‘Daniel Spellbound’ Ending, Explained: Is Daniel Able to Save Magic from the Dark Mage?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Daniel Spellbound, a new animated series arriving on Netflix this week. The series was created by Matthew Fernandes and Alan Gregg. It tells the story of Daniel, an apparently normal human who, in reality, has tight connections with the world of magic. Daniel is a tracker, which means he can find difficult ingredients that the magic people need for their potions, foods, and many other things. He later joins forces with a pig named, Hoagie, and a dowser named Lucy, as they uncover a plot that might put the world of magic in danger.

The series is very much aimed at kids, but thankfully, the writers really know how to create a compelling narrative, even if they are trying to simplify a lot of plots and lore as much as possible. The animation quality is quite solid. Of course, they cannot possibly compete with shows with more budget and turn-around time like, for example, Arcane, but it does manage to be way above the average with fluid animations and great character design. The show seems like the perfect entry point for kids to get into the world of fantasy and magic.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Daniel Spellbound. Read at your own risk.

Who Is The Dark Mage In Daniel Spellbound?

What begins with Daniel looking for a flower named the Fugu Rose ends up becoming quite an amazing adventure. One where Daniel finds allies and also quite a number of enemies. It is revealed very early on that Daniel’s connection to the world of magic is true to his father, who was an important academic. Sadly, Daniel is now alone, but he has found allies. One of them is Hoagie, a magical pig who can talk and has a powerful sense of smell, and also Lucy, a dowser, which is basically the magic police in this world.

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As our heroes start to uncover the conspiracy behind the individual known as the Black Mage, they come across an important magical item known as the Gryphon’s egg. The egg is one of the last ingredients needed for a spell that could steal magic from all magical beings on the planet. Daniel, Hoagie, and Lucy are on a mission to protect the egg from the Dark Mage. However, a dark organization known as The Alchemist, who Daniel thought were their enemies, might not really be.

After some back and forth between knowing and not knowing what the alchemist wants, it is revealed that their leader, Viktor, is against the Bureau of magic, and he is ready to take the war back to them. You see, Viktor was an old colleague of Daniel’s father. He explains how he and his father thought that magic should be free for everyone. The total opposite of the Dark Mage, who wants all magic for herself. Viktor also reveals that the real identity of the Dark Mage is the Primus, the leader of the Bureau, and that she has been using her position to collect all the necessary ingredients for the spell.

Is Daniel Able To Save The Magic From The Dark Mage?

Before splitting from Daniel and Hoagie, Lucy manages to secure the egg and takes it to the Bureau. However, when Primus comes to receive her and the egg, she starts behaving rather funny. The Primus begins to reveal her true intentions now that the egg is at hand. Lucy realizes that Primus is the real enemy. Lucy feels betrayed because the Primus was one of the reasons she became a dowser working for the Bureau in the first place. The Primus doesn’t really care and launches her attack in the shape of the Black Mage.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Hoagie get ready to go to the Bureau. Viktor and his men are also ready to launch one final attack against the Primus. They debate the nature of freedom. Viktor believes that magic should be free for all, even dangerous ingredients, just like the egg. Meanwhile, Daniel believes that some things should never have an owner and that, in reality, Viktor is lusting for power just like many others, including the Primus herself. They push their debate to the side and go to the Bureau.


At the Bureau, the alchemist, Viktor, Primus, and Daniel battle to get the egg. In a moment of desperation, Daniel trades the egg for Lucy’s life, and the Primus manages to collect all the pieces for the spell. The spell begins draining the magic from all magical beings in the world. However, Daniel and Lucy spiced the egg, and now Primus cannot control the spell. She is absorbing all the magical power in the city all at once. She cannot handle so much power. In the end, Daniel releases the magical energy back to everyone and saves the day.

However, the episode ends with Daniel running from the tracker’s guild. Something has happened, and Daniel has been expelled from the guild, and now every tracker in the city is hunting him down.

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