30 Best Games Like The Sims You Need to Try in 2023

best games like the sims

Whether you like to roleplay as a powerful mage or relive historical events on the battlefield there is no denying that sometimes we want to play simply as ourselves. Our next list is filled with life simulation games and these games are somewhat similar to the trendy game the Sims. The games are ranked from least to best, so hang in there; you’ll get the fruit of patience. Let’s check out our list of 30 best games like the Sims everybody needs to try!

30. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Life Simulation game/Strategy game
Initial release date: 2nd April 2003.
Price: Free

The first entry on our list of best games like the Sims is Singles: Flirt Up your life. To describe Singles: Flirt Up Your Life in a word, it would be a blatant copy of Sims. It was released after the Sims and is seen as a simple version of that game.

In this game, the characters go through their routines and meet other characters, and have relationships. The main focus of this game is not the character’s progress or managing their routine life; instead, its main objective is to have romantic relationships and happy dating life.  

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life took inspiration from the Sims, like managing needs, romance, and some customization regarding the rooms, but in this game, there are no complex consequences when the condition of the characters is unsatisfied. The different characters and their backgrounds and traits make up fascinating gameplay.

The real fun of this game is to create feelings of characteristics and get them together to have a relationship while managing their routines and day-to-day professional life. 

29. Mitomo

Genre: Social networking service.
Initial release date: 17th March 2016.
Price: Free

Mitomo has similar gameplay to the Sims. Initially, the usage of the Mitomo app for communication purposes like Facebook and Twitter got worldwide recognition and millions of downloads after its release. Then the downloads soon started to fall and ceased. 

In this game, you have characters who interact with each other and make friends. The characters follow a particular routine and do tasks to stay fresh and alive.

You earn coins by doing chores and can use these coins for in-app purchasing. The virtual currency of this game is fascinating; to buy numerous stuff like clothes, furniture, etc., You earn money by inviting a friend to register in this game. 

28. Desperate Housewives: The Game

Genre: Life simulation game/Video game/Social simulation.
Initial release date: 6th October 2006
Price: Free

Desperate Housewives is a more structural storyline than the Sims. The game presents a story of adventurous simulation life having close ties with the television series The Desperate Housewives. It has the same gameplay as the admired Sims with a more progressed and defined track of 4 lives and four possible endings.

Desperate Housewives gameplay includes managing the character’s life, routines, profession, hobbies, social life, physical look, and contentment. The games also include house transformation, interior décor, and design. 

Unlike Sims, Desperate Housewives: The game consists of 12 episodic storylines where the characters have to visit specific locations, gather clues, and interrogate other characters to solve mysterious situations. 

27. Virtual Families

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Casual game/Simulation.
Initial release date: 22nd April 2009.
Price: Free

Virtual Families simulation game employs actual mechanics like allowing well-ordered decision-making skills and a more realistic life presentation. Virtual family moves at a moderate pace reviewing the player’s decisions regarding his career, day-to-day life, and virtual family. 

The player’s conclusion revolves around house décor, his adopted family, and routine life. The main feature of Virtual Families is that the new characters come up with various combinations of personalities.

The Virtual Families have a massive multi-generation element to look back to the 30 generations from the family tree. There are a lot of dynamic systems in Virtual Families, whether it’s character’s sickness, weather, or puzzels. 

The mobile application of Virtual Families makes it very easy to check up on your virtual family from anywhere at any time. 

26. Habbo

Genre: Life simulation game/Role-playing/Massively multi-player.
Initial release date: August 2000
Price: 3.99 USD

Habbo is another fantastic substitute for the Sims; it is an online social networking game available to over 150 countries. Habbo employs pixel graphics which gives it a classic feel. 

Habbo offers a lot of customization for the room, and you can change anything in the room like furniture, décor, etc. You can also play it for free and own Habboo virtual currency to enjoy specific privileges. All in all, you can customize anything in this game with its virtual currency. 

