are better subclasses in the Warlock department, that is why this subclass found itself in the 7th place on our list.

6. Sentinel Titan

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

Sentinel Titan is more of a support subclass that is great in teams during strikes and raids and can be pretty good in PvP. In PvE, this subclass is a must in strikes and raids since it provides shielding and “tankyness” to any team in Destiny 2. Suppression grenades are a nightmare for fast-moving super since it prevents the enemies from using abilities for a short time. Sentinel Titan and its Defensive strike are absolutely insane when used at the right time.

When charging against the enemies, your guardian and teammates get an overshield that protects them from oncoming damage. Moreover, you get melee energy while dealing final blows to the enemies. Ward of Dawn, a Sentinel super grants you the ability to create an indestructible dome that provides shielding to you and the enemies. Also, it grants you temporary weapon damage when in the dome.

An absolutely insane subclass that is great for players who are not that aggressive in their gameplay. As said before, great in both PvP and PvE, just pair up with your fellow guardians and cause havoc.

5. Nightstalker Hunter

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

This class has always been great. Its super Flawless Execution provides you invisibility and Truesight with the increase of melee range if you precision kill your enemies. One of the most broken super in the game that can be unstoppable if you’re on a killing spree. Great utility guardian that can provide you both with already mentioned Flawless Execution, and Corrosive smoke that slows the enemies and damages them over time.

Great guardian for both PvP and PvE, however, some other Hunter subclasses edge Nightstalker out, but not by a big margin.

4. Gunslinger Hunter

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

This subclass is really cool. This solar-based Hunter subclass has two different supers a player can choose from and it depends on what kind of built tree are you going to pick. This subclass is predominately a sharpshooting class and it is one of the hardest in the game. Moreover, the effect of the class really depends on how are you doing in the fps shooters.

With that being said, for PvP standards, this class is pretty average if you do not know how to aim, but I emphasize again that most of it depends on players’ skills. If you’re a sharpshooter, this subclass can be insane. All in all, with the right exotics like Celestial Nighthawk, that modifies Golden Gun super to fire single high damage shot and other perks, this subclass can be really deadly.

3. Revenant Hunter

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

Currently the best Hunter subclass in the game. Glaciar grenade that creates walls out of stasis shards to block damage and freeze the targets, paired up with Whisper of Fissures, the stasis fragment, is absolutely broken. Another skill, Withering Blade provides you with two charges that bounce off the walls to slow and damage enemies.

Silence and Squall is probably the only non-movements super that is in the S tier of the supers, especially in PvP. That fact alone shows us how broken Revenant Hunter really is. Paired up with appropriate exotic items, this subclass is insane in both PvE and PvP.

2. Behemoth Titan

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

The best Titan subclass in the game. Behemoth Titan, in comparison to other guardians from this list, is a bit harder to learn. However, once you master all elements of Behemoth Titan, you are almost unstoppable. As in any combat game, stuns and slows are really important, and when you pair that with Stasis Aspect like Cryoclasm, which enables longer and more powerful slides with the ability to go through frozen walls, this Titan is unstoppable. Behemoth Melee, with all previously mentioned abilities, is really deadly because if the sliding shotgun shot does not work, you just smack the opponent on sight.

A great subclass for shotgun users who like more aggressive and concrete gameplay. Great both in PvE and PvP.

1. Dawnblade Warlock

Best Classes & SubClasses In Destiny 2 (Ranked)

And the best subclass on this list is definitely Dawnblade Warlock. With only a super, called Daybreak, which provides the player an ability to weave Solar Light into blades and smites its enemies from the above, makes this subclass unbelievably strong. Great in both PvE and PvP, a player cannot go wrong when picking this class. Yes, it needs grinding but at the end of the day, you will get a payoff.

Besides the already mentioned super, that’s absolutely insane in its movement and strength, Icarus Dash provides a Warlock to move quickly through combat and dodge enemies. A great escaping tactic as well, if you found yourself in hairy situations.

Dawnblade Warlock is absolutely the best subclass in Destiny 2, however, maybe something changes in the future. We will wait and see.

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