Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Blue Period is a 2021 Japanese anime television series produced by Seven Arcs under the direction of Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano. The series is focused on Yatora Yaguchi, a fairly popular student who excels in school, who became fascinated by a painting so deeply that it inspired him to try his hand at painting. The anime currently has one season and is a likely candidate for a renewal.

In this article, we are going to present the main characters from Blue Period. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different vocations, that have appeared in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their dates of birth, their exact heights, and, of course, some of their main powers. It’s going to be a very fun list so enjoy!

Yatora YaguchiMale16-18July 5thJapanese173 cm (5’8″)
Ryuji “Yuka” AyukawaFluid16-18October 18thJapanese175 cm (5’9″)
Yotasuke TakahashiMale16-19September 19thJapanese163 cm (5’4”)
Haruka HashidaMale17-20February 5thJapanese182 cm (6’0″)
Maki KuwanaFemale16-19April 23rdJapanese161 cm (5’3″)
Maru MoriFemale17-19April 4thJapanese147 cm (4’9″)
Masako SaekiFemaleUnknownJune 7thJapanese165 cm (5’5″)
UtashimaMale16-18March 28thJapanese178 cm (5’8″)
Kinemi MikiFemaleUnknownUnknownJapanese173 cm (5’8″)
KoigakuboMale16-18June 28thJapanese192 cm (6’3″)
SumidaMaleUnknownApril 14thJapanese166 cm (5’5”)

Yatora Yaguchi

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Although Yatora is very hardworking and seems composed, there is an underlying insecure part of him that comes out, even more, when he starts making art. He has an extroverted character and can easily understand what others are looking for in a relationship, and conforms to please everyone around him.

Because of this, he tends to suppress his own feelings and desires. Yatora relies a lot on his learned social skills when he finds himself in a stressful or unfamiliar situation. However, if he is caught off guard or cannot maintain his composure, he will have an emotional outburst that often results in him crying and speaking more honestly.

Yatora is particularly hard on himself. He sets high standards for himself while constantly undervaluing his own work and comparing himself to others, which eventually overwhelms him.

Although he compares himself to others, he has great respect and admires the art that others around him create. His selfless and concerned nature is best shown when he goes on an outing with Ayukawa, even though it is the middle of exam time and he develops a rash due to the extreme stress.

Ryuji “Yuka” Ayukawa

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Yuka is impetuous and seemingly confident, though she carries many fears. With her generally cute and dazzling appearance, Yuka attracts many people. Yuka’s grandmother influenced the decision to study Japanese art, to whom Yuka is closest. Yuka often pretends to be radiant in front of her and in stressful situations she is often reckless and impulsive.

Both Yuka’s mother and father disapprove of Yuka’s identity and lifestyle. It is apparent that her home life is unsafe and sometimes violent. Yuka can only find comfort in the company of her grandmother, who accepts Yuka as a person and Yuka’s aspirations. It is implied that Yuka often goes out at night to get away from home, and that Yuka’s parents suspect that Yuka is making dates with men for money.

Yuka is tall and slender and has pale skin. Yuka has long, natural blonde hair that reaches her waist and long, thin bangs that are often combed to the side. Yuka’s eyes are a dark, bright purple.

Yuka wears a mixture of male and female school uniforms. Sometimes she wears a skirt with a boys’ uniform blazer, other times she wears boys’ uniform pants and a girls’ uniform blouse. This is a deliberate style choice and highlights Yuka’s resistance to conformity. When painting, Yuka prefers to wear a French maid-style apron to match her cute, feminine esthetic.

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Yotasuke Takahashi

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Yotasuke has a reserved and shy personality, although he is also portrayed as unyielding and easily angered. He is blunt and often says things as they come to mind without trying to explain to others what he means. He has complete confidence in his artistic abilities and is not afraid to admit that he excels at what he does.

Yotasuke claims that he has no friends. It is uncertain whether he has any immediate family other than his mother, although he says in Chapter 12 that his “parents” are contacts in his phone, implying that he has a father who has not been shown.

Yotasuke is a young man of small stature with short black hair parted in the middle and long bangs on either side of his face. He has pale skin and dark green-blue eyes. He also has a beauty mark and thin, black eyebrows under each eye.

Yotasuke often wears a yellow plaid long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers. When he paints, he prefers to wear a regular chef’s apron.

Haruka Hashida

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Haruka is particularly eccentric and is often considered strange by others because of his art fetish. He behaves in a cheerful and aloof manner. He also likes to annoy and irritate his classmates at cram school. Despite this, he often takes time to be with them and is generally quite friendly.

Seeing Haruka again during the Geidai Festival, Yatora Yaguchi remarks that Haruka definitely knows more people in Geidai than he does, even though Hashida does not attend the school, and notes that he has celebrity status. Yotasuke Takahashi explains to Yatora that Haruka has been like this since high school. Despite his eccentric and cheerful personality, Hashida is often seen hiding his emotions with observations and art skills. This could be seen in the ‘Saeki’s Drawing Class’ arc. The reason for this behavior is unclear.

