‘Daniel Spellbound’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Does Daniel Manage to Stop the Dread Magic?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Netflix‘s Daniel Spellbound Season 2. The show comes back for a second and puts our amazing trio of protagonists in the midst of a new, dangerous adventure. In order to save the world, our heroes will have to travel the world looking for powerful relics and meet new friends and enemies along the way. The season has a logical conclusion to its conflict, but the season also ends with a cliffhanger that setups season 3 almost in the same way season 1 set up this current season we are talking about.

In terms of visuals, season 2 is a perfect follow-up to the first one. However, it also carries with it the same issues as the first one. Some animations look really stiff in some characters, especially when dealing with secondary characters. The backgrounds also lack detail, and it is sometimes really hard to imagine this world being an inhabited place. When it comes to the plot, the series has enough thrills and revelations that even parents who will have to watch the show with their kids will have a great time.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Daniel Spellbound, season 2. Read at your own risk.

What Is Shak After In Season 2 Of Daniel Spellbound?

The previous season of Daniel Spellbound ended with Daniel getting revelations about his family and him and Hoagie saving the city from an organization that wanted to take all the magic in the world all for themselves. Those villains were defeated, and Lucy became the new leader of the magical police force that keeps order in this world. However, by the end of the season, we get the news that Daniel has been expelled from the Trackers society, and now he is alone, a totally free agent in this dangerous world.

Season 2 starts right there, and while it deals with some aftermaths from season 1, it really tells its own story. Daniel is being persecuted by his enemies, but like always, he manages to outsmart them and remain in the safe zone. However, when trying to get their hands on a new job and a new ancient magical relic, Daniela and Hoagie almost perish. It is here that they are contacted by a new, very important character for this season. A young girl named Shak.

Shak is a magic user, and she also comes from a long line of magicians. Like Daniel, she is also alone in this world, and she needs to be careful about whom to trust. She decides to trust in Daniel, and she hopes to recruit him and Hoagie into her own quest. You see, Daniel discovers that Shak is looking for her older brother, a young man named Jayce. Jayce has disappeared, and no one has seen him for weeks. Shak fears the worst, and because she is an unregistered magic user, she cannot go through the usual mediums, so she decides Daniel is her best option.

Daniel is unsure at first, but Hoagie trusts Shak very fast. However, when Shak takes them to her cool hideout, Daniel discovers something that piques his interest. It seems that Jayce was investigating Daniel before he disappeared. With this new information in mind, and knowing that Jayce could be in trouble, Daniel accepts the offer to help Shak find her brother.

Does Daniel Manage To Stop The Dread Magic?

However, like in any good show, things don’t go the way our heroes wanted in the first place. It is revealed that Jayce’s quest and his research were not as innocent as they appeared at first glance. Jayce was looking for something called Dread Magic. If the name is any clue, it is a powerful but dangerous magic that corrupts everything it touches. Daniel finds a magical armor that can help him battle that kind of magic, but he doesn’t have all the pieces, not yet.

Jayce manages to manipulate Daniel and the rest of the team into helping him find this dreadful magic, and once he gets it, he betrays them without a second thought. He even lets his sister Shak be transformed into stone, basically killing her in the process. All of it is in the name of power. The dread magic manages to corrupt Jayce completely, and also Daniel to some extent. However, Daniel is strong enough to battle its influence and escape in time to help Lucy and Hoagie survive.

Daniel Spellbound Season 2

The trio follows Jayce back to the city. The dread magic seems to be opening portals to other realms, and it is letting bad things pass through them to our world. Daniel realizes he doesn’t have enough power to do this by himself and asks Lucy to call the most powerful magicians in the city. Some of the people who accept the call are quite unexpected. Together, they manage to create a magic field that can retain Jayce and its magic. However, in the end, it is Daniel who strikes the final blow.

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Daniel realizes that he needs to trap the magic in some other place, as it was done in the past. He uses Jayce’s own energy to then trap the Dread Magic in a conventional bottle, and Jayce along with it. In the end, the world is saved once again, and part of the soul that was trapped inside the coffer by the dread magic manages to go back to Shak’s body, bringing her back to life. Now that she is utterly alone, Hoagie and Daniel propose that she should join them and be part of the team. She accepts. The season closes with Burden coming back to town, looking for a weapon, as his next mission is to kill Daniel Spellbound.

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