20 Best Disney Movies From the 2000s You Have To Watch (Again)

Disney 2000 Movies

Walt Disney Pictures played a major role in making the 2000s one of the best decades of the 21st century. Disney together with Pixar, which they later purchased, produced a variety of films that we still enjoy to this day. If it’s reliving the 2000s you’re after, then what better way than to watch/rewatch some Disney gold.

Up (2009)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old senior, journeys to Paradise falls in his house flown using thousands of helium balloons. When he was young Carl meets Ellie and learns that they both Idolize the adventurer, Charles Muntz. Fallen into disgrace due to a forgery accusation, Charles Muntz flew back to Paradise Falls to bring the monster back alive but he was never heard from again.

When Carl and Ellie grew up, they got married and had a house together. They both promised each other that they will save up and travel to Paradise Falls and have their home there. Years later, Ellie dies leaving Carl alone in their city home.

An old and lonely man, Carl is being offered by a construction company to purchase his home, but he refuses. An accident ensues and Carl was sentenced out of his house and into a retirement home. In a last-ditch effort to save his and Ellies dream, he ties thousands of balloons to his house and floats away.

Little did Carl know that he had a stowaway in the form of a Junior Wilderness Explorer. Stuck in their current situation, they continue to Paradise falls. This is when their adventure begins.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

A young blacksmith William Turner unwillingly teams up with legendary pirate-captain Jack Sparrow to save his love, Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth was captured by mistake by Jack’s mutinous former first mate Barbossa to offer as a blood sacrifice.

Jack and Will arrive at the pirate port Tortuga in a stolen Royal Navy ship and meets with Jack’s friend Mr. Gibbs. Together with a less than ideal crew they were able to scrounge up, they set sail to save Elizabeth and take back Jack’s ship, the Black Pearl.

Battle erupts as Barbossa’s pirates engage the British Royal Navy. In the chaos, Barbossa learns that Elizabeth’s blood is not what they need to lift their curse. If not hers, who’s is it?

Ratatouille (2007)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Remy, a rat, and a resident of Paris, France constantly risks his life in Gusteau’s, the best restaurant in town, for his love of good food. Remy desires nothing more than to be a chef but obviously, this isn’t a dream even remotely possible for a rodent.

One day, an opportunity came knocking on Remy’s door in the form of a distraught restaurant employee, Linguini. The pair discovered that by working together, both can get what they want, Linguini gets to keep his job and Remy can cook.

Their partnership came with two main challenges, not being caught by the insane head chef and the cutthroat food critic.

Brother Bear (2003)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Kenai is turned into a bear after getting into a fight with one that caused the death of his older brother. He is later visited by his older brother’s spirit which tells him to travel to the Northern Lights if he wishes to be human again. On his journey, Kenai meets a bear cub named Koda who is trying to find his way home near the Northern Lights

The pair team up, and they are hunted by Denahi, Kenai’s brother who is out for vengeance on the bear he believes killed Kenai. On the road, the two bears meet other animals including mammoths whom they hitched a ride with.

As their journey went on, Kenai saw life from a different set of lenses. He liked being a bear and that the humans were the monsters. Armed with his newfound perspective, Kenai makes a choice that will change things forever.

The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

In this animated comedy, the vain emperor Kuzco plans to build a waterpark, solely for his birthday, over the villages in his kingdom. Away from prying eyes, Yzma, his ex-administrator, hatches a plan to take revenge and usurp the throne.

Magically transformed into a llama by Yzma, Kuzco now finds himself in Pacha’s soon-to-be water park home. Pacha discovers the llama’s true identity as the emperor, he offers to help him regain his throne if he moves the water park.

Enchanted (2007)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

In an animated fairytale kingdom of Andalasia the beautiful Princess Giselle was banished by the evil Queen Narissa. Exiled, Princes Giselle finds herself in the real and non-animated streets of modern Manhattan. Surprised by this new world of hers, she sets out with spunk and a little bit of enchantment.

Gisell soon finds a charming divorce lawyer who came to her rescue and begins to fall in love. Still spontaneously singing, she is about to find out that love in the real world isn’t what it’s like in fairy tales.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Both William and Elizabeth are sentenced to death for working with Jack Sparrow. Will, with the purpose of saving both their lives, promises to bring back Jack’s compass. All the while Jack is being hunted by Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman.

Elizabeth breaks out of prison to search for Will while he goes into a bargain with Jack. Will now needs to find a specific key to open a special chest. Looking to find the key on the Flying Dutchman, he gets captured and is reunited with his father.


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Meanwhile, Jack and Elizabeth went searching for a special chest that contained Davy Jones’ heart. After finding the heart, Jack, Will, and James Norrington fight over the heart, and a comedic chase ensues. What does each want with the heart?

Treasure Planet (2002)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Disney’s futuristic twist on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The story follows Jim Hawkins on a journey across the stars as a cabin boy on board a grand space galleon. On the vessel, he finds friendship in the form of John Silver, the ship’s charismatic cyborg cook.

Jim grows into a fine shipmate under Silver’s tutelage as they battle a black hole, a supernova, and a fierce space storm. The greatest danger during the journey didn’t come from space hazards as Jim would later discover as they near their destination, Treasure Planet.

With mutiny in his mind, the charming cook, John Silver, is actually a scheming space pirate. Things are not looking so well for Jim and the galleon.

Princess and the Frog (2009)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Desperate to achieve her dreams to become a restaurant owner, Tiana, a waitress sets out on a quest to turn a frog prince back into a human.  The Princess and the Frog 2009 is a modern-day retelling of the classic.

In New Orleans, an arrogant and carefree Prince Naveen crosses paths with a restaurant waitress, Tiana. Thinking that a kiss will turn Naveen back to being a human, the act backfires and turns Tiana into a frog as well.

