12 Best Patriotic Movies on Disney+ To Stream Right Now

12 Best Patriotic Movies on Hulu to Stream Right Now

Disney+ has a plethora of available movies and shows covering a vast number of various hobbies and interests. There’s one specific genre we’re interested in today, and that’s patriotic movies. It’s a specific genre that mixes historical action and war movies. When done tastefully, they can be true works of art. Rummaging through Disney+’s library might be challenging at times, especially when you’re not sure where to start looking. We’ve managed to do that hard part for you, and we present you with the 12 best patriotic movies on Disney+ that you can watch right now. 

1. Lone Survivor (2013) 

Lone Survivor 2013

We start our list with Lone Survivor released in 2013 starring Mark Wahlberg. This biographical war film is based on a book and follows the efforts of Marcus Luttrell and his Navy SEAL team to survive after a capture-and-kill mission goes wrong. They were tasked with eliminating Ahmad Shah a local Taliban warlord that was responsible for the numerous deaths of American soldiers. Instead of an easy mission, they were welcomed with hostility and forced to fight for their survival. 

2. Legion of Brothers (2017) 

Legion of Brothers 2017

Legion of Brothers is technically a documentary. It follows the aftermath of 9/11 and the immediate consequences when thousands of US soldiers were sent on a mission to overthrow the illegitimate Taliban government. This movie is not blindly pushing the narrative onto the viewers. Instead, it deals with the delicate subject of nearly a decade of constant warfare and standing up for what’s right. 


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3. The Patriot (2000) 

The Patriot 2000

The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson is set during American Revolutionary War. It follows the story of Benjamin Martin, a mere farmer whose eldest son decides to join the army against his father’s wishers. In a cruel twist of fate, Gabriel survives the battlefield but is eventually killed by Colonel William Tavington a member of British Dragoons. This sets Benjamin on a path of destruction and vengeance as he stands up to fight for justice and righteousness. 

4. Green Zone (2010) 

Green Zone 2010

Roy Miller (Mat Damon) leads Mobile Exploitation Team, their next assignment is to search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. He checks the first location, an allegedly “secured” location and after it turns out to be a dead end, he makes his way toward the next target. Unusually, all targets provided to him by intel are either unsecured or dead wrong. This leads him to believe there’s a much greater conspiracy taking place. His superiors are trying to dissuade him from believing in this. Things soon start to add up and Roy is forced to go rogue and do the mission the right way. 

5. Air Force One (1997) 

Air Force One 1997

Air Force One is an action thriller movie starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and Glenn Close. The U.S. President is aboard Air Force One along with his wife and daughter. He is surrounded by his family when Communist radicals led by Korshunov storm the plane and take them as hostages. As it turns out the president is awarded Vietnam Veteran, and he just might be the key to saving everyone. Air Force One is a tense story of bravery full of surprises and exciting twists.

6. American Sniper (2014) 

American Sniper 2014

American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper is a biographical war drama loosely based on true events. It follows a retired legendary Navy S.E.A.L. sniper, Chris Kyle. His military career has been one of success and legend, but even when he’s back home with his family he can’t seem to leave the battlefield behind. American Sniper is a touching story about the consequences of warfare. 

7. Thank You For Your Service (2017) 

Thank You For Your Service 2017

Thank You For Your Service is a movie very similar to American Sniper and it’s also based on a book. Adam Schumann has returned from another successful tour through Iraq, but the medals are not the only thing he brought with him from the battlefield. Adam soon figures out he suffers from extreme PTSD and survivor’s guilt, due to not being able to save his friend from horrifical injury.


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He struggles to adjust to normal life and it begins to affect his personal life as well. His wife soon urges him to look for professional help, but the demons of the past might not be that easy to leave behind. 

8. Missing in action (1984) 

Missing in action 1984

Colonel Braddock (Chuck Norris) narrowly managed to escape the POW set deep in the jungles of Vietnam. He manages to regain his strength and prepare himself to launch one of the most epic missions ever undertaken. He plans to return to hell from which he just escaped in order to free the rest of the prisoners.

9. We Were Soldiers (2002) 

We Were Soldiers 2002

Colonel Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) fights in the first significant battle that marked the beginning of the Vietnam War. The movie was based on a book We Were Soldiers Once… and Young released in 1992 that deals with the events that happened during the Battle of Ia Drang in 1965. What’s special about this movie is that it also deals with the wives of the soldiers and the way through which they managed to stay through the nerve-wracking wait for any kind of news about the lives of their dear ones. 

10. The Messenger (2009) 

The Messenger 2009

Will Montgomery is dispatched after the Iraqi War, it is expected that he takes on the role of casualty notification officer. His new assignment is difficult and distressed families often tend to react emotionally and physically to the piece of extremely bad news.

The matters are further made worse by the fact that his girlfriend left him and got engaged to another man. While on the job, Will meets Olivia, he just told her that her husband perished but she seems to be less distressed than the other families. They meet again by chance and bond through shared traumas. 

11. A Bridge Too Far (1977) 

A Bridge Too Far 1977

One World War II movie. It was based on a book written by Cornelius Ryan. It retells the events that followed failed Allied operations in the Netherlands. The situation was horrific and everything seemed lost when the Allies finally managed to place themselves upon some strategically important lines. 


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12. War Dogs (2016)

War Dogs 2016

The story of War Dogs follows Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) and David Packouz (Miles Teller) and their unlikely success story of winning a massive contract posted by the US military worth 300 million dollars. All they needed to do was provide 100 million rounds of AK-47 for US military ammunition… during global AK-47 ammunition. The movie War Dogs is loosely based on a true story. 

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