40 Best Disney Villains of All Time (RANKED)

40 Best Disney Villains of All Time (RANKED)

The animation company founded by Walt Disney has brought us tremendous joy during its century-old history of producing animated movies. Disney’s movies are among the most critically-acclaimed animated movies in history, and they have brought joy and raised dozens of generations. The movies were filled with Disney’s usual magic and although we have primarily focused on the heroes, the movies have also brought us a set of memorable villains and they are going to be the topic of this article.

In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 40 best Disney villains as they have appeared in both Disney’s and Pixar’s animated feature films. We are going to include a diverse set of villains from different movies and eras of Disney’s animation. You’re going to find out a bit about them and where they come from in our ranked list, as they are going to be listed from 40th to 1st place.

Best Disney villains

While coming up with out list, we have tried to come up with the best way of ranking these villains. In the end, we have decided to consider several factors. The first is the character’s in-universe legacy, i.e., the malice and chaos they have caused in the movie. Secondly, we’re going to consider each character’s legacy, i.e., their cultural and historical importance. Finally, we are going to consider their authenticity and originality. These are the basic criteria we have used to compose this list.

40. Tamatoa

moana shiny tamatoa

Feature: Moana (2016)

In the past, Tamatoa says he was humiliated and became determined to own valuables to gain respect. This made him conceited and narcissistic with a superiority complex. He is also quite comical with a twisted sense of humor, as shown in the way he comments on how long it took for him to devour his grandmother or when he tells Moana to choose one of his eyes. to be able to talk to him properly. On the other hand, he is very dangerous, murderous and sadistic like for example the way he tortures and beats Maui while having fun and singing.

39. Lady Tremaine


Feature: Cinderella (1950)

Unlike many other Disney villains, Lady of Tremaine does not possess magical powers and does not have superhuman strength. Endowed with a subtle game, she does not exaggerate but shows passive aggressiveness, mastering the art of appearances to convey the image of a more than respectable woman. Cold, cruel, ambitious and occasionally sarcastic, she educates her daughters in manners, grace and self-control, and always reminds them of this when they bicker or act rude.

38. Maleficent

maleficent 1

Feature: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Maleficent is a fearsomely pernicious and vindictive fairy. The only reason for the mischief she causes to King Stéphane and his family is the injury to his pride, the royal family not having invited her to the baptism of the princess unlike the rest of the kingdom.

But her almost natural propensity to spread evil also counts in her motivations, with the Three Good Fairies mentioning her delight in destroying beauty, whether it’s flowers or Princess Aurora herself. This is also exteriorized by her Machiavellian laugh, for example when she reveals to the prisoner Prince Philippe her laborious destiny, only in order to torment him.

37. Bill Sykes


Feature: Oliver & Company (1988)

Sykes is one of the tough type Disney villains, showing his dark side as a traditional antagonist. He is brutal, dark, ironic, psychotic, impatient, callous, clean-shaven, sinisterly charming, cruel, evil, somewhat naive, cunning, opportunistic, murderous, rough, greedy, sadistic, and villainous.

36. Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke

Shephards Journal 14

Feature: Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Rourke is apparently composed, pragmatic and a reasonable authority figure. In truth, he was extremely manipulative, intriguing, cruel and violent, having no qualms about harming or threatening others to get what he wanted. According to Rourke, he also has quite a bit of control over his temper as he tells Milo and congratulates Milo for letting him go wild. Having been expelled from college numerous times at the age of 15, he possesses a deep hatred of pure and rigid academics and ethics, as he believes they prevent people from “playing dirty” in order to be successful in life.

35. Chick Hicks


Feature: Cars (2006)

Chick Hicks is a completely arrogant, pretentious and aggressive car who spent a good part of the races shoving other racers in order to win (apparently the competition managers didn’t even care). This is what made him one of the top three racers in the Piston Cup (along with Lightning McQueen and Strip Weathers).

34. Ernesto de la Cruz


Feature: Coco (2017)

At the time of his collaboration with Héctor, Ernesto de la Cruz really seemed to be a sympathetic, benevolent, sensitive and wise man, although his personality at that time has not been clearly defined. However, he already seemed to be power-hungry and using music (and therefore Héctor) to gain popularity.

The announcement of Héctor wanting to leave their career aside to take care of his family made Ernesto desperate because he was convinced that he could not live his dream without Héctor and when he failed to retain his partner, he became an extremely malevolent, selfish and dangerous individual who murdered Héctor and stole his songs so he could maintain his notoriety which he would do anything to maintain, including ruthlessly killing people like Miguel who posed threats to him since they could compromise his reputation and the image he gave to his public.

