10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World, Ranked

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

The fandom philosophy is straightforward: it is a group of like-minded individuals who are fans of or are deeply interested in a particular item of pop culture. People often connect such distinct groups with comic books, but the culture has spread to other areas of people’s life.

Fandom didn’t exist before 2010, when the Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted towards the end of the 1990s, kicking off the slow mainstreaming of geek culture into high gear. Along with this mainstreaming, fandom developed and evolved in dramatic and important ways. Since then, the fandom world has risen and each group has fought for a title; here, I will discuss, the biggest and the best fandom in the world from last to the first.

Biggest Fandom in the World

Today, many fandoms constitute a wonderful collection of people who share knowledge and brainstorm on topics on which they have a commonality of opinion. Here are 10 of the biggest fandom in the world (ranked):

10. Game of Thrones Fandom – Thronies

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 300k

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series which is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. Even though the Game of Thrones television series is concluded, fans are still engaging online via various channels.

The series’ complicated storyline was fantastic, and it brought together a large number of like-minded individuals online via its fanbase. The book series is much better than the television series. One of the most intriguing aspects of the fandom is how well show-goers and book-readers understand akin.

9. My Little Pony Fandom – Bronies

Fandom Fan Number- Over 400k

The My Little Pony fanbase exploded in the 2010s and has never slowed down. Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated television series based on the My Little Pony toy brand.

Despite Hasbro’s intended audience of young girls and their parents, the fourth iteration of the brand became a cultural and Internet sensation as the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic television series created an unanticipated following, with many male fans aged 13 to 35 generating a huge fanbase as well as a plethora of creative works, fan sites, and conventions.

To identify themselves, the fandom has coined the term “brony,” a combination of “bro” and “pony.” Hasbro and other show crew members were taken aback by the program’s elder audience. 

They have acknowledged and welcomed the fanbase, including references to fans in both the program and the products. Bronies, according to Sherilyn Connelly and others, alienate other franchise fans by concentrating on the fanbase rather than the show.

The fandom has one of the largest internet fan bases. Equestria Daily and Ponychain, for example, were established to enable fans to exchange artwork, music, tales, and show news. The website had over 36 million page visits in the first nine months. In June 2014, it reached the 500 millionth milestone.

8. Dan and Phil Fandom – Phandoms

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 500k

Daniel James Howell and Philip Michael Lester are British YouTubers famous for their separate YouTube channels, as well as their joint gaming channel DanAndPhilGAMES. The two frequently collaborate on each other’s videos in both scripted roles and cameo appearances, most notably including their former annual video series Phil is not on fire (2009-2018). The two currently reside in their home in London.

They have appeared on television, radio programs, in books, on tours, and in original films. They have acquired a large fan following over time because they provide innovative and relevant material. Their fanbase, known as phandom, is diverse, with members ranging from the most serious to the strangest.

7. Doctor Who Fandom – Whovians

Fandom Fan Number- Over 700k

The British Broadcasting Corporation developed and owns the Doctor Who television program and worldwide multimedia brand (BBC). The main plot revolves around Doctor Who, a time traveler who seems to be from the species of creatures known as Time Lords. 

Doctor Who’s intriguing philosophy has captured the hearts of many fans over the years, resulting in a large global fan base.

Since the late 1970s, Doctor Who fans in the United Kingdom have had an officially recognized organization – the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (or DWAS). It has thousands of subscribers and has a long history with the classic series and, subsequently, BBC Worldwide.

The Doctor Who Fan Groups Google Map initiative was launched in 2012 to make it simpler for UK-based Doctor Who fans to locate a local fan organization and, in turn, assisting local fan groups in recruiting new members.

Fans like its fanbase because it allows them to connect with other people who appreciate the intricacies of the film and television series. Furthermore, it provides fans with time and space, as well as a character who is continuously developing.

Because Doctor Who is so famous, supporters are frequently referred to as Whovians or the Doctor Who fanbase. However, since the 1980s, the word has been limited to Doctor Who fans in the United States. This occurred after the publication of the Whovian Times as the newsletter of the Doctor Who Fan Club of America. 

6. Star Wars Fandom – Warsies

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 1 million

The Star Wars series need no introduction since it is one of the most well-known, with a huge fan following. It is a multi-genre mythology and multimedia brand founded by George Lucas in 1976, consisting of films, novels, comic books, video games, toys, and television shows.

The Star Wars series incorporates archetypal themes found in religions, classical mythology, and political climax, as well as musical melodies from these same areas. Star Wars has become part of mainstream popular culture as one of the most successful instances of the space opera subgenre of science fiction, as well as one of the highest-grossing series of all time.

