Brie Larson Confirms That She Will Return to Future MCU Projects


‘The Marvels’ hit theaters ten days ago, and ever since, it’s been shattering less-than-ideal records. It clinched the title of the lowest-grossing MCU movie during its opening weekend, both domestically and globally. The second weekend didn’t bring any relief, witnessing the steepest decline in box office numbers, raising concerns that it could be the first MCU film failing to cross the $100 million mark domestically throughout its entire run. These figures paint a grim picture, surpassing even the gloomiest box-office predictions.

As fans and executives play the blame game, Brie Larson, the iconic Captain Marvel, stepped in with a statement to Entertainment Tonight, making it clear that she’s not ready to abandon the role and has a lot more to bring to the table.”

I don’t want Marvel to come for me,but there is something. There is definitely something, to answer your question, that I would want to say, but I am not going to so.

She confirmed Captain Marvel’s presence in upcoming MCU projects but remained tight-lipped about the specifics. Additionally, she acknowledged ample room for the growth of Captain Marvel’s character.

I just loved her letting the shoulders drop a little bit, and not need to feel like all the responsibility was on her, so I think that there is just so much more to go.

Larson wasn’t the most beloved choice for Captain Marvel; fans took issue with her due to a series of awkward statements in interviews that were perceived as both sexist and racist. Notably, her interactions with co-stars were also marked by tension, giving off an air of arrogance. After the release of ‘Captain Marvel,’ a petition circulated among fans calling for Captain Marvel to be recast and Brie Larson to be let go. Fortunately, that didn’t come to pass, and she remains a crucial part of the MCU.


‘The Marvels’ Struggles with Lowest MCU Opening Weekend Ever

However, her previous comments about most movie critics being “white men” don’t seem so wise now, especially considering that over 60% of ‘The Marvels’ audience were men. The movie catered primarily to a male audience, with 65% being male and 45% of them over 25 years old. Women over 25 constituted 22%, with the highest approval ratings at 82%. The largest age group was 25-34, making up 33% of the audience. Demographically, the audience included 36% Caucasians, 27% Latinos and Hispanics, 17% Black, and 14% Asian, as reported by Deadline. It might be a good idea to avoid alienating your main audience in the future, given that her preferred audience seems uninterested in her movies.

Regardless, ‘The Marvels’ joins a list of high-budget flops from the MCU. In this case, Brie’s comments aren’t solely responsible for the disappointment; it’s mostly the direction the MCU is taking, which fans clearly aren’t enthusiastic about. What the future holds remains to be seen.

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