33. Gabby Gabby

Gabby Gabby Toy Story 4 1

Feature: Toy Story 4 (2019)

As befits a girl doll of her kind, Gabby generally speaks and acts in a polite and well-spoken manner, rarely, if ever, raising her voice towards others, let alone getting angry, though. she is generally considered an odd toy by the antique dealer’s other toys, in part because of her association with the Bensons. Despite her initial antagonism towards Woody and his friends, she has a good reputation internally, but is driven more by desperation at being trapped in the antique store than by any genuine malicious intent.

32. Shan Yu


Feature: Mulan (1998)

Shan Yu is one of the most ruthless and ferocious villains the Disney universe has ever seen. He’s not above killing his enemies in cold blood to prove his strength and it was shown when he joked about it. Shan Yu is also extremely confident in the strength and superiority of his and her own army, sometimes allowing his enemies to gain the upper hand in order to prove his power. This is the case, for example, of his attack on the Great Wall, where he allowed a solitary sentry to light the signal fire, send a message to the Emperor and give him time to mobilize the imperial army.

31. Gantu


Feature: Lilo & Stitch (2002)

He is the arch-enemy of Lilo and Stitch. He is an extremely large and muscular alien (although he has a pot belly), with a gruff personality. Gantu resembles a bipedal whale, has blue eyes and pillar-like legs, and wears a black battle shirt and black shorts. When he is seen by people over Hawaii, he typically tries to pass himself off as a person from Samoa.

30. Dr. Facilier

Princess and the frog disneyscreencaps com 1977

Feature: The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Facilier is a scheming bokor, driven primarily by greed and a desire to have authority over others; more specifically, on the citizens of New Orleans. As Naveen mentions, Facilier is indeed suave, gentle, and often charming, which helps him lure unsuspecting victims into his lair. When it comes to sorcery, Facilier is not as powerful as he seems, as his magic comes first from his “friends”, forcing the wizard to rely mostly on his own power of persuasion to execute his orders.

29. Captain Phoebus


Feature: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Although he tends to over-analyze and pretend to know what he is doing, he is described as a soldier who is sarcastically funny, courageous, confident, and enjoys looking at situations with humor. Phoebus almost always seems to get into arguments, even with Esmeralda.

28. Yzma

Emperors new groove disneyscreencaps.com 1596

Feature: The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

As the main villain, Yzma is malevolent and power-hungry. However, at the start of the first film, it appears that she raised Kuzco, rather than his parents, and served as the family’s advisor and scientist for many years. It is only when Kuzco abruptly and unceremoniously fires her that she turns on him, decides to kill him, and then fills the power vacuum left in her wake and becomes Empress. It’s also implied that her being the one who raised him partly explains Kuzco’s negative personality traits.

27. Hans


Feature: Frozen (2013)

Hans is a physical representation of a silent killer. With a noble demeanor, he presents himself as someone others can trust – a best friend, a loved one, or a trustworthy authority figure. Establishing himself as someone of virtue, Hans is able to observe his opponents and examine their deepest insecurities, which he will later use against them as a means to further his goals. These false impressions conquered Anna, and the whole of Arendelle, thus allowing Hans to seize the throne without giving any premonition of regicide.

26. Professor Ratigan

Ratigans Bell

Feature: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Ratigan is very charismatic, calm, polite, and calculating, but can easily fly into a rage at the mere mention of Basil foiling many of his rather complex plans, or at the incompetence of his minions. He is intolerant of failure and nearly kills Fidget for losing a list of items he was supposed to procure before making a calculated, if lightning-quick, decision to spare him, believing he could still be of use to him.

He has a very dark, malicious sense of humor and an inflated ego. He is also very intelligent and like most rats, he prefers to live in the sewers. Unlike most Disney villains, Ratigan is an exuberant, lip-smacking jester, prone to big movements and long rants or speeches.

A truly cruel and sadistic megalomaniac, Ratigan is driven solely by power and a desire to earn riches and even more by a desire to rule over his fellow man in place of Queen Mousetoria. Unlike most evildoers, he recognizes his crimes as immoral and takes pride in his evil deeds, which he acknowledges as evil, making him a truly sadistic and heartless being. He even says that he loves being evil and that he is about to commit a crime that will leave an infamous legacy.

