Blue Exorcist: All Illuminati Members Ranked by Power!

Blue Exorcist: All Illuminati Members Ranked by Power!

After many years, the third season of Blue Exorcist is finally back and in this article, we have decided to start covering the series. This article is going to discuss a group rather than an individual character, as we have decided to introduce the Illuminati – the principal villains of the third season – to you. In this article, you are going to find out who the Illuminati are, what their ultimate goal is, as well as how powerful their members are.

Who are the Illuminati?

Some of you might know them as the Bright Future Foundation, but they are actually the Illuminati. The Illuminati are a villainous organization in the world of Blue Exorcist, composed of very rich and powerful individuals. Not much is known about them because their public face has nothing to do with their actual actions and goals. They are in possession of technologies that were once thought to be non-existent, such as when they managed to open a fake Gehenna Gate.

The Illuminati are highly dangerous. We are going to talk about their true goals a bit later in the article, but now, allow us to rank their members based on how strong they actually are.

Illuminati members ranked by power

The names on this list are going to be ranked based on their known powers and abilities, from weakest to strongest.

Unknown woman (deceased)

This unknown woman is a completely anonymous character who once belonged to the organization before her death. It is known that she was a Demon Eater within the organization, but if you want any additional info – we have to disappoint you. Based on everything, we have decided to place her first on this list as the weakest member.


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Maria Yoshida (deceased)

Maria Yoshida was a Researcher within the Illuminati. Although she did work for them, she was a kind and compassionate person and did not come off as a typical member of the Illuminati. She is also deceased, so her story has come to an end, but save for her keen intellect, it did not seem like she had any specific powers.

Michael Gedōin (deceased)

Another Researcher within the Illuminati, Michael Gedōin was a more loathsome person than Maria. He was not really liked by anyone, so no one outside the organization was sad when he died. He had a keen intellect, but aside from that, he also has the Savior Mark, which is why we put him above Maria on this list.

Unidentified former member of the Angelic Legion (deceased)

The Angelic Legion is an additional organization in the series, but they are not closely related to the Illuminati. This unnamed character was a Spy for the Illuminati, but aside from the fact that he is dead, we don’t know much about him. We assume that he was stronger than the average Researcher, but we’ve put him here because of a lack of information in general.

Saburota Todo (deceased)

Sabutora Todo is actually the first powerful character we have on this list, as he was a Demon Eater with some remarkable skills; he was also known as the Choosen One during his time with the organization. He had a sadistic personality and was not really a nice person overall, but he was powerful enough to kickstart our list of powerful characters.

Renzo Shima

Renzo Shima is still a student at the Academy but a gifted spy, so he keeps working for both the Illuminati and the Order. His powers and abilities are known, and we know that he has a lot of potential and is quite skilled, especially for his age, but he is not as strong as the other members of the organization, so we had to put him somewhere in the middle.

Drac Dragulescu

Drac Dragulescu is the most skilled Researcher among the Illuminati. He has some Meisters and is excellent at making potions, but aside from that, his other powers and abilities are not known. We do assume that he was more skilled than a young Renzo, but he probably wasn’t among the organization’s best fighters.


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Gunnan and Gunnar Lundström

Gunna and Gunnar Lundström are twins who are also guards within the Illuminati. Not much is known about their powers and abilities, as we have not seen them in action much, but seeing how they were given some truly important tasks and how they are high-ranking members of the organization, we assume that they have something to offer in terms of their powers and abilities, so we put them a bit higher on this list.

Yukio Okumura (temporary)

Yes, Yukio Okumura was, for a brief period of time, a member of the Illuminati as a visiting Researcher since his skills and abilities were of much use to them. Of course, he was never a villain, but knowing how skilled and powerful he is, we simply had to put him here.

Homare Todo

Homare Todo is the Captain of Phosphorus, Lucifer’s personal guard, and the second-in-command in the Illuminati. She is an exceptionally skilled fighter with Spectral Awareness, so we had to position her this high on the list; she is undoubtedly one of the organization’s strongest members.


Egyin is one of the Eight Demon Kings, known as the King of Water. He is quite powerful and uses water-based attacks. Seeing how he is a Demon King, his base level of power far surpasses the other characters on this list, so we had to place him in second place.


Lucifer is the leader of the Illuminati, as well as the strongest of the Eight Demon Kings. In that aspect, there is absolutely no doubt that he is the strongest member of the organization, and that is why we put him in first place.

What is the Illuminati’s goal?

Now that we have gone over the structure and the members of the Illuminati, we think that it is only fair to discuss their goals a bit. As we have said above, the Illuminati conduct experiments on force-possessing Demons into humans, but they are not merely sadists, as they actually do have a goal in mind. Namely, their principal goal is to once again merge Assiah and Gehenna, which would “return the world to the original state from which both darkness and light originated.” Of course, in the meantime, they plan on reviving Satan as well, as their ultimate goal is to create a society where everyone would be equal and where peace would rule.


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Now, seeing how they plan on reviving Satan, we don’t think that their peace would be a proper one, so they are either deluded and manipulated by Lucifer, their leader, or are lying about their true goal. Why? Well, they’re villains, yet their ultimate goal of peace is a good one, so either they’re deluded or are tyrants whose version of peace will have nothing to do with actual peace. Be that as it may, this is what we know about their goal, and with this, we are bringing this article to an end.

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