Aided by a Cajun Firefly, a trumpet-playing alligator, and an old blind lady whose house is a boat on a tree, the pair race to break their spell.

Bolt (2008)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Bolt is an action TV star super dog who is always to the rescue of his Co-Star Penny. One day at the studio, Bolt accidentally got separated from Penny. He then sets out on a journey to save Penny from what he thinks is a kidnapping.

On his quest, Bolt is joined by Mittens, a female alley cat, and Rhino, a hamster in a plastic ball. As his mission continues, he learns that he doesn’t really have superpowers and the show he is in is not real.   

The Incredibles (2004)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

The Incredibles follows the story of an undercover family of superheroes. Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible and his wife Helen Parr aka Elastigirl were among the biggest superheroes in Metroville. Forced into retirement and with a family of their own, they needed to become civilians and live normal lives.

Never really wanting to retire, Bob gets a mysterious message to go to a remote island for a highly classified assignment. Things soon turn sour, and Bob is captured by his would-be employer. It’s now up to his family to rescue him and then all of them together for the world.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

The team of the resurrected Captain Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, and Tia Dalma set sail for Worlds End to get Jack out of Davy Jones’ locker. Unbeknownst to them, Lord Cutler Beckett, the Governor of the East India Trading Company is making his move. Given to him by Norrington, he holds Davy Jones’ Heart hostage to unleash the fury of the Flying Dutchman, its crew, and its captain, against the pirates.

The plot leads to a spectacular climax as Tia Dalma is revealed to be Calypso and unleashes a storm upon the sea. The two ships, the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman square off for the most epic ship battle in cinematic history.

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Stitch, an alien genetic experiment, escapes to Earth where he is adopted as a dog by a Hawaiian girl named Lilo. Initially planning to use Lilo as a human shield for when his creators come to recapture him, he has a change of perspective.

Lilo, being an orphan, is about to be ripped away from her sister Lani by the social worker Cobra Bubbles. Lacking a purpose, good friends, and a loving family, Stitch slowly understood what love and family really meant. His feelings towards Lilo begin to change.

Cars (2006)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

The brash and self-centered rookie sensation Lightning McQueen is anxious to win a crucial tiebreaker after a humbling draw in the esteemed Piston Cup. On his way to his biggest race, he gets detached from this hauler and winds up on Route 66 in a town called Radiator Springs.

Upon arriving, McQueen damages their road and is being made to repair it. The Sheriff, an old Hudson Hornet, and Mater, an old tow truck, who later becomes his best friend, watch over him.


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McQueen meets a lot of other personalities in Radiator Springs which helped him realize the more important things in life. After fixing their road and getting the love and respect from the townspeople, will he make it in time for the Dinoco 400?

Monsters Inc (2001)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

The power company Monsters, Inc is the center of the monsters only city of Monstropolis. The story centers around James P. Sullivan or Sulley and his best friend Mike Wazowski. Sulley is a large furry behemoth monster and Mike is a small green cyclops.

All is well for the two monsters till they discovered a 2-year-old baby girl who managed to sneak into the monster world. Dubbed as Boo, Sulley and Mike must now locate her correct door before anyone finds out.

Upon further interactions with the little girl, both Mike and Sulley learn that Boo does not pose any threats at all. In fact, Boo is actually a key to uncovering a conspiracy and a solution to their city’s ongoing power crisis.

Freaky Friday (2003)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Fifteen-year-old Anna Coleman and Dr. Tess Coleman, a widow about to remarry, are mother and daughter who do not get along. One evening on a Thursday their disputes reach an all-time high. Anna is upset with her mother’s lack of support on her music and Tess with Anna’s disapproval of her fiancé.

Everything goes disarray when two mystical Chinese fortune cookies dawned on them a little spell. Mother and daughter woke up the next day finding themselves in the wrong bodies.

The experience gives them newfound respect for one another by literally putting the one in the shoes of the other. Time is running out though for the mother-daughter duo as Tess’s wedding is this coming Saturday.

The pair urgently needs to find a way to return to their own bodies – but how?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Based on the 2nd book by C.S. Lewis, the story is set in World War II London. A family of four children had to leave their hometown to escape the blitz. The children find themselves in a massive old mansion to be watched over by the aging owner, Professor Kirke.

All seem normal till a game of hide and seek sends the youngest of the children Lucy to an old wardrobe. Lucy went to hide in the wardrobe and found more than just the perfect hiding place, she found Narnia.


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Narnia during that time was ruled by an evil White Witch who covered the land in snow for 100 years. It is prophesized that the four children where the chosen ones who will defeat the White Witch.

With the aid of the true ruler of Narnia, the Lion Aslan, the four children along with the Narnians set to challenge the White Witch.

Wall-E (2008)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class or WALL-E is the only robot left on Earth. He spends his time cleaning up the planet but in time develops a personality and feels more than lonely.

WALL-E meets EVE, a more modern robot sent to Earth on a scouting mission. It was love at first sight as WALL-E goes with EVE on his biggest adventure yet.

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Jesse has no friends and gets picked on at school until the new girl Leslie comes in and befriends him. Both become really close and created a world out of their imagination called Terabithia but one day, disaster struck.

Stricken by the loss of Leslie, it is up to Jesse now to recall Leslie’s teachings of happiness and imagination.

Finding Nemo (2003)

Best Disney Movies From the 2000s

Young clownfish Nemo is captured by human divers and taken to a dentist’s aquarium in the great Sydney Harbor. Marlin, an overly cautious father sets out on a grand journey across the ocean to find his son, Nemo.


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On his way to Sydney, Marlin meets an amnesiac blue tang named Dory who accompanies him on his quest. Together, they accomplished feats of legend that spread across the ocean all the way to his son in a fish tank in Sydney.

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