Black Adam Producer Hiram Garcia Says That ‘Kingdom Come’ Movie For DC Is His Dream Project

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Hiram Garcia, the film producer who constantly collaborates with Dwayne Johnson on all of his projects, including the upcoming DCEU movie Black Adam, recently sat down with Collider and talked about the future projects.

One of the questions was what would be his dream project, and Garcia revealed that he’d love to make a multi-film series based on DC’s popular comic book Kingdom Come. Full quote down below:

Look, I think the dream project that’s something we’ve always spoken about at Seven Bucks, we would love to make someday, which is a tougher ambition due to, obviously, IP and rules and so forth, but always been obsessed with Kingdom Come, the Mark Waid/Alex Ross joint that those guys did. I think that storyline was always so compelling. We’ve always envisioned it as kind of an epic, multi-film saga. I think that’s something we’ve always dreamed of being able to do. If there was ever a dream project, and not trying to start a fire where it’s like we’re gunning after that, because it’s just pie in the sky, you’d love to be able to tell the story, and I always admired that story of the juxtaposition of old-school heroes versus new-school heroes and how they clash and a world so divided in terms of how they view what is justice now and what was it and what should it be. It’s always just always something very compelling in the big, cataclysmic mash-up of old versus new. That’s something that, look, in a perfect world, we could do it, would love to do it.” — Hiram Garcia for Collider


Brandon Routh Would Love To Play Kingdom Come Superman Again

Kingdom Come is a four-issue comic book mini-series which was written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross in 1996. The comic book is following an Elseworlds story (a story that’s featuring main DC characters, but it doesn’t affect the main DC comic book timeline, and it’s taking place outside of DC canon in general). In the story, taking place on Earth-22, Superman and Justice League abandoned their roles as superheroes after the public started supporting Magog, who was one of the violent superheroes that had no problem with killing the supervillains, notably the Joker.

The idea of Kingdom Come comic book was very, very loosely incorporated in the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which Brandon Routh played the Kingdom Come Superman, while Oliver Queen became The Spectre after his death.

Kingdom Come comic book was widely acclaimed, and if you need a recommendation for a good DC comic book, we can definitely recommend you this one. Would you like to see a movie based on the Kingdom Come storyline?

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