30 Best Couple/Wife Swap Movies You Need to See

30 Best Couple Wife Swap Movies You Need to See

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There are a lot of different subgenres in the greater genre of romance movies, but one of the subgenres that has always been popular among filmmakers and moviegoers alike is the couple/wife swap plot. Regardless of how this theme is used (whether for comedy or romance), the couple/wife swap storyline has been overplayed in the world of movies but still has a special place among moviegoers who prefer to enjoy romantic and steamy relationships in films.

As such, there are a lot of different couple/wife swap movies that are pretty entertaining in their own unique way, even though this narrative is no longer pretty new. Still, many movies can showcase a good storyline that goes well with the overall theme of infidelity and romance. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the best couple/wife swap movies that you might want to see if you’re into this genre.

30. ‘Suburban Roulette’ (1968)


Set against the backdrop of the big city of Chicago during the ’60s, Suburban Roulette isn’t only a movie about couple swaps but is also a movie regarding people who fancy themselves as swingers who like to change partners from time to time to enjoy a more open-minded era.

Of course, as the movie progresses, things don’t go the way planned because tragedy strikes the swingers when they move into what they thought was a perfect suburban setting. As such, the entire movie follows the story of how the couple ends up in a dangerous game of parties and spouse swapping.

29. ‘Mandara’ (1971)

Mandara 1971

Mandara is a Japanese movie, as couple swapping isn’t even as popular in the East as in the West. Nevertheless, this 1971 movie follows a storyline that focuses more on how open-minded people are and how dangerous the entire setup is, especially when you look at the country and culture involved.


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The story of Mandala follows the story of a couple of romantically involved students who join a strange cult. This cult, however, follows a culture where they can get free relations as much as they want without any limitations. As such, the students are torn by the pressures of their cult, especially because they are being forced to do away with the values and norms of society through their promiscuous practices.

28. ‘Golden Youth’ (2019)

Golden Youth 2019

Golden Youth follows the story of a teenage girl her parents abandoned. Of course, she was taken in by social services due to her age, and that was when she ended up getting involved with an older boyfriend that’s 22 years old. Of course, she enjoyed her seemingly innocent love affair in Paris.

But the problem was that she and her boyfriend met an older couple. This couple seemingly changes how the hard-partying teenager lives her life because they have no taboos about romance. As such, limitations are crossed, and the girl gets exposed to an entirely different life than she knew before her parents abandoned her.

27. ‘Confessions of a Young American Housewife'(1974)

Confessions of a Young American Housewifejpg

Another 70s movie that follows the common couple-swapping storyline during that decade, Confessions of a Young American Housewife, starts out quite innocently. Of course, this young housewife married quite early as she already had a grown daughter, even though she was only in the middle of her 30s.

The wife, however, gets exposed to her daughter’s promiscuity as her life changes. No one could blame her for wanting to get involved in her daughter’s swinger lifestyle because she never got to enjoy her youth. After all, she got married quite early. And this is where the issues of the movie start to surface.

26. ‘Swinging Safari’ (2018)

Swinging Safari 2018

As the title of the movie suggests, this film is about a movie involving swingers. But the thing is that Swinging Safari isn’t necessarily about a safari. Still, there is something related to animals in this movie, especially because the whole plot revolves around an animal that attracts the attention of the local children.


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Set in 1975, Swinging Safari follows the story of how the kids of a local beachside neighborhood in Australia were busy with the fact that a blue whale got washed up on their beach. As such, most kids were on the beach to see what the fuss was about. Meanwhile, the parents of these children end up celebrating their free time in an entirely different way. And you probably already know what we are talking about.

25. ‘To Paint or Make Love’ (2005)

to paint.jpg

To Paint or Make Love is a movie that follows the story of a middle-aged couple that ends up experiencing a life-changing event when they move to a new home in an isolated part of the country. Of course, because this house was isolated, their options for interaction were limited as their neighborhood didn’t have a lot of people.

However, their lives changed when they met a younger couple with odd tendencies. In that regard, the couple’s swapping begins as both are quite bored with living in an isolated part of the country and have nothing else to do but try new things that could spice up their marriage.

