Classroom of the Elite: Are Kiyotaka and Suzune in Love? Relationship Explained!

Classroom of the Elite: Are Kiyotaka and Suzune in Love? Relationship Explained!

The romantic intrigues of Classroom of the Elite are quite interesting and are of interest to a lot of fans of the series. Whether it’s some major ship or something of lesser importance, fans around the world keep discussing how their favorite characters might evolve and who they might end up with in the end. In this article, we are going to focus on one specific ship from the series, and that is the one involving Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, the male protagonist of the series, and his close collaborator, Suzune Horikita. Are the two of them friends, or are they something more? This article will reveal everything!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is the principal male protagonist of Classroom of the Elite, while Suzune Horikita is one of the female protagonists and a classmate of Kiyotaka’s.
  • The two of them met before the school started on a bus and were shocked to see that they were in the same class. Their relationship was initially difficult, but they did become friends eventually.
  • They are officially just friends (especially since Kiyotaka began dating Kei), but the series hints that Suzune might have some deeper feelings for him, although no one has admitted anything so far.

The relationship between Kiyotaka and Suzune is complex

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji first met Suzune on the bus on their way to school, and they didn’t really get on well, as Suzune was curious why Kiyotaka was looking at her. At that moment, they did not know that they were about to enter the same school. When they found out that they were not just in the same school but also in the same class, they were somewhat shocked, but since they knew each other from before, it was easier for them to bond, even though the process was quite strange and complex.

Namely, as it turned out quickly, Kiyotaka and Suzune are similar and have very similar personalities. They are both strong individuals and loners who rarely, if ever, attach themselves to other people. They are not psychopaths, far from it, but their lives have taught them that they have to rely on themselves, so they are not really prone to bonding with other people. And while they did communicate, they initially didn’t really bond much but rather saw that they could benefit from an alliance, so they became allies. And that is how it all started.


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Of course, over time, their relationship has evolved and while they did primarily work as allies, they soon did become closer. Suzune was curious about Kiyotaka’s past, as he obviously has a shady past that he avoids talking about, but Kiyotaka refused to open up to her; on the other hand, he did defend her when her brother was about to assault her and based on what we’ve seen so far, he does seem to care about her, even though it is in a very strange way. You wouldn’t really think of it as something deep, but from Kiyotaka’s perspective, it is a lot. So, what is the actual nature of their relationship?

They are officially just friends

Well, officially, Kiyotaka and Suzune are just friends, but knowing how they’re both loners, the fact that they do consider each other as friends is more than important in that aspect. This means that they managed to form such a deep connection that they actually surpassed their lonely personalities and can now say that they really do have a friend in each other, despite the fact that things don’t really go smoothly all the time. This is especially true for Suzune, who admitted that Kiyotaka is actually the first real friend she made in school.

Now, there are also hints that there might be something deeper there, at least on Suzune’s side. Kiyotaka started dating Kei, but that relationship’s foundations are as fragile as you’d think based on Kiyotaka’s personality. It is a fact that Kiyotaka actually has a deeper relationship with Suzune than he has with Kei, but despite that, the two of them are not a couple.

The series has hinted that Suzune might have some deeper feelings for Kiyotaka, but she is not ready to admit them as of this moment; she does care about him and she seemed somewhat upset when she found out he was dating Kei. Kiyotaka’s side of the story is less clear as far as deeper emotions are concerned, but as things stand officially at this moment – the two of them are just friends in the series.

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