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30 Best Vampire Manga You Need to Read in 2023

30 Best Vampire Manga You Need to Read in 2022

Vampires (or the singular, “vampire”) aren’t really a genre in the literal sense of the term, but they do feature in a lot of artistic works. The world of manga is known for providing us with a lot of different narrative elements, so vampire can definitely be – and often are – a part of it. In this article, we are going to give you a list of the 30 best vampire-related manga series of all time.


Original Run:
Number of Volumes:

The Royal Knights of Protestant Order are a noble house of London led by Abraham Van Helsing. For generations, he has been fighting against creatures that most ordinary people are unaware of like vampires, ghouls, and any non-human entity that is generally referred to as a “monster”.

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The Order operates in great secrecy and has long been a paramilitary organization in the service of her Majesty. Leading the organization is Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, a direct descendant of the first Lord Hellsing. Still a teenager, she is forced to take control of the Order.

Her father Arthur, sick and close to his death, orders his daughter, should she feel threatened, to go down to the basement of the mansion, where there is something able to protect her.

2. Rosario + Vampire

Original Run: July 6, 2004 – September 22, 2007
Number of Volumes: 10

Tsukune Aono is an unremarkable young boy who unfortunately failed all the high school entrance exams. By pure chance, his father finds an advertisement for Yokai High School, the High School for Monsters.

It is there that he meets Moka Akashiya, an angelic-looking young girl who actually hides a split personality and very powerful vampire powers (S-class monsters). His powers are revealed when the rosary adorning his neck is torn off. Thanks to Moka’s powers, both will fight several monsters. Later, Tsukune and Moka will meet the succubus Kurumu Kurono and Yukari Sendo, a gifted little witch.

3. Vampire Knight

Original Run: November 24, 2004 – May 24, 2013
Number of Volumes: 19

The oldest memory that Yûki keeps is that of a winter night, where she was attacked by a vampire… and rescued by another. Ten years later, Yūki, the adopted daughter of Cross Academy’s director, has grown up and become the academy’s guardian. She is in love with Kaname, her savior, who is the president of the Night Class (a class of young aristocratic vampires).

But also at his side, there is Zero, who fights not to become a Level E (completely dehumanized vampire), his childhood friend, whose family was decimated by a vampire. Since this tragedy, he has had a deep hatred for these mythical creatures.

Will the peace established by Director Cross between humans and vampires last? Aren’t vampires hiding something? In this world of mystery and magic, nothing is as it seems. What if the price of trust could be worse than the death of a loved one?

4. The Record of a Fallen Vampire

Original Run: 2003 – 2007
Number of Volumes: 9

Just over a thousand years ago, the terrifying powers of the vampire queen, Adelheid, nearly destroyed the world. The humans led by the so-called great master in spiritual energy, that is to say Maria Saberhagen of the infinite crosses, imprisoned him while waiting to be powerful enough to take his life.

It was without counting on the king of the vampires: since then, he seeks her relentlessly and, for her, he abandoned his crown and his. Men, dhampirs (half-men, half-vampires), all seek to eliminate him for fear of the chaos he could unleash. For a millennium, a merciless war has been going on between Rose-Red Strauss with her one and only ally, Lætitia, and the dhampirs led by Bridget.

The Vampire King also has a tough time dealing with his most fearsome enemy the Black Swan, a spell devised by Saberhagen that reincarnates itself in the body of every young woman with every new generation. The vampire king may defeat them one after the other, but the powers of the black swan increase with each generation, and he knows that one day he will be definitively defeated.

5. Seraph of the End

Original Run: September 4, 2012 – present
Number of Volumes: 27

The story follows the adventure of Yu, a young orphan, and his demon Ashuramaru. The world is ravaged by a terrible disease. Children under 13 who were, for some reason, immune to the virus, survived. But these were enslaved by vampires who suddenly emerged from the depths of the Earth.

Yûichirô Hyakuya and Mikael Hyakuya, two orphans, serve as a “pantry” for vampires: they have the right to live, in exchange for a daily blood sample. After an escape attempt that results in a massacre of his friends, Yûichirô manages to escape, leaving Mikael for dead.

6. Vassalord

Original Run: March 30, 2006 – March 15, 2013
Number of Volumes: 7

Charles J. Chrishunds (Charley) is a cybernetic vampire hunter who works for the Vatican, while his master Johnny Rayflo (also a vampire) lives the good life in pure playboy style. Charley (also known as “Cherry” or “Chris”) always tries to control his urges to drink blood from humans so he always drinks from his master.

