Bungo Stray Dogs Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Bungo Stray Dogs Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

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Bungo Stray Dogs might never end up in the history books among the “Big Three” anime series, but it’s definitely a title to look out for. This seinen title follows the members of the “Armed Detective Agency” as they try to protect Yokohama from the mafia. A popular title with a respectable fandom, Bungo Stray Dogs has been adapted into several media and with more material on the way, we have decided to talk about the show a bit.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Bungo Stray Dogs characters and their heights, ages, birthdays, and ethnicities. The data we are going to use refers to the canon data we have from the manga, which is currently ongoing, so things are certainly going to change, but we are going to focus either on the data at the time of a character’s death or the current in-universe time. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

Atsushi Nakajima18May 5170 cm (5’7″)MaleJapanese
Osamu Dazai22June 19181 cm (5’11”)MaleJapanese
Doppo Kunikida22August 30189 cm (6’2″)MaleJapanese
Jun’ichirō Tanizaki18July 24174 cm (5’8.5″)MaleJapanese
Ranpo Edogawa26October 21168 cm (5’6″)MaleJapanese
Kenji Miyazawa14August 27158 cm (5’2″)MaleJapanese
Akiko Yosano25December 7166 cm (5’5″)FemaleJapanese
Yukichi Fukuzawa45January 10186 cm (6’1″)MaleJapanese
Kyōka Izumi14November 4148 cm (4’10”)FemaleJapanese
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa20March 1172 cm (5’8″)MaleJapanese
Chuuya Nakahara22April 29160 cm (5’3″)MaleJapanese
Ichiyō Higuchi?May 2159 cm (5’2.5″)FemaleJapanese
Ōgai Mori40February 17175 cm (5’9″)MaleJapanese
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald32September 24191 cm (6’3″)MaleAmerican
Nathaniel Hawthorne27July 4188 cm (6’2”)MaleAmerican
André Gide32November 22185 cm (6’0″)MaleFrench
Howard Phillips Lovecraft28August 20 (?)190 cm (6’2.5″)MaleAmerican
John Steinbeck21February 27175 cm (5’9″)MaleAmerican
Edgar Allan Poe28January 19182 cm (6’0″)MaleAmerican
Margaret Mitchell20November 8171 cm (5’7″)FemaleAmerican
Lucy Maud Montgomery19November 30165 cm (5’5″)FemaleCanadian
Herman Melville68August 1182 cm (6’0″)MaleAmerican

Atsushi Nakajima

Atsushi was given the picture of Akutagawa

Ability: Beast Beneath the Moonlight

Atsushi is the main character. He is an orphan who was thrown out of his orphanage. Being hungry, Atsushi decided to rob the next person he saw. Unfortunately, he came across Dazai, a suicidal young man, whom he will end up saving. He has the ability to transform into a man-tiger except that he can’t control his power. He also has the ability to regenerate himself, even to regrow limbs. Due to the abuse he suffered at the orphanage, Atsushi lacks self-confidence but is full of compassion, including for his enemies.


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Osamu Dazai

Dazai communicates with Kyoka

Ability: No Longer Human

A member of the Armed Detective Agency who takes Atsushi under his wing and enjoys flirting with women. At the age of 14, Dazai attempted suicide and was rescued and taken into the Port Mafia by Mori OugaÏ. With a carefree attitude, he constantly tries to kill himself but always fails as he ends up being miraculously saved by someone or something.

His ability is called No Longer Human, which allows him to cancel any ability by simply touching a part of a person’s body and his ability will cancel his power. He was a captain in the Port Mafia, but refuses to tell his colleagues. The death of his friend Sakunosuke Oda caused him to resign from the Mafia and join the Agency.

Doppo Kunikida

Kunikida approaches Higuchi

Ability: The Matchless Poet

Dazai’s partner, who always gets angry at his antics. A former math teacher, he always writes and plans every second of his day ahead, so he hates unexpected events and wasting his time. His ability is called “Lonely Poet”, and allows him to create any object he writes in his notebook as long as it is no larger than the notebook itself. Kunikida is Fukuzawa’s designated successor and one of the most skilled characters in the series.