25. Stardew Valley

Genre: Role-playing/Simulation/Strategy/Indie/Adventure/Fighting game.
Initial release date: 26th February 2016
Price: 4.99 USD

The next game on our list of best games like the Sims is the extremely popular Stardew Valley. The game Stardew Valley has the same gameplay as the Sims. This game follows an unchallenging story of a nice guy tired of his dull, boring life and the ups and downs of his workplace. The guy feels fed up with the tedious environment he lived in, making him move to Stardew Valley farm. 

His grandfather left him a long stretch of land to act on his numerous ideas and hopes to do well. All the exciting farming elements are present; getting to learn the crop system, meeting the villagers, doing chores, etc. 

The visual arts of Stardew Valley are awe-inspiring, very picturesque, and minimalist designs. Stardew Valley game has a fantastic soundtrack of music too. You get lost in the beauty of this game. 

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24. Animal Crossing

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Adventure/Life simulation game/Education simulation.
Initial release date: 14th April 2001
Price: 12.00 USD

Animal Crossing is the best choice for someone who loved the location in the Sims. You, as a player, will be transported into a village that needs you to make it beautiful. You will interact with the other villagers and make friends.

You can decorate your room however you like with a massive amount of themes. When you interact with other villages, they offer you things they believe you will prefer. You can go fishing, plant new flowers, look for fossils and build a new cheery town. Animal Crossing is a wholesome game you will love to play.

23. Fallout Shelter

Genre: Construction management simulation/Role-playing game.
Initial release date: 14th June 2015. 
Price: Free

Fallout Shelter is related to Sims in terms of their genre simulation. Both games share some common elements. This game is a perfect boredom killer for Android, iOS, PS4, and PC users.

In Fallout Shelter game, the main character is traveling through a land wasted by a nuclear war.  This game is an overflowing mixture of storylines about adventure, cruelty, betrayal, and, suspicion. You will be the administrator of a vault made to protect the people after the war. There are multiple people in the vault, and you must keep them motivated, satisfied, and happy.  Inventory and fallout currency management make Fallout Shelter very fascinating. New units and new dwellers are added with every passing game loop to expand the vault.

22. IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual University)

Genre: Social networking site/Simulation. 
Initial release date: 2004
Price:  Free

In Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, you customize 3D characters and houses to play. This game has some different features than the Sims. 

In the IMVU shop, you choose from hundreds of clothes for your customized avatar, and there are many furniture options. The clothes you make your avatar wear and the furniture you choose describes your style. With this game’s chat feature, you can connect with other people and make friends in the game and enjoy some great opportunities together. 

21. Lady Popular

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Dress-up game/Simulation game.
Initial release date: November 2009
Price: Free

Lady Popular is mainly about fashion and dressing up your character in amazingly fashionable clothes. The game is available for your PCs and smartphones. 

In Lady Popular you get to enjoy different clothing items as you move forward in the gameplay. Many fashionable clothes and accessories unlock when you perform the assigned tasks, and in this way, you make a perfect avatar according to your style. There is also an exciting feature of color elements that turns your customization into something extraordinary.

It is a long-term game in which your avatar popularity is presented on stats and compared to some other players’ avatars to win some health bonuses and much more.

20. City Girl Life

Genre: Life simulation game.
Initial release date: October 2012
Price: Free

City Girl Life is a Facebook game and works through Facebook Gameroom. It is pretty similar to the Sims because it is a life simulation game. 

In the City Girl Life game, you have the same character customization features, home decoration, and management of characters’ needs. There are hundreds of items for you to avail to make your specific customization style. You also supervise the characters’ needs like sleep, nutrition, work, hobbies, and household routine.

The choice of profession and making friends is also up to you. You have to be careful of your avatar’s hygiene and relationships and keep them motivated and satisfied with their lives and careers. Due to its micromanagement-oriented gameplay City Girl Life game managed to earn its spot on our list of best games like the Sims.