Given its popularity and domination in many entertainment genres, it has generated one of the world’s largest fandoms. It is also one of the oldest since many individuals have been engaged in the fandom in various ways.

Fans are often split about whether something is canon or non-canon. But, of course, fans occasionally have the same thoughts on some topics. Toys have always been a part of the Star Wars universe and will continue to be so. 

As a result, fans like purchasing and sharing their experiences. Furthermore, there are many rare ones and other businesses that manufacture Star Wars items.

5. The Supernatural Fandom – SPNFamly

Fandom Fan Number- Over 1.4 million

Supernatural has one of the largest fan bases on Tumblr, and it can quickly take over any post that isn’t about the television show. So, how did the long-running series amass such a large fan base?

Supernatural began from the bottom and steadily built its narrative to the top. Jensen and Jared, the characters of the television series, are adored by fans. As a consequence, the supernatural fanbase is often known as the SPNFamily.

The fanbase is most often referred to as SPNFamily. Given the show’s “family doesn’t stop with blood” concept, the only surprise about the phrase is that fans didn’t conceive of it sooner, and it took Jared to popularize it.

SPN was initially used to refer to both the program and the fanbase and is typically capitalized. However, when fans and staff started to refer to each other as “members of the SPN family,” the phrase “SPN family” has been more often used in reference to fans, with the name “SPN” kept for the program itself.

The SPNFamily is very inviting, and one of its most distinctive views is the show’s cast and crew’s friendliness. The well-known cast and crew are known as J2M, which stands for Jared, Jensen, and Misha.

The J2M often shares personal account information to better connect to followers and make things more enjoyable and engaging. They also attend a lot of conventions and spend a lot of time with their fans. Tumblr contains Supernatural references nearly everywhere, demonstrating how popular the fanbase is in the present age.

4. The One Direction Fandom – Directioners

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number – Over 2.6 million

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan are members of the British-Irish boy band One Direction. On March 25, 2015, Zayn Malik left the band.

The band declared an extended break in December 2015, after the release of five best-selling albums between 2011 and 2015. All members had published solo work by May 2017, and all members had released solo albums by January 2020.

The 1D has some of the finest and most devoted fans, not to mention how kind and non-toxic they are.

It’s been years, but Directioners will still trend the boyband and the members at every available opportunity to show them how much they are loved while still hoping for a possible reunion in the future. They are equally as enthusiastic about the guys’ individual work as they are about the boyband as a whole. 

3. The MCU Fandom – Marvel Zombies

Fandom Fan Number- Over 3.7 million

Because of its prominence in the entertainment sector, most people think of Marvel when they think of internationally famous fandoms. And if you haven’t heard of the business, you’ve most certainly been living under a rock.

The business is responsible for some of the greatest names in the superhero world, including Spiderman, X-Men, and The Avengers, as well as many comic books based on such characters. As a result, they have a large fan following all over the globe, resulting in one of the greatest fandoms.

2. Harry Potter Fandom – Potterheads

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number – Over 4 million

The Harry Potter fanbase is the world’s second-biggest fan base, and the success of the Harry Potter novels and films has everything to do with it. It is a group of people that share a love of Harry Potter novels and films.

They take part in fun activities centered on the series. Fanfiction, reading, and writing, producing and soliciting fan art, role-playing, forum networking, and many other activities are examples.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Harry Potter novels that have captured the hearts of readers is how beautifully they are thought out and put together. Although J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is concluded, fans across the globe continue to debate the books and films.

The Harry Potter fanbase is large due to the book’s intricacy and inventiveness, which transports readers to a new world. Another great aspect of the Harry Potter novels is that each character has a detailed history dating back to his or her infancy.

1. BTS’ Fandom ARMY

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 11 million

The largest fanbase in the world right now is none other than the BTS Army. BTS and its followers, known as the ARMY, became the first K-Pop group to reach the top ten on the Billboard 200 chart.

BTS and the ARMY also ended the reign of the ‘Beliebers,’ earning the Billboard Music Awards’ Top Social Artist with over 300 million votes globally.

The key to the ARMY fandom’s massive social media success is not just their passion for BTS, but also a lot of smart preparation. The ARMY is taking a proactive, data-driven approach to boosting BTS popularity.

There are three different Twitter accounts for the ARMY. ‘BTS on Billboard’ is entirely devoted to assisting BTS in “spreading their wings and flying on the Billboard Charts.” Another account, ‘BTS Views,’ is just for monitoring their YouTube views, and a third is for easy hashtag-driven voting.

BTS’ fanbase ARMY is the largest in the current K-pop scene. Over the years, the group has achieved tremendous success in the music business and earned the hearts of many admirers.

