Death Note: All Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights, Weights, Blood Types, Occupations & More

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The Death Note saga has been a classic fan favorite within the anime community for ages, offering a spread of excitement for its audience. It covers a fascinating yet equally complex theme involving power struggles, alliances, and the quest for cleansing the world of evil – in theory.

However, the title also flaunts a wide range of unique characters, and fans always love discovering more about them. Below is everything you need to know about all of the main Death Note characters, including their ages, birthdays, heights, weights, blood types, occupations, and more.

Death Note CharacterAge RangeBirthdayHeight
(Ft & Inches/ cm)
(lbs/ kg)
Light Yagami17 – 23 years oldFebruary 28,
5′ 10½”/ 179 cm119 lbs/
54 kg
L22 – 25 years oldOctober 31,
5′ 10½”/ 179 cm110 lbs/
50 kg
RyukUnknownUnknown7′ 6½”/ 230 cmUnknown
Misa Amane17 – 29 years oldDecember 25,
4′ 11¾”/ 152 cm79 lbs/
36 kg
Near13 – 27 years oldAugust 24,
5′ 1″/ 155cm88 lbs/
Mello14 – 19 years oldDecember 13,
5′ 7¼”/ 171 cm115 lbs/
52 kg
Kyosuke Higuchi32 – 37 years oldJune 6,
5′ 6½”/ 169 cm130 lbs/
59 kg
Teru Mikami27 years oldJune 7,
5′ 9″/ 175 cm123 lbs/
56 kg
Kiyomi Takada18 – 24 years oldJuly 12,
5′ 5″/ 166 cm97 lbs/
44 kg
Soichiro Yagami48 – 54 years oldJuly 12,
5′ 11¼”/ 181 cm150 lbs/
68 kg
Shuichi Aizawa34 – 49 years oldMay 11,
6′ 0″/ 183 cm154 lbs/
70 kg
Touta Matsuda25 – 40 years oldDecember 14,
5′ 8½”/ 174 cm130 lbs/
59 kg
Kanzo Mogi30 – 39 years oldSeptember 13,
6′ 2″/ 188 cm179 lbs/
81 kg
Hirokazu Ukita26 years oldNovember 9,
5′ 3″/ 161 cm112 lbs/
51 kg
Anthony Rester42 years oldJanuary 6,
6′ 4″/ 193 cm185 lbs/
84 kg
Halle Lidner29 – 30 years oldFebruary 18,
5′ 10¾”/ 180 cm115 lbs/
52 kg
Stephen Gevanni27 years oldSeptember 1,
5′ 11¾”/ 182 cm134 lbs/
61 kg

What Do We Know About the Main Death Note Characters’ Ages?

Death Note follows one uniform timeline, and the main characters age similarly throughout the saga’s progression. Although, since the series does involve a time skip, the characters are portrayed at varying ages throughout the storyline – which spans approximately five years, excluding additional installations that depict the Death Note characters after the time skip.

There are some inconsistencies regarding the exact ages of each Death Note character overall, as the characters have varying years of birth according to the Death Note manga series, the anime series, and the TV Drama. However, most fans stick to the information provided by the manga, which we’ll be using as a basis.


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Only a couple of the main Death Note characters have unknown ages altogether, primarily because they are classified as otherworldly beings. Below are all of the Death Note main characters’ ages as the saga progresses, including before and after the time skip and their ages in additional releases.

Death Note CharacterAge (Pre-Timeskip)Age (Post-Timeskip)Age (Other)
Light Yagami17- 18 years old23 years old20 years old (TV Drama)
L22 years old (Death Note: Another Note)24 – 25 years oldUnknown
Misa Amane19 years old24 years old17 years old (2017 film)
19 – 29 years old (Film series)
Near13 years old17 – 18 years old19 years old (Death Note: New Generation)
27 years old (Never Complete One-shot)
Mello14 years old19 – 20 years oldUnknown
Kyosuke Higuchi32 years oldUnknown37 years old (TV Drama)
Teru Mikami27 years oldUnknownUnknown
Kiyomi Takada18 – 19 years old24 years oldUnknown
Soichiro Yagami48 – 49 years old54 years oldUnknown
Shuichi Aizawa34 – 35 years old40 years old49 years old (Never Complete One-shot)
Touta Matsuda25 – 26 years old30 – 31 years old40 years old (Never Complete One-shot)
Kanzo Mogi30 – 31 years old36 years old39 years old (post-series One-shot)
Hirokazu Ukita26 years oldUnknownUnknown
Anthony Rester42 years oldUnknownUnknown
Halle Lidner29 – 30 years oldUnknownUnknown
Stephen Gevanni27 years oldUnknownUnknown

Main Death Note Characters’ True Names, Birthdays & Zodiac Signs

Due to the fact that fans have access to just about all of the main Death Note characters’ dates of birth, we have been able to link them up with their respective Zodiac Signs – that is, apart from Ryuk and Rem. Since Ryuk and Rem are not human and are seen as otherworldly beings, their birthdays remain unknown.

Some of the Death Note characters also go by other names, and their true names remain unknown or unused for the most part. Below are all of the main Death Note characters’ birthdays and their respective Zodiac Signs – along with their real names where applicable.