24. ‘Nine and a Half Moons’ (2017)


Nine and a Half Moons is a foreign romantic comedy movie that follows the different stories of two sisters who have their own unique views on life. One sister wants a child but can’t have one, while the other doesn’t want to be a mother but can have children. As such, things change for the sisters when the one who can have children decides to get pregnant for her sister’s sake.

In that regard, they have to live a double life in front of their parents because they want to keep things a secret from their family. This is where all of the troubles begin in this comedy movie that isn’t necessarily about swapping spouses but still has a similar premise. 

23. ‘Swingers’ (2002)

Swingers 2002jpg

Of course, the title already explains what this movie is all about. Swingers is definitely a movie that follows people who enjoy a swinger’s lifestyle, as a couple ends up wanting to make things more interesting in their life by engaging in a new trend that is said to improve the relationships of different couples.

As such, they agree to experiment with different couples even though the wife is quite insecure about herself. In this romantic drama, they decide to put an ad on the internet, to which an attractive couple responds. Of course, the wife only becomes more insecure about herself because the other woman is seemingly a lot more attractive than her.

22. ‘Two Plus Two’ (2012)

Two Plus Two 2012

Two Plus Two is basically a movie that tells us how double dating became quite boring for one couple, as they no longer find it that fun. As such, they both share a dirty secret with their friends, who are also a couple. And that was when things became spicy.

They reveal that they actually engage in couple swapping as swingers. As such, they invited their friends to enjoy the same lifestyle that they do because they want to practice a couple swapping with them. And you probably already know where things are heading in this movie, especially because couple swapping doesn’t always end well for both parties.

21. ‘Love Birds’ (2017)

Love Birds 2017

The story of Love Birds focuses on Tamara and Alon, who celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary by going to a hotel where they can fulfill all of their fantasies. Of course, this is their usual celebration every time they celebrate their anniversary, but things were now different on their tenth anniversary.

In fact, during this day, things begin to surface as the couple realizes that they all have secrets and lies they had kept while they were living their fantasies. They even reveal some of their untold desires and stories of infidelity with one another, as the entire celebration is painful for both of them.

20. ‘The Game of Keys’ (2019)

The Game of Keys 2019

The Game of Keys is a movie that shows how things can change quickly by doing something different in a relationship. Of course, this is one of the movies that straight-up exposes us to the swinger lifestyle instead of doing it slowly and methodically.

This movie follows the story of eight friends who are all in stable relationships. In that regard, they feel that they need to make their relationships spicier and more interesting to escape their boring daily routine. That was when they decided to exchange partners with one another as they felt like doing so would make their lives spicier and livelier than ever.

19. ‘Afinidades’ (2010)

Afinidades 2010

Yet another foreign movie makes it on this list, as this is one of the most interesting Spanish movies that follow a couple-swapping storyline. Afinidades follows a plot that’s focused on two different couples. The film takes place in an inland freshwater setting where the couples can take a relaxing vacation.


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Of course, as the story progresses, the two couples begin to realize how empty the world has become. As such, they decide that the only way for them to find refuge in this world that’s full of different problems is by reverting to their instinctual nature of creatures that love pleasure. But what they didn’t realize was that their actions had dire consequences.

18. ‘Waves of Lust’ (1975)

Waves of Lust 1975

The movie follows the story of an Italian couple that is on vacation in Sicily, as the film is set in the 70s. However, while on vacation, they get invited by a married and older wealthy couple on board their yacht. However, while hanging out with them, the couple gets involved in the marital problems of the rich duo, as it is discovered how abusive the husband is toward his wife.

In that regard, the movie becomes a twisted story where the older woman gets romantically involved with the younger couple, which forces the older husband to a state where his mental instability becomes affected. Jealousy, of course, gets the better of him in this somewhat dark storyline.

17. ‘Bare Essentials’ (1991)

Bare Essentials 1991

Bare Essentials is a 90s movie that follows the usual 90s troupe of romantic movies. Of course, the couple in this movie wants to leave behind their usual routine by going on a fun vacation on a tropical island to rekindle their love for one another while they are away from their responsibilities.