25. Governor Ratcliffe


Feature: Pocahontas (1995)

Ratcliffe is a selfish, greedy and malevolent man. His only goal is to get rich and gain prestige and power at court. Having no consideration for others, he is racist towards the Amerindians whom he sees only as savages and is falsely convinced that they hide the gold which would belong to him by right.

This could mean that Ratcliffe, like Claude Frollo, doesn’t think he’s a bad character. To achieve his ends, Ratcliffe is willing to kill and instigate destructive plots by manipulating the colonists into leaving to confront the Powhatan or persuading King James to send an armada through lies and trickery.

24. Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham 2

Feature: Robin Hood (1973)

The Sheriff of Nottingham is Prince John’s zealous servant, carrying out the duty imposed on him by the tyrant by collecting taxes and actively pursuing Robin Hood. The Sheriff is usually a jovial character who enjoys his task and does not care about the injustice of his actions. He even indulges, like the rest of the people, in humming the tune that makes fun of Prince John.

However, he can lose his temper when faced with strong resistance, such as when Brother Tuck attacks him, getting angry at his injustice. He has few scruples when he takes money from a blind beggar and prepares the gallows for the execution of Brother Tuck, a clergyman, which shocks even Triste Sire. He is smart when he is the only one to understand that something is going on when Prince John suddenly changes his mind by ordering Robin’s release.

23. Sid Phillips

Profile Sid Phillips

Feature: Toy Story (1995)

Sid is a young, brash, and somewhat disturbed 11-year-old skate punk with metal braces whose idea of fun is to terrorize his little sister Hannah by taking away her toys and using them for creepy experiments, such as switching their heads or performing surgery on them. He also destroys toys in a variety of ways (through explosions, burns or his “crazy doctor games”).

Nevertheless, he may also have a lighter side, which is hinted at in his dreams about ponies. After his toys turned on him, he vowed never to hurt a toy again. Other than that, Sid has remained mostly the same (especially his love of heavy metal) and eventually became a garbage man.

22. Dawn Bellwether

Mayor Bellwether

Feature: Zootopia (2016)

Bellwether is the assistant mayor in the first term of Leodor Lionearth, who overloads her with work and insults her, but after a while Bellwether can’t take it anymore and tries to take revenge. She discovers a bulb that if it comes into contact with an animal makes it temporarily mad, but by processing it she manages to transform it into a permanent liquid poison which she injects into small glass bullets to shoot them without serious injury to the victim animal.

Bellwether specifically targets carnivores to drive them out of Zootopia. Mayor Lionearth then captures the animals that Bellwether hits and hides them, to study them without letting anyone know. However, he is discovered by Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, and is later arrested and put in jail.

21. Screenslaver

Screenslaver 1 Pixar Post

Feature: Incredibles 2 (2018)

Little is known about the personality that Evelyn Deavor had before her parents’ deaths. She appeared to be a caring and family-oriented woman. However, her father’s death changed her personality as she was convinced that he had died in a stupid and useless way because according to her, he could very well have taken refuge in a secure room or bought a gun instead of doing trust superheroes and wait for them to come and save him from burglars.

Now, Evelyn hated vigilantes and saw them as a threat to the independence of human beings. She therefore sought to prevent them from becoming legal again and was ready to do anything to achieve this, including hypnotizing or killing hundreds of innocent people.

This latter trait was demonstrated several times throughout the film, including when Evelyn tried to crash a monorail full of passengers or blow up an entire floor of a building in an attempt to erase evidence through the workings of the Screenslaver.

20. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Feature: Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The Queen of Hearts takes on a particularly psychotic personality. If most of the inhabitants of Wonderland lack reason, the Queen is the most dangerous when she rules this world and benefits from an incredible authority which completely subjugates her husband and his subjects who fear losing their heads, this which she reserves for anyone who does not obey her will or even slightly irritates her.

She is incredibly unstable, going from joy and calm to anger, even rage, when the slightest thing upsets her. His meeting with Alice thus takes place in good conditions at first, the sovereign being curious and intrigued by the young girl whom she invites to a game of croquet.

19. Ursula


Feature: The Little Mermaid (1989)

By nature, Ursula had a very dark personality, with a mischievous sense of humor. After her banishment from Atlantis, the sea witch established herself as a physical beacon of hope for the unfortunate, enabling them to make deals and business proposals that supposedly would make them happy, if they managed to fulfill their part of the bargain.

During these transactions, she speaks in a tone of grandmother, as if her only concern was the satisfaction of her customers. She pressures her victims into accepting her offer, further posing as their last attempt to fulfill their dreams. However, if Ariel’s deal is to be believed, Ursula sadistically makes sure her clients don’t keep their end of the bargain, resulting in their souls being forever in her possession and their bodies becoming permanent members of its living garden, in the form of polyps.

