50 Best Soccer Movies of All Time (Including Football)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time

From pillar to post and across the globe, soccer has become a popular sports game. Not only football keeps you active and healthy, but it also protects you from lethargy and several diseases. Watching soccer movies provides enough entertainment for you and pumps you to play the game. You will get awareness related to every aspect of this sport by watching different kinds of movies related to football. If you are a football lover, you should watch football movies to help you motivate and stay active. 

There are tons of soccer movies that you can watch depending on your choice. You will get a lesson at the end of each football movie. Some movies are not famous due to the lack of clarity, popularity, and many other factors. On the contrary, several football movies are worldwide popular and will teach you a lesson. 

Best Soccer (Football) Movies 

Football has become a popular sport around the nook and corner of the world. If you are looking for the best soccer (football) movies, this is the right place for you. In this article, you will learn about the 50 best football movies. You will also learn about the story, purpose, and ending of each movie. You can choose any movie from the given list if you want to watch so. 

Here, I will enlist the top 20 best soccer movies. And then I will explain all the 50 movies in detail subsequently. 

  1. Maradona 
  2. Football Factory 
  3. Escape to Victory 
  4. Mean Machine 
  5. Looking For Eric
  6. The Damned United 
  7. Mike Bassett: England Manager 
  8. Fever Pitch 
  9. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
  10. The Goal: Trilogy
  11. There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble
  12. The Game Of Their Lives
  13. Offside 
  14. Goal! The Dream Begins
  15. Green Street 
  16. Bend It Like Beckham
  17. Shaolin Soccer 
  18. Goal!
  19. Kicking & Screaming
  20. The Miracle of Bern 

1. Maradona (2019)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is all about the life of a passionate and top football player across the globe.
  • Diego Armando Maradona is a famous football player of the 1980s. 
  • Maradona got a lot of fame due to his excellent performance in football history. 
  • Maradona was an Argentina top football player who never compromised on his performance towards football. 
  • The documentary is all about Maradona’s journey to Naples. 
  • Maradona found that place as one of the most dangerous cities in Europe. 
  • Maradona can control the ball in every situation. You will also see that how Maradona has created different scoring opportunities. 
  • Having a look at Maradona’s career is enough to know about the victories and achievements of Maradona.
  • Maradona won World Cups for Argentine, South Italy, Naples, and many others. 
  • Maradona got several suspensions due to the drug addiction. 

2. Football Factory (2004)

  • Football Factory depicts a real story of Football hooliganism. 
  • The movie revolves around four men (Tommy, Bill, Billy Bright, and Zeberdee) that belong to the working class. 
  • Football Factory is a kind of English obsession with football violence. You will see that the documentary is all about a male (Chelsea). 
  • Chelsea’s life revolves around violence, alcohol, drugs, and sex. 
  • Here the four characters with extreme thoughts and actions follow Chelsea and his life. 
  • But their efforts to follow the footsteps of Chelsea ended in smoke. 
  • At the end of the movie, all the four men lived their lives on different terms. Tommy joined his old friends’ crew. Billy Bright was arrested for seven years in a murder case. Bill moved to Australia. And Zeberdee met with an accident and died. 

3. Escape to Victory (1981)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Escape to victory is all that a football lover would love to watch among the best football movies. 
  • During World War II, a match was played between the prisoners of war (POW) and the Germans. 
  • POWs accepted the challenge and played with full power. 
  • There were two options for the POWs either to lose and get freedom in Switzerland or to win the match and face severe firing. 
  • Being the winner of the match, POWs faced severe firings and shots. 
  • All the POWs thought that the victory would be a way to escape and get freedom from the camps. 
  • Soccer enthusiastic Karl Von Steiner ( the head of the German POWs) organized the match between both parties. 
  • Sooner or later, POWs have to face the firing by keeping an escape to victory as their secret agenda.

4. Mean Machine (2001)

  • The movie reflects the life of an Ex England soccer player (Danny Meehan). 
  • Danny faced a prisoner life after fixing a match against the Germans. 
  • The story starts after Danny went to prison. 
  • There Danny raised a team against the wardens and the other official figures of the prison. 
  • Mean Machine is a British comedy football movie. 
  • Being a disgraced football player, Danny fixed a match between the prison’s guards and the prisoners. 
  • The prison was full of thieves, murderers, and other impolite people. All the prisoners went against the administration. 
  • Danny tried a lot to take revenge on them for making Danny’s life like hell. 