While fighting crimes are related to vampires, Charley struggles to control his bloodlust, and Johnny (formerly known as Addie before becoming a vampire) delights in seducing his minion, while also caring for him. apart from dealing with the problems of his own past.

7. Blood Alone

Original Run: February 2005 – 2014
Number of Volumes: 10 + 1 dōjinshi

Naive and innocent-looking girl Misaki has been a vampire since she was bitten by another vampire when she was twelve. Being young, she still has all of her memories, but they could be lost if she were to become a full vampire. Misaki is friends with the writer Kuroe and lives with him. As a teenager, Kuroe watched as the same vampire that made Misaki one kidnapped his sister.

While trying to save her, he was injured by the vampire and has had limited supernatural abilities ever since. For example, he can recognize demons and vampires disguised as humans. Police pathologist Sainome, a friend of both Kuroe and Misaki, turns to the writer for help when she’s having trouble with a case and suspects the supernatural might be at play.

When Sainome finds out that the serial killer she is looking for is a demon who can slip into other male bodies at will, he threatens her. Kuroe tries to save her but cannot capture the demon. He attacks Misaki, after which her true vampire form is revealed for a short time. She drinks the demon’s blood, turning him into a vampire. So the demon is trapped in this body.


Original Run: December 26, 2005 – April 26, 2006
Number of Volumes: 8

The plot introduces lines related to modern intrigues, in which various organizations are involved, including, for example, the US Army, which wants to control vampires in order to use them for their own purposes.

Saya Otonashi lives in a city in Okinawa with her adoptive father, George Miyaguscu and two brothers, Kai and Rik. Saya does not remember the events of her past until she began living with a new foster family a year ago. For medical reasons, she needs blood transfusions from time to time.

With the exception of these features and an unusually large appetite, Saya lives like an ordinary high school student. However, Saya’s serene life comes to an end, on the day when she comes face to face with a vampire, a monster that kills people and drinks human blood.

From that moment on, a mysterious organization called the Red Shield and its agent David appear on the scene; David explains to Saya that she is the only one who is able to effectively fight these monsters, since her blood is lethal to them.

Her duty is to rid the world of bats. From that moment, in addition to the members of the Red Shield, Saya’s friends and family members were drawn into the fight against bats. Together with them and her mysterious loyal servant named Hadji, she sets out on a long, risky journey to destroy bats and, along the way, learn about her past and true origins.

The fact that Saya is not just a person becomes clear at the beginning of the story, when she easily defeats a monster, physically many times superior to a person. According to the plot, the action of the series first unfolds in Okinawa, near Kadena, a US Air Force base, but in the course of the story, the characters visit several countries of the world, including Russia, France, England, Vietnam and the United States.

9. Dance in the Vampire Bund

Original Run: December 5, 2005 – September 5, 2012
Number of Volumes: 14

The story revolves around Mina Țepeș, a princess ruling all vampires, and her “protector”, Akira. Like other vampires, Mina had been in hiding for years. Wishing to end centuries of isolation, Mina succeeds in obtaining permission to create a special district for vampires, the “Federation” (or the Bund), off the coast of Japan, by paying the national debt of the Japanese government.

Mina then reveals to the world the existence of vampires and her desire for the species to coexist. However, tensions are high between some fearful humans and some extremist vampires, which conflicts with Mina’s desire for peace with the human world.

10. Millennium Snow

Original Run: July 2001 – December 10, 2013
Number of Volumes: 4

The story centers on Chiyuki Matsuoka, a high school girl hospitalized for a heart problem. Since her birth, her heart was always very weak, and she was told that she would probably survive until she was fifteen years old.

However, one day she meets Tōya Kanō, a vampire, with the opposite problem: Tōya has lived for a thousand years. It is customary for a vampire in his eighteenth year to choose a human companion to be with him for a thousand years, who in return must let him drink his blood and share his lifetime for the millennium.

11. Blood Lad

Original Run: September 4, 2009 – September 3, 2016
Number of Volumes: 17

Staz is not a vampire-like the others. Indeed, he does not feed on blood and rejects the fact of being a vampire. Staz is the leader of a territory that is part of the demon world. One day, a human named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally lands in this mysterious world and meets Staz. Unfortunately, the young girl is devoured by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost. Staz, therefore, decides to resuscitate her by going on a quest where he will meet several rivals and enemies.

12. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Original Run: November 7, 2013 – present
Number of Volumes: 10 + 4 short stories

High school student Hajime Nagumo is bullied by his classmate for his relationship with the class idol, Kaori Shirasaki. When he and the rest of his class are transported to a fantasy world, all of his classmates gain powerful magical abilities, while Hajime only gains the ability to transmute solid materials, a common ability usually found in craftsmen and blacksmiths.

