Classroom of the Elite: What Exactly Is the Ayanokōji Group & Who Are Its Members?

Classroom of the Elite: What Exactly Is the Ayanokōji Group & Who Are Its Members?

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is the central protagonist of Classroom of the Elite and its most important main character. We have written about him on more than one occasion here on Fiction Horizon, and we have, indeed, been exploring several aspects of him as a character. It cannot be denied that Ayanokōji is fairly popular in school, but did you know that there is a whole group bearing his name? And no, it was not established by him. The Ayanokōji Group is, indeed, a thing in the Classroom of the Elite, and in this article, we are going to explain what it is and who the members of this “group” are.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • It is a known fact that Ayanokōji, the protagonist of Classroom of the Elite, is a fairly popular and well-respected character in the series. He is also one of the smartest ones.
  • Due to the fact that Ayanokōji has been helping other students with their studying, Haruka Hasebe founded a five-member study group that was named the Ayanokōji Group.
  • Aside from Ayanokōji and Hasebe, the other members of this group were Airi Sakura, Akito Miyake, and Teruhiko Yukimura.

The Ayanokōji Group is a study group founded by Hasebe

The students of the Classroom of the Elite are often allying themselves in order to gain some benefits and to improve their situation in the school, especially in light of the fact that the Advanced Nurturing High School is a very competitive place, so teaming up with someone, even if it is a shadow coalition, is always good. And while most of these alliances are related to some internal intrigues and power struggles, there are more “benign” ones, as we are about to see. More attentive members of the series will probably know that an “organization” known as the Ayanokōji Group exists in the series. The Ayanokōji Group is going to be the focus of this article as we are going to tell you what you need to know about it.

Before you actually begin to think that, the Ayanokōji Group was not actually founded by Ayanokōji or anyone who is very close to him. It was founded by Haruka Hasebe, a girl from his class who was also in love with him (although they did not become a couple in the series). It was not founded as a fan club, at least not officially, but rather as a study group where Ayanokōji would work with the members to help them in their academic pursuits.


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This is the proclaimed goal of the Ayanokōji Group and the group has been functioning in that way, as expected. It originally had five members, but it is unknown how and why a character would become a member of this group and whether there was any special procedure. Now that we have covered the basics, we can continue with the members of the group.

Members of the Ayanokōji Group

In this section, we are going to list all the members of the Ayanokōji Group and tell you a bit about each of them:

  1. Haruka Hasebe is a female student from Class 1-D. She is actually the founder of the Ayanokōji Group and its leader, as she wanted Ayanokōji to help her and some other students as well. She was in love with Ayanokōji, so it is highly possible that the group was also a way to get closer to him.
  2. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is the protagonist of the series and the namesake of the group. He was not its founder or its leader, but he was the principal member of the study group as he was the one who helped the others become better.
  3. Airi Sakura is another female student from Class 1-D. She was also a member of the group and her feelings towards Ayanokōji were known, so it is possible that they were her primary motive for joining. She was eventually expelled later in the series.
  4. Akito Miyake is a male student from Class 1-D. His academic skills were not really that great, so he joined the group to improve his grades and his skills in general. It seems that the group really did do him some good, as he improved during the second year of school.
  5. Teruhiko Yukimura is the second male member of the group, likewise a member of Class 1-D. He is a very interesting addition to this group because his academic abilities were great, so there really was no practical reason for him to join, but he was a member and participated in the group activities.

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