5. Looking For Eric (2009)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie revolves around Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona (a famous and arduous French footballer). 
  • Cantona has received the title of the best football player of the generation. 
  • The film is all about the nature of fanaticism itself. You will also see that the movie focuses on real-life struggle rather than on a pitch. 
  • Several things made Cantona worry. 
  • Cantona was suffering from a strained relationship with his ex-wife. 
  • Cantona faced a bitter relationship, but he also found his son indulged in smoking and drugs addiction. 
  • All the things made Cantona look for Eric. The film is far more than a football match. 
  • You will see that looking for Erik touches the tragedies of life. 

6. The Damned United (2009)

  • The Damned United is a fictional drama about the life of an ill-fated Brian Clough. 
  • Clough was a football player with a volatile and eccentric temperament. 
  • As every coin has two sides, so does Clough’s life. There were two sides to Clough’s life. The darker side is all about his career during the 44 days stay as the Manager of Leeds United in 1974. 
  • Being an unpopular team, Leeds United faced several insecurities during Clough’s stay as the Manager. 
  • Things turned out to be against the victory. It has become the talk of the town that Clough was not a right fit for this post. 

7. Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • As the name suggests, Mike Bassett was the new manager of the British football team. Mike got this position as the previous manager has faced a severe heart attack. 
  • Mike was more ambitious and announced that the British team would win the World Cup soon. 
  • Initially, Mike was the manager of the lower football league and has won the Mr. Clutch Cup. 
  • Mike made his team ready for qualifying for the World cup. 
  • Soon Mike qualified for the World Cup and left for Brazil for the final tournament. 
  • But all of Mike’s efforts ended in smoke. England didn’t win. 
  • Mike had to face a lot of humiliation along with the unexpected defeat. 

8. Fever Pitch (2005)

  • The movie is a kind of romantic comedy. Fever Pitch is all about a school teacher who fell in love with a wealthy businesswoman. 
  • The couple (Ben and Lindsey) was spending a happy life until the baseball season begins. 
  • Boston Red Sox was the true and first love of Ben (a soccer lover). 
  • Ben was a diehard lover of football and baseball Red Sox. 
  • Here Ben chose Boston red sox over his love (the businesswoman). 
  • The movie will give you a lesson that true love demands sacrifices. 
  • Ben chose Boston Red Sox as baseball was his first love. 

9. Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is a perfect choice for football players who want a real-life story. 
  • Here, an ex Madrid football player (Zidane) accepts a Liga clash against Villarreal in 2005. 
  • The match was between Real Madrid and Villarreal during Spain La Liga Clash. 
  • Being violent and misconduct during the match, Zidane faced humiliation. Zidane got a suspension from the World Cup final match. 
  • The film highlights the bad events of Zidane’s life. 

10. The Goal: Trilogy (2005)

  • The goal is a football film series that consists of three prominent films. 
  • The three films that are a part of this series are Goal (goal 1), Living the dream (goal 2), and Taking on the world (goal 3). 
  • The Goal: Trilogy depicts the story of a Mexican immigrant (Santiago Munez). 
  • Santiago was a gardener by profession, but he always dreamt of showing his talents on the pitch. 
  • Santiago tried his utmost to get that opportunity during his career. 
  • One day, Santiago got an opportunity for a trial. Santiago made his name in his adopted nation. 
  • After that, Santiago got a place in the Champions League. The journey of Santiago starts there. 

11. There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is all about a teenage boy (Jimmy Grimble). 
  • Jimmy was full of talents and powers, but the lack of confidence made him far away from real fame. 
  • Jimmy faced severe bullying at school. Jimmy also hated his mother’s boyfriend. 
  • Jimmy started playing football in his school. Jimmy led the school football team as well. 
  • All these things paved the way for achieving the local school cup. 