Of course, they do find love and happiness while on vacation on that island. The only problem was that they did so with other people, as things between the couple became complicated due to their infidelity. As such, it is a storyline where the characters fall victim to temptations instead of trying to fix the issues that they have with their relationship.

16. ‘Touch and Go’ (1998)


Touch and Go is another couple swap movie that follows the usual theme of a couple that realizes that their life is already losing its spark. The main characters in this movie believe that they are no longer having fun when they have relations with one another, even though they have been married for a while already.

As such, they decide to join a wife-swapping club where they are placed in a situation where they need to swap partners with other couples in the hopes of reinvigorating their marriage. While there were positive effects on their marriage at the start, this entire affair eventually threatens the very foundation of their love for one another.

15. ‘The Stud’ (1978)

the stud

Set in the 70s, The Stud follows the story of a rich man’s wife, who is actually a nymphomaniac. In that regard, she ends up exploiting the manager of her nightclub so that she can satisfy her desires. The problem was that the manager had no choice but to give her what she wanted because his job depended on being with her.

In that regard, things became more complicated because he became interested in his wife’s daughter. This placed him in a situation where his job was now in greater danger than ever, as he is now involved with the wife and the daughter of a rich man to whom he owes his career.

14. ‘Divine Love’ (2019)

divine love

Divine Love is a futuristic movie that is actually set in 2027. The setting is a dystopian Brazil, where an evangelical church has become the center of everyone’s life. In that regard, everyone involved in the church couldn’t do anything without the church getting involved in their regular affairs.

In that regard, the story follows a woman in her 40s who uses her position within the registry office to save different couples from falling out of love. But she finds out that her marriage is in shambles, and this event forces her to find her relationship with god. As such, while this movie also includes elements of wife swapping, it is also a film that focuses on spirituality as well.

13. ‘Four Lovers’ (2010)

four lovers

The movie’s title already gives us a good idea of what it is about. Four Lovers focuses on the story of two couples that are based in Paris. They are all comfortable in their life of marriage and quite comfortable in how they live their lives. However, one wife ends up getting attracted to the husband of another, as they both end up going to dinner together with their respective spouses.


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Of course, things become interesting when the husband is also attracted to the wife of the other. In that regard, you already know where things are headed because they end up engaging in a life of swapping their partners so that they can spice their lives out. On the other hand, they didn’t know that this entire activity became dangerous to their respective marriages.

12. ‘Palm Swings’ (2017)

Palm Swings 2017

Palm Swings follows the story of another married couple who realizes that there could be something more they could get out of their marriage. This happened when they moved to their new home in Palm Springs and met an energetic and charismatic couple as their new neighbors. Of course, their neighbors are incredibly charismatic, embodying the passion that most couples want from their marriage.

In that regard, they discover that their neighbors are actually swingers who can be passionate with one another because of their open relationship. As such, the married couple gets more than they bargained for when they engage in a wild adventure that threatens to destroy the foundations of their marriage.

11. ‘Testing the Limits’ (1998)

Testing the Limits 1998

In Testing the Limits, the couple basically decides to test the limits. The story follows Mike and Toni, who are about to marry one another but decide to go on a romantic mountain trip to rekindle the spark of their relationship. As they go there, their car breaks down in the middle of the road, and they must stop by a small hut.

While in the hut, the owners of the hut return as they hear the story of Mike and Toni. Of course, they decide to spend the weekend together, as the limits of their relationship are tested due to this fateful encounter with the owners of the hut.

10. ‘Fallo!’ (2003)

Fallo 2003

Fallo! is actually an Italian movie that comes from the mind of Tinto Brass, who has always been known for delivering some of the greatest movies in Italian film history. In that regard, Fallo! Follows the same concept that has always made Brass a notable name in the industry.

This movie is more of a sensual experience for the viewers, as it follows six characters who enjoy the joys of romance during a time when women are now more open. Of course, trying out different partners is one of the themes that are covered by this film.

9. ‘The Cabin Movie’ (2005)

The Cabin Movie 2005

The Cabin Movie is all about a married couple whose romantic life had gone to a point where it had become an afterthought of their relationship. They had not had relations in over a year, and that was when they decided to try something new to spice up their married life so that they could rekindle their passion for one another.