Jun’ichirō Tanizaki

Tanizaki looking for Naomi

Ability: Light Snow

A member of the Agency around the same age as Atsushi. His ability is called “Light Snow”, which allows him to project illusions in a certain area. While he dislikes his sister’s antics, he becomes an uncontrollable rage if someone harms him or is threatened with harm.

Ranpo Edogawa

Ranpo finds out about Atsushi27s location

Ability: Super Deduction (non-ability)

He is twenty-six, although he looks much younger. According to him, his ability is called Super Deduction and is activated when he wears a pair of glasses that were given to him by the director of the agency. In reality, he is one of the very rare civilians in the agency without powers and his investigative prowess is solely the result of his mind. H

e is very confident and seems to consider himself the best in the agency and the best detective in the world. Others also seem to appreciate his abilities and are very kind to him. For everything that does not concern the investigation, however, Ranpo is incredibly clumsy: he is unable to take a train, go back to the Agency, or do anything practical. He is childish and loves sweets and compliments.

Kenji Miyazawa

Kenji asking about Karma Transit

Ability: Undefeated by the Rain

He is a skinny, blond boy who wears country dungarees and a straw hat. He has a jovial and kind character. He comes from a village where everyone knows each other and does not fully understand the life of the city, resulting in naive and spontaneous behavior. Precisely for these characteristics he is very popular with civilians and is often instructed to go around collecting information and rumors.


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He is firmly convinced that sincerity brings sincerity (even with criminals) and he sees the positive side of things at all times, always calm and smiling. His ability is called Undefeated by the Rain and it gives him superhuman strength, which however manifests itself only when he is hungry and makes him fall asleep when he is full. He often talks about cows and agriculture.

Akiko Yosano

Yosano after the cannibalism

Ability: Thou Shalt Not Die

She’s the Agency doctor. Her ability is called Thou Shalt Not Die and it allows her to heal her own or others’ mortal wounds. Her power, however, is only activated in the presence of mortal wounds, so when someone is injured but not in a way that leads to death, Akiko must first make him die in order to be able to heal him, in order to then use her power. Because of this and because of her tendency to be detached and sadistic, it seems that almost all the members of the Agency are terrified of her. She is a very good fighter and her favorite weapon of hers is a cleaver.

Yukichi Fukuzawa

Fukuzawa27s first appearance

Ability: All Men Are Equal

He is the president of the agency. He has a serious and authoritative character. He wears traditional Japanese clothing and spends most of his time in his private office. He cares a lot about his employees. His power is called All Men Are Equal and makes all members of the agency have better control of their abilities; this is why Atsushi can master his hybrid. He is a martial arts expert and Kunikida master.

Kyōka Izumi

Kyoka questioned by the police

Ability: Demon Snow

A young orphan girl is taken in by the Port Mafia, and decides a little later in the story to join the Armed Detective Agency after the clash between Atsushi and Akutagawa. At only 14 years old, she has already committed many crimes, which weighs on her conscience despite her rather callous appearance. It will take Atsushi’s compassion for her to decide to regain a taste for life, reconcile with her power, and put it at the service of others.

Her ability is Demon Snow, which allows her to materialize a sword-wielding specter through commands given by her cell phone. It is revealed that her parents were actually assassins, and as such faced a number of enemies. One day, one of the enemies had the ability to manipulate her body and tried to turn Kyōka’s father into his daughter’s murderer.

However, his mother had the Demon Snow ability and was forced to kill her husband before killing herself as she was under the same influence. But before her death, she ordered Demon Snow to protect Kyōka and passed on her ability to her via an as-yet-unknown method, limited only to blood relatives. However, the process was incomplete, resulting in the princess only listening for commands through her cellphone.

