10 Best Horse Movies on Disney Plus to Watch in 2023

Best Horse Movies on Disney Plus

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Horses are a neverending inspiration for all types of artists and their beauty and elegance have always been one of the most beloved motives, especially in paintings. But cinematography has also given us a vast range of beautiful movies about horses, from westerns to dramas and we love to remind ourselves of them. Disney Plus channel has a great number of interesting movies about those fascinating creatures and their wonderful relationships with humans and we have made a list of the 10 best of them you can watch there.

Black Beauty (2020)

Black Beauty

Kate Winslet is one of the main stars of this beautiful family drama, where she gave her voice to Black Beauty, a wonderful wild horse who forms a special bond with a teenage girl. Black Beauty was born in the American West and brought to Birtwick Stables where she met this spirited young girl, named Jo Green, who will become her best friend forever.

This is a new outtake on a beloved family classic, told from the horse’s perspective and it is definitely a movie for the whole family. It is sad and funny, full of memorable situations and with a beautiful message that everyone will interpret in their own way.

Flicka (2006)


This is a coming-of-age story about a 16-year-old stubborn Katy who wants to work on her family’s horse ranch. She lives in the mountains and her father wishes her to finish boarding school before she dedicates her life to horses. One day Katy finds a lonely mustang in the hills near her ranch.

She decides to tame it and prove to her father that she is more than capable of running the ranch. But one tragedy will shatter everything they believed in and it will take a lot of love and support from this family to restore hope. 

Home On The Range (2004)

Home On The Range 2004

This hilarious cartoon doesn’t have a horse as the leading role, but since it is a story about farm animals, horses shouldn’t be excluded from this one, therefore it found its place on our list. It is a funny animation about a group of farm animals who have to save their farm and decide to go on a bounty hunt for a notorious outlaw.

With an array of famous actors and actresses who loaned their voices to these brave animals, this cartoon will certainly make you laugh in some situations. These farm animals will team up with the sheriff’s eccentric horse and start their hunt for this criminal who is threatening to take the farm away from their lovely owner. 

Horse Sense (1999)

Horse Sense 1999

This tv movie is a family drama that centres on a spoiled  Los Angeles young man Michael Woods who invites his 11-year-old cousin to spend time with him in L.A. Unfortunately, Tommy’s excitement slowly diminishes when Michael doesn’t show any interest in him and completely ignores him.

After a series of misfortunes, Tommy heads back to his Montana ranch and Michael’s parents learn about their son’s behaviour and send him to Montana to work on his cousin’s ranch for free. Michael and Tommy will have to put their differences aside and work together if they want to save the ranch which is facing closure at the end of the month. 

Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972)

Justin Morgan Had a Horse 1972

This is an interesting story about one of the first American horse breeds, named after its creator, Justin Morgan. It was in the late 18th century when Morgan, a poor school teacher and musician was everything but a person you would think would develop a new horse breed. And still, the Morgan Horse really exists.


20 Best Horse Movies of All Time

A somewhat more serious and “adult” Disney movie, this drama has a bit of something for all generations. It shows what motivation and hard work can bring us and it is a great watch for both children and grown-ups, due to its interesting topic and the way it was presented. 

Secretariat (2010)


This biographical drama starring Diane Lane and John Malkovich tells the story of Penny Chenery, a devoted housewife and mother who accepts her father’s wish and takes over his Meadow Stables in Virginia.

Even though she has almost no knowledge of raising and breeding horses, she manages to show her talent, tenacity and strength in the predominantly male business. With some help from veteran trainer Lucien Laurin, she eventually succeeds in fostering the first Triple crown winner in twenty-five years.

Ready to Run (2000)

Ready to Run 2000

Disney movies are often light and heartwarming, often putting an individual in the centre and then slowly building up a story around them. This one is about Corrie Ortiz, a 14-year-old girl who works at the racetracks and has to deal with a talking racehorse with problems.

It is obvious that not everything is going to go well between Corrie and her horse and that she will sometimes have a hard time trying to understand him and his issue, but as most of the time goes with these family tv movies, everything will end well and Corrie will manage to transform her demanding horse to a winner.

Tangled (2010)


A well-known, but a somewhat changed story of Rapunzel, told through the words of a small thief Flynn Rider. On his run from the court’s guards, he stumbles upon a well-hidden castle where he finds a beautiful girl who lives with her mother and rarely goes out. He realises that she is a long-lost daughter of the king and queen of this land and decides to take her back to her family.

But her mother is an evil witch who took Rapunzel many years ago since she knows the secret to her magical hair and she is not at all satisfied with Flynn’s intentions. This cartoon has got it all. It is an adventure you shouldn’t miss, a beautiful story that shows what a good heart can do and that evil needs to be recognised and fought against.

The Young Black Stallion (2003)

The Young Black Stallion 2003

This family drama is a prequel to the 1979 movie The Black Stallion and once again a story that shows the strong bond between a horse and a human. This time we meet a young girl named Neera who has been separated from her father in Arabia after a band of robbers attacked them in the desert.

Alone and scared, Neera is saved by a young Arabian colt who he names Shetan and immediately befriends. He brings her back to her grandfather and disappears, leaving her only with memories and thoughts about his existence. Neera is certain he is not a product of her imagination and years after her rescue, when again in need, the black stallion appears again and saves her and her family’s life once again.

Gus (1976) 

Gus 1976

This funny sports comedy-drama is a story about a not-so-skilled football team who has a mule for its mascot but will slowly start to depend on its football skills. The California Atoms are the worse team in that year’s league, resting in the last place with no hope of getting any better.

After they switch their mule from a mascot to a team member, they start winning and slowly getting up, both on the list but also morally. But as it may be accepted, their competition is not satisfied with this turn of events and their way to the top won’t be simple at all.

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