10 Best Harry Potter Characters Ranked by Likeability

best harry potter characters

World of Harry Potter is one of the most fascinating and interesting things in literature and movie world ever. And a never ending source of numerous topics to be discussed or dwelled upon. Since the publication of the first sequel, The Sorcerer’s Stone, the number of its fans has been increasing. Everyone knows who he is, many have dreamt about magic and powers and a friendship as powerful as Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s.

Harry Potter is a beloved character, one that evokes so many feelings and is certainly one of the most mentioned characters in literature and movie history. But, there are so many more characters that arose from these beautiful children’s (and not only children’s) books and later movies.

They are well known and unforgettable, some for their wits, some smarts and some their misdeeds. We love to love them, but we also love to hate them. But it is easier and nicer to talk about the ones we love. They have a special place in out hearts. This is the list of ten most loveable characters in the world of Harry Potter (without Harry himself).


hagrid 1

The friendly giant, a person who is always there for the ones he loves the most. It is absolutely impossible not to draw a smile on one’s face when he appears on the big screen. Brilliantly portrayed by Robbie Coltrane, Hagrid is a character that attracts with his big smile and an even bigger heart. Ready to help, to give himself completely to the things and people he appreciates and cares for, he is truly Hogwarts’ ray of sunshine. Until he decides to keep some unusual and not so friendly beasts.



The most caring and warmhearted elf that has ever been. It simply melts your heart when you see him and hear him speak. Having in mind his heartbreaking background, it is even easier to like him, but when he shows his courage, strength and loyalty, we realize that he is a friend of a kind, one that never disappears and is always ready to help, even at the cost of his own life. Also one of the most tragic characters in the whole story, who will never be forgotten.

Minerva McGonagall

minerva mcgonagall

We all have a certain vision of what a perfect teacher should look like and behave. They don’t exist. But if they did, they would be like Minerva McGonagall, the coolest and most dedicated teacher ever. Strict, severe and rarely smiling, but on the outside, a remarkable woman who breathes for her students, who gives herself to everything she does and is never away, never unavailable.

She teaches and expects to be listened to. She doesn’t like slackers, especially the ones who do not appreciate others. But when she sees that you are fully committed and ready to fight for your and other’s rights, she is the one who will help you the most. Let’s not forget to mention Dame Maggie Smith, who couldn’t be more perfect for the role of this unforgettable teacher.

Ron Weasley

ron weasley

We simply can’t dislike Ron, with his crooked smile, ginger hair and sense of humour. One of the kindest and most goodhearted characters, funny and witty, a great friend and wonderful son and brother. Again an excellent casting choice was made by choosing Rupert Grint who really gave all his efforts to depict this clumsy spiderhating boy.

It is never boring when Ron is on screen because we are always on for a good laugh, sometimes an occasional eye roll, but almost never a single bad word for this character. 

Luna Lovegood

luna lovegood 1

There’s not a single living soul who hasn’t at least once felt out of this world, an outsider, misunderstood or weird. But there are some who often feel like that and it is easier to see that they are not alone. Luna is the champion of originality and creativity, a girl who is well aware of her weirdness and never gives a damn what others will think of her.

She is bold and never afraid to risk, from her extravagant clothes and crazy hairstyles to the words she chooses and the way she behaves. But this is exactly why we adore her. She encourages us to be different, to stand out and never be ashamed of who we are, even if we don’t fit in.

Hermione Granger

hermione granger

Another strong female character, a role model for many girls who are not afraid to think outside the box, but at the same time be kind and respectful. Although she can sometimes be annoying, Hermione is proof that being true to yourself and not listening to what others have to say is one of the most important things that we can learn in life.

Beautifully portrayed by Emma Watson, this is the type of character we simply can’t forget. She attracts with her warm heart, wisdom, always nice words, but also a stubborness which regains a whole new dimension when we mention and hear her name.

Neville Longbottom

neville longbottom

This character will certainly be mentioned in many surveys and lists about the most memorable people in this series. Always here, but somehow in the shadows and never in the centre of attention. Neville is likeable from the very beginning, but he gradually starts to grow on us as he matures and begins taking responsibility for his actions, which are almost always pretty reckless, but end in saving lives and being some of the most important endeavours for the well being of others.

Casting choice was very well made because Neville’s transition from a boy to a man is one of the most successful here.

Sirius Black

sirius black

Who wouldn’t love him. Outcast, wrongfully accused, a man who carries so much love and devotion for the ones closest to him. Patience is a virtue and Sirius Black is the best proof for that. Portrayed by one of the greatest ever, Gary Oldman, this character simply doesn’t allow us anything but to like him.

Even when we are not completely certain whether he is guilty or not, whether he’s hiding something, we are reluctant to think so. One of the most memorable characters ever on the big screen.

Albus Dumbledore

albus dumbeldore

A great wizard, the one who knows it all, but also the most cryptic one, the mind who doesn’t reveal everything and is always one step in front of everyone. It’s never too safe to be completely carefree and Dumbledore is very well aware of that.

Because of all these things, he is not always easy to like, we hold many grudges against him, but we still want to know what he has to say and are ready to forgive him for every mistake he makes. Richard Harris and later Michael Gambon with their warm eyes and goodhearted smiles only add up to the overall sympathies we hold for this magnificent wizard and teacher.

Severus Snape

severus snape

And for the end, the one and only, the dark, pessimistic, never smiling Severus Snape. But after everything we’ve learned, not only one of the most loveable, but maybe (along with Harry), the most tragic character in the whole story. When the last few minutes of the movie and one the most beautiful sentences ever make you change your mind about someone and convince you to try to understand and finally really appreciate and like this mysterious teacher, it shows and proves his greatness and importance.

And wonderful Alan Rickman, the most perfect choice for this role, which will be remembered forever.

There are so many more characters in the Harry Potter series we love and I’m sure that it is a topic that can be discussed over and over again and there will always be more that can be added to various lists, so feel free to comment and write your choice and agree or disagree with me. 

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