12. The Game Of Their Lives (2005)

  • The movie depicts the wonderful story of a soccer match in the 1950s. 
  • Being the best team (Gerard Butler, Wes Bentley, Jay Rodan), the Americans went to Brazil to compete. 
  • Americans defeated England with a slide victory. 
  • The thing that made the Americans win was the British squad of 1950. 

13. Offside (2006)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Offside is a bit different film when compared with the other football films. 
  • In this film, a group of girls from Iran wanted to watch the World Cup qualifying match. 
  • Intoxicated with their dream, all the girls forgot that the Iranian law doesn’t allow them to do so. 
  • There was gender discrimination in Iran when it comes to entering the stadium. 
  • The reason behind that prohibition was Violence and chaos that has a strong connection with the female gender. 

14. Goal! The Dream Begins (2007)

  • The movie is a part of the original Goal: Trilogy. Here, the journey of Santiago takes a new twist. 
  • After facing a defeat in Brazil, Santiago returned to England.
  • Santiago made his way to impress Newcastle with the amazing performance of his team. 
  • Santiago had to face several difficult times during his journey. 
  • His half-brother came to know about their relationship. Santiago’s girlfriend left him alone due to fake publicity. 
  • All these things made Santiago win the match. 
  • Santiago qualifies for the Champions League. 
  • At the start of a match, Santiago hits a free-kick and wins the match.

15. Green Street (2005)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Green street is a football hooligan film that depicts an American college student (Matt Buckner). 
  • Harvard expelled Matt from the college due to some reasons. 
  • After being expelled from the college, Matt made his way to his married daughter. 
  • Matt met with his sister, sister’s husband, and the brother of his sister’s husband (Peter). 
  • Peter and Matt became good friends. There started the real-life of Matt. Matt entered a world where football was no less than a dream. 
  • Being an outsider, peter’s team members never accepted Matt.  

16. Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

  • Bend it like Beckham is a film that focuses on the two main characters. 
  • Here, two girls (18 years old) aimed at becoming professional soccer.
  • As the name implies, both the girls bend the rules to become professional soccer. 
  • Against the will of their parents, the girls joined the local football team. 
  • Then the girls made their way to the top of the league. 

17. Shaolin Soccer (2001)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Shaolin soccer is a Hong Kong comedy film. 
  • Shaolin was an important figure and a prominent figure in China’s commercial revolution. 
  • In this film, one of Shaolin’s fans reunites with his team members. The purpose was to raise a solid and robust football team. 
  • The ultimate aim was to use their martial arts skills to play football. They also wanted to bring Shaolin Kung fu to the masses. 

18. Goal! Taking on the World (2009)

  • The movie is a bit different from the first two parts of the series.
  • Here, the role of Santiago is no more than an ordinary actor. 
  • Adams and Charlie have taken the role of Santiago as Santiago has become a member of the national football team. 
  • Soon the whole team met with a car accident and then returned to England. 
  • There the team qualified for the knock-out match against Sweden. 
  • Things were going in the right direction until they faced a defeat. 
  • The film ends with an important note. Santiago embraced his dream with tears rolling down his face.

19. Kicking & Screaming (1995)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is all about comedy. 
  • In this movie, a group of college graduates is trying to enjoy their lives before diving into the ocean of professional life. 
  • All the members of the group didn’t want to leave the college due to different reasons. 
  • Only one of them has a plan for her future life. 
  • The phrase “Kicking and Screaming” depicts that all have to give up on their dreams. Some of the group members have to join their family business. 
  • The author has related the theme of the film with the football match. 

20. The Miracle of Bern (2003)

  • The movie is all about a miracle that happened in the life of a young boy. 
  • The film tells us the story of a German family. The family was waiting for their lost person. 
  • There were many Prisoners of War (POW) in Germany at that time. 
  • The young boy and his family had lost their father during war days. Their father was one of the POWs. 
  • Soon the 1954 World Cup final in Bern, Switzerland, made him happy with the news that the country will soon release the prisoners of war. 
  • That was a miracle for the German family. That’s why the film named The Miracle of Bern.