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19. Jurassic World Evolution

Genre: Business simulation/Construction and management simulation.
Initial release date: 11th June 2018
Price: 44.99 USD

This game is a bit different from the rest of our list of best games like the Sims. The main objective of Jurassic World Evolution is to build, develop,  and expand Jurassic park to attract customers. The dinosaurs are the main hero of the game; they are gigantic and impressive. There are 42 species of dinosaurs with unique eccentricities and gameplay for you to enjoy. 

It is fun to build the park for spectators to see, and the gameplay has taxing challenges and rewards.  But there is a lack of chaotic action in the game. The dinosaurs are well-behaved, and that makes the game a little bit monotonous.

18. Two Point Hospital

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Business simulation/Indie game/Strategy game.
Initial release date: 30th August 2018
Price: 11.89 USD

Do you ever dream of becoming a doctor to treat some quirky disease? Then Two Point Hospital is a game is for you. The mechanics of this game are elementary, just like in the Sims. 

You have to manage a hospital, and after some time, you have to expand it and treat the patients with some hilarious diseases. You have to hire people with high credentials for you to do good in the game. If you can treat the patient’s problem, you will have fun playing Two Point Hospital.

17. Planet Zoo

Genre: Construction and Management simulation/Casual/Simulation game
Initial release date: 5th November 2019
Price: 44.99 USD

Planet Zoo game is also a simulation game like Sims, but it mainly focuses on conserving and preserving wild animals’ lives, making it more enjoyable rather than confusing. 

Planet Zoo has a nicely balanced economy and natural-looking animals, which adds to the attraction of this game. It is no hard work to maintain the game loop by managing the different animals’ specific habitats, emotions, and needs. There is much customization involved in Planet Zoo, and it is easy as a child’s play. 

16. Return To PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale

Genre: Role-playing video game/Simulation game. 
Initial release date: 18th June 2015
Price: 21.99 USD

Return To PopoloCrois: a story of seasons Fairytale offers a perfect fictional world for one to lose oneself. The title of this gameplay is a mouthful but is an enjoyable Nintendo classic game available. 

In Return To PopoloCrois: a story of seasons Fairytale, you play as a prince thrown from another world into the otherworld and must get back by hook or crook. It is a farming simulation game that is worth being obsessive for many players. Return To PopoloCrois: a story of seasons Fairytale is an old-school game just like sims, and you’ll undoubtedly love playing it. 

15. Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Simulation video game.
Initial release date: 7th January 2013
Price: 0.99 USD

Life Quest 2 has similar gameplay to Sims but has some advanced setup. The game is more focused on achieving your dream and your trek to social hierarchy. 

Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full game revolves around gaining specific objectives to climb the various milestones. You have got about 100 days to fulfill 12 quests.

Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full emphasizes replaying the quests because of your different strategies and paths to carry out that mission. That is why the gameplay of life. Quest 2 is shorter than Sims for people who lose interest in long stretch games like Sims and its alternatives.

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14. Avakin Life 

Genre: Life Simulation Game.
Initial release date: 16th April 2020.
Price: Free

Avakin Life is a game like the Sims for Android and iOS users with many character customization, house construction, and social gameplay. This game is available for smartphones too. 

Avakin Life  game has impressive graphics, great customization of avatar, and building your dream house, which attracted millions of downloads from interested players.

There’s a vast range of décor for your home and endless clothes choices that make Avakin Life a lot similar to The Sims. Avakin Life is free, making it an excellent alternative for Sims because you don’t have to spend a penny to enjoy Avakin Life .

13. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What Happens if You Don't Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a While?

Genre: Life simulation/Adventure/Education simulation.
Initial release date: 20th  March  2020.
Price: 49.94 USD

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the best game in the list of games like Sims. It has the same gameplay, and some of its features are the same too. It is one of the most anticipated release games of 2020. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a delightful, calming, and addicting game. It has multiple varieties of mechanics with a unique reward system.

You make your customized character at the start of the game; then, the character finds an island where he wanders to his heart’s content. The island provides many activities like fishing, harvesting, collecting fun items, or strolling around.