During a dungeon raid, one of his classmates betrays him and drops him to the bottom of the dungeon. He survives the fall and creates weapons to escape the dungeon and become stronger, managing to gain demonic abilities after killing all the monsters that come his way. On his journey, he meets the imprisoned vampire Yue, and is later joined by Shea, the Dragonoid Uncle, and others.

13. Servamp

Original Run: June 15, 2011 – present
Number of Volumes: 18

Mahiru Shirota is a fairly normal high school student who likes simple things. One day, on his way back home, he finds a stray black cat and decides to take care of it, naming it Kuro. However, the next day he is shocked to discover that the cat is actually one of the seven vampires that represent the Seven Deadly Sins.

His name is Sleepy Ash and he represents sloth, but he turns into a cat when he is exposed to sunlight. By giving Sleepy Ash a name and a cat bell, and then calling him by his name, Mahiru accidentally forms a temporary contract with him. The contract is finalized once Sleepy Ash drinks his blood, making him Mahiru’s vampire servant, known as “Servamp”, and Mahiru becomes his master, referred to as “Eve”.

Following this, Mahiru and Sleepy Ash, now Kuro, meet Tsubaki, a vampire who claims to be the Servamp of Melancholy and the unknown eighth brother of the other Servamps. Tsubaki intends to wage war against his seven other siblings, while Mahiru decides to gather them together to fight Tsubaki and his group together.

14. Higanjima

Original Run: November 2, 2002 – July 12, 2010
Number of Volumes: 33

Haki, a high school student whose brother has mysteriously disappeared, is contacted by a strange young woman, Rei Aoyama, who seeks to lure him to a village populated by vampires on the island of Higanjima.

15. Chibi Vampire

Original Run: October 2003 – February 2008
Number of Volumes: 14

The story centers on Karin Marker, the eldest daughter of a family of vampires settled in Japan. Karin has a characteristic that is surprising, to say the least, for a vampire: in addition to being a diurnambulist since she is insensitive to ultraviolet rays. Her organism, instead of needing human blood like its congeners, has a tendency to produce it, which results in nosebleeds as uncontrollable as they are abundant and this, in certain very specific situations.

Desiring to preserve their secret in order to continue to live like an ordinary young high school student, she will however meet a new classmate, Kenta Usui, a human who involuntarily stimulates her bleeding and begins to have suspicions about her true nature.

16. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Original Run: January 5, 2009 – February 19, 2015
Number of Volumes: 10

Three years ago, a rift between Earth and the world beyond opened in New York City. During that terrible night, New York was destroyed and rebuilt, trapping New Yorkers and extra-dimensional creatures in a bubble. Renamed Hellsalem’s Lot, the city is a paranormal melting pot where magic and madness live alongside the ordinary, where every type of human vermin comes together to harness the supernatural.

Someone threatens to breach the Bull and unleash the horrors of New Jerusalem, but the mysterious super agents of Libra are fighting to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

17. Trinity Blood

Original Run: March 2001 – January 2005
Number of Volumes: 12 (light novel)

Five hundred years ago, Armageddon ravaged much of the Earth and changed its population. From then on, this event caused the arrival of the “Methuselah” (descendants of human colonists settled on Mars, contaminated by a virus, and nanotechnology giving them strength and longevity superior to the standard human), having landed during the Armageddon, generally called Vampires by the “Terrans” because of their similarities with them, and the appearance of the Cyborgs (minor class of machines) created from the Lost Technology (the current technology).

From there, the Methuselah opposed the Terrans (Humans) in order to establish their power over them. In order to maintain the fragile balance established between the Terrans and the Methuselahs, the Vatican has created an intervention team: the AX. This organization is made up of powerful priests and nuns who are trained in combat techniques.

18. Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D

Original Run: 2007 – 2014
Number of Volumes: 8

The action takes place in 12090. As a result of the last war, which ended 10 thousand years earlier, humanity was on the verge of death. Power over the world was seized by vampires who terrorized humanity. Due to the generous bounty on their heads, a special class of mercenaries, vampire hunters, appeared, greatly reducing their numbers.

The surviving vampires hid in inaccessible shelters, from where they continued to make bloody raids. Doris Lang, the daughter of a werewolf hunter, follows in her dead father’s footsteps by slaying werewolves. One day, while hunting, she is attacked by the head of the local vampire clan, Count Magnus Lee. He bit her, but left her alive, and Doris, realizing that the count will return for her, hires a mysterious vampire hunter known as Dee, not yet knowing that he is a dhampir (half-human and half-vampire), an outcast both for people and for vampires.