According to Korean media outlets, the fanbase is known for having the power to make or break a scenario. For example, the platform may prohibit the sale of any BTS goods as well as trolls.

ARMYs have utilized their influence for social and political action all around the globe since BTS’ debut. According to Esquire, the fanbase, which numbers tens of millions of individuals worldwide, has collected funds to replant rainforests, feed LGBTQ+ refugees, and other causes.

It’s no surprise that they have the world’s largest fanbase right now, and it doesn’t seem that they will be thrown down any time soon.

Best Fandom in the World 

Even if fandom has the most followers, this does not always imply that it is the best, since some are very toxic. A fandom is considered excellent if its members are kind and intriguing to your interests. Below are some of the best fandom that exists and that

10. Strange Magic Fandom

Fandom Fan Number- Less than 100k

Strange Magic fandom is exceptionally small because the film itself isn’t well-known – yet it’s also the friendliest, most friendly collection of fans I’ve ever met.

There are no ship conflicts, many of the animators (and some of the VAs!) often participate, and- brace yourselves for adorable overload- the Tumblr section of the fandom will welcome new fans with a “boutonniere,” since boutonnieres are a prominent object throughout the movie.

9. Naruto Fandom

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 100k

If you’re a die-hard anime lover, the Naruto Fandom could be the place to be. It’s a fantastic structure for getting things done. There are so many fantastic characters with rich backstories and so much room for growth. I’m a huge fan of literature, and anything that has the potential to stimulate such creativity is what Naruto fans like.

8. Sanders Sides Fandom

Fandom Fan Number- less than 100k

This fanbase is perhaps the most polite fan community on the internet, based on a series of YouTube videos by Thomas Sanders. People in this group accept opposing viewpoints, are pleasant and emotionally helpful and do not ship in a toxic manner.

7. Star Wars Fandom

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 1 million

Because of their vastness and the idea that numerous stories may be told within them, the Star Wars universes are well-liked and adored. It promotes a sense of welcome for almost everyone, encouraging individuals to come and tell their own tales as well as the stories that are important to them in the universe.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch Character Ages, Height, Race & More

If you’re a gamer, this is a great fandom to join.

6. Halo Fandom

Fandom Fan Number- Over 200k

With extremely awesome aliens (Sangheili are such badasses) and super-human Titans fighting to save mankind, This is one of the finest fandoms you can join since it has a large world, fascinating characters, depth, and really fantastic designs.

The Halo fandom has a creative, focused membership, very little toxicity, and a sizable library of fan literature and fan art.

5. Supernatural Fandom

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 1.4 million

Even though Supernatural is only a CW program, its incredible cast and staff have done an outstanding job of keeping the show interesting and valuable for viewers to watch even now.

The fans are so devoted that they pay hundreds of dollars to attend conventions all around the world to celebrate the show. They purchase Supernatural goods from places such as Hot Topic. They overburden the Internet with Supernatural allusions.

4. My Little Pony Fandom

Fandom Fan Number- Over 400k

Although it is a children’s program on Netflix, you would be amazed at how many adolescents and adults enjoy it (including myself obviously).

When compared to prior fandom experiences, this one has been the calmest and least hostile. Even when fans disagree, the dialogue remains lighthearted and courteous. 

3. Gravity Falls Fandom

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

The Gravity Falls fandom is a wonderful family of diligent mystery-solvers who crack codes and put up with Alex’s antics.

With so many mysteries and speculations, such as what is Dipper’s true name? Who penned the journal? What does Bill desire? All of these questions were eventually addressed, but they had ideas—sometimes the right ones—for a long period before that. Gravity Falls supporters often support one another and are rarely nasty.

2. BTS’ fandom ARMY

Fandom Fan Number- Over 11 million

The BTS ARMY may be a nasty fandom, but they are also one of the finest. They are also incredibly kind and open to new experiences. Yes, there are some toxic people in our fandom, but there are also in others. The vast majority of them are lovely and crackheads.

Overall, the ARMYs and BTS are practically like family. BTS adores its followers and is appreciative of every small action they do. ARMYs like BTS (they have written a few songs for them and even have an album dedicated to them), and their followers appear to be overjoyed with all they do and achieve.

1. One Direction Fandom – Directioner

10 Biggest and Best Fandom in the World RANKED (2021)

Fandom Fan Number- Over 2.6 million

This is most likely one of the greatest fandoms you can join. Even after the pause, the directioners who remained are all boys, and they are nearly never nasty. Every director in the world aspires for one thing: to reclaim the guys.

They keep the peace and respect each other’s ideas. They’re horrible dancers, but they’ve won a lot of hearts. They have the sweetest and most modest demeanor, and they genuinely care about their followers!

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