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12.  Kudos

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Life Simulation Game.
Initial release date: 17th July 2006
Price: Free

If you love managing Lifelike for the characters of the Sims, then you found the perfect substitute for the Sims. Kudos is an old-school game where you control other characters’ lives, make choices, and do daily chores, which is pretty cool. 

You have to decide what your character profession will be, what work you will do, what they look like, who they are friends with and many decisions like this. You have total control over your character, just like in Sims.

Kudos does not provide 3D graphics, although it is a strategy game that outlines the characters’ lives, and you run it. A free demo to the players at the start of the game helps a lot.

11. Touch

Genre: Dancing game/Life simulation/K-pop Simulation game.
Initial release date: April 2014
Price: Free

Everyone loves k-pop, and if you ever thought about how it would feel to be a K-pop, then Touch is a game for you. You manage a K-pop star’s social life; it mainly focuses on music to manipulate the characters’ performances and music careers. 

Your character will have rows and rows of beautiful clothes to try on to compete in challenges. Touch game has a lot of Korean songs by K-pop bands like SNS, Infinite, EXO, and Rain. You have a dressing room to decorate just like in the Sims. There is also online chat support in this game, where you collab with other players to perform in the tournaments.

10. The Story of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

Genre: Role-playing/Casual/Life simulation/Adventure/Strategy simulation game.
Initial release date: 23rd March 2021
Price: 39.99 USD

We already had one game in the Story of Seasons franchise on this list of best games like the Sims, now we present you with The Story of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town. In The Story of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town game, you build your farm from scratch in a serene community called Olive town. You have taken this legacy from your grandfather, who put the foundation of this beautiful town with his friends.

The Story Of Seasons allows you to raise animals, plant crops, and interact with other people to build friendships. You have endless things to make your farm beautiful, like utilizing old stuff in a new modern way and various décor options and facilities.

The great thing about The Story of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town game is the presence of Earth Spirits, who adds the element of mystery and fantasy to this enjoyable game. Also, you get to know more about the villagers when you participate in the local festivals. 

9. My Time At Portia

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Action role-playing/Life simulation/Indie/Adventure/Fighting game.
Initial release date: 23rd January 2018
Price: 29.99 USD

The gameplay of My Time At Portia takes place in lovely, charming town. The town depicts a post-apocalyptic setting where you have the assignment to restore your father’s workshop utilizing various mechanics and facilities. Excellent tools to transform the old workshop into a new and modern shop, the game even allows you to make your special items.

You are also to be employed to do a job here and there, and later you will also compete in challenges. A lot of game loop of My Time At Portia has bonded with the Sims. Both games share many characteristics too. In this game, you build a relationship, get married and commence a new life with your partner. It is a wholesome and cute game to play. 

8. Kudos 2

Genre: Life Simulation Game.
Initial release date: October 2008
Price: Free

Kudos 2 is a life simulation game where you build your character, make friends, have a relationship, have a pet, and do day-to-day stuff. Also, you get to choose a profession and socialize with other characters. Kudos 2 is very akin to the Sims in all aspects. 

You get to make your character perfect through a span of 10 years of this virtual life. There are a fixed amount of tasks you do to pass these years like eating, shopping, and working, which increases your character statistics.

You make the appropriate goals for your characters throughout this period. The Kudos 2 game delivers the dream job, perfect relationship, and best life for its characters. 

7. House Flipper

Genre: Simulation video game/Indie Game/Simulation.
Initial release date: 17th May 2018
Price: 19.99 USD

If you are looking for a house management simulation game, then you will undoubtedly enjoy House Flipper. You have to build houses, customize them and decorate them just like in the Sims.

House Flipped urges you to be a perfectionist and a lover of DIY. There is an absolute amount of this you can do and achieve that makes you hooked to this game from the start. Buying things, repairing them, and redecorating them is just a small list of things you can do in this game.

In the initial stage of the gameplay, you are a worker of different jobs, and then eventually, you start to take more projects to work on, making progress in the game.

6. Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Life simulation game/ 
Initial release date: 6th December 2012
Price: Free

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is a slow-paced game based on a life simulation genre like the Sims and represents actual gameplay. 

In this Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House, you renovate the house, customize your character, shop from virtual markets, have a career, and have a perfect pet for your character. There is a feature of playing the game for a generation of characters. There are also some paid features. 

5. The Movies

Genre: Business simulation game/Strategy game. 
Initial release date: 8th November 2005
Price: 29.99 USD

This game has a little different game setting as it focuses on creating movies and has business management touches. The Movies is also an excellent substitute for the Sims.

The Movies has a foundation for building your movie studio, and movie celebrities, creating scripts for movies, building sets, and supervising movie stars’ lives.

There is a lot of management involved to keep the characters happy and motivated. In this game, you have to get an excellent script for the movie, choose from a vast selection of costumes for your avatar and hope to win the award for your film. There is a lot of fun and creativity involved in playing this game. 

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4. My Sunny Resort

Genre: Strategy/Casual/Free-To-Play/Simulation game.
Initial release date: 3rd May 2018
Price: Free

If you love house building like the Sims, it is hard to look past The Sunny Resort.  The Sunny Resort gameplay stands out the best on our list of games like Sims. It is available to play free on the browser, or you can download it. 

The player has to manage the growth of their island resort, and you have absolute control to spend money for the betterment of your resort.

There is a lot of customization element present in The Sunny Resort game. You can renovate your resort, change furniture, change the décor, or anything you want. You have total control to choose the tables, bedding, and accessories needed for your guest room décor. 

In My Sunny Resort, you have up to 1000 different choices for furniture, accessories, and other items. The game is delightful and fun to play as an alternative to the Sims. 

3. Cities: Skylines

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: City building game/Construction and management/Simulation game.
Initial release date: 10th March 2015
Price: 29.99 USD

Cities: Skylines is also a good alternative like Sims. In this game, there are a lot of rewards and punishment mechanics you might enjoy. 

Cities: Skyline has a lot of depth and characteristics that make the gameplay very interesting and fun, urging you to play it for hours on end, building the city with a population that keeps on increasing. As the landscape starts to take shape, the comfort of your citizen arises along with various problems.

Putting down roots to start building a city and making it self-sustained is a child’s play. But the punishing mechanics soon appear when you are deep into this fantastic world. 

Anyhow, Cities: Skyline is a fresh experience on the outlook of the Sims.

2. Youtubers’ Life

Genre: Strategy/Life simulation/Building Simulation/Indie/Casual game. 
Initial release day: 18th May 2016
Price: 24.99 USD

Youtubers’ life is a Life Simulation game like the Sims, and many of their aspects and gameplay are alike. It is also the players’ best choice game for those who enjoy playing games like Sims. If you want to experience being famous and have a significant following in a video-making app, you found the perfect match.

Youtubers’ life game includes the day-to-day life routine and responsibilities. You have to do your daily chores, do homework, and get a warning to be absent from school.

YouTubers’ life is a fun and cheery game with many details about the ups and downs of a social entertainer’s life. The game asks you to manage your time effectively and make entertaining videos to grow your career.

1. Second Life

30 Best Games Like Sims You Need To Try In 2021

Genre: Virtual world/Simulation/Role-playing game.
Initial release date: 23rd June 2003
Price: For Premium membership, 11.99 USD.

Second Life is by far the best game on this list of best games similar to Sims 3. Second Life is a multi-player life simulation game that shares many elements with the Sims along with the genre. Second life lets you experience the perfect virtual world. If you are looking for a game exactly like the Sims, you found a suitable match. 

You manage the characters’ lives, make them do daily chores, and have relationships; all in all, you have total control over their lives. Virtual money is tied to real money in this game, making the game more fun and profitable and time killer for Second Life game residents.

The second Life game is suitable for Sims fans if they love recreating lives in a virtual environment, interacting with other players, and making friends. The game offers many exciting features and experiences to explore vast themed locations of the game.

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