19. Devils’ Line

Original Run: March 22, 2013 – December 22, 2018
Number of Volumes: 13 (+ 1 short story)

When the student Tsukasa Taira goes home one evening with her fellow student Shota Akimura, they are pursued by a demon. There have always been murders of women suspected of being a demon in the city. But the stranger turns out to be investigator Yūki Anzai, who uses his demon-hunting skills as a half-demon.

Shota is arrested by him because he is a demon and he is suspected of the murder series. The rescued Tsukasa brings Anzai home. There he surprisingly attacks her, but thanks to his medication he is able to hold back.

Because Anzai has to keep his thirst for blood in check, like the other demons who want to live peacefully between people. Later, Tsukasa meets Anzai again and learns that some demons are able to live between humans thanks to drugs. From then on, her rescuer visits her again and again – to watch over her, as he says.

20. Strike the Blood

Original Run: May 10, 2011 – August 7, 2020
Number of Volumes: 22 + 2 sidestories (light novel)

Strike the Blood follows the story of Kojō Akatsuki, a vampire high school student, and Yukina Himeragi, a young swordsman shaman, living in Japan on the artificial island of Itogami, also nicknamed the Demon District. A treaty was drawn up there in order to establish peace between supernatural creatures and humans; supernatural creatures are forced to remain within the confines of the Demon Districts for experimental purposes.

Yukina Himeragi is sent to the island to monitor Kojō Akatsuki, suspected of being the 4th Primogenitor, the most powerful vampire, who could threaten the balance of this sacred treaty put in place thanks to the collaboration of the first three Primogenitors.

21. Kiss of the Rose Princess

Original Run: June 24, 2008 – January 25, 2012
Number of Volumes: 9

Anis Yamamoto jealously guards a necklace with a rose-shaped pendant that her father gave her. The day her father gave her the necklace he asked her to promise never to take it off, under penalty of terrible punishment: “This necklace must never be lost or taken off. It is a very precious talisman that will protect you. If you were to part with it on yourself. a terrible punishment would fall.”

Anis keeps her promise for years, not least because the few times she tried to take off the choker, she failed. One day while she is in the company of a schoolmate, Kaede Higa, she is hit by a strange black bat and her choker mysteriously vanishes.

During the research of the necklace she will discover that she is a Dominion linked with a pact, called Rosette, to the Knights of the Rose, called Rhodo Knight: Kaede Higa, Mutsuki Kurama, Mitsuru Tenjou and Seiran Asagi. Thanks to cards that are given to her by Ninufa, the black bat who is actually the Keeper of the Cards, she is able to summon the four knights, she servants of her.

22. Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Original Run: August 21, 2003 – July 27, 2010
Number of Volumes: 10

Shiki Tohno’s childhood was marred by a serious accident that left him weak and estranged from the rest of his family for years. He grew up with distant relatives. This drama gave him the strange gift of seeing the “lines of death” that make up everything and every living being.

But at the age of 16, Shiki is called back to the family home, on the death of his father, by his sister Akiha Tohno. The young girl lives alone with her two servants, Kohaku and Hisui. It doesn’t take long for him to discover that strange things are happening and that we seem to be hiding things from him.

One day when he is walking down a street, Shiki comes across a pretty young girl. Taken by a sudden impulse, he kills her with incredible savagery. Convinced of having dreamed, what is his surprise when he sees the girl he killed the day before waiting for him in front of his high school.

23. Bloody Cross

Original Run: February 12, 2009 – July 10, 2015
Number of Volumes: 12

Tsukimiya, half-angel, half-vampire, is condemned, like the hybrids of her species, to die when she turns eighteen. His only two hopes are to swallow the blood of a purebred demon or to obtain the divine power contained in the grimoire of prophecies, one of the thirteen objects used for the crusade, a kind of tournament in which two angels of pure blood compete to become God.

She will meet another half-blood named Hinata who will offer her help but, is he really reliable? Very quickly, the heroine finds herself embarked despite herself on the crusade to which she is linked more than she thinks. Betrayal, alliance against nature and dantesque fights, angels and demons reserve surprises.

24. RustBlaster

Original Run: November 2005 – April 2006
Number of Volumes: 1

The story takes place at the Millénaire school, in a world where vampires and humans have coexisted for more than 1000 years. Aldred is a young vampire, leader of the Sixth Division and only son of the Headmaster. He is the only vampire to not have a family weapon, which gives its possessor a special ability. Aldred is tasked with becoming friends with Yosugara kei, a human.