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Akutagawa pins Atsushi

Ability: Rashōmon

Akutagawa is one of the most feared leaders of the Port Mafia due to his highly destructive power, Rashōmon, which takes shape from the raincoat he wears and is capable of devouring anything, even space. In addition, she is indestructible and lightning fast. He has a small physique, gray eyes, and dark hair with white tips. He always wears a black raincoat and a handkerchief.

Akutagawa grew up on the fringes of society until he joins the Port Mafia and becomes Dazai’s subordinate, who trains him. He hates Dazai, who has betrayed the Port Mafia by abandoning him, but at the same time is obsessed with it: when Dazai claims that his new subordinate is much better than him, he beats him to death and later opens a personal war with the members of the Agency and in particular Atsushi, the latest arrival and protege of Dazai.


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He has a personality bordering on madness and abruptly changes his generally composed attitude in moments when he completely loses control. He coughs often and doesn’t seem to harbor any kind of positive feelings. Even with his subordinates, such as Kyōka and Higuchi, he is generally violent and manipulative.

Chūya Nakahara

Chuya 29

Ability: Upon the Tainted Sorrow

He is a captain in the Port Mafia and a former associate of Dazai. He can control the vector of gravity, commonly known as weightlessness, and the force of objects that he is physically in contact with thanks to his power, Upon the Tainted Sorrow. Being criticized bothers him because of his diminutive stature and especially if it comes from Dazai.

He was very happy when he was told that Dazai had quit the Port Mafia and opened a bottle of Château Pétrus ’89. Nakahara’s origins are uncertain. He was allegedly pulled from a dimension by an undercover mafia spy called Arthur Rimbaud. Following the confrontation with the latter, which ended in his death, he recovered his hat.

Ichiyō Higuchi

Higuchi27s first appearance

Ability: Unknown 

She is a blonde woman wearing the typical black male suit of the Port Mafia. She is Akutagawa’s subordinate, for whom she seems to have an almost morbid loyalty, despite the latter being often violent and abrupt towards her. She has a skill, but it is never shown. She compensates with her fighting skills, and in particular with her prowess with firearms.

Ōgai Mori

Mori admitting that he killed the Port Mafia boss

Ability: Vita Sexualis

He’s the boss of the Port Mafia. Apparently, he presents himself as a warm and kind, refined and cheerful man. His true nature, however, is cold, aloof, and extremely calculating. He rarely uses his own power and is skilled in the fight, resulting on the same level as Fukuzawa. His favorite weapon is the scalpel. Before joining the Port Mafia he was a doctor.

He becomes the boss of the Mafia by killing the previous boss, now sick and out of his mind, in front of Dazai’s eyes. He seems to be completely dominated by Elise, his protected one, whose whims he satisfies and undergoes various mistreatments. He has great esteem for Dazai, whom he would like back to the Port Mafia: in the clash with the Guild he claims that if Dazai were still his right hand, the Port Mafia would have no rivals.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald showing the worth of his properties

Ability: The Great Fitzgerald

He is the leader of the Guild and an extremely wealthy man with refined tastes and elegant manners. His personality is gentle but extremely cold despite his appearances: in fact, he considers his companions only as “his property”. On the contrary, he is very attached to his family made up of his wife Zelda who went mad after the death of her daughter.

Fitzgerald, therefore, engages in the fight with the mafia and the Agency to get to Atsushi (on which he has placed a bounty of seven billion) which, according to a prophecy, could lead him to a book that would allow him to bring his deceased daughter back to life. His skill is called The Great Fitzgerald and allows him to literally gain strength, stamina, and speed by spending his savings. This ability makes him almost completely unstoppable, so much so that Atsushi and Akutagawa are able to beat him only by combining their skills.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne and Mitchell reading the enemy27s letter

Ability: The Scarlet Letter

Margaret Mitchell’s partner and fellow guild member. Nathaniel is a devout man who always carries a Bible with him and feels it is his responsibility to punish the world’s sinners. As a result, he frequently displays arrogance when “judging” others, and he frequently quarrels with Margaret. The Scarlet Letter is Nathaniel’s power, which enables him to transform his own blood into holy words and exert control over them. They can be constructed as a shield to stave off an enemy attack or shot like bullets.

