Defender Strange: Who Is He, Powers, Abilities, & More

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The new trailer for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness came out, and everyone was excited to see the appearances of new and familiar Marvel characters. Of course, considering that this is a Doctor Strange movie, it wouldn’t be odd to see variants of Stephen Strange himself. That is when we saw glimpses of Defender Strange in the trailer. But who is Defender Strange, and what are his powers and abilities?

Defender Strange is a Doctor Strange variant that belongs to a group of superheroes called the Defenders, a group of heroes that tend to be informal and are usually prone to their own agenda. In the comics, Defender Strange doesn’t have any powers that are different from that of the usual Stephen Strange.

Considering that Doctor Strange is indeed the focus character of the film series, it isn’t a surprise that there would be variants of the character appearing in the upcoming movie. We have seen numerous other variants of Stephen Strange in the trailer, and it is possible that Defender Strange is only one of such characters, as the possibilities are quite endless in this film.

Who Is Defender Strange Seen in the Trailer?

During the 2022 Super Bowl event, Marvel released a new Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness trailer that allowed different people to see new scenes that are set to surprise everyone when the film finally releases. However, at this point, all we can do is speculate and learn more about the different characters that we saw in the trailer.

One such character that only appeared for a brief moment but was nonetheless able to surprise fans was a Doctor Strange variant that is quite possibly Defender Strange. So, who is Defender Strange in the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer?

In the comics, Defender Strange is simply a different version of Doctor Strange and is a member of a group of superheroes called the Defenders. Now, considering that we already have a live-action group called the Defenders, the MCU is going to classify Defender Strange as a variant of the character from a different universe.

Doctor Strange Defenders Silver Surfer

So, regarding the Defenders in the comics, the group originated when Doctor Strange manipulated Namor and teamed up with Hulk to help him defeat a group of demons, as the team eventually became a non-team group called the Defenders. But while they did indeed succeed in their task, Namor and Hulk promised to never work together, as it was clear that this group was dysfunctional due to how the members had their own agenda.

Still, despite the fact that they didn’t work well together, Doctor Strange was able to hold the uncanny and informal alliance together, as different heroes started teaming up with the different members of the Defenders. Unlike the other groups of heroes like the Avengers, the Defenders had no by-laws or a permanent base of operations. The group also didn’t have any fixed members, as it was a very informal alliance whose members didn’t even care a lot for one another.

In a way, the Defenders are a group of non-team members that are quite individualistic in the sense that they like to follow their own personal agenda whenever they are working together. And most of the members are outsiders who aren’t really known to work well with other people.

Considering that it was Doctor Strange who started the group, the Defenders often face different mystic and supernatural threats that are not rare in the Strange comics. In that regard, Defender Strange, in the MCU, could’ve also been the leader of this group.

Defender Strange Possible Powers & Abilities

In the comics, Defender Strange is simply Doctor Strange but is a member of the Defenders. This means that there is no difference between him and the regular MCU Doctor Strange. As such, he can do everything that Strange can do.

Defender Strange is quite possibly a master of the mystic arts as well, as he is strong enough to become the Sorcerer Supreme. He might even be the Sorcerer Supreme in his own universe. As such, his mastery over magic should be at a very high level to the point that no other master of the mystic arts can match him.


Is Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme In The MCU?

Due to his mastery over the mystic arts, Defender Strange can also manipulate Eldritch magic, which allows him to form tangible magical constructs made of pure energy. We have seen Doctor Strange using his mastery over Eldritch magic by using them as whips, Tao Mandalas, and tangible barriers that could stop physical and energy-based attacks.

Of course, like any variant of Doctor Strange, Defender Strange could possibly perform portal creation as well using his sling ring. This allows him to open portals to different locations, as he can simply move in-between places that are quite far from one another through the use of these portals. And, as seen from how Doctor Strange has been able to control the portals, Defender Strange should also be able to do the same by allowing them to move.

In relation to his mastery over the sling ring, there is a chance that Defender Strange could use them to open portals between different dimensions, considering that the upcoming Multiverse Of Madness movie dwells on interdimensional travel between universes.

It is also possible that Defender Strange has mastered the art of energy projection as well, which allows him to use his magic to create energy blasts, streams, and bolts that he uses against his opponents on offense. And these streams of energy are quite powerful to the point that Doctor Strange was able to use them effectively against Thanos.

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Among other things, Defender Strange could possibly fly but through other means, as he was not seen wearing the same cloak that Doctor Strange wears. He should also be able to do a lot of other spells such as reality manipulation and warping, astral projection, and entering the Mirror Dimension.

In short, Defender Strange is only going to show up as a different version of Doctor Strange from a different universe but with the same set of powers and abilities. Then again, there is a possibility that Marvel will use the opportunity to make the character a bit different by adding a few powers and abilities that the MCU variant doesn’t have.

How Will Defender Strange Connect To Multiverse Of Madness?

What we already know about Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is that this film will focus on the fallout of how Stephen Strange affected the multiverse by messing with the fabric of reality in the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. In No Way Home, we saw different variants of Spider-Man entering the MCU timeline.

It could be possible that the same thing will happen in Multiverse Of Madness but in a different form that is entirely unique to the film. Strange might end up seeing different variants of himself colliding into one universe, and that is why we have seen two other versions of the character in the trailer. The first is the evil or dark Doctor Strange, known as Strange Supreme. The other is the zombie version of Doctor Strange that may have come from the What If…? universe.


Zombie Doctor Strange: Who Is He, Powers, Abilities, & More

Take note that it wasn’t a secret that Defender Strange was going to appear in the series, as a toy model of the character was already revealed as early as December of 2021. But what we don’t know is how he connects with the events of the film.

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In that regard, Defender Strange could come from an entirely different universe together with America Chavez, as the trailer suggests that he came from the same star portal that Chavez can create.

Then again, these are merely speculations on our part, as we are yet to confirm how Marvel will handle the Defender Strange character. But what we can say is that he may be one of the good variants of Doctor Strange, as we do know that the other two variants that have been revealed so far are not entirely the nicest characters.

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