18. Judge Claude Frollo


Feature: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Frollo is cruel and suspicious. He hates gypsies to death, and has ordered her guards to persecute the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda for witchcraft, to sentence her to death at the stake. Although he has become her greatest enemy, he is the one Esmeralda has managed to snatch her heart from.

17. Gaston

Gaston LeGume

Feature: Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Gaston is strong and handsome, and exploits these characteristics to the fullest. He is very popular in his town, who don’t seem to realize his true nature, and this serves to feed his ego. A narcissist who views himself as superior to everyone around him, Gaston is rude, uneducated, and sexist. He is also arrogant, as he demonstrates in his setting up a wedding before he even proposed to Belle under the expectation that she would approve of becoming his wife.

He was also convinced that he is powerful enough to defeat the Beast by himself. He even taunts the beast, wanting it to fight as he wants to prove that he can kill in a fair fight. However, his arrogance makes him underestimate his opponent and once he realizes that his life is in danger, his apparent façade disappears and he will beg for his life when he is overwhelmed.

16. Charles F. Muntz


Feature: Up (2009)

In the early 1930s, Charles F. Muntz, a wealthy and seductive adventurer, was the stuff of dreams the world over. Carl and Ellie, then young, were his biggest fans. Muntz traveled the globe aboard his spectacular airship, discovering the treasures of our planet, whether priceless archaeological relics, incredible scientific discoveries or never-before-seen animal and plant species.

However, when he brought back the strange skeleton of a creature from the mountains of South America, he was scientifically completely discredited. Determined to prove that everyone was wrong, Muntz returns to the scene of his discovery, ready to do anything to bring back alive the specimen that will restore his prestige.

15. Hopper


Feature: A Bug’s Life (1998)

Ruthless and violent, but also cunning, Hopper does not think of killing ants, which he considers inferior to the earth, and his way of talking to Princess Atta is reminiscent of an abusive boyfriend who makes fun of his terrified girlfriend. He also defeats his minions and probably kills three of them to keep control of his gang.

He doesn’t like to be seen as weak in any way. Hopper is also briefly described as a very anxious character. Indeed, during the Mexican bar scene, he expresses to his gang the need to obtain the respect and obedience of the ants because they are much more numerous than them.

He explains that one rebellious ant is enough to cause the mutiny of an entire colony (which, ironically, will take place at the end of the film). He should reveal a huge fear towards ants, hidden by his ruthless and dictatorial ways towards ants and even his troops.

14. William Cecil Clayton


Feature: Tarzan (1999)

Initially, Clayton seemed like a courteous man, although he had a fragile temper and was unwilling to treat the African expedition as an experience of discovery rather than a business venture, as the Porters were often distracted by sites and wildlife other than gorillas.

He also displayed a tinge of animal hatred, and ignorance in terms of understanding, believing gorillas to be wild beasts, despite Professor Porter’s assumption that gorillas are generally creatures. social. It also ties into Clayton’s mild paranoia about the jungle, for being overprotective of himself, as well as being trigger-happy, firing the second he suspects an animal is there. other than a gorilla nearby.

13. Buddy Pine / IncrediBoy / Syndrome


Feature: The Incredibles (2004)

When he was young, Buddy Pine was a bright, enthusiastic, joyful and idealistic child. He was a big fan of Mr. Incredible and probably other superheroes in general who dreamed of becoming a vigilante too and fighting crime alongside his idol. His passion for this kind of characters led the young boy to use his brilliant intelligence to make inventions that would allow him to be like superheroes, including rockets that he attached to his boots so he could fly like Mr. Incredible and other vigilantes.

12. Randall Boggs

Radall Boggs

Feature: Monsters, Inc. (2001)

In Monsters Academy, Randall was a kind and shy teenager who hung out with Bob, as they were initially roommates. He admired Bob’s confidence and was initially put off by his camouflage ability, thinking it would make a joke of him until Bob complimented his ability, saying he had to use it. Although Bob’s suggestion not to use his glasses to become completely invisible led to Randall constantly squinting.

Randall expressed a desire to mingle with the popular crowd and quickly turned his back on Bob when he was asked to join the Kings of Omega Roar, even participating in a prank on Oozma Kappa. After his failed performance at the end of the Scare Games, which likely got him kicked out of MMR, Randall earned himself an enmity towards Sully, swearing it would be the last time he lost to him.

