Demon Slayer: Is Kyōjurō Rengoku Really Dead?

Demon Slayer: Is Kyōjurō Rengoku Really Dead?

Kyōjurō Rengoku was a major supporting character in Demon Slayer. The former Flame Hashira is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise and one of the characters that has, despite his relatively short appearance (only one arc), managed to do a lot and influence the protagonists in a major way. At the end of the Mugen Train Arc, Kyōjurō has a confrontation with the demon AkazaIn.

Kyōjurō Rengoku does, indeed, die during his confrontation with Akaza in the Mugen Train Arc. He fought valiantly but ultimately succumbed to his fatal wounds, inflicted by Akaza. He would later appear as a memory posthumously, but he does not come back to life. It is assumed that he is reincarnated along with the other fallen heroes in the epilogue.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the fate of Kyōjurō Rengoku, the former Flame Hashira. You’re going to find out the circumstances of his death, as well as a little bit about him. Kyōjurō Rengoku was a very important character, despite his supporting role, which is why he absolutely does deserve a separate article.

Who is Kyōjurō Rengoku?

Kyōjurō Rengoku was a Demon Hunter and the former Flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. Kyōjurō was the eldest son of the Rengoku family. Shortly after coming of age, Kyōjurō succeeded his father as the Flame Hashira after he unexpectedly retires. Kyōjurō is introduced along with the rest of the Hashira when Tanjiro wakes up inside Ubuyashiki’s mansion.


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Shinobu Kocho pointed out that Tanjiro was on trial, for which Kyōjurō saw no need, as the young man’s protection of a Demon was a clear violation of conduct, a matter he stated they could deal with themselves. He then agreed to Gyomei Himejima’s idea of ​​killing Nezuko, witnessing Tanjiro’s coughing fit soon after, and remained silent when Mitsuri Kanroji asked if they should be dealing with his subordinate’s trial without the opinion of the lord and master of the mansion.

Kyōjurō and the rest of the Hashira reacted after Kagaya reveals that Tanjiro had met Muzan. After Tanjiro headbutted Sanemi Shinazugawa, Kyōjurō looked at Mitsuri as he laughed with a neutral expression. Finally, the dispute was resolved when Kagaya revealed that Tanjiro had met Muzan Kibutsuji in person, something that not all the Hashira together have been able to achieve.

Kyōjurō Rengoku’s Death Explained

After finishing off Enmu, Kyōjurō approached Tanjiro to congratulate him for being able to use the Total Concentration Breathing technique continuously. Suddenly, from within the cloud of dust, another Demon enters the scene ready to kill Tanjiro, so Kyōjurō reacts and uses his Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun to cut off this Demon’s arm. Seeing him out of the corner of their eyes, both Kyōjurō and Tanjiro notice that it is the Upper Moon Three – Akaza.

Kyōjurō fears the encounter with an Upper Moon, acknowledging the feeling generated by coming face to face with an individual of that class, but maintaining his composure, Rengoku asks what is the reason for attacking a wounded human, to which Akaza he replies that Tanjiro is just an interference between the two and his target was him from the beginning, so Kyōjurō is not intimidated and comments that, despite being the first time he sees him, he already hates him.

Akaza replies to Kyōjurō that seeing Tanjiro in that weakened state only makes him disgusted because he cannot tolerate a human being so weak before him, to which Kyōjurō replies that they both have a different concept and scale of values ​​and morality. Akaza finally makes Kyōjurō a proposal: to become a Demon since she took a great interest in him, as she has seen that his power is very close to her own.

He tries to make her succumb to his temptations by stating that if he becomes a Devil, his powers could continue to increase because the main disadvantage of humans is aging and dying. Kyōjurō rejects the offer, wisely answering that one of the most beautiful things about human beings is precisely the fact that they are fleeting creatures that die as they age, and what humans call strength is precisely something that is not related to their bodies.

Next, Kyōjurō looks at Tanjiro, who tries to get up to help him, and tells Akaza not to disrespect him because Tanjiro is a boy who is not weak, to which he reaffirms his position that both he and Akaza are very opposite in terms of the scale of values ​​and morality, again rejecting his offer to become a Demon.

At this, Akaza begins to attack claiming that if he does not want to accept his proposal, he will kill him at all costs stating that of all the pillars he had killed, none had been a user of fire and that he could not understand how someone with incredible talents fell into The decadence.

With great dexterity, Kyōjurō responds to his attacks and comes to the conclusion that it would be dangerous to let him attack at the current distance so he should get much closer and avoid unnecessary moves.

Once again, Tanjiro tries to get up to assist him but Kyōjurō again tells him not to move, since if his wound is opened it would be fatal for him. Both opponents display his attacks, leaving Kyōjurō badly injured by multiple cuts and damaged organs on his body, and Akaza fully recovered from the attacks thanks to his regeneration.

This time, determined to finish him off, Kyōjurō stands up full of determination saying that he will fulfill his duties and will not allow anyone to die. Using the ninth style of flame breathing, he lashes out at the demon, who also responds with an attack. It was brief and when the cloud of dust dissipated Akaza had pierced his chest, mortally wounding him.

It was at that moment that Kyōjurō remembered a talk with his mother who told him that someone strong like him came to this world with the mission of protecting the weak and that he should never forget that, because it was a blessing for her to become a mother. of such a gentle and strong child. That was enough to encourage him and using all of himself not to let go of the demon’s arm, he tried to cut off its head.

In turn, Akaza did not hesitate and pointed her fist at Kyōjurō’s head to finish him off, but Kyōjurō stopped him. Leaving them both unable to attack the other, Tanjiro and Inosuke set off to help their superior who was struggling with Akaza not to let him escape, since the sun would rise soon. However, he managed to wriggle out of his grasp by escaping before the other hunters touched him thus sacrificing his other arm.

Tanjiro, helpless, launched his Nichirin against the demon, yelling at him that he was a coward and the one who had truly won this match was Kyojuro. Moved by those words, he asked Tanjiro to come closer, stating that this would be his last talk. Telling him that he remembered that in his home his father read some notes left behind by the old Flame Hashira, collected by his father.

Perhaps if he visited his parents’ house he would get the answer he seeks about the Dance of the Fire God (the Hinokami Kagura). Knowing that his death was approaching, he asked her to keep and communicate his last words to his loved ones. For his younger brother, Senjurō, not to worry about which path to choose since it will be the right one if he is guided by his heart. To his father, Shinjurō, may he take care of his body.

And finally, saying that he recognizes Nezuko as one of them and that he had faith both in her and that the young hunters would be great pillars in the future. That’s when he saw his mother and asked her if he was able to do the right thing, to which she replies that he did an amazing job. He returns one last smile, finally dying.

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