21. A Shot At Glory (2000)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • A shot at Glory has its roots in a bitter relationship between a father and his daughter. 
  • Here a soccer coach, Gordon McCloud, is searching for a talented and skilled football player for his team. 
  • Gordon found an undeniable player (Jackie) for his team. 
  • Jackie was famous for his football skills and was notorious for being a wrong fit when it comes to playing with a team. 
  • Jackie was also the son-in-law of Gordon. 
  • All these things made Gordon not take Jackie in his team. 
  • But Gordon made Jackie, his team member due to the endless skills of Jackie. 

22. Pele (2016)

  • The movie revolves around a poor boy that lived in a Brazilian neighborhood. 
  • Being poor, Pele did all the things to feed his family. 
  • Pele was not only the breadwinner of his family but also a diehard lover of soccer. 
  • Pele wanted to pursue his talents and skills in football. 
  • The ultimate aim of Pele’s life was to become an international player and icon. 
  • Pele didn’t give up, and soon his efforts bore fruit. 
  • Pele became an international icon with his powerful footballing skills and perseverance. 

23. United (2011)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is very well a true story of Manchester United’s legendary Busby Babes. 
  • The team has got the name of the youngest team to win the Football League. 
  • Things were going in favor of the winning team but soon faded with a tragedy. 
  • Manchester team met with an air crash, and almost eight team members died at the spot. 

24. Next Goal Wins (2014)

  • The movie is all about the endless efforts of a Dutch soccer coach. 
  • American Samoa’s national football team was in search of a great coach. 
  • The team wanted to qualify for the FIFA 2014 World Cup. But the lack of a skilled coach made the team worry about their future. 
  • Thomas Rongen (a Dutch soccer coach) consented to make the team qualify for the upcoming World Cup. 
  • You will see how one of the weakest football teams in this world turned into the best team. 
  • American Samoa’s national football team qualified for the World cup and won the match. 

25. The Two Escobars (2010)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Pablo and Andres are the two main and leading characters of this football movie. 
  • Here, both men belonged to different places and teams. But soon, Pablo found a kind of connection between Andres and him. 
  • Pablo was famous as the top-notch drug dealer while Andres had won the 1994 World Cup. 
  • Both Pablo and Andres had a craze about football and became professional soccer. 
  • You will also learn how Pablo used the football platform for his vested interests. 

26. She’s The Man (2006)

  • The movie is all about a girl who feels that her football team is no more. 
  • Due to such apprehensions, the girl decides to join the boy’s football team and live on her terms. 
  • The girl faced rejection from the team coach. 
  • As a result, she decided to dress up like her brother (Sebastian). 
  • As soon as she takes up his brother’s get up, there arises a more complicated situation. 
  • What happens next is full of suspense. You need to watch the whole movie for this purpose. 

27. Rudy (1993) 

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Rudy is a 1993 football film that tells us about the real-life story of a young man. 
  • The young man was passionate and eager to play football to fulfill his dreams. 
  • But he was not of that age to play a football match. 
  • Keeping aside all the odds, the young man fulfilled his dream and played for Notre Dame. 
  • Not only did the young man play for Notre Dame, but he also qualified and won the match. 
  • Hard work and consistent struggles always pay off. 

28. Remember the Titans (2000) 

  • If you are looking for a great football movie with real-life lessons, this is the right choice. The Titans are all about a football team in which people from different races join to form a team. 
  • As a racially integrated unit, the team portrayed the power of sports (football) as a strong unifying force. 
  • Here the team members forgot their ethnicity and played as a single body to achieve their goals. 
  • That’s what football made in the history of the bitter race differences. 

29. We are Marshall (2006)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie has a strong connection with the football game. 
  • You will see that almost all the members of a football team faced a severe plane crash. 
  • Some of them remain alive and survived the incident. 
  • The team’s coach and the surviving players took an oath. 
  • All have decided to keep the football game alive with the addition of new members to the team. 
  • The strong message that you will learn from the movie is proof of the quality of the film. 

30. The Waterboy (1998)

  • The movie revolves around a college football team. The football team was in search of some new members to add to their team. 
  • Soon the team came to know that the College waterboy has the ability and hidden talents to become a team member. 
  • It would be an absolute joy to watch for you as the movie is a complete mix of football match practice and real fun. 