11. Robert Callaghan


Feature: Big Hero 6 (2014)

Before the tragic incident with his daughter Abigail, Robert was a kind-hearted man who wanted to change the world for the better through the wonders of science and technology. He used his wisdom to set young people on a good path and served as a father figure to his students, especially Tadashi.

He was also a passionate advocate of science and resented those who used technological progress for selfish purposes, such as the pursuit of wealth and vain recognition, rather than making the world a better place. Above all, however, his true love and concern was for Abigail, whom he once described as everything to him.

Her disappearance and Mr. Krei’s ignorance of innovation turned Robert into a murderous, vicious, and rather callous man who sought revenge on those who had wronged him. With Abigail’s death, Robert’s morals seemed to have disappeared and his desire for revenge knew no bounds, as he repeatedly tried to kill Hiro and his other students (originally because they were witnesses, later because they posed a significant threat to his plans).

He also rampaged through the streets, destroying parts of the city and constantly endangering innocent lives, up to and including the indirect murder of his prodigy Tadashi, all seemingly without remorse.

10. Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear

Profile Lotso Huggin Bear

Feature: Toy Story (2010)

Behind this benevolent facade, Lotso is in reality a cruel, ruthless, sadistic, mocking, conniving, cunning, rage-driven dictator and prison warden who rules Sunnyside with an iron fist, locking new toys in the Caterpillar Room where they must endure the ruthless toddlers while he makes himself comfortable in the Butterfly Room.

This type of behavior was brought on by his perceived betrayal of Daisy. According to Chuckles, Lotso used to be a good toy and friend before they were accidentally abandoned and Lotso found himself replaced as a result. Now Lotso thrives on making others feel his pain by telling those who step out of line that toys are not special and are meant to be thrown away without reparation.

Even if other toys had nothing to do with him being replaced. For example, when the gang meets him on their escape, he tries to convince Woody that he does not care about them anymore because Andy is leaving for college without taking them with him. He shows no mercy to toys who fight back, resist, and help other toys escape.

This includes his own gang, who begin to question their position when Woody and Ken reveal Lotso’s true intentions with his gang, causing him to throw a tyrannical tantrum.

9. Evil Emperor Zurg

Toy story2 disneyscreencaps.com 8243

Feature: Toy Story 2 (1999)

He rules over planet Z and wants to take over the entire universe. His subjects are Grubs, who resemble the Little Green Men from Star Command, Brain Pods, who work for him as scientists and researchers, and an army of Hornets, his robotic foot soldiers, which he uses in battle. He is a flamboyant villain who often breaks through the seriousness of his evil utterances, and is as much a comic book character as a fearsome adversary.

He is known for videotaping Buzz’s speeches to secretly make fun of him. At one point during a fight, he tells Buzz that he is his father (just like in Toy Story 2), only to gain the upper hand by using the statement as a “Made You Look” moment to trick Buzz, strongly suggesting that he is not descended from Buzz’s parents and that only the toy from the movie believed he was Buzz’s father. Despite his comical nature, he is widely regarded as the most evil person in the galaxy.

8. Jafar


Feature: Aladdin (1992)

Jafar is a highly selfish and cruel character. He only aims to improve his situation even further by obtaining power, first that of the Sultan of Agrabah, and is able to eliminate anyone who would be an obstacle in his path. He only sees others as instruments, like Gazeem whose death gives him no remorse.

The only friendly relationship he seems to have is the one he has with his parrot Iago with whom he shares all his plans and makes benefit from his power. It could be that he feels the need to ease his loneliness or that he just likes having a partner in his shenanigans.

He resents the parrot for betraying him in the straight-to-video sequel and gives him the opportunity to redeem himself by taking advantage of the closeness he has established with Aladdin and his people. It is thus also possible that he only sees him as an object since he does not hesitate to suffocate him so that he stops talking.

7. Man

Bambi DeadHunterDeleted

Feature: Bambi (1942)

The Man is the main antagonist of Disney’s animated feature film, Bambi released in 1942. Experienced in his hunting activities, he is the one who killed Bambi’s mother, undoubtedly one of the most terrible atrocities committed by a Disney villain, before anyone else. Also what makes him a unique Disney villain is that he is the only antagonist who never appears on screen during the entire film.

We can only see his camp or his dogs towards the end of the film. He is characterized only by two elements which make it possible to point it out as being present in the feature film: the noise, coming from his gun when he starts shooting, and disturbing music that accompanies it.