Death Note Character (True Name)BirthdayZodiac Sign
Light YagamiFebruary 28Pisces
L (L Lawliet)October 31Scorpio
Misa AmaneDecember 25Capricorn
Near (Nate River)August 24Virgo
Mello (Mihael Keehl)December 13Sagittarius
Kyosuke HiguchiJune 6Gemini
Teru MikamiJune 7Gemini
Kiyomi TakadaJuly 12Cancer
Soichiro YagamiJuly 12Cancer
Shuichi AizawaMay 11Taurus
Touta MatsudaDecember 14Sagittarius
Kanzo MogiSeptember 13Virgo
Hirokazu UkitaNovember 9Scorpio
Anthony Rester (Anthony Carter)January 6Capricorn
Halle Lidner (Halle Bullook)February 18Aquarius
Stephen Gevanni (Stephen Loud)September 1Virgo

Main Death Note Characters’ Species, Genders & Blood Types

All of the main Death Note characters are classified as humans in terms of their species – apart from Ryuk and Rem, who identify as Shinigami. Below are all of the main Death Note characters, along with their biological genders and blood types, where applicable.

Death Note CharacterGenderBlood Type
Light YagamiMaleA
Misa AmaneFemaleAB
Mello MaleA
Kyosuke HiguchiMaleAB
Teru MikamiMaleA
Kiyomi TakadaFemaleAB
Soichiro YagamiMaleA
Shuichi AizawaMaleB
Touta MatsudaMaleB
Kanzo MogiMaleO
Hirokazu UkitaMaleUnknown
Anthony ResterMaleO
Halle LidnerFemaleB
Stephen GevanniMaleA

What Do We Know About the Main Death Note Characters’ Heights & Weights?

Although it can be assumed these figures changed as they aged and matured, only their average or base height and weight stats have been recorded. Misa Amane is the most petite of all the Death Note characters, with a height of around 4′ 11¾”/ 152 cm and a weight of approximately 79 lbs/ 36 kg.


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Near is next in terms of stature, measuring around 5′ 1″/ 155cm in height and weighing approximately 88 lbs/ 40kg, followed by Hirokazu Ukita who measures 5′ 3″/ 161 cm in height and weighs around 112 lbs/ 51 kg. This is followed by Kiyomi Takada, who is around 5′ 5″/ 166 cm in height and weighs 97 lbs/ 44 kg, as well as Kyosuke Higuchi, who measures around 5′ 6½”/ 169 cm in height and weighs 130 lbs/ 59 kg.

Mello has an average height of 5′ 7¼”/ 171 cm and a weight of around 115 lbs/ 52 kg, while Touta Matsuda measures 5′ 8½”/ 174 cm in height with a weight of around 130 lbs/ 59 kg, followed by Teru Mikami who is around 5′ 9″/ 175 cm in height with an average weight of 123 lbs/ 56 kg. Light Yagami and L are both 5′ 10½”/ 179 cm in height, weighing 119 lbs/ 54 kg and 110lbs/ 50kg, respectively, followed by Halle Lidner, who is 5′ 10¾”/ 180 cm tall and weighs 115 lbs/ 52 kg.

Soichiro Yagami is next, measuring 5′ 11¼”/ 181 cm in height with a weight of 150 lbs/ 68 kg, followed by Stephen Gevanni who is 5′ 11¾”/ 182 cm tall and weighs around 134 lbs/ 61 kg. There are quite a few characters above the 6ft mark, including Shuichi Aizawa at 6′ 0″/ 183 cm weighing 154 lbs/ 70 kg, Kanzo Mogi at 6′ 2″/ 188 cm weighing 179 lbs/ 81 kg, and Anthony Rester who is 6′ 4″/ 193 cm tall weighing 185 lbs/ 84 kg.

Ryuk is the tallest of all the main Death Note characters, standing tall at a whopping 7′ 6½”/ 230 cm with an unknown weight – most likely due to him being Shinigami. Rem’s height and weight remain unknown, although she is likely similar to or slightly smaller than Ryuk.

What Do We Know About the Main Death Note Characters’ Occupations & Organizations?

Considering the complexity of this intense title, the main Death Note characters certainly have important roles to play. Each of the characters has unique skills, abilities, and traits that allow them to take on various responsibilities and tasks throughout the storyline.


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Many of the main Death Note characters work for the Japanese government to some extent, although other powerful and more secretive forces employ others. Below are all of the Death Note main characters’ occupations and the associated organizations within the saga.

Death Note CharacterOccupationOrganizations
Light YagamiDetective, Graduate StudentJapanese Task Force, National Police Agency
Misa AmaneModel, Actress, Singer, TV personalityUnknown
NearDetectiveWammy’s House, Special Provision for Kira
MelloUnknownWammy’s House, Mafia
Kyosuke HiguchiHead of Technology DevelopmentYotsuba Group
Teru MikamiCriminal prosecutorUnknown
Kiyomi TakadaStudent, NHN news reporter, Kira’s spokespersonMedia
Soichiro YagamiPolice Investigation Bureau ChiefJapanese Task Force, National Police Agency
Shuichi AizawaPolice officer, DetectiveJapanese Task Force, National Police Agency
Touta MatsudaPolice officer, DetectiveJapanese Task Force, National Police Agency
Kanzo MogiPolice officer, DetectiveJapanese Task Force, National Police Agency
Hirokazu UkitaPolice officer, DetectiveJapanese Task Force, National Police Agency
Anthony ResterSPK memberSPK
Halle LidnerSecret Service agent, CIA agent, SPK memberUSSS, CIA, SPK
Stephen GevanniSPK memberSPK

That’s everything there is to know about all of the main Death Note characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, blood types, occupations, and more, with images and stats thanks to the Death Note Wiki. While there are still a ton of things fans have to learn about these characters by getting through the entire Death Note storyline, these details can help provide a better understanding of their personalities and motives.

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