15 Best Superheroes That Wear Only White (Marvel & DC)

When we think of Superhero costumes, we probably think of something flashy and colorful. But, how can we forget a hero if their outfits just beg you to notice them? So having a hero all dressed up in white may be an odd thing to see in comics. So here are 15 Superheroes from DC and Marvel who went against the standard superhero dress code and donned themselves in white or primarily white outfits.

15. Angela del Toro (Marvel)

Angela del Toro wasn’t the first one to have the name White Tiger. Her uncle, Hector Ayala, was actually the first to assume the title. So, it’s no surprise Angela who Hector raised, would eventually become the White Tiger. True to her alias, she wears a white suit with a bit of black to give the image of tiger stripes.

Before becoming the White Tiger, She went and studied to be an officer of the NYPD and eventually became an FBI agent. It was clear that she had a strong sense of justice from a young age. She became the White Tiger when her uncle unexpectedly died when he was wrongly accused of murder. Her uncle’s Tiger Amulet was delivered to her, leading to her believing she was next in line to be White Tiger.

14. Fantomex (Marvel)

He is also known as Weapon XIII. This character results from the Weapon Plus Programs experiments with human hybrids. Fantomex was born and artificially changed in an artificial environment called The World. His character is shrouded in mystery, but he was called Jean Phillipe on one occasion in the comics. Fantomex was initially thought to be French due to his accent, but he later admitted that he just liked speaking with a French Accent because it annoyed people.

13. Dagger (Marvel)

It makes a lot of sense due to her power. Tandy Bowen has a power that can generate Light, or some may refer it to a sort of Lightforce. Tandy’s Lightforce was able to keep her companion Cloak in check, and she can even create small daggers with her Lightforce hence why she calls herself Dagger. What better way than to have an all-white outfit represent your powers. Dagger got her abilities after being drugged by a stranger promising her and Cloak food and shelter.

Tandy Bowen belonged to a well-off family, but she decided to run away due to feeling neglected by her family. In New York, she met Tyrone, who managed to apprehend a man for stealing her purse. The two became  friends and decided to stick together. At the offer of food and shelter, the two of them got caught, which led to them receiving the serum that gave them their powers.

After discovering their powers, they decided to call themselves Dagger and Cloak and swore to war on illegal drugs. Eventually, they would meet other heroes and team up with them to fight even greater foes.

12. Cyborg (DC)

It’s not really an outfit per se, but the metallic parts of Cyborg tend to appear white in some comics. It wasn’t his fault his father installed white-colored mechanical limbs on him, and he probably didn’t have the time to think of the color during the operation. Because of Cyborg’s new look, his peers treated him poorly, and even his own girlfriend started to dislike him. Cyborg eventually found a group that accepted his unique appearance. A team called the Teen Titans welcomed Cyborg into their ranks.

Joining the Teen Titans has done a lot of good for Cyborg. Aside from finding a home with fellow heroes, he also finds a group of civilian friends with prosthetics who looked up to him because of his looks and how he uses his prosthetics to fight crime. In a way, these people idolized him. As he stays with the titans, he becomes more accepting of his new life and parts.

Cyborg becomes a valuable and trusted member of the Teen Titans, even staying to mentor new Titans as they get on board with the group.

11. Dazzler (Marvel)

Her outfits may have changed over the years, but her first outfit when she came out was white. Dazzler was created by moth Marvel and Casablanca Records who wanted to create a hero who is a disco singer. The character later shifted to another genre of music, such as rock and adult contemporary.

Dazzler is actually a stage name Alison Blaire uses to make a name for herself in the music industry in the marvel comics. She uses her light-creating abilities to enhance her performances on stage. But, like many characters, she tries to hide her powers from the public so she would be able to live her dream life.

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10. Spider-Man- Future Foundation Costume (Marvel)

Spider-Man goes through a lot of costume changes throughout his history, but did you know there was a point in the comics that he wore white with black accents? This particular suit was made for Spider-Man when he joined the Future Foundation after the death of the Human Torch. The suit is made from Unstable Molecules, granting the suit to be able to repair itself and not get dirty. In addition, the suit was shown to have a stealth mode where it turns primarily black.

9. Emma Frost (Marvel)

She wasn’t always a hero. Emma Frost is also known as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. In the comic series, she was introduced as an enemy towards the X-Men. However, a tragic accident caused her to have a change of heart and shit sides. She later formed a strong partnership with Charles Xavier and pursued her original dream of becoming a teacher in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. She also became the school co-headmaster and helped train the next generation of X-Men called Generation-X.

8. Phantom Girl (DC)

Phantom Girl is one of the members of the Legion of Heroes and is the fifth one to join. She hails from the planet Bgztl, and similar to her people, she can phase out of reality. So in a way, her superhero name does suit her despite her outfit being mostly white than black. She made her first appearance with two other heroines, Triplicate Girl, and Saturn Girl.