6. Hades

Profile Hades

Feature: Hercules (1997)

Hades is a highly intelligent and calculating character, concocting various elaborate machinations that only aim to serve his own interests and satisfy his lust for power. Purely selfish, mistreating his own lackeys, he wants to usurp his brother’s place as master of Olympus, which relates to a form of jealousy he has after being assigned an unsatisfactory task: management of the underworld.

He is also manipulative, exploiting the weaknesses of individuals so that they serve him, as is visible with Megara when he manages to persuade Hercules to spy on Hercules or with this one when he uses his feelings for Meg so that he gives up his powers.

This manipulative side is found a lot in the Kingdom Hearts saga where he hires various Final Fantasy characters to counter his nephew or when he knows that Sora’s will to save Meg will allow the reopening of the Coliseum of the Underworld. Hades nevertheless always keeps its word in its markets.

5. Evil Queen

evil queen snow white and the seven dwarfs 1937

Feature: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

The Queen is cruel, cold, proud, tyrannical and full of vanity. She doesn’t seem to get involved in the affairs of the kingdom, her only goal being to be the most beautiful on Earth. That’s why she covered Snow White with rags, fearing that her daughter-in-law’s beauty would surpass her own. When she learns that is now the case, and sees the Prince’s attentions to Snow White, her instincts turn murderous.

She becomes ready for anything, even to kill her stepdaughter and those who oppose her mission. Apparently, she does not like to take on such tasks herself and prefers to send her underling, the Hunter, to take care of it, on pain of death if he fails. However, when she sees that she can only trust herself, the Queen is forced to take on this charge, and concocts a plan in a very subtle way, which shows her high intelligence.

4. Captain Hook


Feature: Peter Pan (1953)

Hook is only a dandy in appearance: his rude and neglected attitude (he often wears a three-day beard), his violence and his pirate background are the opposite of the codes of good manners he holds so dear. In Peter Pan, another recurring characteristic sign of the Captain is the fact that when the Crocodile ticks, his mustache begins to beat in time, like the hands of a clock and the Crocodile’s tail.

Moreover, we can note that when he plays with his mustache or when Peter has fun pulling it on him, it makes the noise of a clock hand. Also in Crocodile fashion, his eyes twitch in time with the ticking sound whenever he hears it.

3. Cruella de Vil


Feature: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

Unlike previous Disney villains, such as the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Queen of Hearts, and Maleficent, Cruella is not a schemer and has no powers. Instead, she acts purely on impulse and is therefore prone to reckless behavior.

Unlike future versions of the character, this version of Cruella was seemingly invincible in the eyes of the Dalmatians, who, although they might be able to keep Jasper and Horace at bay, were unable to deal with “this cruel woman”. Their only hope was therefore to flee; Cruella’s defeat in the film is not brought about by the acts of the animals, but by her own stubborn relentlessness (which, by the end of the film, apparently escalated into mad fury) and the incompetence of her henchmen.

2. Shere Khan

ShereKhankeysetup 1

Feature: The Jungle Book (1967)

Shere Khan is the physical embodiment of power and calm. With a dignified manner of bearing, and a strong sense of pride and elegance, the ruthless tiger is considered the unsubstantiated ruler of the jungles of India; he is well aware of this reputation, for he takes advantage of it with sadism.

Most if not all jungle dwellers are known to fear Shere Khan, and for obvious reasons: he is physically imposing, often seen with a stoic and menacing expression. The only times he is seen moving otherwise are during his interrogations with potential victims, where he speaks in a soft tone, lined with a condescending, knowing smile, as he subtly taunts and emotionally torments his prey until until he is ready to deliver the coup de grace.

1. Scar


Feature: The Lion King (1994)

Highly intelligent, Scar is cold and calculating, desiring to take the throne no matter what actions he takes to get there. He doesn’t hesitate to use other people’s feelings for his own ends by pushing Mufasa to save his son from wildebeests or rebellious hyenas by exacerbating their feeling of injustice.

A skilled manipulator, he manages to trick young Simba on three occasions, by cleverly inciting him to visit the Elephant Cemetery against his father’s advice, to wait for an alleged surprise on the path on which the wildebeest will come running and to flee afterwards. He will try to use this manipulative talent on Simba’s return, wanting to blame his own faults on the hyenas, but will come up against the disbelief of his nephew, who has become an adult.

Sadistic, he persuades the young Simba that Mufasa’s death is his fault when the King died in a plan cleverly orchestrated by him and that Mufasa could have survived if Scar had not brought him down.

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