In that regard, they both ended up joining other couples, which allowed them to realize that they were carrying their own emotional baggage. They had their own problems, which was why they couldn’t participate well enough in the festivites. This is where things begin to heat up, as the entire movie becomes a dysfunctional story about different people with different emotional issues that they need to handle.

8. ‘Zebra Lounge’ (2001)

Zebra Lounge 2001

Zebra Lounge is a movie that follows the story of a married couple that had lost the spark of their passion for one another (sounds familiar). As cliché as the plot may be, it becomes even more cliché when they place an ad in a swinger’s magazine. A seemingly normal couple answered this ad.

Of course, they met this couple and found them pleasant enough. But things end up bad for them when they want to end their adventure with this mysterious couple, who are actually not as normal as they might be.

7. ‘The Big Swap’ (1998)

The Big Swap 1998

Yes, the title already reveals the entire plot, as The Big Swap actually involves a big swap involving a group of mature friends who decide to indulge in the practice of partner swapping. This came about as a result of how one of their own felt refreshed and energized after he had indulged in partner swapping.


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In that regard, they all tried to do the same but thought that nothing had happened to their relationships. However, things were not as fine as they thought when petty jealousness started to get in the way of their relationships. In that regard, some of the members of this group begin to think that they aren’t mutually benefitting from the setup, as their friendship is ruined when deeper and darker secrets begin to unravel.

6. ‘Adore’ (2013)

Adore 2013

The story of Adore follows the story of two longtime friends who grew up in the same small town. Of course, they are both married and have two sons who are also friends with one another. However, something happened between these two women and their sons one summer.

As such, things take a different turn in the relationship between the two women, especially because of how things get out of hand. The bonds of friendship begin to break, and the relationship between the people of this small town also becomes stained.

5. ‘4 Nights in the Hamptons’ (2014)

4 nights

4 Nights in the Hamptons is a movie that follows a married couple that has been married for six years. Of course, they decide to invite a longtime friend who has found love in a younger, free-spirited girlfriend as they all go to their Hamptons home for the summer.

Of course, while they are in the Hamptons, things begin to unravel because emotions and desires get in the way of what should be a pleasant long weekend. Unexpected things begin to happen to the characters involved in this storyline.

4. ‘Laurel Canyon’ (2002)


Laurel Canyon actually involves a star-studded cast that includes Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale. Bale plays the role of a young psychiatrist who moves with his wife into the house of Sam’s mother in Laurel Canyon. However, the problem was that the mother lived in that house. 

The mother was in the home to try to produce a record of her new discovery. But she is more interested in doing drugs than in actual work, as Sam gets upset that his mother isn’t stable. And the complication begins when Sam begins to fall for an attractive Israeli girl named Sara.

3. ‘4Some’ (2012)

4Some 2012

No movie title could be so obvious as 4Some, which is basically a movie that follows a foursome. It revolves around two middle-aged couples that are linked by their lifelong friendship. However, things become more than just friendship when they decide to go on a trip to a tropical island.

While on a Caribbean trip, they think about some extra-marital activities that could quite possibly spice up their lives. Of course, this also ended up complicating the relationship that the couple has with each other.

2. ‘Last Night’ (2010)

Last Night 2010

The story of Last Night revolves around Keira Knightley’s Joanna and her husband Michael, who Sam Worthington plays. Joanna works as a writer as she and her husband live in a small apartment in the middle of Manhattan. Of course, it seemed like they were both living a happy and contented life.


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However, one day, Michael goes on a business trip with his attractive colleague, whom Joanna knows her husband is attracted to. As much as Michael tries to resist temptations, Joanna meets one of her old crushes. Of course, things start to become complicated due to the characters’ attraction to one another.

1. ‘Swingtown’ (2008)

Swingtown 2008

Swingtown follows a story that’s set decades ago when America was just about to celebrate the country’s 200th birthday. In that regard, two generations of friends and neighbors living in the suburbs of Chicago decided to explore their new freedom.

Of course, as they were exploring freedom while expanding their connections, they ended up getting mixed up with a series of encounters during a time when people were becoming more open about their sexuality.

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