31. The Cup (1999)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Palden and Nylma were the two Tibetan young boys. Both have the craze to become football players all around the world. 
  • Both fled to Tibet and went into exile. 
  • That thing made Palden and Nylma sad about their future. 
  • Soon the World Cup soccer matches started. 
  • Palden and Nylma also wanted to watch the World Cup. 
  • The monastery arranged a satellite for all the people in exile. That’s the way Palden and Nylma watched the World Cup. 

32. The Match (1999)

  • The movie is all about the rivalry between the two pub holders. 
  • Here, you will see that there were two different soccer teams. 
  • Each team has the dream to occupy the whole pub. The rivalry between the two soccer teams was a century old. 
  • Both teams wanted to forget their hatred once and for all. 
  • The two Scottish pubs organized a match. The winner of the match will take over the pub of the defeating team. 

33. The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is all about a soccer match in which one of the footballers has poisoned. During a soccer match against Arsenal at Highbury, John Doyce was given the poison. 
  • John’s murder put a pause on football matches. 
  • The police started investigating the murderer. 
  • The movie took several turns on the way to finding the real culprit. 

34. Ladybugs (1992)

  • The movie is all about love. In this movie, Chester Lee (a prominent figure) wanted to get a promotion. 
  • The reason behind that promotion was his love, Bess. 
  • There were two options for Chester. 
  • Chester had to coach a girl’s soccer team. 
  • If Chester successfully coaches the team, then he will get a promotion. And that thing will help him marry his sweetheart. 
  • Chester was not good at soccer, that’s why Chester asked for his son’s help. 
  • But soon, the reality came out, and Chester’s entire dream vanished. 

35. When Saturday Comes (1996)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is all about a regular drinking man (Jimmy). 
  • Jimmy wanted to become international soccer but was unable to do so. Jimmy has been addicted to drinking, and this addiction preventing him from becoming an international figure. 
  • Jimmy met with a beautiful woman and started giving up on drinking. 
  • A bright future and life were waiting for Jimmy. 
  • The journey was difficult for Jimmy, but he kept on trying to achieve his dreams. 

36. Lessons of A Dream (2011)

  • Lessons of a dream are a movie that is all about teaching English vocabulary to German kids. 
  • Here an Oxford-educated teacher takes the responsibility to teach the German kids. 
  • The Oxford teacher came to know that the students are fond of soccer. 
  • So, the teacher used soccer as a way to make the students learn English vocabulary. 

37. Captain (2019)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • As the name depicts, the movie is all about a captain. 
  • Madan Khadka (a football player) went to Saudi Arabia to support his family in this movie. 
  • Madan went there in search of a livelihood as football was not helping him in this regard. 
  • Madan’s son (Ishan) was also a diehard lover of football. 
  • Madan wanted Ishan to follow in his footsteps. Ishan was giving his best in this regard. 
  • All of a sudden, Madan faced an accident. 
  • Now Ishan had to choose between his dream and his father’s career. 

38. We are the Champions (2005)

  • The movie tells us the story of a divorced father. Torben was a great soccer player, and he also found the same skills in his son (David). 
  • Torben wanted to coach David’s team. Soon David’s coach left. 
  • Now Torben got the opportunity to coach David and his team. 
  • Torben faced a lot of pressure from the parents of the team boys. 
  • And soon, Torben fell in love with a single mom from the parents of the team boys. 

39. Montevideo: Taste Of A Dream (2010)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie tells us about the journey of a Serbian football team. 
  • The Serbian team wanted to qualify and win the first World Football Championship in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • As the name implies, the movie will show you that the Serbian team has already tasted the victory of the World football championship. 
  • As the team has tasted its dream, nothing can stop the Serbian team from putting their dreams into reality. 
  • Serbian football dream chased its dream and fought with tooth and nail to achieve them. 

40. Gracie (2007)

  • The movie is all about a young girl (Gracie Bowen). 
  • Gracie was fond of playing football. 
  • Gracie’s father was a soccer star, and her three brothers also loved football. 
  • Gracie was the only daughter of her father. Gracie wanted to become like her father and brothers. 
  • But Gracie could not fulfill her dreams as the old customs and traditions didn’t allow Gracie. 
  • Gracie wanted to remove that gender discrimination once and for all. 

