Chloé Zhao Is Already Talking About The Possible Eternals Sequel And Her Future At Marvel

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The long-awaited MCU movie Eternals is closer than ever and it will hit theaters on November 5. The premiere of the movie was already held and the first reviews are saying we can expect a wild ride, in a good way.

Although we’ll still need to wait a bit to see it for ourselves, there is already talking about the possible sequel and what role will this newest team have in the future of the MCU.

In an interview with The Playlist, director of the movie and an Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao already stated if she’d return for another project:

“What I loved about making this film is that it tied so close to the origin of the MCU is also going to have a big repercussion moving MCU forward. With those two as secured, we get to play and do whatever we want and make a stand strong standalone film and leave everything on the table. I would be back in a second working with the team at Marvel for sure. So we’ll see.”

This is already teasing not only the possible sequel but the whole list of ideas on how will Eternals affect the future of the MCU. Of course, Zhao can’t say anything legit for now, but we’re sure her Marvel journey is still at the beginning.

Eternals will consist of two storylines; one set in the past where we’ll see the origin of the group, and one set after the events of Avengers Endgame.

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