10 Best Pablo Schreiber Movies & TV Shows


Pablo Schreiber is the newest actor to gain a lot of attention lately, especially because he’s portraying the legendary video game character, Master Chief, in the Halo live-action series. But while a lot of different movie and TV fans are new to him as an actor, Schreiber has been around for a while already and has had his fair share of good portrayals on-screen. That said, let’s look at Pablo Schreiber’s best movies and TV shows.

10. Skyscraper (2018)


Skyscraper is probably one of the few times that Pablo Schreiber is in a movie where he isn’t the biggest guy on the cast. That’s because this movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the main character. In that regard, Schreiber is actually just a supporting character that plays a minor role. Still, it’s an exciting movie that you may want to catch on a lazy day.

The movie is about a former FBI agent who now assesses security systems for buildings. He is brought to China, where he has to assess the security of the world’s tallest and safest building, which catches on fire. Unfortunately, he gets blamed for the incident as he now has to clear his name while making sure that he rescues his family when they get trapped in the burning skyscraper.

9. Preservation (2015)


Preservation is somewhat an underrated movie and one of the many under-the-radar films that Pablo Schreiber actually plays a starring role in. And while it might not be the most popular or the most well-known movie, you’ll be surprised by how good, exciting, and heart-pounding this action thriller is.

In the movie, Schreiber plays the role of the companion of an anesthesiologist, as they go on a hunting trip in a closed reserved during the weekend. However, the group ends up discovering that they were being stalked by local hunters, and that forces them to go into survival mode to make sure that they don’t end up becoming trophies on a sick hunter’s wall.

8. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (2016)


Pablo Schreiber doesn’t act in a starring role in this movie but is one of the supporting actors that were able to play a good role in the film. Nevertheless, this film should be a good watch if you are someone who wants to see a movie about the stories of everyday soldiers who risk their lives on the field.


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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi explores the story of the soldiers who were actually on the field during the 2012 terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The movie allows us to see the struggles that they went through to keep the remaining Americans safe from the extremists in what is a film that is able to capture the heart and soul of what it is to be a soldier willing to risk it all for the sake of keeping people safe.

7. Fort Bliss (2014)


Of course, Pablo Schreiber once again plays a soldier in this movie because he probably fits the archetype for what producers and directors look for in a good actor for a soldier role. But while he isn’t a super soldier in this movie, he still plays the role of a military sergeant. However, he is playing a smaller role in this movie because the film focuses more on the central character.

Fort Bliss tells the story of a US army medic who had just gone home from Afghanistan. However, she ends up struggling to acclimate herself to her old life. And the most difficult part of it all is building a relationship with her son, who she didn’t have a lot of time to bond with because of her duties as a soldier.

6. The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Manchurian Candidate 2004.jpg

Back when he was still new to the acting industry, Pablo Schreiber actually had a role in the 2004 film, The Manchurian Candidate, which is actually just his fourth on-screen acting performance. And, of course, considering that he was a fresh new face in the industry at that time, Schreiber had a small role in this movie about one of the best novels of the 20th century. Fun fact: Pablo’s half-brother Liev plays an important role in this movie.

The story of The Manchurian Candidate follows the story of the novel of the same name, as a soldier finds himself having nightmares every night. He ends up doubting whether or not his old friend and squad-mate, Sergeant Raymond Shaw, is actually the hero that he is portrayed to be. As such, he ends up doubting what he knows and finally remembers everything that happened when he found a chip embedded in his back.

5. The Mudge Boy (2003)

backdrop 1920

Pablo Schreiber’s second on-screen performance was in The Mudge Boy in 2003, back when he was still in his early 20s. While he didn’t have a starring role in this movie, Schreiber was able to catch the acting bug in this film because he continued to appear in many other movies in supporting roles over the next few years.

The story of The Mudge Boy revolves around a young teen who was an outcast in the neighborhood and was torn by his mother’s death. However, he begins to behave strangely and even gets attracted to a local boy. This allows him to begin to realize his own homosexuality in a coming-of-age story that was written during a time when society was not as open about homosexuality as it is today.

4. The Wire (2002 – 2008)

fqjuxmal 1920

The Wire is Pablo Schreiber’s first appearance in a TV series during the earlier part of his career. While this series went on from 2002 to 2008, it wasn’t until 2003 that Schreiber appeared in it. And he appeared in more than ten episodes in this series, although he didn’t have a starring or a major role in that show.

This series focused on the city of Baltimore, where you could see the US’s efforts in its war against illegal drugs. You see the drug war through the eyes of the policemen, who are the prominent characters in the series, but you also get to see the drug war from the eyes of the politicians, the media, and the people who are on the streets as well. It’s a great series if you want to see a microcosm of what happens in a war against drugs.

3. First Man (2018)


First Man is a movie that doesn’t star Pablo Schreiber but allows him to have a good supporting role. And this is actually a movie that’s based on real-life facts, especially if you consider the fact that First Man, as the name suggests, explores the life of Neil Armstrong and how he joined the space program of the US to eventually become the first man to walk on the moon.


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The story explores NASA’s attempts to become the first agency to ever send a man to walk on the moon. As such, Armstrong joins the program and undergoes strict training and a series of tests that will allow him to acclimate himself to what will eventually happen during the trip to the moon. Of course, the movie also allows us to see how Armstrong and the rest of the other astronauts were able to embark on the historic Apollo 11 mission that eventually allowed humankind to walk on the moon.

2. Thumper (2017)

tff17 thumper 3 h 2017.jpg

Thumper is a movie that may not exactly revolve around Pablo Schreiber, but he is still one of the main characters of this movie. And this is a movie that actually hits hard on society because of how it explores themes that may be sensitive but are actually prevalent in a lot of different communities all over the country.

The story of Thumper revolves around a poor, low-income neighborhood where teens are forced to work for a drug dealer in an attempt to get by. However, things become complicated when a new girl arrives in town. This is where it became interesting for the teens, especially because this new girl harbors a dark secret that can jeopardize the entire operation.

1. Lorelei (2020)


Produced by Pablo Schreiber himself, Lorelei is an under-the-radar kind of film that is actually one of the best films you can watch if you want a story that is able to capture events that happen to regular people every single day. And this is a movie that will allow you to see Schreiber’s talent, as his acting prowess was able to make the film a lot better.

Lorelei follows the story of Schreiber’s character, who spent more than a dozen years in prison but was now free to go. He ends up reuniting with an old childhood sweetheart that was now a single mother. And you will see the relationship between the two characters, who have begun accepting that their lives weren’t what they thought they would be several years ago and are now struggling to embrace the fact that they have to struggle to put food on the table every day while working low-paying jobs. 

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