One day, in the school cafeteria, two incredibly powerful vampires manage, despite the efforts of the students, to drink the blood of one of their own (the greatest crime a vampire can commit). Yosugara kei is revealed to be the “Sacred Spear”, a destructive weapon whose possessor is Aldred. Together they will make a contract to protect the world from destruction.

25. Super Lovers

Original Run: October 30, 2009 – present
Number of Volumes: 15

After a difficult family life and following the divorce of his parents, the young Haru Kaidou leaves to live in Canada with his mother before returning to Japan to his father who has rebuilt his life. He lives there with his father, his stepmother (whom he calls “mom”) and his half-brothers (twins). Later, at the request of his biological mother, he returns to Canada and discovers that she has adopted a young boy named Ren.

But the latter is a real savage who does not listen to anyone. Ren and Haru will spend the summer together before the latter returns to Japan. While returning from the airport Haru and his parents have an accident, Haru will remain in a coma for a month. When he wakes up he has no memory of the summer spent with Ren, of the death of his parents in the car accident or of his brothers then living with their maternal grandmother.

A few years later Haru became a host in a club to be able to pay for his brothers’ future studies, but Ren (who was actually adopted by the couple) comes to live with him. At first Haru is reluctant, as he doesn’t remember their summer together and he doesn’t feel up to it. Ren will eventually return to Canada and Haru will follow him. A year later they return to Japan and will live together with the other two brothers. Little by little, Haru, helped by his brothers and his friends, will try to educate Ren and perhaps help him form a real family.

26. Bloody Kiss

Original Run: May 2004 – March 2005
Number of Volumes: 2

Kiyo Katsuragi inherits a mansion that belonged to his grandmother. But when she arrives, she notices that it is inhabited by two attractive vampires: Kuroboshi and Arche, his servant. Quickly, Kuroboshi wants to make Kiyo his wife, in other words, his exclusive blood supplier! But even if she is far from indifferent to the charms of the vampire, Kiyo hesitates, and this is all the more so as she could in turn become a vampire.

27. The Case Study of Vanitas

Original Run: December 22, 2015 – present
Number of Volumes: 9

Late 19th century. Paris is in turmoil following repeated attacks by vampires. However, the golden rule of their community is not to attack humans! A mysterious evil seems to be eating away at these immortal creatures. It is during this troubled period that Noah arrives in the capital. Born a bloodsucker, he follows in the footsteps of the grimoire of Vanitas, a legendary artifact feared by all vampires. I

t is said to allow its holder to interfere with what is most sacred to them: the true name, the very symbol of their life. Modifying it can drive them mad, even annihilate them. Aboard the huge floating vessel he has embarked on, Noah meets Amelia. As he helps her recover from an illness, everything goes into overdrive: she loses her mind and reveals her vampire nature in front of the passengers!

That’s when a mysterious assailant enters the scene, introducing himself as Vanitas! In front of a speechless Noah, he pulls out the famous grimoire and soothes the young woman’s fit of madness. So the artifact is not just a deadly weapon?

28. Vampire Princess Miyu

Original Run: 1988 – 2002
Number of Volumes: 10

Miyu is a young vampire like no other. Unlike other vampires, she only bites people who want to and doesn’t fear daylight, holy water, or crosses. She is the descendant of a family that hunted the Shinma (or demons in the Manga version) (evil half-god half-demon creatures in the anime) in order to send them back to their world.

She is accompanied by Amour (or Larva in the manga), a Shinma (demon) sent to kill her who ultimately betrayed her own and is now her “servant” and protector.

29. Is This a Zombie?

Original Run: January 20, 2009 – June 20, 2015
Number of Volumes: 19 (light novel)

Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school student until the day he is murdered by a serial killer. He is then reborn as a zombie thanks to the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. Aikawa then becomes his servant but inadvertently absorbs the powers of a “masō-shōjo” named Haruna and in turn, becomes a masō-shōjo.

The young man will then have to manage his schedule between his duties as a masō-shōjo, his studies, and the search for his assassin, with Eucliwood, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim living with him.

30. Midnight Secretary

Original Run: August 8, 2006 – May 8, 2009
Number of Volumes: 7

Conservative and well-dressed Kaya Satozuka, considered the perfect secretary, discovers that the director of the company where she works is a vampire; Putting aside her prejudices, she continues with her usual work and does not reveal the identity of her boss, with whom she develops a closer relationship.

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