André Gide

Gide reveals himself

Ability: Strait is the Gate

He was the boss of the Mimic criminal gang, which operated in Europe. He can see a few seconds into the future thanks to his ability, Strait is the Gate, just like Sakunosuke can. He was a former soldier who had been betrayed by his nation; seeking a spectacular end, he murdered Oda’s loved ones to make him despondent. After a protracted duel, they both die.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Lovecraft worrying about being outside

Ability: Great Old One (non-ability)

Not much is known about this man except his strength; in fact, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series in addition to his enormous regeneration abilities (which allowed him to easily resist Chūya’s blows at maximum power), he can also transform into a huge monster that attacks enemies with its tentacles and moreover according to Dazai this is not a special ability in fact even when he uses The Disqualified Lovecraft’s transformation is not canceled. It can therefore be assumed that he is not even human.

John Steinbeck

Steinbeck showing the pouch of grapes27 seeds

Ability: The Grapes of Wrath

He has a large family and the reason he works for the Guild is because of his excellent pay, which allows him to help his parents and siblings, and, in particular, one of his younger sisters to whom he is very attached. His ability is called The Grapes of Wrath, and allows him to plant a seed in his neck after having cut it with a knife: therefore, a vine plant immediately develops that connects to nearby trees, which in this way can be controlled by Steinback.

In this way, he can become aware of the surrounding territory by listening to the vibrations coming from the trees and modifying their roots to use them as weapons of attack. He can also use this power in different ways, such as when he connects the various Yokohama trees to Q so that Q feels the pain, thus unleashing his destructive power on a large scale. Steinbeck has a calm and gentle disposition but is merciless with his enemies.


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He is Lovecraft’s partner whom he doesn’t know much about but he is fond of as he is one of his few friends. He is very loyal to his fellow Guilds and even after Fitzgerald’s defeat, he says he wants to find all their other companions and continue the Guild’s existence. Fitzgerald, in particular, respects the fact that he only acted for his own family, which he too would do.

Edgar Allan Poe

Poe introducing himself

Ability: Black Cat in the Rue Morgue

A member of the Guild, he considers Ranpo his rival after the latter defeated him in a challenge of wits. He owns a raccoon named Karl as a pet. His ability is called Black Cat in the Rue Morgue and allows him to transport readers to the setting of whatever story they are reading at the time.

Margaret Mitchell

Mitchells introductory apperance

Ability: Gone With the Wind

A member of the guild who collaborates with Nathaniel Hawthorne. Arrogant and prone to looking down on everyone around her, whether a friend or an enemy, Margaret’s temper can only be defined as bad. She can practically manipulate anything caught in the wind thanks to her “Gone with the Wind” power. If her power has any boundaries, they are unknown.

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy after releasing the agency members in Anne27s chamber

Ability: Anne of Abyssal Red

She is a little girl with long red braids and braces. As a child, she had been raised in an orphanage, like Atsushi (who in fact empathizes with her fear of being abandoned), until she was recruited by the Guild. Her ability of hers is called Anne of Abyssal Red, and allows her to open a space-time gap that transports people to a playroom where a giant doll, Hannah, is located. Lucy uses this ability of her to trap people (including Naomi, Kenji, Jun’ichiro, and Elise) but she is first defeated by Atsushi and Junichiro’s abilities. After this defeat, she is demoted from the Guild and becomes a simple waitress.

Herman Melville

Herman telling Atsushi that other members have evacuated

Ability: Moby Dick

He is an old man who, according to Mori, was the leader of the Guild two generations before Fitzgerald. He is currently the pilot of the Guild base ship. His ability is called Moby Dick and allows him to control the ship. In reality, it would seem that his ability is rather to control some sort of ghost of a whale (which has taken possession of the ship) and which, once destroyed, will emerge from the floating remains of the wreck and follow Melville.

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