41. Her Best Move (2007)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Her best movie revolves around a young girl (Sara). Sara was a simple and young girl of 15 years old. 
  • Sara wanted to live a simple life that would be full of love. 
  • Sara was good at playing soccer. Sara’s father wanted her to practice football and become a football player. 
  • On the contrary, Sara wanted not to pursue her profession. 
  • Sara’s mother understood her condition and wished to have a simple life. 

42. The Four Year Plan (2011)

  • The movie is all about Queen’s Park Rangers football club in West London. 
  • The team’s performance was not satisfactory. 
  • Then there comes a twist in the film. 
  • Most of the businessmen started investing in that team to make the team achieve the finale. 
  • The movie is all about solid and rich characters that earn the QPR into the premier league. 
  • All those characters invested a lot to make it possible. 

43. Kicking it (2008)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • Kicking it is an excellent documentary about six soccer players. 
  • All the six players gave their lives to a football game. They were homeless and faced a lot of troubles throughout their journey. 
  • The six soccer players wanted a miracle in their lives that would change their lives. 
  • The story took a sharp twist when they travel to Cape Town. 
  • There they get a chance to compete for the Homeless World Cup. 

44. Soccer Killer (2017)

  • Are you looking for a football film that will provide you with endless fun and football gestures? Well, here is your film.
  • The movie is all about a group of patriots who sacrificed their lives for their beloved country. 
  • The group played soccer against their nation’s traitors. 
  • You will find Soccer Killer the perfect film to watch if you want to watch the best comedy sports film. 

45. Brother (2010)

  • The movie is all about two brothers. Here, Julius and Daniel were brought up by a single mother.
  • Both Julius and Daniel loved football very much. 
  • Both wanted to pursue football as their profession. 
  • Julius and Daniel dreamed of a life where they would get rid of their miseries and poverty. 
  • That thing made both brothers play for their city. 

46. Eleven Men Out (2005)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie is all about a person who loved her wife a lot. 
  • Ottar Thor was a famous football player who led a simple and passionate life. 
  • Ottar’s marriage ended as soon as he announced the real Ottar in front of the people. 
  • Ottar was gay. As a result, the team members expelled Ottar from the team. 
  • That thing made Ottar join a friend’s amateur team. 
  • After that, a large number of gay joined the team. 

47. The Champions (1983)

  • The movie is a masterpiece when it comes to highlighting the evils that are common in sports. 
  • In this movie, Lee Tung faced severe humiliation from his team. 
  • Lee was an able boy, and that thing made Lee face bullying. 
  • Lee left his team and joined another team to pursue football as his profession and dream. 
  • Lee didn’t give up on football and taught us that the bullying, corruption, and jealousy in sports had eaten the vitals of sports. 

48. Mario (2018)

50 Best Soccer (Football) Movies of All Time
  • The movie revolves around love, feelings, and emotions. 
  • In this movie, Mario (a football player) found love with his teammate (Leon). 
  • Mario and Leon spent a lot of time together on and off the field. 
  • But the accurate picture of their relationship came to the fore. 
  • Now Mario has to decide whether to remain a team member or to spend his life with Leon. 

49. Let The Girls Play (2018)

  • The movie is all about female Soccer players. 
  • The film started as a provocation but turned into a revolution within no time. 
  • The team belonged to France. And that was the first female soccer team in the history of France. 
  • That time and match played a pivotal role to make things clear that women can also participate in outdoor sports. 
  • The film’s name (Let the girls play) also highlights the emergence of women as football players and teams. 

50. Two Half Times In Hell (1961)

50 Best Soccer Movies of All Time (Including Football)
  • The movie, Two Half Times in Hell, depicts a vast event. 
  • Here, the movie revolves around Hilter’s birthday party after the Second World War. 
  • A Nazi officer aimed at organizing a football competition between the Germans and the Prisoners of war.
  • Onodi took the responsibility to make the team from POWs. 
  • Onodi used that platform to get rid of the workload and also demanded extra food for the team members.