7. Silver Sable (Marvel)

Sometimes she’s a hero, and sometimes she’s not. Silver Sable is a mercenary, leader of the Wild Pack and Silver Sable International. She isn’t officially listed as a bad guy, but she tends to clash with the heroes due to her work as a mercenary. She is often seen as Spider-Man’s ally and sometimes his foe.

When Silver’s mother died while she was a child, her father poured most of his efforts into training her to become a Nazi-hunting mercenary. When her father died, she inherited the Wild Pack and decided to open her own company, the Silver Sable International. Usually, her missions would have her team up with various superheroes, but some heroes may view it immoral due to her ways.

6. Power Girl (DC)

She may have some red and blue splashed in there, but her outfit is mostly white. She is related to Superman, but she belongs to an alternate universe compared to where the other DC stories are set. For some reason, she gets stuck in the main multiverse and gets acquainted with Superman and her counterpart, Supergirl.

She has the same backstory as Supergirl, considering they are each other’s counterparts. However, Power Girl is seen to behave more maturely than the other hero and shown to have a more aggressive fighting style. Over time her story keeps getting retconned and changed, but it’s safe to say that she is the Supergirl of Earth 2.

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5. Charlie Cluster (Marvel)

If we have Fantomex in this list, then it only makes sense to have Cluster. This female hero is a female version of Fantomex that was cloned from one of his brains. Cluster also likes to call herself the nicest pat of Fantomex’s brains. Cluster is also called Lady Fantomex due to being his clone, Not much is known about her, but she and Fantomex are often seen together whenever they appear.

4. Spider Gwen (Marvel)

In another multiverse, a Spider-Man who wears white exists. Well, he isn’t exactly a man in this world. Gwen Stacy was just your ordinary high school student before she became a hero. One day, she was bitten by a radioactive spider, and like every other Spider-Man, she developed powers similar to her counterparts. So, instead of Spider-Man, in this world, they get Spider-Woman. 

In this world, she and Peter Parker are friends. Peter even has a crush on her but is constantly bullied in school. On prom night, Peter wants to be special and injects himself with a formula to grant him powers. However, the side effect caused him to go on a rampage, forcing Gwen to fight and defeat him. Peter dies, and the world assumes Spider-Woman was the root cause of his death.

3. Jessica Jones (Marvel)

Jessica Jones has been involved with superheroes since a young age, but it didn’t really occur to her that she’ll end up becoming one. She was a schoolmate of Peter Parker and was even present when he was bit by the spider. In addition, her father also works for the famous Tony Stark, but still being a hero didn’t seem to be something she’ll be getting into. That is until a faithful accident granted her powers. 

Coming back from a family trip, their car collides with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals. This leaves her entire family dead, save for her, who managed to make it out alive. Unfortunately, Jessica stayed in a coma. After some time after waking up, she discovers the chemicals she was exposed to granted her powers, such as inhuman strength, invulnerability, and flight. After she witnessed a fight between Spider-Man and Sandman, she gets inspired to use her newfound powers for good.

2. Kyle Rayner (DC)

While he may be a Green Lantern, there was a time he only wore white as a White Lantern. Before he became a superhero himself, Kyle was a struggling freelance comic book artist. During an incident when Hal Jordan was overcome by rage and ended up killing members of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe, Ryner was found by Ganthet. The Guardian of the Universe member gave Ganthet a Green lantern ring.

Kyle had been the sole Green Lantern for a time, even taking up the name Ion during the mid 200s. However, upon Jordan’s return as a Green Lantern, Kyle decided to return to his original alias, Ion. At one point, he became a White Lantern during the mastery of all seven rings but then went back to becoming a Green Lantern again after DC Rebirth.

1. Moon Knight (Marvel)

Before he became the Moon Knight, he was a mercenary. One night, he was left dead when the Moon-god Khonshu decided to revive him and make him the god’s fist and high priest. As Khonshu’s fist, he must enact justice and protect those who wander around in the Light hours of the night. Aside from him living a double life as Moon Knight, he also has a dissociative identity disorder wherein he takes up several alter egos. Some of his alter egos are Steven Grant, a millionaire, and Jake Lockley, a cab driver.

After being granted powers, Spector has finally found a higher purpose in life. He decided to apply himself entirely to the role and flew to New York, where he developed a costume, equipment, and Moon Knight’s alias. He used his other personas to handle other aspects of his life. 

When he worked solo, he used one of his personas to gather information in order to find out who the villains he needs to fight are; however, in recent years, he’s already befriended and joined a few hero teams such as the West Coast Avengers, the Secret Avengers and the Heroes for Hire. At one point, he even had to fight Khonshu due to the god falling into madness.

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