Haruka has straight, waist-length black hair that he wears in two long braids. He has black eyes, pointed ears, and is quite tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Haruka is often seen wearing a black turtleneck sweater and light gray pants. When he paints, he prefers to wear a lab coat.

Maki Kuwana

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Maki comes from a family of successful artists. It is known that most of them attended Tokyo College of the Arts. Her older sister passed the exam on her first try, and although she does not want to pressure her sister to compare herself to her. Maki is struggling with many problems related to her inferiority complex compared to her older sister, but she does not reveal that to her.

Although she seems to be positive, energetic, and a bit eccentric, Maki suffers from an inferiority complex compared to her older sister. This causes her to be very emotional, lack confidence in her abilities, and not realize how her artistic innovations inspire those around her, including her sister.

Yet Maki is described as talented and hardworking. She is one of the few who managed to shock and inspire Yatora with her focused gaze while she was working on her work at cram school.

Maki is also very kind and caring and goes out of her way to help those she cares about without hesitation. She often shares her food with others, explaining that art depletes the mind, though it is clear that she simply loves food and wants those around her to share the same joy.

She also cares about the well-being of those around her. On Day 1 of her 2nd exam, she hurriedly carried Yatora’s tools up the stairs without even batting an eye when she saw his predicament.

Maru Mori

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Mori is a quiet and good-natured girl who shows kindness to Yatora Yaguchi at their first meeting. She is very knowledgeable about classical art techniques and holds the philosophy that there is no such thing as talent, only skill, and experience, which appeals to her after Yatora expresses her envy of her artistic abilities.

She specializes in oil painting and is majoring in it after graduation. She is extremely focused when she does art, making it seem almost scary.

Mori is a pale-skinned, small-boned teenage girl with black hair coiffed into a short bob and light blue eyes. She wears a seifuku with a blue collar, skirt, and a bow. When she paints, she prefers to wear a kappogi smock, which emphasizes her femininity. She has been noted to have a frighteningly concentrated face when she paints.

Masako Saeki

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Masako Saeki is an art teacher at Yatora Yaguchi’s High School and advisor to the art club, which also offers art classes for children outside of school. Saeki is an older woman with white hair and darker tips. She often has her eyes closed, but has been seen to open them occasionally. Her clothing is a dark red turtleneck sweater with medium sleeves and light-colored pants with black shoes. At school, she wears a badge around her neck. When she works with art, she almost always wears an apron.

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Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Utashima is a very carefree and easy-going guy who considers this one of his good points. He seems to be easily seduced by pretty appearances, because he gives in very easily when Ryuji Ayukawa asks to speak with Yatora Yaguchi in private. According to Yatora, Utashima looks attractive to strangers, but he seems depressingly unattractive to people who know him. He also says that Utashima would be attractive if he kept his mouth shut.

In Chapter 25, he explains that he knows he failed the college entrance exams, but he will not become a ronin because he never wanted to go to college anyway. He decides to work as a barista because he does not have anything specific he wants to do. Utashima is of average height and build, has messy short green hair with bangs on the right side, and wears rectangular half-glasses. Apparently, he wears his glasses only for show.

Kinemi Miki

Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Kinemi Miki attends Geidai College together with Yatora Yaguchi. Kinemi is a very optimistic and positive girl who gives everything to achieve her goals, always trying to live up to the expectations of others and not disturbing them in the least.

Kinemi is a young girl with short blonde hair and pink eyes. She is quite tall and has a large bust in addition to her stocky build. She has considerable physical strength, which she acquired while playing volleyball at a young age.

Kinemi often wears short-sleeved shirts tucked into a pair of rolled-up jeans. She prefers to wear a ribbed, short-sleeved turtleneck sweater and overalls tied around her waist when making art.


Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Koigakubo is a minor character from the manga Blue Period. He is one of Yatora Yaguchi’s friends. Koigakubo is a tall, skinny guy with short, slicked-back hair and thin eyes. During his high school years, he wears a traditional black uniform.

Koigakubo is the calmest and quietest in the group. After some thought, you can tell he is particularly attentive and understands Yatora’s painting. Sometimes he can be emotional and is moved to tears when he talks about his dream of attending a pastry school.

But even though his dream is hard to achieve, he shows himself to be hardworking as he has a part-time job to make sure he can pay for college, even though he did not have the financial means to pay for college to begin with. Koigakubo proves to be reliable and prudent in his advice and supportive of his friends’ futures.


Blue Period Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Sumida is a minor character from the manga Blue Period. He is one of Yatora Yaguchi’s friends. Sumida is relatively short in stature, has short, choppy hair and no eyebrows. It has ben said that he shaves off his eyebrows. Sumida is someone who always takes care of his friends, especially Yatora Yaguchi. You can see this in the way he tries to pay attention to Yatora even though his favorite sport, soccer, is being televised.

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