15 Best Ming-Na Wen Movies To Watch After The Book of Boba Fett

It’s no surprise that Ming-Na Wen fully embraced her role as Star Wars‘ Fennec Shand, as she’s been playing badass female protagonists for many years. If you’re one of the countless fans that just can’t get enough of Ming-Na Wen after her outstanding performance in The Book of Boba Fett, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of amazing movies starring this beloved actress.

15. Super Cyclone (2012)

Super Cyclone takes the thrill of saving the city and the urgency of a dramatic natural disaster and twists it up into one action-packed movie – literally. A viciously spinning super cyclone ravages throughout the American eastern seaboard, taking down anything or anyone in its path.

It initially seems that there is no one capable of putting an end to this gigantic threat, but two unassuming protagonists rise to the occasion using their knowledge, career experience, and wit. Ming-Na Wen stars as Dr. Jenna Sparks, a lone meteorologist with an impressive background in the natural elements.

She is partnered by a petroleum engineer, and the two heroes embark on an epic journey of mass proportion to save their home and loved ones. While the budget for this film is somewhat obvious throughout, it’s still incredibly entertaining, with a plot full of twists and turns that will leave anyone wondering what will happen next.

14. April Rain (2014)

April Rain is another movie based on the potential for widespread disaster, featuring Ming-Na Wen as a young woman named Hillary. The movie’s plot revolves around a group of terrorists plotting to attack the United States from within, posing a massive threat to the nation and all its civilians.

A group of special investigative military members is sent to infiltrate and neutralize the threat without harming civilians or causing mass panic. These tough protagonists must risk everything to keep their homes and families safe, using a range of unique skills they’ve acquired through years of training combined with brave approaches.

This movie is a classic action production, packed with a range of plot twists and epic fight scenes. You’re sure to enjoy this movie if you’re an avid fan of thrillful chases and the fight for justice.

13. DC Showcase: The Losers (2021)

While Ming-Na Wen often stars on-screen in various films, she is an industry icon for voiceover acting. She often features in various superhero movies, including the works of the infamous DC saga’s animated installments.

DC Showcase: The Losers is centered around a rag-tag team of outcasts, including legends like Sarge, ‘Mile-a-Minute Jones, Rookie Gunner, Johnny Cloud, and Captain Storm. They find themselves on an uncharted island in the south pacific and face quite an unexpected threat.

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They find that the island is overrun by dinosaurs, which are being studied by a group of scientists who are now in grave danger. Ming-Na Wen, playing a beautiful and mysterious ally belonging to a Chinese Security Agency, guides the young protagonists as they rescue the helpless scientists and restore harmony to the island.

There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia and charm that comes with watching a well-loved comic-based cartoon, especially when it’s been revived using modern animation techniques. Join Ming-Na Wen and her team of eccentric teenage superheroes to find out how they save the day!

12. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018)

Ming-Na Wen is a popular voiceover choice for many superhero franchises, and Marvel has included her in quite a few of their releases. She stars as the antagonist in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, embodying the personality of Hala the Accuser.

Marvel Rising became incredibly popular since its initial release, as it flaunts a delicate balance between the classic stories outlined in the Marvel universe and the complexity that comes with maturing. It’s bright, vibrant, and marks the beginning of a new Marvel branch with the use of fresh faces.

The story follows a group of rag-tag, unqualified, and inexperienced group of teens as they attempt to save the world from imminent doom. Join these blossoming superheroes as they take on the enemy and prove their worth.

11. Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron (2019)

Once again starring as Hala the Accuser, Ming-Na Wen elevates yet another Marvel Rising installment. Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron revolves around Ironheart, otherwise known as Riri Williams, as she struggles to adjust to college life.

The main reason why Riri struggles to fit in is as a result of her age. She is incredibly smart and happens to be far younger than any of the other students attending the college, leaving her feeling socially awkward and isolated.

Riri braces herself as her world comes crashing down when her best friend is kidnapped and the college laboratory demolished by extraterrestrial forces. Inspired by the iconic legend, the Iron Man, she devises a cunning plan to defeat Hala the Accuser, save her best friend, and restore peace to her town.

10. The Darkness (2016)

It’s truly interesting to see Ming-Na Wen starring in a horror movie, as her naturally tough acting persona compliments such a premise incredibly well. She stars as Wendy in The Darkness, a young woman faced with some spooky and unexplainable events.

The movie involves a presumably happy family returning from a relaxing vacation at a Grand canyon. But, they are not alone, as a supernatural presence begins to cast a dark and foreboding shadow over their lives.

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This movie is full of spine-chilling twists, paranormal events, and unavoidable dangers, starring iconic actors such as Kevin Bacon, Lucy Fry, and Radha Mitchell alongside Ming-Na Wen. It’s definitely worth watching if you enjoy classic spooks, jump scares, and all things Ming-Na Wen.

9. Tempting Fate (1998)

Tempting Fate would be quite enjoyable for any Ming-Na Wen fans who love sci-fi and the supernatural. The movie flaunts an interesting balance between reality and dreams, exploring the concept of parallel universes.

Grace Phillips stars as a beautiful woman adored and pursued by an intelligent brain surgeon, played by state Donovan. When he loses his chance to be with his dream girl, he chooses to venture down a rather unexpected path filled with potential risks by considering the use of a fascinating, yet hazardous, machine.

He opts to accept the intervention of a friend, who brings him to a parallel world where he can be with his dream girl. But, things are not as simple as they seem, and he soon has to make the tough decision between living in reality or enjoying the freedom of being with the love of his life.

8. Hong Kong ’97 (1994)

Hong Kong ’97 is undeniably unique, as its premise revolves around Hong Kong under British rule. The protagonists of this film embark on a mission to end nearly 100 years of this rule and change Hong Kong forever.

