Could Daredevil return to Marvel Cinematic Universe after all?

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Since the Daredevil on Netflix ended, fans desperately wanted any kind of news that will ensure they will see Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock again. Maybe as a guest star in some other MCU project, maybe in the show’s revival on Disney+, they would take anything. Today, a new rumor that Daredevil might return resurfaced on social media.

Although this isn’t the first, and certainly not the last time rumors like this are spreading all over the internet, fans aren’t losing hope and they even popularized hashtag #SaveDaredevil to ensure Kevin Feige will hear their voices. Most of them were hoping that we would see Matt as Peter’s lawyer in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but that was denied by Cox himself, although he said he would gladly return if someone from Marvel would give him a call.

But now, there’s a new rumor from Knight Edge Media that actors from Netflix Marvel shows could return, but their history would be redone. In other words, they would return, but nothing that happened in Netflix shows would be a canon of MCU itself.

Although Marvel is still remaining silent over the possible return of not just Daredevil, but other heroes we watched on Marvel’s Netflix shows. Jessica Jones’ also said she’d be down to reprise her titular role. So, fans want it, actors want it, what is Marvel waiting for then?

Unfortunately, fans don’t have any other choice than just sit and wait. Hope is still there, but will Marvel ever make an official announcement is unknown. With so many projects going on (reportedly 31 MCU projects are currently in development), only time will tell is there some space for Daredevil or some other Netflix Marvel character to make a glorifying comeback.

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