This action-thriller stars Brion James, Tim Thomerson, and Robert Patrick alongside Ming-Na Wen. It’s definitely worth a watch if you enjoy movies based on culture clashes, politics, power, or revolutionary storylines.

7. Terminal Voyage (1994)

Terminal Voyage may be a great option for anyone who loves space exploration and sci-fi. But, this movie also features an irresistible dynamic using the thrill and adventure posed by finding a new way of life among the stars.

The premise is based on a post-apocalyptic timeline, where the entire earth has been destroyed with little hope for the remaining humans. Ming-Na Wen attempts to save what little future humanity may have left by exploring outer space, accompanied by a handful of other brave heroes who hope to find a silver lining.

The movie stars Steven Bauer, Brenda Bakke, and Emma Samms alongside Ming-Na Wen. Join these protagonists as they face the vast and all-consuming unknown in the attempt to reclaim a chance at life.

6. Mulan 2 (2004)

If you loved the original Mulan, you’ll definitely adore its sequel. Mulan 2 is filled with fun, love, and romance, as Mulan and Captain Li Shang are finally planning their marriage.

However, the story takes a rather dark turn when Mushu betrays Mulan for his own personal gain. This story has a great focus on finding true love, making decisions based on morality, and following your heart against all odds.

The animated film stars B.D. Wong and Lucy Liu alongside Ming-Na Wen, promising a dynamic blend of personalities. This movie will have you shocked and engrossed, but it will undoubtedly leave you with a smile upon its closing scene!

5. One Night Stand (1997)

If you’re interested in tension-filled psychological dramas, One Night Stand may be an excellent choice. Max Carlyle, a successful commercial director based in Los Angeles, lives a comfortable and happy life with his two children and wife, Mimi, played by Ming-Na Wen.

However, trouble in paradise soon sets into the relationship and home, as Max has a one-night stand with a beautiful woman named Karen while visiting an ill friend in New York. Understandably, this movie focuses on guilt, and it’s crammed with issues that may be relatable for many viewers.


The movie stars Wesley Snipes as the main actor, as well as Kyle MacLachlan and Nastassja Kinski alongside Ming-Na Wen, and it promises to take you on an emotional rollercoaster right from the start to finish.

4. Street Fighter (1994)

Many martial arts fans may have seen Street Fighter, but this movie ages well and is always worth a second run. Ming-Na Wen stars as the beautiful but deadly Chun-Li Zhang, one of the most iconic favorites within the Street Fighter universe.

The movie’s storyline follows Col. Gullie and numerous other legendary street fighters as they battle against the ruthless tyrant, Dictator M. Bison, and all of his powerful forces. There’s nothing like watching your favorite Street Fighter characters come to life just to defeat some bad guys!

Legendary names star alongside Ming-Na Wen in this action-packed animation, including Raul Julia and even Kylie Minogue. It’s a great option for any game-loving Ming-Na Wen fan, sure to leave you feeling equally hyped and nostalgic.

3. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

The world of Final Fantasy has been adored by countless fanatics and adventure enthusiasts for countless years, as it flaunts a blend of everything we love to see in an animated saga. From action and sci-fi thrills to romance and fantasy, this entire movie would be incredibly enjoyable for just about anyone.

Ming-Na Wen stars as Dr. Aki Ross, embodying her character using only her voice. The story follows Aki as she is led by a strange dream, and begins collecting eight spirits in the attempt to protect the planet from danger.

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She has a long journey ahead, only aided by her mentor, Dr. Sid, and the Deep Eyes Squadron. Dr. Aki embarks on a mission to release the spirits and defend earth from darkness and hate.

Starring well-known actors such as Alec Baldwin and Ving Rhames, this epic animated production promises to bring a whirlwind of adventure and action. The events that transpire throughout this movie are also considered canon – for those of you who are equally dedicated to the Final Fantasy saga.

2. The Joy Luck Club (1993)

The Joy Luck Club is undoubtedly one of Ming-Na Wen’s most popular movies to date, focusing on various aspects of family relationships, friendship, self-actualization, and troubled pasts. The movie focuses on Ming-Na Wen who stars as June Woo, one of four Chinese women born in America.

However, each of the woman’s respective mothers is born in feudal China, bringing a range of potential problems and internal conflicts. The women embark on a journey of self-discovery as they explore their pasts through flashbacks, memories, and classic chats.

The movie stars France Nuyen, Lauren Tom, and Tamlyn Tomita alongside Ming-Na Wen. This family drama is a great choice for those who enjoy introspective, reflective, and emotion-based productions that can spark a revived interest in self-development and growth.

1. Mulan (1998)

Number one on this Ming-Na Wen binge-watch list is the infamous Mulan, the animated classic that ignited Ming-Na Wen’s rise to fame. Ming-Na Wen stars as the legendary icon, Mulan, a timid yet brave and tomboyish young woman who embarks on an epic journey to save her country.

When her father is unable to participate in an upcoming defensive battle (but must fight as there is no other male family member to represent them), Mulan takes it upon herself to pose and a man and fight in her father’s place. She battles along with the Imperial Chinese Army, protecting their people from the savage Huns.

But, Mulan soon gets found out by her Captain and sole love interest, bringing a range of plot twists and trials. Never losing hope, she attempts to save the country with the help of her trusty lucky cricket and her tiny dragon named Mushu.

Additional cast members include B.D. Wong and the hilarious Eddie Murphy, who plays Mushu. Mulan is a classic and is always worth a watch whether you’ve seen it before or not.

Ming-Na Wen is an undeniably talented actress, whether she’s on-screen or using her voice to bring various animated characters to life. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredible movies to watch either featuring or starring this icon, whether you’re looking for action, drama, horror, fantasy, or adventure.

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